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Dying Sun



This story begins when Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. But what if she had been too late? If the Volturi had gotten to him first? Would she go on and who would she be, when she had lost the love of her life all over again?

Warning; This is a very emotional story

This first part is the one I love the most in the entire Twilight saga, and therefore, I think it's appropriate that the story begins here..


Banners made by Bella Cullen

-Edward no! I screamed, but my voice was lost in the roar of the chime.

I could see him now, and I could see that he could not see me. It was really him, no hallucination this time, and I realised that my delusions where more flawed then I’d realised. They’d never done him justice. Edward stood, motionless as a statue, just a few feet from the mouth of the alley. His eyes were closed, the rings underneath them deep purple. His arms relaxed at his side, his palms turned forward. His expression was very peaceful, like he was dreaming pleasant things. The marble skin of his chest was bared, there was a small pile of white fabric at his feet. The light reflecting from the pavement of the square gleamed dimly from his skin. I’d never seen anything so beautiful, even as I ran, gasping and screaming, I could appreciate that. And the last seven months meant nothing, and his words in the forest meant nothing. And it did not matter that he did not want me, I would not want anything but him, for no matter how long I lived. The clock told, and he took a large stride towards the light.

-No! I screamed, Edward look at me!

He wasn’t listening. He smiled very slightly, he raised his foot to take the step that would put him directly in the path of the sun.

Chapter one
Forever Lost

I was still to far from him, I shoved three people aside with the greatest force I could manage and screamed his name over and over. Just as he opened his eyes, I could see two people suddenly standing behind him. Edwards eyes found mine, there was a look of confusion in them. He blinked once, and just as a smile had began to take place on his perfect lips, his expression turned to one of pain. One of the men standing behind him had his hands on Edwards neck, and with a movement so quick that I almost missed it, he had twisted Edwards neck. With a loud snap, I could hear the bones brake.
Edwards body turned limp, the other man grabbed hold of him and held him up.

I didn’t even realise that I had stopped running. No. NO NO NO NO! No this could not be, this did not happen! My mind was in absolute chaos, no though was able to make it self clear in this mess. This was a nightmare. This isn’t real.
I stared as the two men carried Edwards body away between them, taking him further away from me. My feet’s that had been frozen to the ground for the last seconds suddenly moved again, I started running into the alley, following the men who had taken my life with them.

My mind was screaming at me, telling me that if I only caught up with them I would get him back. If I kept running he would be saved. My lungs burned from the screaming and the running, but it did not matter, I would never stop until I had him in my arms again.

I slowed down to turn around a corner when steel arms gripped me from behind; I was pulled to a sudden stop.

- I am so sorry Bella, his gone.. Alice voice whispered in my ear. I could hear her, but her words meant nothing.

-He was just here, I saw him! If I just find him it will all be.. I trailed of.

Alice turned me around to face her. The expression in her beautiful face was one of the saddest things I’d ever seen. Like a crying angel, only there were no tears in her eyes.

- Bella, he’s gone. She said again.

I looked for a contradiction in her eyes, something in them that would tell me that she was lying to me for some reason. Edward could not be gone, Edward had to exist, or else there was no purpose to this world anymore.

I tried to get out of her hold and keep searching for him, but her arms held me tighter.
I screamed and tried to fight her but it did no good.
In my mind reality began to sift through my denial. I began to understand what Alice was telling me.

I let myself fall deep into the darkness, knowing that nothing would ever get me out of it this time. Never.

Edward was gone.




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im gonna say this agian poor bells she doesnt deserve this
Amaizing chapter!!!!!!!!!
Thank youuu :) but you know, the best is yet to come ;D
This is to sad!
Poor Bella!
I miss Edward too!! Damn, why did I kill that stupid mutt? ;D LOL, I'll write more soon, I'll let you know when I post the next one!!
wow this is just like raw emotion.I have to say you have that down perfectly. ive read stories about what if bella dies, but this just seems so more real. I guess because the whole vampire emotion thing seems hard to get. But Bella's human emotions.. you seem to have that amazingly. Please keep me updated!
That really makes me so happy, I have tried so hard to get the right emotions down, and you telling me that I have made it is so important to me :) I'll keep you updated, hope you will like the rest aswell! :)
Chapter eight
Finding truth, losing mind

Words can not describe what I felt when I saw the contents of the open space in my floor. I stared, frozen, at the photos that I had thought was lost forever. His face. It was really true; it had not been a dream. He had really existed. With shaking hands, I bent forward and picked up the picture lying on top. Suddenly, every feeling in my body seamed to be on hold. I was numb; it was like my mind was giving me the time to absorb all this, before the pain began again. I knew that this time it would be worse than ever.

