The Twilight Saga

All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, except Edward Charlie Cullen (Masen). Thanks!

Bella has escaped her twisted foster parents and is happily married to Edward Cullen. Not long after, they have a baby boy - Edward Charlie Cullen, later nicknamed 'Masen' to keep from confusing Edward. Masen is a half-vampire, half-human hybrid, but unlike any other in the world. He is a crazy combination of a carefree, fun-loving boy and a dangerous, fierce vampire, and he intends to have fun for eternity.

If you haven't already read Makenna Alice Cullen's Reasons, here is the link: I suggest you read it - this makes a LOT more sense with it! =)

Chapter 1 – Masen

Bella’s POV

I remember all the pain while being pregnant with Edward’s child. It was strong, and grew at an incredibly fast rate. But what are a few broken bones and bruises compared to the intense love I felt for the unborn child? Edward and Carlisle called it a monster; Rosalie supported me 100%. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought – nothing could make me give up my child. I picked out a name for it, despite what Edward said: if it was a boy, Edward Charlie Cullen. If it was a girl, Renesmee Carlie

And now, lying in this hospital bed, I knew that it had all been worth it. Carlisle approached the bed, carrying my little baby boy.

Edward Charlie Cullen. He had my wild brown hair and Edward’s curious green eyes, my rosy blush and Edward’s porcelain skin. I leaned closer to him. I could smell faintly sweet vampire scent, passion flowers, and a tangy fruit aroma.

He smiled, a breathtaking, innocent smile, and then he leaned closer and rested his forehead against my neck. I smiled blissfully at Carlisle. A moment later, fire roared through my veins. Edward Charlie pulled his head away to reveal a tiny bite mark on my neck. Carlisle looked shocked. And then I sank in blackness.

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brilliant, post more soon!

Chapter 2 - Growing Up

Bella’s POV

Edward Charlie Cullen was born almost a year ago, but already he looks to be a toddler. He walks, he speaks, and he smacks Jacob when Jacob isn’t being nice.

He first started to walk a few weeks after he was born. He stood up and walked a few steps, and then he fell down. Being half-vampire, he should have been graceful, but it seems that Masen (we use a nickname, since we always confuse Edward) got klutziness from my side of the family. I’m mad at myself for that, but Edward always insists that it’s ‘cute’.

One day, Quil brought over his imprint, Claire, for a play-date. Masen walked over to her and said, “Hello. I’m Masen Cullen. You must be Claire.” Claire blushed and giggled; Quil looked jealous. Edward and I gaped, and then we started to laugh. Masen was repeating exactly what Edward had said to me when we first met. Quil hasn’t brought Claire over since, but Masen is able to use Edward’s charm on other lucky girls.

He got his habit of smacking Jacob from both of us. He watched us do it so much, and one day when Jake tried to get him to go to bed, he smacked him. We’re both proud of that habit.

A few days ago, we discovered that Masen has a special ability. I was making him making him lunch (he can have both blood and human food, but he prefers human food) and I was adding carrots to his plate. “But Mommy, I don’t want carrots” he pouted. “They’ll help you grow big and strong” I said, turning to him. He stared back at me with huge green eyes. I couldn’t look away, until Edward walked in and saved me. “Bella?” he said, pulling me out of Masen’s trance. “What?” I asked. “What happened to Masen’s carrots?” I looked at the plate to find that the carrots had disappeared, to be replaced with five cookies. That’s when we found out that Masen can make people do anything for him if they are looking into his eyes.

Masen is growing into a charming, witty, adventurous little boy. He is my whole life (next to Edward) and I love him dearly.
Hey guys! I dunno if you've read the story this is the sequel to, Reasons, so here's the link to read it: It's an AWESOME story, and I think you should read it! =)

Chapter 3 - Haircut

Masen’s POV

I brushed my bangs out of my eyes and looked up at Aunt Alice. She frowned disapprovingly and lifted a lock of my wild brown hair between her fingers.

"Masen, when was the last time you got a haircut?" she asked.

