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It wasn't how you wanted it, but in the end you got what you wanted my love.
"Jasper has said he was sorry Edward quit punishing him" I said lifting Edwards chin to look into my eyes, "Please, I'm okay with this..Are you not happy at all" if I could cry my crimsion eye's would be teared up in gentle sobs..
"It's not that I'm unhappy Bells, you just weren't ready for this yet, I did have plans..." he whispred, and his perfect stone lips that were no longer cold, met mine this only at this moment there was not fear, he didn't hold back. It caused the passion to ignite inside me, I found myself tangling my hands into his tussled hair in moments.
He chuckled lightly, I looked into his eyes, "Well will you miss it?" I asked him tilting my head a little
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"Miss what?" he murmured.
"All of it – the warmth, the soft skin, the tasty smell... I'm not losing anything at all, and I just wondered if it was a little bit sad for you that you were."
He laughed, low and gentle. "It would be hard to find someone less sad than I am now. Impossible, I'd venture. Not many people get every single thing they want, plus all the things they didn't think to ask for, in the same day."
"Are you avoiding the question?"
He pressed his hand against my face. "You are warm," he told me.
It was true, in a sense. To me, his hand was warm. It wasn't the same as touching Jacob's flame-hot skin, but it was more comfortable. More natural.
Then he pulled his fingers very slowly down my face, lightly tracing from my jaw to my throat and then all the way down to my waist. My eyes rolled back into my head a little.
"You are soft."
His fingers were like satin against my skin, so I could see what he meant.
"And as for the scent, well, I couldn't say I missed that. Do you remember the
scent of those hikers on our hunt?"
"I've been trying very hard not to."
"Imagine kissing that."
My throat ripped into flames like pulling the cord on a hot-air balloon.
"Precisely. So the answer is no. I am purely full of joy, because I am missing nothing. No one has more than I do now."
"So your not mad at Jasper?" I asked again, he shook his head..

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What if she was changed on her birthday-
What if Jasper got to her, it was to late to reverse?
Would everything have happened the same way...
-Please Comment-
((its her eighteenth birthday, when Jasper tried to bite her..only he actually did))
pls continue
i got it lol
and i like it!
1st chapter asap
Edward`s POV
Forgive..We all make Mistakes
I was worried, after Bella's birthday I was enraged, I couldn't comprehend how Jasper was even able to do that to her... Now that I have come to terms with the fact that this is how it is going to be, I found that I was able to forgive Jasper for his involuntary actions. I should have been thankful to still have my Bella, and understood that he never meant what he had done, but I didn't see it that way, because of that none of us had herd from him nor Alice in months, they must be far away by now I hadn't even had a glimpse of their thoughts in weeks, and their scents were washed away due to the constant rain.
I had tried may tie to find my family but my efforts futile. I could hardly stand watching my mother missing her children on my behalf. Then on top of that Bella was unhappy thinking I didn't want her this way, I was always reminding her that I loved her, but she still remembers the first couple weeks of anger and confusion, which of course she took the wrong way and thought that I had never planned to stay with her, and always wanted to keep her human, which I did. I just couldn't take her ridiculous assumptions.
However I had no choice now, she was with me forever which was nothing short of perfection, I reminded her of that every second of the day.

Alice's POV

I had seen Edwards decision to forgive Jasper, as I knew someday he would., but no matter how hard I tried my love would not believe me. I was beginning to miss my family so much it pained me, but that couldn't make me go home, Jasper needed me. I am starting to find progress in him, everyday I see a little less shame, a bit more will to live. I would keep trying.
I walked over to him and hugged him, "Jazz please love can we go home" I pleaded once again, looking into his onyx eyes, "He forgives you I promise, and Bella is more than happy" I sighed
I know its short Adding more tonight
Jasper's POV
I looked into Alice's topaz eyes and inhaled deeply, "Alice its not that I don't want to go home, I miss them terribly" I admitted, "but I am ashamed of my actions, I feel worse than I could possibly explain, "Alice the fact that they lead to Bella.." I flinched, "and my brother, he believed in my strength, and the moment we were alone" I exhaled, and tried avoid remembering..
I felt her arms wrap around her comfortingly, and she lifted my chin with her careful, slender fingers. "Jasper my love" she whispered, "it was going to happen..its not your fault and they want you home..Please, can we at least try" she pleaded, and the desperation torn me up..I had to try for her..
I nodded, and she tried to hide it but there was something about her that came back to life as I did, "I will go home..but if it is as I expect, I won't force my company" I told her
"Of course" she smiled and danced off toward the house

