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When I first came up with the story, this is how the end looked like. Edward didn't come back, and Bella had no one to stop her when she stood by the cliffs edge. I wanted you to have this since it is actually how I always intended it to be. (of course I love the way the story went, but this is the original)

Please leave me your thoughts!

Alternate Ending
For eternity

Bellas point of view

I stood at the very edge of the cliff, the cold wind blew around my face, making the tears on my cheeks feel like ice. I drew in a deep breath, filling my lungs with the freezing air. This was it, I thought. This is as far as my life will go, there will be no tomorrow for me in this world.

Take away the pain, I can’t go on living like this.

Those words had been in my head since the day He had left me, repeating themselves over and over. But the pain never ceased, the hole in my heart just kept growing and growing until there was nothing left inside of me, I was hollow. He had died when He’d learned that I had. It seemed only right that I would do the same.


I thought His name, thought about everything about Him. All my memories, stacked securely at the back of my mind for this very moment. I think I always knew that this is where I would end up, from the moment He had whispered those last words; take care of yourself, to me in the forest. I had known deep inside that I would never be able to live without Him, He was a too important part of me; He was the part that kept me together. I was broken now, in His absence. Broken beyond repair.

The wind picked up, causing me to almost loose my balance for a moment. I closed my eyes and saw nothing but His face behind my eyelids.

- Edward, I love you. I will be with you soon.

The words were only a whisper, soft as a feather in the black night. Just like in my dream I held out my hand, and imagined His cold fingers laced with mine.
Without opening my eyes I took the final step over the cliffs edge.

I fell for a long time; I didn’t even feel it when I hit the surface. In my mind I was somewhere else; I was with Edward at our meadow. The one that would always belong to us, maybe we would go there again? If heaven did exist I couldn’t imaging that a place like the meadow would not be there too.

The cold water suddenly broke my trance; the current was dragging me in different directions, trying to split me in two so that both sides would have their share. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but blackness all around me, I didn’t know which way was up or down, there was just darkness, and nothingness.

I opened my mouth and took in a mouthful of the cold water, it tasted like salt and my throat immediately tried to cough it back up, causing me to swallow even more of the blackness. Dying wasn’t as peaceful as I had hoped, and maybe expected. It hurt and I didn’t want this to continue any longer, I wanted to see Edward again.
I don’t know how long I struggled in the water until my lungs were filled with it and my consciousness started to fade, it could have been seconds or days, time didn’t make any sense to me. Though I had my eyes open and saw only black, suddenly the dark changed, deepened.
It was no longer around me; it was now inside of me as well. My body started to fade away, and my mind travelled forward towards the light that was seemingly moving closer.

I tried to push forward, I wanted to get to the light, I didn’t know why but it felt like the right thing to do. As I got closer I saw it.

Warmth spread inside me, every broken part was back in place, my heart healed itself as I reached out towards the light, my hand moved closer until I felt the smooth texture of His skin against mine. Our fingers laced, and I could feel his other hand around my waist, pulling me closer.

- Bella, I’ve missed you. We will be together for eternity now, just like it was supposed to be. I love you, my sun, my life, my heart.

His voice was like velvet, the most beautiful voice ever heard.

- For eternity…

I whispered, and then smiled and looked up into His face. I took in every inch of his features, his jaw, his wonderful lips, his perfect nose, those beautiful cheekbones and then at last, my eyes met with a pair of the most amazing green eyes…

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yes, as you might remember that was his real eyecolor when he was still human. I thought it would be appropriate if he was once more in heaven:)
So is Edward still alive in Volterra, or did he really die when Bella saw him last?
OMG! lisa,i really love this sad though1i love it when you describe Edward when he is still human..
WOW! This is so cool!
wow.. she actually jumped... like WOW
Edward's got green eyes wow
Lisa... its like so emotional.. the way you described her pain, her despair, her sorrow.. as i read that i felt it all coming back ... so sad... she was soo happy when Edward came back so this chappie just makes it all the more interesting... :)
PLZ! PLZ! PLZ! Write more.. you have to write more... i'm sorry if you want to end it here but honestly you just can't...
just like Sophie.. i have soo many questions to ask :D
so now i'm looking forward to 2 endings.. bella as an immortal and the bella who jumped off the cliff...
keep up the good work and thank you so much for posting this...
luv luv luv luv YA!♥♥♥♥
i love it write more at the vampire speed
more and plz add me as a friend i want to read more
oh wow i love this ending as well, i loved your other ending as well but this ending, just show how far they are both willing to go and that there is no stop to there love :D great read love it and ending on his green eyes were perfect. :)
Hehe sorry guys if this endning was confusing? I have it all so clear in my head, maybe it didnt translate to the text well..

1, Yes, as I wrote at the top; Edward was killed by the Volturi so the chapters in the original story would be disregarded here. He died.

2, I just loved the idea of him being "human" again in heaven, and having his green eyes again. That part made me cry soo bad ;D

3, There will be no more on this story, I can't write a story about them being in heaven it's way too hard! :P

4, They are together and happy, forever and ever <3

5, THANK YOU for your amazing support!
AWW * sobs* lol okay Lisa .. o well since they are together thats still cool.. bella gets her Edward and he gets his bella...
thank you so much... you really are a creative writer..
*sighs* i just which i could find my Edward and soon...

luv ya!♥
i love this story it made me cry


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