The Twilight Saga

This takes place 14 years after Breaking Dawn.Renesmee is in High School and Edward and Bella's reletionship is still strong.Or is it?

A little vistor comes.Her name is Clara and she was Edward's old fiance.But what happens when Edward get's the old feelings and sneaks around?Will Bella find out?Or will it last forever like their marriage was suppose to be?




I never thought that my life would turn into this after so many years.I never thought I would lose the ones I love to someone who turned themm against me.I never thought so many things.I still wish I could do things over.But it was to late.The one and only was gone.Forever.


Chapter 1



Me and Edward were laying down in our bed.He was so perfect.I felt perfect with him.The sun was up and our skin was shinning like a million facets.My head was on his chest while Edward played with one of my loose curls.It was slient.Renesmee was at school.All we could hear was the birds chirping.We now lived in Alaska.It was perfect for all of us in a way.It was close for Renesmee to visit Jacob.And it was perfect for us to hunt.I looked up at Edward and kissed his perfect soft lips.He got on top of me and we got very passionate but then we heard the door closed rough.We pulled away.I got up and put on my robe and walked out.Edward followed me.I saw Renesmee pacing around the room.She looked really angry.


"What's wrong with Jacob now?"Edward asked.I tried to stiff my laughter.There was always something with Jacob.She sighed and sat down.


"Well he just..he is just..."She tried to look for words while she was crying.I sighed and sat down.


"Jacob"I said.She looked up and nodded.


"Yes,he is just Jacob.He gets mad at me just because, I keep studying for my finals"She said.She was a Senior.l was going to lose her in only a couple of weeks.Oh, it hurt just thinking about it.She was soon going to be in the real world all alone.With creautres different from us.I felt Edward rub my shoulders probaly looking at my face and reading that I was scared and worried.I smiled looking up at him.


"Maybe it's time to barry the hacet"Edward said.I hitted him.That was the worst thing to say.Renesmee looked at her.She sighed.


"Your right.Maybe it is time to barry the hacet.What ever that means."she said.She flew her arms in the hair.


"Or maybe closer"Rosalie said walking in the room.She had a Glamour Magazine in her hands.She sat down on the chair next to me and smiled.


"Closer very smart.Even though I used a different closer than what you humans do now"She said.We looked at her and she looked at her magazine.


"Colser.Is also very smart.Yeah,closer.C-L-O-S-E-R"She said.She ran upstairs to her room and I sighed and looked at Rosalie.


"Thanks.There goes another crying session"I said.She rolled her eyes.


"Well,she should now that she should ofnver dated a smelly wolf"She said.I laughed and Edward joined.There was a knock at the door.Edward got up to get it.He answered it and there was a beauitful light blonde hair.It was shoulder length.She smiled a perfect smile.


"Edward Cullen!"She exclaimed.How did she know my husband?Just then she attacked him with a hug.Edward pulled away with MY crooked smile.Mine.It belonged to me.I can't bealive I am freaking out over a smile.


"Clara Williams?"He asked.She nodded with her big smile glistering.I looked at Rosalie.She shrugged at me.She also looked clueless.I sunked in my seat.They looked into each others eye.But then I just realized that they were together before.They KNEW each other.They were close.They dated.They were smittened.


"Um,hi"I said.I got up.Edward shook it off and looked at me.


"Clara this is my wife..."He looked distracted.I sighed and smiled.


"Bella.Hi,Clara"I said.She waved and shook my hand.Her grip was very hard.I smiled.I pulled away and reazlie I was still in my robe.I smiled.This is totally embarresing.I was probaly blushing right now if I was still human.Renesmee came downstairs with another big smile.


"I just gave him closer"She said.She was starting to blush when she saw Clara.She took her hand ready to shake and put down the house phone one the counter.


"Hi,I am Renesmee but you can call me Ness"She said.Clara shook her hand.


"Renesmee is my daughter"Edward said.I felt like I was invisable.I felt like the world was incaving.


"Clara what are you doing here?Aren't you suppose to be in France or something?"Edward asked.Clara laughed.Her laugh sounded so pretty.It sounded like wind chims.I wanted to walk away and leave.But that would be rude.


"Well,yeah.I did.I was actually part of the Volutir for a while.Then I heard that you lived over by Wshington so I wanted to see you.I didn't think you would be married and have a daughter"She said.I laughed with Edward and Clara.Renesmee felt the tension and got up.So did Rosalie.


"Let's go"Rosalie whispered.Renesmee nodded and they left.


