The Twilight Saga

Breaking Midnight

its the day after the volturi came and bella and edward are at the house jacobs on a two day sleep vacation in La Push.

"Hey Bella?" Emmet said. I smiled I knew what he was going to say. I would have told Bella but i wanted to see what she said. "Yeah?" She looked confused. "We never got around to our arm wrestling rematch." He grinned. "Yeah so?" Emmet frowned. "Sooo, are you game?" Bella grinned. "Yeah sure why not. But i still think you should wait." Emmet laughed. " No i want a rematch now." Bella and Emmet walked outside. Alice,Rosalie,and I walked outside with them, Rosalie had Renesemee. Bella sat down next to a fallen tree and said to Emmet "Okay, I'll count to three." "Ready?"Emmet nodded "One,two,three." and in two seconds Emmets hand was down. I laughed ."Maybe I should have waited."Emmet thought. He walked into the house and slammed the door and i laughed harder .Then a second later he locked it ."We can still get in ." I shouted still laughing. Bella stood up and wrinkled her nose. Seth was coming in wolf form. "Hey Edward" He thought. "Hows it goin?" "Good." I replied. Bella frowned. "Seth can you phase? I wan't to know what your saying" Seth was in human form two second later. "Hey Bella." He said happily as always. "Hey little Ness Ness, boy how many feet did you grow?" Ness Ness was Seths new nickname for Renesemee. "One." "Wow." he thought. " Shes still growing fast huh?" I nodded "Yes." Finally he looked around him . "Wheres Emmet ? isaw him when i was coming over here. I wanted to see him." I laughed and so did Bella. "He got upset cause i beat him in arm wrestleing..Again." He laughed. "Jake will be here soon." "Why" Bella asked. I answered before he could. " Because he couldn't be away from renesemee that long." I looked up the same time Bella did. I could hear Jacobs thoughts "Almost there just a few steps away from my little nessie."
"Hey Bells ."He said. Bella smiled as always when she saw him . " Hey Jake."
after about ten minutes i heard someone it was Nahuel "Hello." He said. "I never got around to asking you ." He was looking at Bella. "How did you survive?"

Chapter 2 :My change

Bella just stared at him for a minute it made me anxious finally I said "Bella. Bella love are you allright?" she blinked and I sighed in relief. then she looked directly at Nahuel and said "I-I really don't know what happend you would have to ask Edward." He looked at her confused then looked at me he knew I could read minds. "What happend?" He asked in his thoughts. "She was giving birth to Nessie and she was going to die but I was able to get enough venom in her blood to get her to be changed." He nodded understanding now. "Thank You for telling me it was killing me not knowing how she survived.By the way your daughter is very beautiful." Jacob did a mix between a growl and a snarl I muffled a laugh He gave me a look. Nahuel looked at Jacob "Sorry if that offended you i didn't know you were their daughter." I could hear Emmet laugh and Jacobs thoughts."Haha very funny. He better not talk about Her like that again.Right Edward?" He looked at me I just looked straight ahead . "Well i'll be on my way now thats all I wanted to know." Then Esme was by myside in a flash "Please stay and hunt if you wish." I heard Jacob growl again. "Thank you but my sister wants me back home." and He left.

Chapter 3:A year later
"Edward!!!" I heard Bella yell. "Yes ,love." i answered "Come help me with Alice!"
"Why? Whats wrong?" I asked. "She is being difficult." I finally gave up and went to our room to see what was happening." then i heard Alices thoughts. "Why won't she just wear the darn dress?" I sighed "Alice I will NOT wear these stillettos!" Bella screeched. I was finally in the room i had walked very slow to get there.Alice was holding a dress up to Bella. It was blood red went down to her knees. I shook my head."Alice if she doesn't want to wear the dress she doesn't have to ." She turned on me and let out a growl "But tonight!" She yelled. "Whats tonight?"Bella asked. iwas the first to talk but i ignored Bellas question. "She'll put it on later. I'm not putting on my tux till later." Bella looked back and forth between me and Alice."Whats tonight?"She asked again. Isighed "Its Jaspers vampire birthday and Alice wants everyone to dress up even Jacob." She looked at me confused. "Jacobs coming. Why?" Alice spoke this time. "He wanted to be with Renesemee." Bella understood now "Oh."
"But why do I HAVE to wear stillettos?" She looked at Alice. "Because they go wonderfully with the dress." Bella looked at Alice angry. "But I -" Alice cut her off "You WILL wear them even if i have to nail them to your feet or have Edward pin you to the ground so i could get them on." I turned to walk out but Alice caught my arm. and looked at me sternly"Tell her to wear them." I lied "I forgot Carlisle told me to meet him in the clearing for something important last night.You two girls have fun." I quicly ran out the door out to the back of the house.Then i sensed someone behind me,Bella."Edward are you going to help me or not." I tried to run but she caught me. "I'd rather not because if i get into the middle of it and go for your side she will probably kill me." She looked at me still angry.Not really angry with me beacause she could hear Alice calling for her. She stood there for a second and them took my hand and we ran to the house Renesemee allready there in Jacobs arms. A few second later she was there angry . "Bella Cullen." She looked at Bella and everyone stared at her.And then Emmet was there "Whats wrong?" Alice looked at him fuming. Boy did i wish Jasper was here to calm her down but no he had to go hunting."You want to know whats going on Bella wont use fashion sense thats whats going on." Emmet laughed and so did Jacob. Emmet couldn't speak but icould hear what he was thinking."Alice is mad because Bella won't wear somthing she picked out." I quikly walked over to Alice. "Alice listen-" She cut me off. " NO! You listen its Jaspers birthday and Iam going to make it perfect."She turned to Bella . "Just put the dress and shoes on Bella." Bella's voice was soft"Alice i'll put it on later ok just calm down." she walked over to Alice and gave her a hug.That lightened her up."Okay but promise me you'll put the dress on around 5:00.

