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This is inspired by the coldplay song paradise; Bella dreamt of love when she was a little girl. She believed it and thought it was wonderful. But then, she watched her parents divorce, it destroyed all of what she thought was true. Bella grows up and is now in high school. She still believes love is hopeless and will always fail. But what happens when she meets Edward Cullen? Can he change her? Or will she just push him away like the others?

(A/N; I hate to say, the first part of the chapter is probably going to be the most boring but the end is amazing so just keep reading. ... I have to introduce somethings and explain others at first so if you don't really like it, just keep reading and I promise it'll get more interesting. Otherwise, I hope everyone likes it and thank you so much for reading(:<3)

Chapter 1; Bella 

           I pushed my head back against the seat and groaned. I wished I had more room to stretch out in the cramped car, especially right after a long nap. I glanced first at Charlie and then out the window. 

"Where are we?" I asked him. I knew it was a long ride from Port Angeles and Charlie was known to drive slow. 
"I didn't realize you were awake, we're almost home."
          Home. I repeated the word in my mind. I refused to think of Charlie's house as home. I refused to think of Forks as home. This was all too much, I missed mom. But I knew too well that her life would be easier if she didn't have to worry about me for a little while. Even though I knew she was more than willing to stay home with me, her husband Phil traveled so much and she wanted to be with him too. I didn't want to make her choose, so I'm staying with my dad, Charlie, for a while. 

         A white house appeared on my left and the car slowed down. I sucked in my breath and looked at Charlie. He never had much to say, we were alike in that way. It was worse to have awkward conversation than to sit in silence. 

         We both stepped out of the car and I grabbed my bags, I didn't have much. 
      "Let me get those." Charlie offered.
      "It's fine Dad, really. They're not heavy." I insisted. 
     He thought for a moment before excepting this and nodding his head, I didn't expect him to object.

Walking into the house brought on a wave of vivid memories. I flashed back to when I was ten years old and laying there in the room. Mom and Dad were fighting downstairs again. I couldn't really make out what  they were saying but, Mom was crying and Dad might have been, I couldn't tell. This was the worst it had been in a while, even though the fights were becoming more and more frequent. Suddenly, it was very quiet. Then, Dad was definitely crying, I heard this part.  "We can fix it, we always do. I'll change."  He said. 

"Not this time Charlie. Not this time." Mom said back. A door slammed and Dad began to cry again.

Mom came back for me the next day, I watched her pack my things and bring them out to the car.

"Its time to go, Bella." She said to me. 
"No!" I cried. "Mom please don't! I'm sorry! I promise I'll be good! Please Mom don't make me go! Please!" I was crying harder than ever.

I swear I watched my mothers heart break. She began to cry too.
"Bella, Bella, please. Its not your fault at all, none of it is. Your father and I love you so much. You did nothing wrong." 
"Then stay! Let me stay! Bring my stuff back! Stay Mom!" I tried and tried. 

She was  breaking apart, "Come on Bella."

I started shaking my head back and forth vigorously. "No!" I cried. I saw my Dad walk into my room.

"Daddy please! Make Mommy stay! Let me stay! I'm sorry, please don't make me go, please!" I was crying so hard I felt sick. 
Charlie started crying, "I love you, Bella. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.."


(A/N- I read this reaally amazing story. Honestly, I can't even explain how much I love it. I find it beautiful. Please, please, please read it. Its completed(; )

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i love it plzzz write more plzzz i love it!!!!!!


Chapter 2; Edward

     I tossed the baseball up in the air and it fell back down into my hand, I repeated the motion over and over. 

I spent most of my time alone recently, I'd always been the odd one out. Even though I'd been around a lot longer everyone else had found their mate, and I was still alone. I was content that way but, sometimes I did wonder what it felt like. Sure, I could read the others minds and have a concept of how it was, but I'd never understand how it felt. 

"Edward!" I heard Emmet yell. 'Oh what now?' I thought. I let the baseball fall onto my bed and got up. I sped down the stairs and him, Rose, and Jasper sat around the t.v that played some football game. "What?" I asked. Emmet smiled, that was never good. I must have showed the unsureness on my face, he laughed. "Alice wants you, she's somewhere in the backyard." I sighed in relief and walked out the back door. I looked around until I spotted her sitting beside the river. I approached her but was hesitant. She seemed upset. 

