The Twilight Saga

Edward's Journal: During the Days of Twilight, Under a New Moon, & The Shadow of the Eclipse

This represents just some of the countless entries Edward made to try to make sense of how he felt about Bella. It takes into consideration the time that Edward would have to write in his journals once he met and became involved with Bella.
To make this easier to read, I've attached files here that you can open.
And check out the cool, new banner from a gifted author - Tami!

Isn't this beautiful? My sister, lamb68, made this for In the Shadow of the Eclipse, and I think it's so lovely.
Thank you to everyone who has supported this so avidly! I am eternally grateful.

If you read his journal and you like it, please leave me a comment. It means a lot to me.

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how sweet keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you. It's my first, and I appreciate your encouragement!
PLZ keep going dont stop it really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Bells! More is on the way...
This is so good, while I am sorry you were sad...I love what it inspired.....may your happy peaceful times be just as inspiring.... Bella and Edward I think has saved us all...keep writing, but feel better...I'd rather have you happy and not writing...

Be safe, and dazzle my friend......thank you, Marti
Thank you, Marti. I'll work on getting happy again.
Wow! That is beautiful. My favorite lines are "The deafening silence of her mind is a glaring claxon pointing to my hideousness" (that one gave me chills, not sure why) and "I want to open my mouth and swallow her words, so that from within me, the words will purify the remnants of my soul and restore my humanity". Very emotional, very moving. I think it is great! I hope you continue it!
Thank you, Gennell. It's good to hear from you again.
I will try to continue it. Not sure where it will go!
That was extraordinary!

Beautiful writing, sounds a whole lot like Stephenie, and believe me, there is no higher compliment I can give.
Wow, that is high praise indeed! Thank you. I think Edward was talking to me last night. Maybe he's trying to get me to take the hatful of fruit off his head on the standee that peers over my desk.
Drea, that means a lot to me. Thank you,
I am relatively a newcomer and I want you to know I really enjoyed your writing. Tami recommended this to me. I trust Tami. I have found some less than acceptible writing that was like Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer write Twilight. I told Tami I wanted to do what Jacob suggested and pour bleach in my ear to burn away the memory of the bad fanfic. She suggested your writing and it did help and I didn't have to melt my brain! Thanks.


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