"Um, never?"

"Hm. Bella, I'm giving Masen a haircut!" she called downstairs.

I was standing in Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper's room, helping her pick out an outfit for Aunt Rose and Uncle Em's 'official' wedding.

I could hear my mother yell her approval from the living room, and Alice smirked.

"But Aunt Alice, I don't want a haircut" I pouted, staring into her eyes. For added effect, I let a few tears escape.

She smiled at me, grabbing a pair of scissors from the nightstand. "Masen, I am an experienced future seer. I live with a mind reader who has no respect for privacy. Your compulsion doesn't work on me."

I stuck out my lower lip and let the tears fall as if I were crying.

"You're too old for that" she said, tapping my nose. "You should give up the puppy dog look and incorporate Edward's charm."

"Finally, you admit it!"

My dad walked in and smiled at me. Then, reading Alice's mind, his face turned to a mask of horror. He was at my side in a second, scooping me up in his arms as if I weighed nothing. "No, Alice, you will not come anywhere near Masen's hair!" he cried.

"But Bella already said I could!" she whined, stomping her foot. It smashed through the floorboards, leaving a foot-sized hole.

"Careful" Dad said smugly.

"Jasper will fix it" she said confidently.

"No I won't!" Uncle Jasper called from downstairs. I could hear Mommy laughing at that.

She frowned. "Besides, what can you do with hair that long?"

Dad put me down and stared into my face thoughtfully. "Hm." He rubbed his hands together, so fast that I couldn't watch, and began to ruffle my hair. When he was finished - half a second later - Alice laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked defensively.

She took me by the shoulders and spun me around to face the large mirror on the wall. What I saw made me swell with pride. My hair was styled exactly the same as my dad's, but a little longer.

"Perfect" Dad said, smirking at Aunt Alice.

She stuck out her tongue. "He has escaped a haircut for today. But mark my words, I willcut his hair - eventually."

He rolled his eyes, winked at me, and strolled back downstairs.
omg right more soon!

Chapter 4 - Escape

Masen's POV

"Come back here, Masen!" Aunt Alice yelled after me.

I looked down at the black suit and tie she had fitted me into, shuddered, and kept running. I had escaped at the mention of makeup to, quote, "bring out the gold flecks in my eyes." Now I was sprinting down the hall and up to my room, where I had many secret hiding places.

Too bad there was no way you could win a game of hide-and-seek against Aunt Alice.

As I had learned from my mother, the way to get past her was a split-second decision. As I had learned from my father, the way to cover my tracks was to spread my scent throughout the room and then hide. With these tips combined, there was a slim chance I could avoid the dreaded makeup.

I formulated a plan in my mind - a fake plan, of course, to confuse Aunt Alice - where I would run and hide in the rafters. Focusing my senses to believe I was going there, I burst into my attic bedroom and raced around it, spreading my scent everywhere.

I aimed for the rafters, but before I decided on anything, I dove to my left and into my closet. I changed with lightening speed, stuffing my suit into a corner, and pushed open the back of the closet to reveal a secret tunnel. The tunnel lead to my mom and dad's tree out back, where my (fake) plan was to run into the woods and hide in a tree.

I followed the tunnel to the right, left, left, right, straight, and right until I reached a door with a sliver of light escaping from a crack underneath. Shoving my weight against it, I launched myself out and flew through the air until I landed nimbly on a tree branch. I slid down to the ground and sprinted into the forest.

A while ago, my mom taught me some of her mind-shielding tricks, like how to keep decisions and important thoughts out of your mind. I did that now, keeping my real plan away and focusing on flipping through fake escape routes to confuse Aunt Alice.

I ended up climbing a tree, but from there I leaped from tree to tree through the forest, all the while making a fake decision to go into town and hide.

Eventually I reached the end of the tree line, and found myself in my parents' meadow. It was beautiful, fresh grass and lush foliage and radiant flowers. Usually empty, there now stood a girl about my age (well, what should be my age) standing in the center.