I sat down next to her and she didn't look at me when she asked, "Why don't you love me, Edward?" 

My head cocked to the side in confusion. "Excuse me?" Of course I loved Alice, she was my favorite sister. No offence to Rose. Alice and I had always been close, she knew that as well as I did. "I saw you. I know you're going to leave. Why?" I could hear the pain in her voice. "Why don't you love me, Edward?" She repeated in a whisper. 

Leaving? Why was I leaving?! What was going on? "I don't have any plans to leave Alice. Your vision must be wrong. I don't know why I would anyway, I'm fine. Everyone else is fine. Are you alright, Alice?" That came out more panicked than I had planned. I looked at her expression, making sure I didn't worry her even more. She was just watching the water move down the river. 

"You're my big brother Edward,  I need you around. I mean, there's always Emmet but, he scares me sometimes..." A shiver ran down her spine and we both laughed. Things were going to be alright, for now. 


School starts today. I'm nervous on the way there, 'You can do this. Stop being such a wimp Bella. You can do this.' I repeated again and again in my mind. I sighed and was thankful that Charlie bought me a car--truck-- and didn't have to watch my miniature panic attack.

 I found the school easily, and as soon as I stepped out of my truck, everyone was staring at me. I wasn't prepared for this. I made my way to the main office, where there were thankfully not as many people. And after trying for about five minutes  to have a class changed, the tall boy with the bronze hair turned around, obviously angered. 

When I saw him, my heart stopped. He stared at me for a moment, his eyes wide and surprised. His perfect lips had a slight gap and I swear his hand was slightly outreached toward me, but he composed himself so completely and so quickly I wasn't sure if any of it even happened. I knew that I definitely looked like an idiot with my eyes wide and my lips pursed. He left quickly, and it was over. I stepped up to the now empty spot in front of the desk to receive my schedule, his face never left my mind.

Throughout the day, there was something strange. It felt like a pull, but I wasn't sure toward what. At lunch, My mind wondered back to the boy from this morning. No. It wasn't him, it couldn't be. I refused to think of him anymore, no matter how much I craved it. All it would do was hurt me. He wasn't worth it, no one was. 

(A/N- Did you like it? Pleaase comment? Things are about to get very interesting.... (: )

Please post soon!!! Like real soon :D Its good!

sounds very interesting.  I can't wait until your next update!

(I'm bored so I figured I'd update... (;....)

Chapter 3; Edward

"I saw her Alice, the girl you warned me about." I said as calmly as I could. I could get the image of the girl out of my mind. That long brown hair, her full pink lips, and oh, her eyes! She was so beautiful, but also extremely frustrating. One reason was I couldn't read her mind, even if I really tried. And another, the smell of her blood. It was so sweet, so pure; the most tempting thing I've encountered in the last century.

"Her name is Bella." Alice said.

Bella. I mused. So beautiful, it fit her so well. I'd thousands of people, hundreds of girls, and even the vampire girls failed in comparison. She was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I wanted her so much. But that was impossible, I felt empty inside. Bella.

"Edward, I don't know whats wrong. You've basically just found your mate and I can't see her in your future. Ugh, this is so confusing. I-" I came out of my thoughts and cut Alice off. "What? Alice no, I could never do this to her. Bad things would happen if we let her into our lives. Its too dangerous." It pained me to hear the truth behind the words. The words I wished with all of me were lies.

Alice started showing me visions of me trying to speak with Bella through her mind, I shook my head furiously. "No." She showed me another vision of Bella as a vampire. I growled under my breath and tried to calm down. I reminded myself that this was not the time or place. I opened my eyes in time to watch Bella enter the cafeteria, so beautiful.

Alice got up from her seat and started making her way toward Bella. "Alice no! What are you doing!?" Part of me knew I needed to stay where I was, but another part longed to follow Alice.

(A/N; I know this is really short but.. I'll add more soon. Please comment and add me if you want updates(:)

Interesting! :) I would love to see where this is going.

I love that song b.t.w. Its awesome!! :)

Keep me updated! Please? *smiles* Pretty Please? LOL.

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Chapter 4; Bellas POV

I stared down at the table, hoping to disapear. Why were they coming over here? Why was he coming over here? I was definitly panicing. They approached the empty table,

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen, and you must be Bella."

