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What if Edward met someone before Bella?What would Bella do when she see's her?Well I made this up on the go.So Enjoy!!!! ((Chapter 1 is still continuing!!!)

First Love

Edward’s POV
Normal well trying to (chapter 1)

The sun was flashing down on me and Bella. It was so bright that my body was filled with luminous sparkles. “Love, are you okay?” she hesitated and took a breath “the sun is so beautiful better then ever.” She said “I miss the warmth,” she sighed and rested on my shoulder “I think Renesmee is about to wake up” I said. She smiled with her beautiful white teeth “should we wait a couple of more minutes?” she asked.” Your choice” I hesitated, she got up from the couch and walked to Renesmee’s room. I listened to her footsteps and heard Nessie waking up; I got up from the couch and started to make breakfast. While I was making the pancakes I heard Bella singing to Nessie, she walked into the kitchen. “This is for breakfast?” she asked and I smiled “well just trying to be normal love” I said and Renesmee wanted the food anyways.”You never want to eat ‘normal’ food Edward” she hissed “I’m trying to today” I said. Bella laughed so hard that probably Jacob heard,”O.K suit yourself” she said and trailed off, I rolled my eyes and looked at Renesmee.

“Do you think I could try to be normal?” I asked Renesmee.

She giggled “Well you can try daddy” she said.

I rolled my eyes “whatever I can still read your thoughts”

She got up from her chair and jumped on the wooden floor. “Bind down” she said and I listened to her order on my knees she put her palm of my hand on my cheek “does that really look normal to you daddy?” I looked at the picture closely now, I was still eating deer. “No” I said, I got up from my knees and turned around to wash the dishes, it took forever just to wash the mess.” Is that normal for a dad to wash the dishes?” I asked Renesmee, and then Bella came in with a white dress on “Yes it is Edward.” I laughed sarcastically and Renesmee sighed “I don’t have time for this,” and left out the door for Bella to take her to school. “See you in a few Edward” she said and kissed me on the lips and left. All I could hear was Bella in her Mercedes and drove off to drop off Renesmee; after she left I jumped out the window and went hunting.

I could smell the deer coming near so I hid behind a tree and waited for my prey. I sniffed the air and I could smell I fresh sent of a Vampire, I trailed off to find the scent. It got close to the East side of the forest and the Vampire ran as fast like a speed of light. I started to run fast, and then I hit a tree on accident. Then the shadow stopped and followed my trail, I could smell the fresh blood from the vampire. She approached me and she had red hair like fire and she had deep golden eyes “Edward?” she asked. Then I could see her clear now and it was my first love Maddie.

Chapter 1:Trying to be normal pg.1-2
Chapter 2:Bella is my wife not Maddie pg.3-4
Chapter 3: The Fight pg. 4-5
Chapter 4: What have I done? pg.7-9
Chapter 5: Guilty pg 11
Chapter 6:Let the flames begin Pg.12
Chapter 7: What if Pg.14
Chapter 8: Planning and quality time with your arch-nemesis Pg.14
Chapter 9: Dinner Pg.15
Chapter 10:Shopping with your nemesis Pg.17
Chapter 10 part 2:Shopping with your Nemesis Pg. 19
Chapter 11: Rosalie's Help more like Emmett's Pg.20 and 23
Chapter 12:Chapter 12: Oh Brother Edward please don’t kill me this is just revenge. Pg.25
Chapter 13: Betrayel for Betrayel Pg.28
Chapter 14: Fights + Lies= Divorce Pg.29-

Chapter 15: why YOU? Pg. 31

Credit's to:
Danielle-Thank you for the Banner :D
Rhia- Thanks for the Banner!
Charlotte-Thanks for banner!
Twilight Love Story O_o -Thak you for the banner!!

Dedicated members for chapters and why:
SeducingEdward-Chapter 4 ((She helped me figure out how to so this chapter))
Katie-Chapter 7 ((Because she grounded me >.<))

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Thanks you Deirdra!
poor bella shes goin 2 get her heart broken!!

i LOVED it!!!

i CANT wait!!!

x x x x x x x x

Thanks for reading :) and I realized I have over 100 comments! :)
ugh!! i want bella to hurry up and find out already!!!
I need more when are you next updating I love it? Can't believe Edward! Where is Alice,Emmett,Jasper and Carlise?
((Read where chapter 4 is))
I like it.....its getting alot better, they have the same smell now...interesting...cant wait till u post more
OMG! Please update soon!! I love it, it keeps getting better and better!! :D
Really good fanfic. I was team Switzerland leaning a oil towrlsrds Jakes side but now I'm leaning far towards jakes side. I can't wait till bella finds out. I love it when the chars tees get jealous, it's so fin to read about how they want to rip the other person apart. I'm crazy I know but it's just funny. Post more soon, sorry I left such a long comment. :)
No that's okay! I like your post! :)

Sorry I haven't been making a new chapter, I'm in England right now I'm returning to Canada very shortly tommorow, but now I'm going to just post short chapters now. Just saying its going to get ugly!
Wow, your in England? That's so cool. And LOL. :)


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