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As Bella drifted off to sleep she was plagued with visions of unearthly creatures of such beauty that there was no way they could be real. They had the palest skin she had ever seen, beauty and grace beyond anything she had ever encountered in any ordinary human but the oddest thing about these beings was their remarkable eyes.  They had the warmest golden eyes she had ever seen and she knew there was no way they could be human they were something else entirely.  They smiled at her dazzling her with their sparkling skin as it glittered like a field of diamonds and she could hear her name echoing in the open field ‘Isabella join us and live forever.’ She drifted through her dream at a slow and leisurely pace until the perfect beings began to change right before her eyes into a face so terrifying she wanted to scream but no sound came from her throat.  She saw their eyes change to a blood red and their faces were distorted into a menacing smile that terrified her beyond any earthly fear she had ever known, as if she were looking death in the eye.  She began to run and her dream world turned to one of a nightmare as these creatures in the black cloaks chased her and she stumbled over her feet as they breathed her name and beckoned her to join them she heard her name whispered ‘Isabella join us and be eternal.’ Her feet kept running but it was as if she were on a treadmill constantly moving but not going anywhere.  Then suddenly her dream shifted directions and she was dressed all in white at the end of an isle looking at all the faces around her in the soft candle light.  She could see Alice, Rose and Angela making their way down the rose covered path and then her eyes met the loving gaze of Edward as he waited at the head of the isle.  She looked at her dad and she smiled but when she tried to take the first step her feet moved as if she were walking through molasses she tried to move forward but her feet were still in the same place.  She could see Edward watching her and willing her to move but she couldn’t reach him as the voices in her head whispered her name ‘Isabella this isn’t the life for you, join us and live forever.’ She could see the burning red eyes all around her as her family, friends and Edward were spinning further and further away. She reached for her dad’s hand but it was cold to her touch and it was no longer her dad standing beside her  as the darkness consumed her and pulled her away.


Bella shot up in the darkness of her room and could feel the cold sweats and the fear gripping her heart.  She drew in short choppy breaths as she tried to steady her runaway heart.  She slowed her breathing deep breaths in and out until she was no longer gasping for air.  She wasn’t sure why she had began to have this strange unearthly dream but as the wedding drew closer they were coming more frequently and they were always the same.   She had no idea what they meant but they scared her for some reason as if she knew that there was some reason for them, that somehow that meant something more than just a dream caused by nerves.  She wasn’t worried about the wedding if there was one thing she was sure of it was that she loved Edward and that she wanted to spend every day of her life with him.  She just wasn’t sure what the underlying meaning of this bizarre dream was. 


She sat up in her bed and reached for the light and wasn’t surprised to see Edward swaying silently in her rocking chair in the corner.  He rose from his seat and crossed the room and straightened the rumbled sheets and bedcovers before lying on the bed beside her.  He leaned against the headboard and gathered her to his chest and held her close to his heart.  He had wiped the tears that had leaked from her eyes and whispered soft words of comfort and love.  He knew she was worried by these dreams and he hadn’t told her that he had had them too and he wondered why now they were not only having nightmares about their upcoming nuptials but they were having the exact same nightmarishly real dream as if they had lived this in another life how odd was that?  He pushed her damp hair away from her eyes and kissed her forehead.  He loved Bella more than anything else and he would not let some nightmare keep them from sharing their life together and having the wedding of their dreams.  Edward began to hum a lullaby that echoed from some deep chamber of his heart and watched as Bella’s eyes closed and once again sleep took over with calm steady breaths.  He watched as she seemed to be in a peaceful slumber with no demons or whispers in the dark chasing her.  He closed his eyes and thought of how beautiful Bella would be in her white gown and her lovely locks of hair trailing down her back.  He breathed her in and felt all his tension fade away into the warm dark night.  He and Bella would begin in a new chapter of their life together in two weeks and no matter what the reason for these crazy dreams they would be together as one for all the days of their life.  

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Hi Nica Marie Cullen.

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Loved it!
Thanks Mariah glad you liked it!




Bella woke seconds before the alarm was set to go off and she eased out of Edward’s arms to turn it off.  She smiled to herself as she watched the way the sun streaming through her open window seemed to illuminate his perfect angelic face.  She ran her hand across his brow pushing his tousled hair back to drop a soft kiss to his forehead.  He smiled as he his eyes scrunched at the corners as he struggled to open them in the glare of the sun reflecting off the mirror.  He slowly moved fluidly across the bed and pulled Bella into his lap as he grazed her ear while whispering, “Good morning love.”