I stared with tear filled eyes at the photo. It was Him, sitting in the chair in our kitchen. His smile was the same one I had tried so hard to hold on to for all this time. It felt like I could sit here forever, seeing nothing but him. If I could choose a faith, that would be it. Slowly my gaze moved to the rest of my hidden belongings; more pictures, the Cd-case and the airplane tickets. Why had He done this? Why hadn’t He just taken them with Him, or thrown them away? He had left me because He didn’t want me, just like He had told me in the forest. Why would He leave this here with me, after promising me that it would be like He had never existed? I looked once more on the picture of Him, and then looked at the Cd instead. Could I do it? Listen to it? It felt like I would break into pieces if I moved so much as an inch, like I was allowed to still be breathing as long as I sat completely still. I needed my numbness, so I held on to it with everything I had left. And the worst part was that it felt like it would all disappear if I moved or looked away from it.

Before I could make a decision in either direction, I heard a knock on the front door. Knowing it was Alice and that she would probably just let her self in in three seconds, I sat still, staring.

- Bella? What..? Her voice trailed of as she saw me sitting on the floor with the picture of Him in my hand.

Without a word, without a sound she was there, with her cold arms around me. I drew in a breath, filling my lungs with the wonderful perfume that came of her skin. It was like nothing else. Nothing else I would ever sense again.

- Why Alice? Why did He leave this here, why didn’t He throw it away instead? He didn’t love me anymore, why does this have to hurt so much? I can’t take it anymore; I don’t want to live without Him any longer. I can’t.

With gentle hands, she reached for the picture in my hands. I didn’t realise how hard I was gripping it, but of course my strength was nothing compared to hers. She took it from me, and laid it down next the other ones. Then she stood, and held her hand out for me to take.

- Bella, come on. We’re going to my house; there are a few people there who want to see you. You need to understand something, and I know only one thing that will help.

I looked up into her eyes, they were filled with a determination I had never seen before. There was no point to arguing, so I took her hand and let her pull me of the floor. She put her hand around my waist and more or less carried me out the house and into her car.

I knew where we were going; it was to a place I’d never thought I’d ever see again.

The Cullen’s House
this is really good!
post more soon please, and keep me updated please :D
Thank you! :D I'm going to keep you updated, hope you will like the rest as well!!
i hope she dosent pass out then agian i hope she does i wondre wat the cullens will say and i really hope emmett can be serious just this once
Chapter nine
Chosing Path

It felt like I had something icy and sharp in my stomach, it twisted and turned as we drove closer and closer to the Cullen house. I was frozen in my seat, my arms were wrapped around my chest to hold myself together while the pain tore inside of me. The numbness had subsided, leaving space for the pain to creep back and overtake all my senses completely. Every part of my body hurt, like I had been tortured physically for days without end. I kept seeing His face, it was so difficult to believe that what I had just seen was reality; that He had really existed, and that for a while, He had chosen to been with me.

My mind kept throwing questions at me; why had He left those things with me? Why had He chosen to go to Italy when He thought I was dead? Was it really guilt? What did his last smile mean, before it turned to an expression of pain? It hurt to think about this, but I couldn’t stop myself. I had to know the whole truth before…

-Bella? What was that? I just saw something… Alice had turned to look at me, with a worried and slightly unfocused expression on her face. I recognized it immediately, and realised I’d made a serious mistake. I had thought too much on my plan, there had been too many details and too much determination to keep it from Alice’s vision. I was overwhelmingly grateful for whatever it was that made me so difficult for Alice to see right now. If it had been like before, she would have seen… I stopped right there, caught myself before my mind went to far.

- I just saw it again, Bella what are you thinking? What’s in La Push that I see you heading for? I can’t follow you when you go past the tready line, but I have a really bad feeling about this. Your not planning on doing something stupid, are you? Like going of somewhere alone while Victoria is still out there? Alice continued. She was looking at me with a stern expression, like I was a child considering running across a heavily trafficked road.

- I’m not thinking about anything Alice, I’m just considering visiting Jake tomorrow. I lied, hoping she wouldn’t see through it.

My lying must have improved a great deal, because she just watched me for a couple of seconds and then nodded, turning her head back to the road. Her face was calmer now, but I could see that she was searching the future by the way her eyes shifted in and out of focus.

We got to her house in no time, leaving me feeling unprepared and most of all scared. What would they say? How would they treat me? And the biggest question, how would Jasper act? My stomach twisted nervously and I suddenly felt nauseas, remembering the last time I’d seen them all. Could I really go through this?

Like she had read my mind, or more likely seen my troubled and pained expression, Alice grabbed my hand and squeezed it for a moment.

- It’ll be alright, Bella. They all want to see you, and I think you need this.

