The Twilight Saga

When Edward bans Jacob from ever seeing Nessie again, they break the rule. They break it in a way that leaves the family crushed. They break it in a way that can change everything. They break it in a way that leaves Nessie pregnant.
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Disclaimer: Twilight fanatics only wish we could own twilight

It was only one night! One night! It can’t happen! I tried desperately to prove my thoughts wrong, but I saw the bump in my stomach, I threw up for thepast few days constantly, I was always swinging from one mood to another, but the truth hit me.
I was pregnant.
Several problems with this. For starters, was this even possible I was a half vampire, and I thought vampires could not get pregnant! I mean maybe half vampires could, but still how would I know if I lived in a house full of vamps who can’t. I told Jacob that he didn’t have to worry about my getting pregnant because of that. Speaking of Jacob what am I going to do! Dad had clearly said how me and Jacob were not to get sexually involved until I was alive 18 years(meaning not in looks). I am currently 9 but I feel and look at least 16. Never the less dad was going to kill me or Jacob.
I felt tears fall down my face. I was so angry at myself! How could I be so stupid to have let this happen! I mean it was only one night! With that the
Memory swept through me:

“Shhh!” A hand swiftly covered my mouth before I could shriek. My heart screamed in stead who was this stranger on the side of the house at midnight. I began to panic. Could it be the volturi? Those cloaked figures who had once threatened my life, but those fears evaporated when I felt the warmth of the hands. I only knew one person so warm.
“What are you doing here Jacob! I really don’t want to get you in trouble with dad again, and-“ I was stopped by the kiss he pulled me into to stop my blubbering. I kissed back with my whole heart, but It reminded me of the reason he was forced to leave me.
When dad caught me and Jacob kissing in the living room one day he was enraged. He had warned us many times before that we were not to have any sexual contact, but we couldn’t help it. Dad always had a grudge on Jacob and had given his honest effort to allow me and Jacob be, but the sexual contact was to much for him to take. Me and Jacob jumped away from each other. We had sworn mom and dad were going at it in the cottage, and dad could never concentrate on thoughts when he and mom were having “fun”. He went into a rage and through Jacob through the wall. Jacob was angry and ran into the woods so he would not lose control. All I could hear was my dad yelling as Jake ran “Don’t you ever come near my house nor my daughter again dog, or I swear you will be dead as soon as I hear your thoughts!” I ran to my room crying and I didn’ttalk to my dad for weeks, but my dad was stubborn, andwould not change his mind even with mom’s coaxing.
“Jacob what if he hears your thoughts!” I cried when I pulled away from our kiss. He responded with a smile on his lips.
“This time I made sure Ness. He and Bella are going at it alright.” He began to chuckle, “He looked like he wouldn’t be aware if I were standing right in front of him. Oh and Alice said she promised not to tell.”
I smiled, “I missed you Jake.”
“I can’t stay away Ness,” and he kissed me again before finishing, “but tonight we are going to our place.” I smiled as Jake hurried to change into a wolf. Our place was a strip of land, like a meadow but better. No words could describe it, but it was the essence of beauty.
When Jake was changed, we ran through the woods about 10 miles till we say it. A field of lilies that twinkled brightly in the stars. I gasped when I saw a picnic set up under the stars. Jacob was back to human form beside me.
The funny thing is we didn’t even pay attention to the food laying before us only each other’s eyes we layed on the blanket and kissed our way till we needed more. Jacob’s hand had began to rub my thigh and ever so slowly under my shirt. Then he stopped. I let out a frustrated breath. Why did he stop!
“Ness our troubles will only worsen if you got pregnant. And I am sure you are still a virgin you should hold on to that. Don’t let me steal it.
“Oh jake I am giving it to you and I don’t know if you remember I am half vampire,” I smiled, but Jake only stared atme. “I can’t get pregnant!” I explained. Jacob’s face filled with excitement.
“Really!” he cried. I nodded my head once and with that I gave it away, my virginity, to the one I loved.
I smiled as I layed on my bed and the memory replayed in my mind. Then I heard a scream. The scream was fierce with anger. Less than a second later my dad was at my door with the fiercest snarlon his face. Then he stared at me anger mixed with deep sorrow and cried three words.
“How could you?”
So watcha think? Let me know cuz I am not sure If i should continue! Well comment ideas and stuff or fav me.
I know it was short but it is just an intro sort of thing and all I have to say is “Nessie’s in trouble”
he can't help it
Well he said its like a buzzing in his head and that his families thoughts are a little stronger not only that, but if your thoughts are pretty strong he can't push them back its like some ones yelling at him and thats what Nessies were doing
ya its partly nessies fault ot
u should continue
yea you should continue thats omg
definetly keep writing
pleas, please write more! i love it!!!!!
Ok... Not the best fan fiction
well hey you can't win them all :C
i agree.



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