Bella laughed and leaned into him and tilted her head to look at his laughing green eyes.  She loved his eyes they were windows so his soul and she always knew exactly what he was thinking with just one look in his eyes.  This morning he was happy and in a rather chipper mood.  She wondered if she should tell him about her dream but she didn’t want to speak of it now in the warm light of a new day.  She knew she was being silly and that it meant nothing but it had felt so real and the voices had seemed to be whispering in her ear as she slept.  She tried to shake off the cold chill that ran up her spine but Edward noticed and he pulled her closer wrapping her securely in his arms. 

“Love what’s wrong?”

Bella shrugged and looked at the tree outside her window.  She honestly didn’t know what was wrong and she felt silly admitting that she was scared of a dream.  She knew he would laugh it off and remind her of how scared she was the first time she saw Nightmare on Elm St when they were nine.  She had been spending the night with Alice and Rose when they had insisted that it would be fun to watch it on one of the cable channels.  Bella hadn’t thought it was fun at all she had been terrified. Later that night she had dreamt that Freddy was chasing her down a dead end alley and he was like a huge webble wobble with his hands stretched out and rolling toward her, she ran but she had nowhere to go.  She had waked the whole house up by screaming in her pillow.  He laughed at her that whole summer and still tried to remind her of it whenever she mentioned watching a scary movie.  She could feel herself smiling at the memory of a nine year old Edward torturing all summer long.  He had chased her, called her wimp and baby, pulled her pigtails and pushed her in the lake.  She had been so sure he hated her but he always seemed to be around despite the fact that he claimed spending time with her was worse than nails on a chalk board.  Bella began to giggle as the memories of that summer so long ago came vividly to life in her mind.

“Care to share what’s so funny?”

Bella smiled at the husky voice in her ear and the feel of his soft skin as he nuzzled her bare shoulder.  She shifted so that she was now facing him. “I was thinking about how you used to tease me relentlessly and call me names like wimp, baby Bella and two-left feet swan not to mention pulling my hair and pushing me in the lake even though you knew I couldn’t swim.”

Edward’s low chuckle tickled her ear.  “But I did jump in and save you.”

Bella laughed with him. “True but it was still mean.”

“Love, didn’t your mom ever tell you that when a boy picks on a girl it’s because they like them?”

Bella shook her head no. “That’s a lie and you know it, back then you hated me.”

Edward grew still and spoke so softly Bella had to strain to hear his words. “Bella I never hated you.  I was nine and even then I knew you were special but nine year old boys don’t tell girls their cool.”

Bella felt tiny pin pricks behind her eyes at his soft words.  She knew he loved her and she also knew that he would take back every cruel word or thing he’d ever done to her if he could.  She knew she hadn’t been the nicest to him either but she had often kept her rude comments to herself.  She had never been one to have a spiffy comeback until hours later after giving the situation much thought and by then it was too late.  She swiped at her eyes and turned to face Edward.

“I didn’t bring it up to make you feel bad I look back now and laugh about how silly we were.  Besides you made up for it later so it all worked out because in the end you got me.”

He leaned closer to her upturned face a dropped a kiss to her parted lips.  She eagerly ran her hands through his hair and sighed as he gently pushed her away.

“I hear your mom coming so I better go.  I’ll call you from the car.”

Bella jumped off the bed and followed him to the window.  She leaned on the ledge and watched as he carried the ladder to the shed and ran to the trees to wait for Alice to pick him up.  Bella then closed and locked the window before crossing the room to gather her things and heading to the shower.

She could hear her mother singing off key to The Temptations she laughed as she sang My Girl. She loved her quirky mother and she wondered if her dad would be able to keep her in line after she moved out.  She felt a ripple of excitement in her belly at the thought of actually having her own place and being Mrs. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.  She climbed in the shower and adjusted the water before letting her mind wonder about the dreams that had been plaguing her since spring break. She had been so happy when Edward had asked her to marry him that she hadn’t given it a second thought before saying yes.  She had been deliriously happy and she had always known that a life without Edward would be no life at all so what was there to think about?  She had known him her whole life and she loved him from the first day he stole her crayons and every annoying moment that came after until he finally said those three words that changed everything ‘I love you.’ 