I didn’t respond, I was so caught up in my thoughts. I didn’t even notice when Alice got out of the car, and in the same second opened my door. She held her hand out again, and I took it. I knew I needed help to get out of the car anyway; my body was shaking so hard that I couldn’t even walk on my own.

We got to the front door, Alice pulling and at the same time almost carrying me there. I took in a deep breath, and then Alice opened the door.

The first thought that ran through my mind was that nothing had changed, I could see every furniture and painting still being in the same place that it always had. After a few seconds, I realised that there was a fine layer of dust covering every surface around the house. I was confused, knowing Esmee would never allow something like that in her home.

Just like she could read my mind again, Alice said;

- We’re not staying; we just thought it would be the best place to meet you. Come, there all waiting for us in the living room.

She dragged me along holding my hand in a firm grip; I just followed her, my nervousness making me almost paralyzed. We turned around the corner and came into the living room.

My heart stopped beating when I saw them. They were all there, sitting in various places around the room. Esmee was the first to get up and approach me. She walked slowly, for a vampire, and the closer she got the more I could really see her. Something was wrong; she didn’t look like I remembered her. She looked… Older. Her entire body was screaming sorrow and pain; it looked weak, like she’d lost all muscles and couldn’t really hold her self up. Her face had on a bleak smile; it did not reach her eyes, and I could see the effort it took for her to hold it in place.

- Bella… We’ve missed you so much, can you ever forgive us for leaving you? Her voice seamed aged too; there was no bell chime, no melody in it. It sounded almost… Human.
She hugged me closely for a moment, then let me go. I was unable to speak, there were to many emotions shooting through me, I couldn’t think straight.

Carlisle followed and he hugged me as well. I could see that he too seamed older. The ever present light in his gold eyes were absent, like a brilliant fire burned out.

Emmet, who had been my brother in so many ways, walked up to me after Carlisle had stepped aside. I almost didn’t recognize him at first, because I had never seen him looking so sad and… lifeless. Without that permanent smile on his face, he looked like another person.

After he gave me a bear hug, that was nothing like the cheerful way he had hugged me before, he walked back to stand next to… Rosalie.

This was the part that I, except for seeing Jasper, had feared the most. I didn’t know what I would feel when seeing her. Anger, that she had been the one that called Him and therefore was responsible for His actions? Shame, that I had been the reason He had taken Himself from His family? Or sadness because she hadn’t had any idea of what her actions would bring?
I felt nothing; I didn’t even meet her eyes. I couldn’t bare to look into them and see what emotions lay there.
Instead, my eyes flickered to the person standing the very farthest from me, across the room.

Jasper was watching me intently, like he was searching for something he expected to find, but didn’t. I met his gaze and he immediately looked away, but not before I could see the pain and confusion in his eyes.

Alice was the one to break the silence.

- Bella, we wanted you to come here today because we all think that there are certain things you need to know to be able to make peace with everything that has happened. Come, sit down here with me. She pulled me along towards she sofa, where she sat down next to Emmett. I squeezed in next to her and Esmee.

- Okay, so here it is. I know I’ve told you this before, but I think you were so out of it at that point that you probably didn’t realise what I was telling you. She looked into my eyes, holding my gaze and making sure she had my full attention.

- Bella, He loved you, really truly loved you. He left you because He didn’t want to put you in danger anymore, but He never ever stopped thinking about you. I talked to him a few weeks before… Before Italy, and I’ve never known anyone in so much pain, except for you right now. I had a vision of Him coming back, like I always knew He would eventually, and I could see that He would have given you this.

She reached forward, picking up a small box that was on the table. My mind was still in chock after the words she’d spoken. I couldn’t make sense of it. Had He really never stopped loving me? Had He been on His way home when He’d gotten the call? It was too much to take in at the same time, my mind refused to fully believe her words.

Alice handed me the box, and I took the satin covered case in my hand.

-What…? I began, but Alice just shook her head.

- Open it Bella, and you’ll understand what I’m trying to tell you.

I did as she said; my fingers slowly opened the lid of the little box, and I was now looking down on the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. I gasped, and then carefully stroked my finger tip across the delicate gold web that covered the diamond beneath.

I understood. Finally, I really accepted what Alice had told me. He had loved me, just like I love Him. More than life itself; He was my every reason for living. It felt like a veil fell on me, I wasn’t aware of my surroundings anymore; I just knew without doubt that my life was coming to an end. Because I now realised that this pain would never cease, it would only keep growing until my body gave out from the exhaustion of trying to stay alive, when every cell in my body wanted to die. There was no point to this life, and I was a fool for dragging this decision out this long.

My mind shut down, the pain overwhelmed me and I lost consciousness. I floated of into nothingness, and welcomed the darkness that would soon enclose me forever.


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