"Well where are you staying at?"Edward asked.He sounded excited.I was going to make Jasper turn down the mood.It is just ot excited.I could just imagine Jasper jumping in excitment.


"Well,I was planning on going to visit Tanya.We haven't seen each other in years"She said.Edward shook his head.


"She left for a little while.Why don't you stay with us?"He asked.She nodded.


"As long it's ok with Bella"she said.Wow,she gets me in the converstation when she wants to stay.I shrugged.


"Sure,a friend of Edward's is a friend of mine"I said.She smiled and jumped up.


"This is great.I have to go hunting.But Edward we should hang out.I have to go bye"She said and left.Once she left I got up and turned off my smile.I saw Edward smiling still.I rolled my eyes and went to our bedroom.Edward tried to kiss me but I stepped back.I didn't want to kiss him.I didn't want to talk to him right now.I went to find something to wear.I put on a pair of jeans and a sweater.I put on a pair of flats


"Bella is something wrong?"He asked.I laughed and turned to him.


"Yes,something is wrong.Your totally smitten."I said.He chuckled and showed me my guilty pleasure.His crooked smile.He walked to me.


"I am sorry.I havne't seen Clara in years.We use to date.But I am over it right now.I love you.Always"I smiled.He kissed my neck and kissed all away up to my lips.I smiled between kisses.I had to forgive him.He was perfect.I wrapped my legs around his wasit

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whats going on inside bellas head! is she insane! she loves edward!!!!!
OMG I LOVE THIS STORY!!! I think that Clara is up to something...the way she just didn't seem right. Please update soon!
Loved it!!!! Please post more soon!!! Can't wait!!
Chapter 14

It was me and Bella's anniversary.I was planning on taking her to our meadow and since Renesmee was doing last minute studies for finals with Claire and having a sleepover me and Bella would have alone time together.Bella was out book shopping for herself.Even though she knows that she was going to read the abused copy of Romeo and Juliet.
I was trying to figure things out.Alice was helping too.Which is kinda weird that she knew how to plan my love life.

"This is the sweetest thing you can do Edward!I am kinda jealous of Bella right now!Anyway!So what time is she coming home?"She asked.She was always full of energy and I never knew why.I shrugged.I really didn't know.I didn't pay attention to Bella coming was planning all day.

"I think maybe in 10 minutes"I said.Alice nodded and got up.She left and I tried to watch tv but there was nothing interesting.Bella came though the door.I smiled and kissed him.She kissed more passionately.She was so perfect.I pulled her toward me and she let go of the bag in her hands.She ran her hands though my hair and I picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist.We could have this part of the plan earlier.

Me and Bella were laying down in bed.I was playing with her hair and she laid down on my chest.Bella looked up and smiled.Which made me want her more.She kissed me.But pulled away.

"I got you something"She said.I smiled.She really didn't need to get me anything.She was perfect.Even though I didn't deserve her from what happened the last couple of weeks.I flinched at the thought of it.I regret kissing Clara.She made me flinch of the last couple weeks.She got up.Sheets were around her.She went downstairs and got something and brought it back up.I saw it was a book.Bella threw it to me and I saw it was a book.Cause that's a good gift for an anniversary.Bella sat back down.

"What is it?"I asked.Bella laughed and grabbed the gift from my hands.She opened it to the first page and I saw Forks High school and all our memories.I kissed her head.

"You didn't have to do this"She shook her head and kissed me.

"Yes,I did.I thought it would be great to have a book memories instead of a mindful of memories"She said.I laughed.She was perfect.How did I get her?After all we have been though she still wanted to be with me.
Bella and I just laid there all day sitting in silence.It was kinda awkward.But peaceful at the same time.We kept holding hands.She let go of my hands and got on top of me.She put her soft lips on mine.We moved in sync but then pulled away when I smelled Renesmee and Jacob.Bella got up to get dress.I just sat there,Bella came out and had on a tank with a cardigan and a pair of jeans.She looked beautiful as always.She smiled and came to me.

"Come on.You have to get dress"She said.I shook my head and tugged her to me and kissed her.She pulled away.

"Come on E"She said.She sounded like Clara when she said that.I sighed and went to get dress.Bella giggled and headed downstairs.

Chapter 15

Jacob left and Renesmee went to take a shower.I sighed.I was alone in the house.Edward went to help Carlisle at the hospital and I was trying to read but I just couldn't.I went upstairs.Renesmee has been in the shower for an hour.I walked in.

"Ness are you ok?"I asked.She opened the curtain to show her face.