Bella grabbed the shower gel and began to wash her arms as she dissected the dream again.  She wasn’t afraid of the warm golden honey colored eyes they were friendly and inviting they made her feel safe somehow.  She had no doubt in her mind that the golden eyes and the red eyes belonged to two totally different entities.  She feared the blood red eyes that seemed to taunt her with their whispered promises of immortality and life everlasting but who were they?  Where had she seen them before?  She knew she had so much more to worry about besides this insane dream her wedding was in two weeks, the bridal shower was today, the personal shower that Alice had planned was this weekend and next week was Edward’s birthday.  She had so much going on she didn’t know what to do first.  She knew that between Alice, Esme and her mother that everything would be fine but she still had to go for her final fitting this morning along with Alice, Rose and Angela.  She also had to make sure that Edward, Jazz, Em and Jake got their fitting for the tuxes.  She could feel the water growing cold and she turned the faucet off as she grabbed for the towel rack but the towel was thrust between the wall and the edge of the shower curtain.  She knew it must be Alice the drill sergeant. 

“Good morning Alice.”

She could hear Alice’s foot tapping insistently and her tongue clucking against the roof of her mouth in a way only Alice could manage.

“Good morning Bella, you are behind schedule here so hurry up.  I have your clothes hanging on the back of the door and I will be waiting in your room.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Bella climbed out of the shower and ran the towel over her arms and legs.  She dried her hair with the towel and then wiped the condensation off the mirror.  She could see the dark circles under her eyes from her fitful night’s sleep and she hoped Alice had a magic cure for that in her bag of tricks. She could all but see Alice pacing her room from the window to the door tapping her watch. She giggled at the image as she picked up the cheery yellow sundress.  She slipped it over her shoulders and ran down the hall to find a very impatient Alice with an amused Rose.

“Good morning ladies what brings you here so early?”

Alice looked at Bella as if she had gone completely mad. “Bella we have so much to do today and we are running out of time.  Sit down and let me work on your hair, Rose we’ll need the cucumber slices for Bella’s eyes. I swear Bella you’ve got to start sleeping more or there won’t be any helping you on July1st. Rose and I don’t work miracles you have to give us something to work with.”

Rose laughed at Alice’s determined face as she continued to give Bella instructions on what to eat and not eat, to drink eight glasses of water each day, and the importance of taking melatonin before bed for a good night’s sleep.    

“Enough Alice let’s get Bella ready to go.  We still have to pick up Angela and make it to the bridal shop by 11.”

Alice began to dry Bella’s hair as Rose painted her toenails with a bronze polish that reminded Bella of Edward’s tousled hair.  She tried to refrain from squirming in the chair but she was ready to go and who was she was trying to impress anyway; she’d already gotten her man.  After what seemed like forever Alice told her she could look in the mirror and she gasped at her hair that had been swept off of her shoulders and pinned up with loose curls trailing down her back.  She felt as if she were living out her dream from the previous night as she turned to see the curls that matched her nightmare perfectly.

Bella could feel her knees growing weak and she sat down on the edge of the bed.  She knew that Alice and Rose were talking to her but all she could hear was the sound of rushing wind and those voices echoing in her head.  She looked up from her hands as she felt a hand on her shoulder she was almost afraid to look fearing that Alice’s pixie like face and beautiful deep gray eyes would be pale and blood red.  She opened her eyes to see that Alice and Rose were still the same with no sign of red eyes in the room.  Bella felt silly as her friends looked at her questioningly.  She took a deep breath and waited for her knees to stop shaking.  She heard Alice clear her throat.

“So Bella care to explain what exactly that was about?”

Bella stood to her feet and walked to the window to avoid making eye contact with Alice or Rose.  She could see her truck parked under the tree, the flowers poking up through the ground and every ordinary thing that lay outside her window and she wondered if she was losing her mind.

Bella dropped the curtain and turned to face Alice and Rose. “It was nothing just me getting all worked up and worried.”

Rose wasn’t sure if that was the truth but she knew Bella wouldn’t talk about whatever was bothering her until she was good and ready.  She crossed the room and placed a hand on Bella’s shoulder.

“Bella you have a lot on your mind so just try to calm down and let us do the worrying for you.”

