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So this is a Twilight/Harry Potter fanfic. I chose Eclipse and Deathly Hallows because they both came out the same year so it seemed appropriate. It starts out while Bella and Edward are in Jacksonville visiting Renee and Harry/Ron/Hermione just apparated from Tottingham Court Rd where they saw the Death Eaters to the forest in Forks right by the Cullen's house. The rest of the Cullens are out hunting. Ive written alot before, mostly poems and a few stories, but this is my first attempt at a fanfic. I will be sticking mostly to the storylines of the two books, but will have to change some details to make them fit together, so let me know what you think. =O)
Also, im going to try to stick to the characters as much as possible, so if im not let me know. I dont get offended by criticism so let me have it! lol.

Harry's POV

Blackness overcame us as the now familiar feel of apparition took us to a new unfamiliar place. As we were pulled along through the nothingness, I couldn't help but worry. Would the next place Hermione took us to be as bad as the last? Would the Death Eaters find us here as well? How did they find us in the first place?

Before I could even begin to contemplate the answers to these questions, the world came back into focus and I landed with a thud alongside Ron and Hermione in an unfamiliar forest. As I clammered to my feet, I looked around and saw nothing but trees- huge, damp, green trees. It was raining and everything was wet. Where had Hermione taken us? I was about to turn and ask her when-

" Harry! Harry! It's Ron, he's been splinched!"

I whirled around to find Hermione hovering over Ron's still form, frantic. Ron was pale and sick looking, on his arm was a large gash, like a chunk of flesh had been sliced right out of it. He was bleeding profusely and seemed to be totally unconscious.

" Hermione, can you heal him?" I asked. I had never learned those types of spells. Now that i think about it, they would definately have come in handy. I should have asked Dumbledore to teach me, or Sirius.

" In my bag, Harry! Quickyl, the essence of dittany. Hurry he's bleeding badly!" Hermione yelled, holding her sweater to Ron's gash to slow the bleeding.

I ran to Hermione's bag, which she had dropped about two feet away where she landed, opened it and cried, " Accio dittany!" The bottle soared out of Hermione's bag and into my open hand. I ran back over to Hermione and shoved the bottle into her outstreched hand. As Hermione poured the liquid over Ron's wound, i heard the sound of footsteps from behind us getting closer.

I whipped around, held my wand out in front of me and called, "Who's there?" in the bravest voice i could muster.

Out from between the trees stepped the palest, most beautiful man i have ever seen.

Okay, so let me know if you like it and ill put up some more. this is kind of short, but mostly i will have much longer posts.. think of this as a sneak peek =).

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hey everyone! next chapter will be up between now and friday! here are some ideas for a title:

Deathly Eclipse
Unlikely Alliance
Lifeline (i know this doesnt make sense now, but with how i see the story going it does)

So let me know what you think!
hey. i just found this and it's amazing!! i hope you continue it, please, and for the title i like unlikely alliance.
hey can you update me? please and thank you(:


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