The Twilight Saga

Edward, Bella Volturi and Jake DRAMA Story!

I'm writing about Isabella being Aro's daughter and Jake is

part of the Volturi before he has his werewolf genes kick in and he's a

"human that wants to become one of them".

Really the werewolves made this vaccine to prevent shifting in front of vampires.

Jake is under cover trying to gather as much info about the Volturi as he can.

When Jacob meets Bella though, will he continue his plan in betraying them?

And here is where Edward comes in.

Edward and Bella........................Well, read to find out!


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Chapter 1 Part 1 and 2= Page 1

Chapter 2 Sneak Peak=Page 2

Chapter 2= Page 3

Chapter 3= Page 4

Chapter 4=Page 5

Chapter 5=Page 5

Chapter 6=Page 5


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thanks Ashley I think I really will just 4 more comments and I'll post!

I love this idea!!! if u post more plzz keep me updated!!

Aww thanks Bella Cullen (hailey) :)))))))))))) and sure thing

wow its a nice idea ... pls proceed....

update if u post further...

thanks Reka Thirua, and by the way very cool exotic name, never heard it before :))

Thank you so much dear..

waitin for ur update ....

Thank you Always a Story Lover! I really think I am going to post on this but just need one more comment!

Kay people! I've made a disscusion! I am posting the first chapter tommorow but it might start out slow but trust me thats done on purpose to thrill you later in the 2nd or 3rd chapter depending on how I feel! So check in tommorow guys around noon maybe but I WILL post tommorow and as well as Green Eyes for the people I kept waiting, so sorry guys!



woow this is weird, i could have sworn i asked my friend to post this already for my a while ago! i can't believe this guys! sorry. My friend must have forgotten but I'll get it in an email today and post it! UGH I'M GONNA KILL HER!!!
Kay, here it is! She finally emailed me my story and I immediately posted! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 Part 1: The Plan

"He is here Master. Do you wish to see him here or in the Blue room?" Alec asked me. I stared at his red eyes and touched his naked hand with mine.
He has an oddly tint of yellow in his red eyes like he doesn't feed on specifically humans ALL the time.....
Preferred to be in the Blue Room so as more privacy.......
Should ask Aro what he prefers....
Although, I do wonder what this vampire is here for.......

I smiled at his curiosity.
"My good friend, of course I will go to the blue room. Privacy is one of the things I value even for petty things." I said, still gripping his hand though tenderly.

"Of course Aro. I will lead him to it now."Alec said still wondering about what this meeting was for. I nodded and disappointed, he left my hands and silence filed me mind. Exactly 5 seconds later, Jane came in the Royal room.

"Master, as you requested, he is in the Blue room. Anything else you wish, Master?" My loyal Jane asked me.

"No, no, not now Jane." I said politely.

"Very well Master." And with that she left. In vampire speed I went to the Blue room.

"Aro, it is a pleasure to finally meet you." He spoke.

"Welcome, Edward. I am sure by my thoughts you already know what it is I had sought you out for?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes." He spoke immediately. It was nice not having to explain anything.

"Well, Edward, do you accept the plan?" I asked hopefully.

"Aro, the arrangement is a secret, isn't it? So I do not hope to keep you or your daughter waiting. I....accept." He hesitated at the end. This made me wonder whether he was to his word or not.

"Yes, Aro, you do have my word. I will follow to the arrangement." He said resigned, knowing he didn't have a choice.

"Thank you Edward, you will make my Bella happy." I said. And I saw a little spark in his eyes and I knew he must be wondering if my words were true.

"Very good than Edward. We will tell her say....a week after you get acquainted with each other. You may stay in the room next to her in the Main corridor on the middle section of the castle. I'm sure you know where it is." I said. He bobbed his head in agreement and left to his room in a flash............

Chapter 1 Part 2: Mysterious Meeting

I don't think I'll ever get used to this- ever. Atop the 400,000 foot church, a balding man was stepping on the very corner of the church tilting to one side without falling. Even though I knew this time of the month my father, the powerful Aro Volturi, decides to hunt for anyone that might have useful skills for our guard, I was still amazed at what some human-to-be-vampires could do.

Now the man had both his feet planted firmly of one side of the building, his head pointing towards the horizon.

"Bravo! Glorious! Magnificent! Fantassstic!" My father boomed clapping furiously at human speed just to amuse us. He pretended to wipe sweat from his forehead in attempt to make us laugh. Of course everyone did, but mine was the loudest, I made sure.

Aro looked up at me then and played with his brows.

