The Twilight Saga

Edward, Bella Volturi and Jake DRAMA Story!

I'm writing about Isabella being Aro's daughter and Jake is

part of the Volturi before he has his werewolf genes kick in and he's a

"human that wants to become one of them".

Really the werewolves made this vaccine to prevent shifting in front of vampires.

Jake is under cover trying to gather as much info about the Volturi as he can.

When Jacob meets Bella though, will he continue his plan in betraying them?

And here is where Edward comes in.

Edward and Bella........................Well, read to find out!


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Chapter 1 Part 1 and 2= Page 1

Chapter 2 Sneak Peak=Page 2

Chapter 2= Page 3

Chapter 3= Page 4

Chapter 4=Page 5

Chapter 5=Page 5

Chapter 6=Page 5


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sure sure!


I know I said sneak peak before but im sure you don't mind the whole chapter ;)

Chapter 5



 A fierce rush of heat took over my entire body. I felt my bones pop in weird places and I began having the sensation of pure distinct rage that took me completely to instinctual mode.


But in the midst of all this happening right in front of the bloodsucking demons, I found some way to think straight.

Why isn't the vaccine working! This isn't supposed to happen! Not now! No No N...




Something snapped again but my body felt less tense then before.

It's working!

It felt like an hour passed before I regained control. I was silent for a moment, then began my back-up speech.


"Oh, uh, I'm so sorry Patrons. Please forgive me. I-I have this condition you see? It's genetic and very aggressive. It only happens when I get stressed is all. Any p-punishment you w-wish to betow I will TAKE it." I practically spit the last word. Hope they don't notice or care too much.

I saw pretty boy still in a tense position but he slowly eased when I said the word 'punishment'. I sooo want to gut him.


"No worries," The bronze haired guy said softly. "I understand the situation and since I am in a forgiving mood, I will cause no ill-will towards you my friend." My mouth twitched when he said 'friend' and his response was a coy smile. No way this guy could be fooled now. Maybe if I get the brown haired beauty...


Whoa! Hold down there coyboy! She from H E double hockey stick and is a freaking vampire! No good thoughts should even remotely promote them, even in looks.


I calmed myself pretty quickly thanks to the vaccine but I was still creeped out by the thought I had before. Pretty boy, though, wasn't aware of my added tension and hadn't finished talking to me either.

"But even so, I must say that my opinion unfortunately doesn't matter in this context." He paused for a second probably hoping I knew where he was going with this.

Blood Sucker.

"Bella." He said in his most sofest voice all conversation. Well then. She turned and the look she had in her eyes could have melted me right there.




"Bella." Edward had called softely in the most musical voice he'd had all evening. It made me feel...Well I'm not familiar with the feeling.

I turned somewhat slowly, still guilty. I was still upset with Edward but he had tried to save the girl. Or possibly me.

"Yes Edward?" My voice rang victorious even though my feeling were the opposite. But I suppose it's something you pick up on when you live with ancients. I had somewhat been following their conversation and therefore interupted what ever brief summary Edward was going to tell me. Hmm.


"What is your name?" I asked the tan kid. He cleared his throat, obviously thinking vicious thoughts. Very peculiar.

"My name is Jacob, Bella. Oh um I mean Patron." He edited quickly, really hating himself right now. That I can very much so relate to.

"Please do me a favor and behave better next time." Oh no that won't do. Surely


sorry have to go

hey sorry about that my computer started freezing up so i tried to put as much as I can, anyway here it is!



Surely this whole situation would go back to Aro and he most certainly will not be pleased to know that I had been disrepected and done nothing.

It's time to bring her out.

"Jacob, I want to have a serious discussion with you tomorrow. Right now I feel a bit tired and wish to leave. I will be here tomorrow to discuss what punishment I decide to give to you." I said in a powerful voice that implied I was not joking.

"Yes Patron Bella." His voice was really low as he bowed his head down almost as if he couldn't help it. How odd.


I sighed discontentedly, still playing along that I was disappionted but honestly I couldn't have cared less. I had slight fear as I reached to snag Edward's warm hand to mine and flitted out of the theatre a couple blocks down.

I looked at Edward exhausted inside. But I did the strangest thing. I was smiling instantly when I looked into his face.

"So what do you want to do now?" I asked. He seemed to understand I didn't want to think about what happend at the theatre anymore.

"Bella. What do you feel like doing?" Edward asked me and my body just melted. No one ever asked me what I wanted to do it was always a question of what I wanted but everyone had expectations of my answer. Looking into Edward's face, I could tell he didn't.


"Um well my Father would not be," I dropped the appropraite banter,"He'll be pretty pissed if we come back this early because he hates it when people don't do what he asks of them. Gosh, he's such a pain..." I sort of trailed off a little, not sure why I had displayed so many of my accurate feelings to someone I hardly knew. And feelings that would get me into major trouble no less.


But for once, I kinda don't care. I felt so good with Edward here and the unfamiliar feeling I'd had before had resurfaced and wouldn't go away. Edward just kept looking at me. Just so adoringly that I wanted him. Right here.

But no of course since I was raised with so much self control I did not make the first move.



Edward did.





Chapter 6

He cupped my face and my head sunk into his palms, savouring the heat of it. He kept my eyes locked together and I knew that this weird sensation I have isn't weird at all. It was right.

He slowly bent downwards to my face and pressed his full lips on my own. My self control only extended so far.

I grabbed hold of him then, pulling him closer to me and he grabbed me even harder. The kisses became hungry but was so intimate, they were sweet still. Even though we didn't need our breaths, we were both breathing hard.

 I knew that when people kissed, it would be intimate. I knew that when people kissed, they could feel any existing passion.

I knew yet I didn't know. I didn't know anything about love or kissing, never before this. I could literally die if he was ripped from but the pain was to harsh to think about anymore that I just found myself lost. Lost in his hold.

Lost in his passion. His kisses. He is all I ever needed to feel complete. All those years of emptyness forgotten.


And they were forgotten for good.


It felt like an hour passed, but we finally ended the kiss. I didn't feel neither shy nor frightened because when I looked into Edward's eyes, I saw he wasn't either.

"Bella....' He cooed my name. He pressed my forehead to his, my face still in his hands. I had the distinct feeling I knew what Edward wanted and suddenly that's what my head was filled with.


And that's when I got nervous.

Am I ready for this step? With Edward? Today?

I figured that I knew the answer to these questions: yes, yes, and oh yes.


"Edward," I breathed. "Do you want...t-to..." I didn't feel like I needed to finish.


"Oh Bella, yes, yes I do. I love you Bella." He kissed me again and if I were human I could have cried.


No one ever said they loved me before.


"Forever Edward. I'll love you forever." And with that, he led the way far from the theatre or my Father's castle.


And all night, it was just him and I. Without a doubt.....

yes, no, maybe so???


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