Edward's POV
I was playing piano when I herd Alice's thoughts, and froze. My mom looked over at me, "what is it Edward?" she asked. I got up and threw her into my grasp, "Alice, Jazz their coming home!" I said excited, kissing the top of her head and running to the room to tell Bella. She looked so lovely, "Bella" I whispered sitting on the edge of the bed, I knew she was thinking about Alice again, and the pain she caused Jasper.
"Honey look at me" I said softly, "Alice..she is coming home, and bringing Jasper with her" I told her and watched as her face brightened.
"Really?!" she smiled
"Yes my love" I chuckled brushing her hair out of her face, "now please keep that smile, they are close enough that I her Alice think about it" I confirmed with her
"OH MOM!!!" I herd downstairs and the smashing of boulders.."told you" I gave her a crooked smile and we were racing down the stairs, "Alice", bella cried out and they were in an embrace immediately
I'll update soon I swear
good cuz i love ur story! can u keep me posted??
love it keep me updated
Bella's POV
I held Alice tightly breathing in as much of her lovely scent as I could, this didn't feel real, like a dream and if it was I didn't want to wake. I found I was taking really deep breathes inhaling as much of her scent as I could, there was nothing that compared to it. I didn't want to let go of her ever, "what do you so long?" I sobbed, "I missed"
I stopped and glanced at Jasper, "I missed you both" I let go of Alice reluctantly and kissed Jasper's cheek without feeling bad about hurting him. Then glanced at the family, "Sorry" I giggled, they were all waiting to see Alice and Jasper as well, I had forgotten. I backed off to Edward's side and he looked down at me with my favorite crooked smile, I smiled back nervously and mouthed go see her. He nodded and went over to his sister. After all the visiting was done it didn't even feel like they were gone at all, Alice was already critiquing my t-shirt and Jeans outfit. Jasper, Edward and Emmett were in the garage, and Esme was sitting beside Alice with an iron grip on her hand, I understood that.
When night fall came Edward dragged me to my room telling me I didn't have to sleep with Alice she would be there in the morning, that was hard to believe I felt like she was going to disappear, but I followed reluctantly.
"Bella, can we talk?" Edward asked behind me.
I turned and looked at him, "of course we can what is it?" I went over and sat on the edge of the bed crossing my beautiful pale legs.
He came over and knelt beside me, "Well I was thinking you and I should go somewhere for a while together, alone time, anywhere" he paused and looked at me hopeful, "I know Alice just got home but she will be here when we get back and she already knows" he went on, and I didn't want to say no, I put my finger to his lips, "that sounds lovely" I smiled and kissed his warm yielding lips allowing myself to wrap my hand securely around his neck and through his hair, I was no longer refrained for this, and he didn't hold back anymore and I never objected to moments like this. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately before pulling back reluctantly. I shook my head, My mind never ceased to being dazzled by his touch. He waited patiently for my attention slightly smirking with the knowledge of what he did to me.
"What is it?" I asked
His smirk widened into a smile showing his pearly white teeth, "well I was thinking you agreed to one thing, I might also ask another of you"
he lifted me off the bed and put me down beside the window that was a wall of his room. I smiled and put my hands together in front of me, "what is all this about?" I asked him looking around the the room which was beautifully decorated.
He got down on one knee and smiled, Oh god I thought worried
"Will you Isabella Marie Swan, make me Edward Anthony Cullen the happiest man Alive?" he asked, and I froze


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