"Having fun, bebe? I thought you might like to take a walk with me and rest of this. You always see this! Never going out! When someone gives you and inch, bebe, you take that mile!" He laughed.

I have heard this many times from my father. Mother would always roll her eyes at this and still does. Of course I would listen to my father, I'd do anything for my father. He is wise and always nice. He gave me life, taught me how to survive, and picked me up when I felt down and sad.

"I would be most delighted to have a walk with you on this fine night." I transformed my words into a more proper grammar, around Aro anyway.

"Ahh, yes ma bebe, indeed a young night yet it has it's ways to be older than me!" He gushed. As we walked by Arice, a guard, I heard Aro mutter "Take him to the Keep. Change him for me too, I'm bussy now." And with that he simply flicked his wrist and the guard walked to the human.

"Come on, this way my Isabel, my Bella, my sweet. We will walk this way, out of the constant eyes of our guards and into the wild. Not that anything out there is wild, they all should fear us!" Sometimes I felt for my father. My uncle, Marcus, had decided to make the rule of forbidding any vampire into telling the human filth about us. My father, though, was not very fond on this rule. I'm sure anyone would see why. He had wished all the humans had feared and respected him. I agreed with him but only humans weren't better than us and we'd only have them around as play toys.
It was weird but sometimes I actually felt for humans. It was certainly good that I was immune to any mind tricks most of the vampires held, so my thoughts were only available to me.
I walked by my father's side and he walked next to me.
"Where might we be going, father?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me.

"Just to meet someone I have past along the way." He said, not satisfying my curiosity one bit. I waited patiently though, as we seemed to walk into the castle instead of away.

"I just need to pick up something. Stay here and try the new mix Camille made for us." Camille was one of my friends and she made some knock out mixes with certain kinds of blood. According to humans, she's kind of our bartender.

I went over to Camille's place not to far from were Aro left me. When I got there I sat in a stool on the dramatic V table.

"Hey Bella, what can I do you for?" She asked in her Kentucky accent.

"My father recommended to try your new mix?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yes, yes Bella, got it here I do, it's called Maro. 'Cuz, I loved me some Maro back in my human days."

"Yes, I remember the story. He'd bring flowers to every girl in town every night but only give roses to the one he really....." I trailed off. I just couldn't finish it, it only made me feel lonely inside.

"Loves." A voice next to me finished. I looked over to see who it was. A face I didn't recognize looked at me with cool eyes and his lips pulled up at the corners of his mouth. His eyes were like no color I've noticed on any other vampire. A red but a faint yellow as well. And his messy but fresh bronze hair was a major look-at-me feature.

"Well, here you are Princessa." She said so poorly she snapped me right out of my revere. She handed my drink in a goblet with an even more theatrical V because the glass was shaped like a V.

"Thank you Camille." I said at her and flashed my brilliant white teeth. I heard the man next to me stop breathing. I turned to the direction of the vampire next to me.

"Thank you for finishing for me, I don't know what came over me." I admitted to him. It was just so easy to confess in front of him, but I didn't understand why. This was nothing like me.

"No problem. I'm Edward Cullen." He stretched out a smooth hand towards me and I took it.

"Isabella Volturi. But you can call me Bella." I said. He nodded and smiled even wider and I swear he was the most handsome vampire I have ever met.

"Bella!" Aro called out. I took a quick sip of the Maro and found it was a fantastic combination of bloods and that I'd have to compliment Camille later.

"Yes, father." I said as I stood up. I was in front of him in a half a second.

"Oh, I'm sorry my bebe, but we cannot go today. I have certain business to attend to and I hope you understand." He said, sounding a forced broken hearted.

"Of course father, I completely understand." It was a good thing I learned to cover my emotions. He smiled apologetically.

"I had arranged activities though, I wouldn't want to waste such a thing on this lovely night!" I said, sounding really bumbed out about it. Totally unlike him.

"Oh, Edward, salutations. Forgive me for being so rude and not welcoming you properly." Aro said. Again sounding nothing like himself. He looked deep in thought for a second and his eyes brightened instantly I knew he was up to something.

"Edward! Would... Would you mind going with Isabella for me? I'm sure she would be very delighted to go with someone and get out of this place!" He raised both his arms expressing to the entire Volturi castle.

I turned to him a bit hopeful and a bit annoyed. He seemed to think for a second and pulled up a smile but I could only guess it took some work to put that there.

"Aro, I..........................................

Oh! Will Edward say yes or no? Don't worry Jacob fans, he's coming soon! Sorry for the cliffie!
Sure sure.


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