"Yeah.I am good"She then giggled.I looked at her weird.I nodded.

"Do you have..the toothpaste?'I asked.She shook her head.I tried to open the curtain.

"Mom!No I don't!"She said.I opened it and I saw Jacob.I gasped and tried to cover my eyes.

"your dead Renesmee Carlie Cullen!And you Jacob Black get out"I said.He tried to get out but I threw him a towel.

"Not now!Ugh!"I said.I walked out and groaned.I shook my head.I can't believe my daughter was in the shower with Jacob.That mutt.Alice came though the door and laughed.She sat down next to me and sighed.

"I can't believe you had witnessed that."She said.I can't believe she knew and she didn't tell me.I got up.I groaned.It was a horrible picture I had in my head.I sighed.

"You knew about this"I asked.She shook her head then stopped and shrugged.

"Kinda.But I just saw it.It was blurry because, of that stupid mutt"She said.I nodded.Jacob was dressed and left in a hurry.I sighed.I can't believe that was my best friend.I went upstairs and saw Renesmee in her room.With her chinese silk robe she got from Rosalie when her and Emmett went to China.I closed the door behind me.

"What is wrong with you?You did that in my house?Don't make the same mistakes I made"I said.She looked at me and shook her head.A tear went down her face.

"Just because,that happen doesn't mean anything.I may not get pregnant.And when ever you say that your life was a mistake.I think my existence is a mistake.I understand you didn't plan to have me.And I knew that you planned to go to college before you had me but it's just makes me feel...never mind can you please just go"She said.I walked toward her.I felt horrible.I never knew she felt that way when that happened.I knew I planned to go to college.Me and Edward did.That was the whole point of the whole outfit that night on our honeymoon.

"I am so sorry.I didn't know you felt that way"I said.She shook her hand.

"No,I don't want to talk to you!You are totally not my mother anymore.Just leave"She said.

"I am sorry.If you hate me.I am sorry that I am befriends with your English teacher"She shook her head.

"Just go!"She said.I nodded and left.I felt horrible.Edward came though the door and saw me sobbing.He came to me and hugged me.He told me what he knew.I told him what happened between Ness.I felt like I am the worst mother ever.I can't believe I did that.I can't believe I said that to her.I can't believe anything anymore.Renesmee never came out of her room.It broke my heart when that happened.She didn't eat anything or came downstairs to say sorry.But I guess I deserved it.

The next day I was outside while Esme was painting.

"Why does she hate me?"I blurted out.She turned around and smiled.She sat down.

"I think daughters are suppose to hate their mothers.That's just how the cycle works.I remember when me and Renee were planning your wedding she would always say that you would get mad at her when she wanted to take you to a dancing class"I laughed.I remember those times.She kept on taking me to tapping classes,ballet classes and even tried to make me take a part in soccer even though I sucked at those things.

"But when I look back on my past I see that Alice and Rosalie hated me once a upon a time.But that's just how life works.I think you remind me of me.When I was a teenager and now"I smiled.I closed my eyes and opened them.

"Not perfect Rosalie"I asked.She laughed and shook her head.

"No,you were always the one that was graceful with this life.You helped Edward find love.And you were always strong."I smiled.I never knew about that.I heard the door creak and I saw Renesmee standing there.I got up.I went to her.She sighed.

"I'm sorry that I said that to you.I should of never went behind your back and did that.You should should ground me."I shook my head and laughed.

"Did your Dad put you up to this?"I asked.She nodded.

"Yeah.Kinda"I laughed and shook my head.We walked inside.

"No.You shouldn't get grounded for doing something that was right.But I mean about talking to me about the problems.Not with Jacob.Now that is a different story"I said.She laughed and nodded.

"Yeah.I know.I heard that Dad talked to Jacob.And he is probaly not aloud at the house anymore.Or around me"She said.I laughed.Edward was always protective.I sat down on the couch and she followed.

"Thank you.I really appreciate what you feel about me talking to you about my mistakes.And Ness.I really love you.I am really glad that I have you.It's nice to know that I have a daughter for Jacob to have.And for Edward to love too.And me."I said.She nodded.She started to cry and I pulled her into a hug.I kissed her forehead and we were like that until it was time for Ness to eat dinner and go to bed.I lay ed down in bed next to Edward.I was still mad at him for making Renesmee saying that she should be grounded.But I had to thank him for making her talk to me.
Loved it plzz update soon <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
aww great chapter
love it cant wait for more!!!
Zoey:yea its awesum!
it's great!!!
good chapter right more!


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