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As Bella drifted off to sleep she was plagued with visions of unearthly creatures of such beauty that there was no way they could be real. They had the palest skin she had ever seen, beauty and grace beyond anything she had ever encountered in any ordinary human but the oddest thing about these beings was their remarkable eyes.  They had the warmest golden eyes she had ever seen and she knew there was no way they could be human they were something else entirely.  They smiled at her dazzling her with their sparkling skin as it glittered like a field of diamonds and she could hear her name echoing in the open field ‘Isabella join us and live forever.’ She drifted through her dream at a slow and leisurely pace until the perfect beings began to change right before her eyes into a face so terrifying she wanted to scream but no sound came from her throat.  She saw their eyes change to a blood red and their faces were distorted into a menacing smile that terrified her beyond any earthly fear she had ever known, as if she were looking death in the eye.  She began to run and her dream world turned to one of a nightmare as these creatures in the black cloaks chased her and she stumbled over her feet as they breathed her name and beckoned her to join them she heard her name whispered ‘Isabella join us and be eternal.’ Her feet kept running but it was as if she were on a treadmill constantly moving but not going anywhere.  Then suddenly her dream shifted directions and she was dressed all in white at the end of an isle looking at all the faces around her in the soft candle light.  She could see Alice, Rose and Angela making their way down the rose covered path and then her eyes met the loving gaze of Edward as he waited at the head of the isle.  She looked at her dad and she smiled but when she tried to take the first step her feet moved as if she were walking through molasses she tried to move forward but her feet were still in the same place.  She could see Edward watching her and willing her to move but she couldn’t reach him as the voices in her head whispered her name ‘Isabella this isn’t the life for you, join us and live forever.’ She could see the burning red eyes all around her as her family, friends and Edward were spinning further and further away. She reached for her dad’s hand but it was cold to her touch and it was no longer her dad standing beside her  as the darkness consumed her and pulled her away.


Bella shot up in the darkness of her room and could feel the cold sweats and the fear gripping her heart.  She drew in short choppy breaths as she tried to steady her runaway heart.  She slowed her breathing deep breaths in and out until she was no longer gasping for air.  She wasn’t sure why she had began to have this strange unearthly dream but as the wedding drew closer they were coming more frequently and they were always the same.   She had no idea what they meant but they scared her for some reason as if she knew that there was some reason for them, that somehow that meant something more than just a dream caused by nerves.  She wasn’t worried about the wedding if there was one thing she was sure of it was that she loved Edward and that she wanted to spend every day of her life with him.  She just wasn’t sure what the underlying meaning of this bizarre dream was. 


She sat up in her bed and reached for the light and wasn’t surprised to see Edward swaying silently in her rocking chair in the corner.  He rose from his seat and crossed the room and straightened the rumbled sheets and bedcovers before lying on the bed beside her.  He leaned against the headboard and gathered her to his chest and held her close to his heart.  He had wiped the tears that had leaked from her eyes and whispered soft words of comfort and love.  He knew she was worried by these dreams and he hadn’t told her that he had had them too and he wondered why now they were not only having nightmares about their upcoming nuptials but they were having the exact same nightmarishly real dream as if they had lived this in another life how odd was that?  He pushed her damp hair away from her eyes and kissed her forehead.  He loved Bella more than anything else and he would not let some nightmare keep them from sharing their life together and having the wedding of their dreams.  Edward began to hum a lullaby that echoed from some deep chamber of his heart and watched as Bella’s eyes closed and once again sleep took over with calm steady breaths.  He watched as she seemed to be in a peaceful slumber with no demons or whispers in the dark chasing her.  He closed his eyes and thought of how beautiful Bella would be in her white gown and her lovely locks of hair trailing down her back.  He breathed her in and felt all his tension fade away into the warm dark night.  He and Bella would begin in a new chapter of their life together in two weeks and no matter what the reason for these crazy dreams they would be together as one for all the days of their life.  

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Okay found the sequel to the heart remembers...yet again an amazing read...can not wait for the next chapter. Sarah these two stories are remarkable. This sequel is by far epic...please please please update soon


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