"Hey, yeah, nice to meet you." I stuttered. How did she know me as Bella? Everyone else used Isabella at first? Were people talking about me?

I was lost in thought when I realized she was talking again. "This is my brother, Edward." She said.

I looked up at him and we stared into each others eyes for a moment, but it felt like an hour. He was beautiful, I felt like I could see into his soul. Like I could find out everything about this person I've never even met, just by looking into his eyes. I silently wondered what he saw.

"Hello." He spoke. His voice was like an angels.

I looked down at the table. 'A boy like that is just the same, maybe worse.'  I reminded myself.
"Hi." I said, trying not to show any of these thoughts in my voice.

I looked up at him quickly and he was staring at me with a frustrated expression; I blushed and looked away.

"Well, I know we just met Bella but, could I ask you a favor? You see, my family isn't here at school today and I have to go see my teacher about a project and I don't want poor Edward to be lonely. So I noticed you were sitting alone and figured you could keep each other company. Please?" Alice was very dramatic I noticed.

I watched Edward look at her, furious. It almost hurt to see, I could tell he didn't want any part of it.
"Actually, I have to go." I say, getting up from the table. I walked toward the door to the parking lot as Alice called after me, "Oh, it was nice meeting you Bella!"

I pushed the door open and saw rain. I sighed and decided to sit beside the door, under the over-hang where it was dry. And cold.

I laid my head back as my mind drifted to Edward.

He hates me. Did I do something? I don't think I've ever even talked to him. Alice seemed nice. So, what was his problem?

I realized that very quickly. He was one of them. He lied, he cheated, he broke hearts. He probably did this to all the girls, pretends he hates them to draw them in, to make us think of him. It would make him seem mysterious. It would make girls go crazy, to want him.

He obviously didn't realize it wasn't going to happen to me. If he wanted to "hate" me, then I would hate him back.

Edwards POV;

"What the hell Edward?! You're so mean. I don't blame her for hating you. I'd hate you too, you know what? I do hate you." Alice yelled.

What? Hate? When did anyone say anything about hate? Bella hated me?

"Are you crazy? It was your fault. I can't get close to her, she'll end up getting hurt and its not fair to her. And she doesn't hate me, but if she did it would probably be best." I resented the words, but they were true.

"Yes, Edward, she does hate you. Because you are a mean person. Why did you keep giving her rude looks? I felt so bad for her. Poor girl. You should really go apologize."

I suddenly felt bad, noticing what I'd done wrong.

"I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if she's crying right now. That's almost embarrassing, especially since she doesn't know you and its her first day of school."

Alice would never stop talking.
"Fine! I'll just go apologize if its that important to you! I don't even know why you're mad at me. I should be mad at you, what you did was ridiculous-" I didn't get to finish, she cut me off.

"Just go." Alice pointed toward the door.

I walked to the door, when I opened it though, I hit something. I stepped outside and let the door shut. I looked down and Bella was there, unconscious.

Something inside me felt broken suddenly. It was like it physically hurt to see her like this, she looked lifeless.
"Bella!" I breathed. She didn't move.

In one quick motion I scooped her up in my arms and was walking to the nurse with her. A few drops of rain fell onto her face and her eyes twitched a little.
"Bella?" I wondered if she were waking.

"Edward... Edward." She mumbled.(A/N; I realize this probably wouldn't happen because she wasn't sleeping but... just go along with it.)

"Yes, its Edward." When she didn't reply I realized she was still out. She was thinking about me? I smiled quickly, then realized how she was probably just mad at me. I hugged her tighter to me and stepped into the office.
"Can I help you? Is she alright?" Mrs. Cope asked. I nodded.
"She's fine, she got hit in the head. I just wanted to make sure."

She nodded and I took Bella into the nurses office. The nurse had me lay her down and went to get an ice pack for when Bella woke up. By the time she was back, Bella was sitting up.
"How did I get here?" She looked confused. Her hand shot up to her head and she winced. It pained me to know I had inflicted that, I grimaced, angry with myself.

"I brought you." I spoke up. Her eyes darted to me and I tried to smile. She frowned and looked away, I suppressed a sigh.

"of course." She said. What was that supposed to mean?
Then I noticed Alice walking nearby, going to her next class. I could hear her thoughts, 'Awee; you guys are bonding!' She squeaked. I was nearly shaking my head, she was ridiculous.



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