Bella gave a weak laugh, “Rose you guys never worry.”

Rose patted her arm, “I know that’s why you should leave all the worrying to us.”

Bella gave in and let them lead her out of the bedroom and down the stairs.  She could see her mother bustling around the living room straightening magazines, dusting the coffee table and basically running around like a bundle of loose nerves.  Bella grinned she supposed this is where she got her worrying from.

“Mom are you ready to go?’

Renee looked at the girls and grabbed her purse. “Yes lets go.”

Bella laughed. “Mom maybe you should take that apron off first.”

Renee looked down and blushed as she untied the apron and took it to the kitchen.  She appeared in the doorway with a bottle of juice and a pop tart in her hand.  She handed it to Bella as they all made their way to the car.

Renee looked at the girls questioningly. “How did you girls get here?”

Bella tried not to laugh as Alice looked around as if she hadn’t realized Rose’s car was gone.  Rose rolled her eyes at Alice as she spoke. “Edward dropped us off on his way to town.”

Renee looked unconvinced but she never said anything as they all climbed in her car.  She started the engine and pulled out of the drive and headed to pick up Angela.  They would be heading to Port Angeles for the dress fitting so they would check in with the bakery and the florist while they were there. 

Bella sat in the front seat eating her strawberry pop tart and wondered what it would be like to never have to pretend that Edward left her each night and to wake each morning by his side.  He had been climbing through her window for years but most mornings he left before she woke and she couldn’t wait to wake up beside him and to feel his arms holding her close. She couldn’t think of a better vision to wake to than Edward’s razor-sharp perfect cheekbones, perfectly mesmerizing green eyes, perfectly gorgeous bronze hair that just begged for her to run her fingers through it.  She laughed to herself everything about him was perfect and waking up with him every day for the rest of her life was perfection incarnate.

 Bella watched through the window as the car slowed and Angela came bounding out the front door with her black hair flying behind her.  She slid in the backseat beside Alice as she chattered about Ben and college orientation.  Bella wondered how she would survive without seeing Angela everyday and she was afraid of the loneliness not having her around would bring.  Angela was one of her closest friends she was the voice of reason that kept Bella’s feet firmly planted on the ground.  Angela had tried to tell her that Edward loved her all those years ago but Bella had refused to believe it.  She smiled as she remembered the day Edward had brought Angela with him to the movies and sat right behind her and Jake.  Yet again Bella wondered how she would get by with Angela and Ben attending Washington State and she, Alice and Edward would be joining Em, Rose and Jazz at Dartmouth.  She pushed the thought to the back of her mind and tried to pull herself out of her dreary state of mind.  She was getting married to the most beautiful, talented and amazing man in the world and the funny thing was he felt the same way about her.  He loved her and she knew she was the luckiest girl in the world. 

Bella listened to the idle chit chat that was drifting around her as they drove to Port Angeles.  She had only been away from Edward for a couple of hours but she missed him as if she had been away for months.  She felt her cell vibrate in her pocket and as if he had read her mind she saw a text pop up on the screen.

‘How’s it going?  I miss you. E”

Bella smiled even wider at his message he knew she worried about everything and fretted until every little detail was perfect not to mention Alice’s overzealous planning.  Bella had given her full reign over the wedding planning until Edward had told her this is your wedding and it should be what you want because this is once in a lifetime and when you look back years from now I want it to be the wedding you wanted not the one everyone else wanted.  She had realized that he was right so she had taken a more active role in planning the wedding and with Alice’s excellent taste everything seemed to be coming together perfectly.  She texted him back.

‘Everything is fine. We’re at the dress shop now. Miss you more. B’

She started to put the phone back in her pocket as another message popped up.

‘Not possible I always miss you more. Love you E”

Bella laughed out loud at how well he knew her and even miles away he could still make her laugh.  She text back, ‘Love you too.’

She climbed out of the car and walked with the girls to the shop.  She followed her mother and the seamstress into the fitting room.  She closed the door and laid her purse on the table as her mother fussed over the dress. Bella slipped out of her shoes and sundress as her mother lowered the satiny white dress over her head.  It was strapless and snug at the top tapering into a fitted waist that flared out like a princess from a long lost fairly tale.  She heard her mother gushing and fighting back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“Bella honey you look enchanting.”