She wore a long black cloak with the hood pulled up, but I could see golden hair escaping from it. The hood hid her face, and she was looking down. She stood straight and tall, and I could see that she was a proud, confident girl.

"Hello, there" I said, approaching slowly in case I should frighten her. "I'm Masen. Who are you?"

She looked up suddenly, straight into my eyes though she couldn't have seen me coming. She smiled sweetly. "My name is Jane."
holy crap!!!! it's amazing!!!!!!!!!! lol. but it's true!! i loooooove it!!!
=) Thanks Aly!
yupp. no prob!!! i love it. lol.
more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more moremore more more LOVE IT!

Chapter 5 - Fight

Masen's POV

"My name is Jane."

Hm, the name 'Jane' sounds familiar... I'm pretty sure my parents told me a story about her once. Too bad I didn't inherit a vampire's photographic memory.

Still, something didn't seem right. Something told me to be careful with this girl.

"A pleasure to meet you" I said, subtly retreating a step.

To counter, she took a step closer to me.

Now I was freaked out. She had to be a vampire - I could see the bright crimson eyes - but what did red eyes mean again? It was a type of vampire...

"I have to be going now" I said, stepping back toward the trees again.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Home" I said evasively.

Suddenly, her sweet smile slipped from her face, into a cold stare. "Don't lie to me" she said, her voice filled with venom.

It was like I was slapped in the face. All I could think was, What?!?!?!?!

"I'm not lying" I insisted. Just fabricating, I added in my mind.

"People who lie to me don't live to do it again" she continued, ignoring my denial. "I'm not immoral - it would be a shame to kill such a young, innocent person."

I thought for a second. "Define the word 'innocent'" I said finally.

She growled and lunged at me. I dodged her attack, and she flew into a tree. The trunk snapped cleanly in half, falling over backwards.

Now I remember the story - Jane was part of the evil coven, Volturi. She could torture you with her mind. Yikes, did I always attract this much trouble?

She was on her feet in a second, and leaping at me again. This time I didn't move. Instead, I stared straight into her eyes.

"Stop" I said steadily.

She collapsed to the ground. I held her eyes, approaching slowly as if she were a wild animal.

"What are you doing to me?" she gasped, trying desperately to tear her gaze away.

"You don't want to kill me, do you Jane?" I asked.

"Of course I do, you filthy half-blood!" she spat. But she made no move to do so.

"I prefer 'hybrid-American', if you don't mind" I said. "Now, why don't you relax."

She fell limp to the ground, without the use of her muscles. Of course it was all in her mind - if she were strong enough, she would still be able to move.

"How are you doing this?" she cried. "You're not even a full vampire! You're a freak, a..."

"I believe the word you're for is 'hybrid'. And anyways, I'm not like other hybrids."

I walked away, leaving her alone in the meadow.


Alice's POV

I knew something was wrong when Masen's already-sketchy future completely vanished. Something was in the way.

Quickly, I reviewed the possible blocks: the Volturi (I found I could not see any of their futures); the wolves; other hybrids. Had Nahuel visited? Were the wolves coming for something? I didn't even consider the Volturi idea - it was impossible.

I waited on the couch for Masen to return, steaming. What would Edward and Bella think when they returned from their vacation?

I was so dead - again. Edward would bring me to life as a mortal, then bite me, then rip me to pieces, then burn the pieces, then put them back together and kill them again.

I stopped my gruesome thinking when I smelled Masen outside the door.

"Get in here!" I yelled to him.

He stepped in hesitantly, a sheepish grin on his face. "So you gave up, Aunt Alice? Yay, I win."

I just glared at him. "Would you like to explain why your future disappeared?" I demanded. This sounded a whole lot like a certain conversation with his mother a few years before.

"Um, I met a girl in the meadow. Uh, she collapsed with shock."

"Nice try, lover boy. You are in so much trouble."
hahahahahahaha!!! WOO-HOO!! 1st to comment!!! lol. i love that
'Nice try, lover boy. You are in SO much trouble.'
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