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Dying Sun



This story begins when Bella goes to Italy to save Edward. But what if she had been too late? If the Volturi had gotten to him first? Would she go on and who would she be, when she had lost the love of her life all over again?

Warning; This is a very emotional story

This first part is the one I love the most in the entire Twilight saga, and therefore, I think it's appropriate that the story begins here..


Banners made by Bella Cullen

-Edward no! I screamed, but my voice was lost in the roar of the chime.

I could see him now, and I could see that he could not see me. It was really him, no hallucination this time, and I realised that my delusions where more flawed then I’d realised. They’d never done him justice. Edward stood, motionless as a statue, just a few feet from the mouth of the alley. His eyes were closed, the rings underneath them deep purple. His arms relaxed at his side, his palms turned forward. His expression was very peaceful, like he was dreaming pleasant things. The marble skin of his chest was bared, there was a small pile of white fabric at his feet. The light reflecting from the pavement of the square gleamed dimly from his skin. I’d never seen anything so beautiful, even as I ran, gasping and screaming, I could appreciate that. And the last seven months meant nothing, and his words in the forest meant nothing. And it did not matter that he did not want me, I would not want anything but him, for no matter how long I lived. The clock told, and he took a large stride towards the light.

-No! I screamed, Edward look at me!

He wasn’t listening. He smiled very slightly, he raised his foot to take the step that would put him directly in the path of the sun.

Chapter one
Forever Lost

I was still to far from him, I shoved three people aside with the greatest force I could manage and screamed his name over and over. Just as he opened his eyes, I could see two people suddenly standing behind him. Edwards eyes found mine, there was a look of confusion in them. He blinked once, and just as a smile had began to take place on his perfect lips, his expression turned to one of pain. One of the men standing behind him had his hands on Edwards neck, and with a movement so quick that I almost missed it, he had twisted Edwards neck. With a loud snap, I could hear the bones brake.
Edwards body turned limp, the other man grabbed hold of him and held him up.

I didn’t even realise that I had stopped running. No. NO NO NO NO! No this could not be, this did not happen! My mind was in absolute chaos, no though was able to make it self clear in this mess. This was a nightmare. This isn’t real.
I stared as the two men carried Edwards body away between them, taking him further away from me. My feet’s that had been frozen to the ground for the last seconds suddenly moved again, I started running into the alley, following the men who had taken my life with them.

My mind was screaming at me, telling me that if I only caught up with them I would get him back. If I kept running he would be saved. My lungs burned from the screaming and the running, but it did not matter, I would never stop until I had him in my arms again.

I slowed down to turn around a corner when steel arms gripped me from behind; I was pulled to a sudden stop.

- I am so sorry Bella, his gone.. Alice voice whispered in my ear. I could hear her, but her words meant nothing.

-He was just here, I saw him! If I just find him it will all be.. I trailed of.

Alice turned me around to face her. The expression in her beautiful face was one of the saddest things I’d ever seen. Like a crying angel, only there were no tears in her eyes.

- Bella, he’s gone. She said again.

I looked for a contradiction in her eyes, something in them that would tell me that she was lying to me for some reason. Edward could not be gone, Edward had to exist, or else there was no purpose to this world anymore.

I tried to get out of her hold and keep searching for him, but her arms held me tighter.
I screamed and tried to fight her but it did no good.
In my mind reality began to sift through my denial. I began to understand what Alice was telling me.

I let myself fall deep into the darkness, knowing that nothing would ever get me out of it this time. Never.

Edward was gone.




Here's links to all the chapters, they should work unless new comments push them forward, let me know if that happens!


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Alternate ending

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Hello, my name is Bell and I have just sat here a read the entire contents of Dying Sun. I have to honestly say I don't think I have ever come across a Fan Fiction so beautifully written. You did an amazing job on this and if Stephenie Meyer had not have already written The Twilight Saga, well I think you would have been the perfect person to do so. My mother has always told me that I have an incredible ability to feel what others feel and I felt everything in this story. It is are AMAZING. Please don't ever stop doing this, you have a true gift and I think if you could find a way to send this to Stephenie Meyer she would fall in love with it. You have a wonderful gift and I encourage you to embrace it truly have a wonderful gift...Thank you for sharing it with us.

You made my whole day, do you know that? Thank you a million times for that amazingly sweet comment, I'm so glad that you like my writing! I have thought about sending it to SM, but I hardly think there is any chance that she would read it :/ Thank you again for brightening my day<3
I don't know about that, I wouldn't be too sure. Robert Pattinson once said that the Twilight Fan Fiction are one of the only things he reads online and that if he finds a particular story he tells everyone he knows about it. Maybe she would be the same way. You should consider it. I really think she would enjoy it. I really appreciate people like you. You guys give us something to allow our minds to soar, me personally hate it when book series end, because I ALWAYS want to know what happens after happily ever after.....soagain, Thank you for being so very talented in what you do. I'm not sure if your interested but I found another fan fic website, it's called now I'll warn you, not all of the stories are exactly G rated there are some VERY graphic ones on there, but it's just a heads up. Have a wonderful day and please let me know if you decide to put more fan fic up, I will make it a point to read it...I love your work.

Wow.... this is completly amazing. i love it. i started reading and i couldnt stop till i was at the end. You are ana amazing writer can`t wait to read another one of your stories!
Aaaw I love it when a story really captures you, it's amazing and I'm so happy my story was able to do that! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!<3
The happily ever after

The sun was setting, and I looked out across the dark-blue ocean that spread out before me.
The sky was coloured in a million different shades of red, and I felt like I could sit there for an eternity and count them all. I buried my feet in the warm sand, enjoying the way the small sand corns tickled between my toes. I inhaled deeply, and when closed my eyes I could still see the colours of the sunset behind my lids.

I smiled as I felt something softly touch my nose and then brush along my chin. I looked up to meet the gaze of my husband who was smiling down on me. He had a white rose in his hand, which he had used to sweep along my face. I felt the electricity flow through my body as he sat down behind me, his long legs on either side of me while I leaned back against his chest. He offered the rose to me and I held it to my face, taking in its wonderful scent.

Edwards arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer. I felt the soft skin of his cheek as he held his face next to mine and looked at the sunset. I turned my head to kiss him, and when our lips met my entire body responded. I shivered slightly when his fingers reached to stroke down my chin and all the way to my arm, making small circles along the way.

As the warm breeze swept around us our lips parted, and when I leaned back against him he intertwined our fingers and held his arms around me.
Edward leaned his head on my shoulder, and we both watched as the sun disappeared behind the horizon.

Before the last sunbeam had faded from the sky, I looked down at our hands; they glittered like a thousand diamonds in the light.
So beautiful Lisa...and you know we are never going to complain when you decide to write more for us to read. I am very grateful for your beautiful stories!!!
I never knew that this was your first story. YOU SHOULD BE VERY VERY PROUD. I loved it.
i love it!
Lisa....... you are a crazy writer who made me cry not just once or twice but through out the whole story which is perfect and I thank you for it. I think the world wouldn't mind if you would become a serious writer and write a book or something because you have a talent, a talent to touch peoples heart with your words. I hope you won't give up on it for as long as there is a possibility for you to write...... you made me cry, you made me scream (Edward alive), you made me laugh and most of all you made a fantastic story and you have done a great great job!

Thank you!
Oh, I love it! You're such a good writer, Lisa! This is such a good story!
WOW! Yep, tis is one of the best FF ever! XD


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