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WEEK ONE: Prompt. 

I hate myself for loving you by Joan Jett

Title: First Love

Inspiration:  I hate myself for loving you by Joan Jett

Rating: G

Word Count: 504

Pairing: Danae and Nigel (Will's father)

Characters original from God's Will. –

Author's Note: I am wanting to try and do my drabbles in third person which is NOT a pov that I usually write in so any help critiques would be greatly appreciated.


He was her night in shining armor, her prince charming, her first love. Danae wasn't new to Oklahoma City but she was to Sayor Preparatory School when she first met Nigel Brewman. His rugged handsomeness stood out among the matching uniforms that everyone wore. His eyes were the most striking shade of green she had ever seen before and with one look her life was never the same. Danae was swept up by his popularity, soaking in the friendships, not aware of how shallow and meaningless they all were. When she discovered she was pregnant, she was devastated when they turned on her in order to save their own trifling reputations.

But not Nigel, he was good and kind in everything he said and did demonstrated his unconditional love for her. They would spend hours together talking on the phone or sitting on the front porch dreaming about their life together. Even when he first found out about her pregnancy, they were both scared, but still dedicated to figuring it out together, which included getting married after graduation.

It turned out that Danae was wrong. After her father got a job promotion which made them move to Stillwater, Nigel and her were not able to continue to see each other. Whereas for some, distance made the heart grow stronger, for them it made it fade. Instead of one heart shattering moment, the distance picked and chiseled away until Danae wasn't sure what would be left of her.

By the time that Will was born Danae was so thankful to have him to love and nurture, everything seemed perfect, until everything wasn't... She knew that it was going to be a challenge due to him being premature, but never dreamed it was going to be a life long battle. Will was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and at age two she was told by his doctor that there was nothing more that could be done.

Danae cried herself to sleep, wanting to contact Nigel but her mother convinced her that even the Brewman family's vast political and economical success would be of no additional help. Danae was young and obeyed her family despite still loving Nigel. And after not seeing him for over eight years, Danae knew that she still did. She wanted to hate him, but the closest she could muster was hatred for herself for still loving him.

She tried to fill the void in her life through dating other men, but once they learned of Will and his additional needs it was not a burden that they wanted. It was not easy for a young single mother to find a man who was ready for such intense responsibility.

Danae never gave up, but she didn't need to try so hard because the solution was literally across the street in the poor crippled house that she forbade Will to ever go near. Until one Halloween, Will insisted that someone was home and the porch light being on seemed to prove that he was right.    

WEEK TWO: Prompt 

Letter to Me by Brad Paisley 


Nigel's thoughts on his son

Title: To Me

Inspiration: Letter to Me by Brad Paisley

Rating: G

Word Count: 500 (isn't that a pretty number ;) )

Pairing: Nigel (Will's father)

Characters original from God's Will. –

Nigel returned to his large immaculate home in Oklahoma City after meeting his son for the first time. Everything in Nigel's life was handed to him on a silver platter including the State Senate seat that he currently resided in. His parents had made sure that the family's reputation remained untarnished, but with a long history of politicians to say there were skeletons in their closet would be an understatement.

Walking through his front door his personal assistant took his coat and he knew that he would have a tumbler of rich brandy for him. It was dark outside and he could hear the ice clink against the glass as he swirled it before taking his first sip. There was a fire going inside and as he stared into the glowing embers he wished that he could go back in time and plead with his younger self...

8 years earlier...

Nigel ran to his father after just getting off the phone with Danae, his son had just been born. Come on Dad, we have got to go, now!

It was an hour from Oklahoma City to Stillwater where baby Will was in the intensive care fighting for his very young life.

We aren't going. Nigel's father answered. And neither are you.

Dad... Nigel tried to argue, but like always it was like arguing with a brick wall. Nothing ever changed and there was nothing that Nigel could do about it. What should have been a breaking point in the Brewman household turned into an iron rod binding Nigel to the will of his father.

“Fight...” The older Nigel wished that he could have told the younger Nigel. Will was the most heart warming child he had ever met. It was like God personally beamed light from Will's eyes, which had left a mark on Nigel that he never expected. Just like he wanted to speak to his younger self, he also wished that there would be an even older self to give him advice right now.

Something instinctual drew his attention to an antique desk with a small lamp on providing the light needed to see a faded envelope. Written in handwriting that he knew to be his own was 'Letter to Me'. It had to be a miracle as Nigel stared long and hard, his heart thumping wildly. Slowly he opened the envelope and read.

Don't worry, Nigel. It is okay to want to be apart of your son's life, but you don't need to fight for him. Danae will continue to take great care of him and Jacob, the man who lived across the street from them, will love Will like his own son. Without you knowing your father has already filed the paperwork in order to challenge Danae for custody of Will. You can try to stop it, but it is too late. Fight your father, like you have never fought before. He is wrong.

Nigel folded the letter back into the envelope and did just that.


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