Chapter 4 Jaspers birthday:
"Bella" Alice said she was right at our door me and Bella were talking about Renesemee."Yes?" She turned to look at Alice "Its time to put the dress on." Bella groaned."Okay."She took the dress from Alices hands and took it off the hanger.Icould see there would be a fight so I quickly slipped before I could get into the middle of it.Iwalked to the house and saw Emmet."Hello Emmet."I said. He grinned and said "Hey Edward." He said "Want to arm wrestle ." He thought. I shrugged"Why not." We ssat down next to the same tree He and Bella sat at.Then Bella and Alice came through the trees ."Okay, Jasper should be here in ten minutes." Alice looked at me "Why aren't you wearing your tux?" I looked at her "I was just going to put it on." I said. I ran to my house put the tux on and ran back."Jasper!" Alice yelled. "Happy Birthday." Jasper rolled his eyes at me "Is this what shes been doing all day ?"He thought .I nodded.He rolled his eyes again. We all went inside. There were streamers , cake for Nessie, Jake, and Seth.All in Jaspers favorite color Green. He gave Alice a kiss and a hug and said "Thank you." He turned around He walked over to Bella and said "Did she make you wear those?" he was referring to her shoes She grimaced and then nodded He laughed. The next day We all went hunting, then the day after that it was Renesemees birthday she was one year old ofcourse Alice was all over that Pink birthday cake, Pink streamers, Pink hats everybody had to wear.After that Every thing was pretty much quiet we just hunted went to places like China every now and then.

Chapter 5:13 Years later Renesemee is 14 (Renesemees view)

"Mom, Jacob!" I yelled . I wasn't in the mood for games and they were being very sneaky."Are going to go see aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmet or not!" My dad,Edward sighed and then smiled."We'll be right down my nessie." then a heard somone smack somone else and then Jacob say "Hey!!!" I laughed and then they came down the stairs . "Finally." I said "What were you two doing?" Then i saw Alice holding up two dresses"Which one do you want to wear since your mom won't choose?" I frowned Then Isaid "Niether.I am very comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Besides we are just going to go see my Aunt and Uncle." I looked at them. Iknew they were hiding something."We are going to see Emmet and Rosalie right?" They smile, Jacob came to my side and gave me a hug ."Yeah we are going to see your aunt and uncle." Jacob said I knew something was going on."Okay whats going on?" Alice sighed "Fine we are going to go see the other wolves." I looked confused "Other wolves?" Jacob rolled his eyes "I'm not the only wolf you know." I nodded "Oh, Whats their names?" Jacob shook his head "They will tell you."

Chapter 6: The pack
"Wow, it's been a while since i've been here in La Push." I looked at the ocean.Jacob sighed impatiently "Allright enough slow walk do you want to see the pack or not?" I turned to look at him .I grimaced."Fine." It seemed to take forever to get there. "Nessie this is Sam, Sam this is Nessie." He shook my hand "Nice to meet you.Nessie?" I shook my head "Renesemee.Nessie is my nickname." He nodded."Nessie this is Seth.You remeber him right?" I nodded "Yes. Hi Seth." He waved."Hey Ness Ness." I looked up and saw a girl i knew her "Leah!" I hugged her. "I remeber you." I smiled at her she smiled back. Wow she actually smiled Idon't think i ever saw her smile. "Hello Renesemee." Ishook my head "You guys and girls can call me Nessie." She nodded."Nessie this is Paul." I shook his hand. Then I turned to Jacob and whispered "He's the one with a temper right?" I heard my mom laugh.He nodded. "This is Embry." I nodded "Thats your best friend he was a wolf before you." Jacob nodded."And this is Quil." He shook my hand like the others "Hi."He said . I whispered to Jake "He's shy isn't he?" "Yes." I smiled "Wheres your dad Jacob?" I asked "He's at the Clearwaters with Charlie." Charlie knew what my mom was he finally asked she didn't have the heart to lie. He was surprised, then he fainted then when she gave him the full story he understood so he's not bothered by it."Okay lets go see Grandpa and Billy." We went to the Clearwaters house Jacob and I ate Sue's soup then we said goodnight Grandpa went home and so did Jacob and Billy. My mom and I went home when we got there Emmet was there and so was Rosalie. It was Roses and Em's anniversery so Alice went all out as usual it was an all night thing but iwent to bed around 10:00. Great Sunday was over now school was tomarrow.

Chapter7: School

I got up at 8:00."Ready for school?" Mom asked "Yeah." She smiled. "Have fun." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and so did my dad."See you later." I walked outside then when i got on the rode Jacob was there. Jacob transfered to the same school i went to so we could be together.He was overprotective like My dad was to my mom. Everything passed then I sat down at the table with my friends Kelly, Sara, Molly,and Jacob. "Hey you'll never guess what happend." Sara said."What?" She grinned "Corbin asked me to the dance!!" She squeeled."OMG I am so happy for you." Kelly looked at her."Wow.Corbin. Hes like the coolest buy here." "I know." Sara said."I've had a crush on for like ever." That night i went home and asked mom if i could go with my friends to get dresses for the dance. " Who are you going with?" She asked. "Jacob." I said. She frowned but then said "Okay well have fun." then i went to bed.

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write more please and keep me updated
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