Bella highly doubted that but she smiled just the same.  She let her mother fuss with the veil and then she turned and stepped up on the pedestal surrounded by mirrors.  She could see Alice, Rose and Angela standing behind her in their bridesmaid dresses but she lost all sense of time and place as she saw her reflection in the mirror.  She turned from side to side and saw that her dress was perfect in every way and she couldn’t ask for anything more but the vision staring back at her looked all too familiar as saw the image from her nightmare in the mirror. 


Alice could see the stunned expression on Bella’s face and she knew something was wrong.  She walked to the center of the room and placed a hand on Bella’s elbow and whispered in her ear.
“Bella are you okay?’

But all Bella heard was “Isabella” in that low menacing voice.  She feared that if she looked at Alice she would see the blood red eyes looking back at her.  She felt her knees begin to tremble and she lowered herself to the ground and reached for Alice’s hand.

“I’m fine Alice just a little overwhelmed I think.”

Alice rubbed Bella’s shoulders and smiled. “Bella your getting married you’re supposed to be overwhelmed but are you sure that’s it?”

Bella swallowed and smiled at Alice. “Of course I am marrying the most handsome, dashing and charismatic man in the world what could possibly be wrong?”

Alice could see the fear hiding in Bella’s deep chocolate brown eyes and she knew there was something more but she ok wouldn’t push it.  “What indeed.”

“Alice would you believe I have weak knees.”

Alice shook her head and gave in to the laughter that was crawling up her throat. She helped Bella to her feet as Renee and the seamstress began to fuss over her and double check every button and thread.  Alice, Rose and Angela waited patiently for their turn to be preened over.  They all watched Bella waiting for some sign of distress but the rest of the afternoon seemed to pass with no strange mishaps or breakdowns.

Several hours later Bella sat in the Cullen living room surrounded by a mountain of gifts.  Alice sat beside her with a pen and paper writing down the names and what their gift had been.  Bella was once again completely caught off guard by all the gifts and people in attendance but considering that her dad was chief of police, her mother a kindergarten teacher, Carlisle the town doctor and Esme an interior designer everyone in town knew them.  She had never seen so many sheet sets, dishes, towels, candles and baskets.  She smiled at the ladies and girls in the room and thanked them for their kindness and thoughtfulness.  She had everything she could possibly need to set up house except the house.  She had no idea where she and Edward would be staying in two weeks but she knew Carlisle and Esme would let them stay here until school began in September.  She had opened all the gifts with the exception of one envelope and she picked up very carefully it felt heavy and she wondered what it could be.  She ran her finger along the edge to break the seal and carefully pulled out the beautiful ivory card.  She read the words on the front and then opened the card to find a key.  She held it in her hand as she read the words. 

“Our dearest Bella and Edward,

We are so happy for you both as you begin a new life together.  We have watched you both grow into the remarkable young people we are proud to call our children.  We want to give you every advantage in this new life you are about to embark on.  This key is to your own little cottage we know you will make it a home filled with love and warmth.  Bella you deserve your happily ever after.


Carlisle & Esme

Charlie & Renee


Bella could feel the tears flowing down her cheeks and onto the card smearing the words.  She wiped the tears from her face and looked to her mom and Esme.  She knew the ‘little’ cottage would be far from small and she also knew that with Alice and Esme’s decorating skills it would be beyond beautiful.  She felt that it was too much but before she could utter a single syllable Esme and her mother were by her side.  They shushed her and hugged her close.

“Bella this is something we wanted to do for you and Edward.  We know that you will be leaving for school in a couple of months and this is a place you can call your own so when you come home you will have a place to call home. Besides I never break a promise.”

Bella wondered what Esme meant by that last part but didn’t have time to mull it over.  She was so overcome with joy she couldn’t seem to find the words to express how much this meant to her.  She hugged them back and thanked them for such a generous gift.  She was anxious to see the cottage as she envisioned a fireplace and a cozy sitting room with a kitchen with a cozy little breakfast nook.  She could see it in her mind’s eye a fairytale cottage from her little girl fantasies.  She couldn’t wait to see it but she would wait until the shower was over and Edward could go with her, it was their home and she wanted to see it with him by her side.

