The Twilight Saga

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please wirte more soon
omg!!!!!! i loved it!!!! plz hurry!!!!!!!
This is one of the best jacob and renesmee stories i have read so far!! will there be more chapters? if there are then keep me posted when you have more!!
heeyyy this was definetly one of the BESTEST fanfics i've read so far:) pleaseeeeeee read my fanfic,:)
this is da bom
IKR!! I wish that she would write more!!
i hope she writes soon this story is great
Sorry I've been AWOL!!! Thank you all so much for your wonderful reviews. You are what makes this story happen.
Speaking of which...
No the story is not over. And, because people have continued to review this story so kindly both on here and, I'm going to update with a few more chapters!
The wedding and the honeymoon are coming up!
thats fantastic!!! i cant wait to
*New Reader*

This is a fantastic story and is written with skill! Love it and cannot wait for more!
is this over? like..done? i miss reading new chapters!!! :'(


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