Bella smiled and chatted with Angela’s mother, Jessica and Lauren as she made her way to the dining room to cut the cake.  She then mingled with other guests until everyone began to filter out.  Bella collapsed on the couch with Alice and Rose. She took in a deep breath as her eyes drifted closed and her body tried to relax unsuccessfully as the day’s events played through her head.  She knew the moment Edward entered the house it was as if the air sizzled and her body was suddenly on high alert as the hum in the air grew louder as he drew closer to her side.  She felt her lips curve up into a smile as he sat down beside her while pulling her into his lap.  Bella wrapped arms around his waist as his lips lingered on her neck leaving a trail of kisses as he grazed the sensitive spot just under her earlobe before he whispered. “Missed you.”

Bella smiled up at him as she let herself relax for the first time all day; it never ceased to amaze her how just being near him made everything ok.  She breathed in his unique scent that was like a cool breeze on her hot skin that somehow calmed her soul.  

“Hey you I missed you too.”

Edward kissed her lips causing the blood to pump faster through her veins and her skin to tingle at his touch.  She couldn’t explain exactly what he did to her but just to be near him, to feel him was all she needed to be complete. Bella felt the absence of his lips as he gently ended the kiss and settled into the couch.

“So did we get anything good?”

Bella laughed at his monotone voice as if he highly doubted it, but that he felt he had to ask. She reached to the table and handed him the card from their parents.  She watched his eyes widen in surprise as he read.  She raised a finger to close his open mouth only for it to pop back open in shock.

“Cullen you’re going to catch flies if you don’t close your mouth.”     

He closed his mouth and swallowed several times trying to find his voice. “They gave us a house??”

Bella had never seen Edward so inept and at a loss for words and he caused her to dissolve into a fit of giggles.  She pulled herself to gather and nodded. She finally caught her breath enough to speak.

“No they gave us a cottage, who knew they loved us that much.”

Edward was beyond grateful for the gift and he wanted to thank them for their generosity.  He looked around the room and saw that Alice and Rose had left to find Jazz and Em he and Bella where alone. He thought he knew exactly where this cottage was and he wondered if Bella had figured it out yet.

“So have you seen it yet?”

Bella shook her head no. She had no idea where it was or how to get there and she wanted to see it with Edward.  “I wanted to wait for you; do you know where it is?  Did you have anything to do with this?”

Edward held his hands up and shook his head no. “I swear I am as surprised as you are but I think I know where it is and if you think about you do to.”

Bella wrinkled her nose deep in thought but she had no idea what he was talking about.  She had no clue where the cottage was or why they would have given it them.

“I have no idea so explain.”

Edward began to rub circles on her palms as he spoke in his smooth all male voice that drove Bella mad. “Do you remember when we were like eight or nine and Mom and Dad took us camping in the woods behind the house?”

Bella wrinkled her nose again as she remembered the gnats, mosquitoes, and poison ivy. “I remember I hated it and swore to never go again.”

Edward chuckled at the memories. “Well you ended up finding that cottage on the other side of the river and you said it was like a fairytale.  You spent the whole week in that cottage reading your books and pretending it was yours.  You told Mom that someday when you found your prince you’d live there happily together.”

Bella felt the tears burning her eyes as she remembered Esme’s words. ‘Bella when that day comes I’ll make sure you get the cottage and the happily ever after.’  Bella raised her hand to her chest as she was overcome with such a feeling of love and contentment.  She had everything she had ever dared to dream of and she didn’t think life could ever get any better than it was right now.  She pushed the nagging voices in the back of her head away as they whispered what about the red eyes?  She shook off the memory and looked at the love shining in the depths of Edward’s green eyes.  She had her prince and she was sure as hell going to get her happily ever after.

*english accent* The cottage!

*cough* Okay not my best but I love love love it Sarah! I can't wait for more!


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Hi RJ,

Thanks so much for the 'english accent' it was brilliant. I am so glad you liked it! I am working on the next post and hope to have it up soon. Thanks so much for reading.



hi sarah


whats up with the dreams are both edward and bella having them or is it just her....

amazing story

love it

Hi Sherry thank you I am so glad you like it. I am working on the update now, Hope to have it up soon,
I'm thrilled that you like it. Thnks again for reading my FF



Amazing! Luv it! 5 stars

Hi Arianna,

Thank you so much for that 5 stars yay me. I am so glad you liked it.

More coming soon.




Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for reading and I'm so glad you liked it.




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