The Twilight Saga


Elizabeth Mccarthy is an 17 year old fire cracker looking for trouble. Shes not your typical human girl,In fact shes not human at all. She has a secret that will change her and our precious Cullen family's Lives forever. Why Is she so special??? Should I write this??


Chapter1 Elizabethpov

Chapter2 Lunapov

Chapter3 Lizzypov

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that was amazing keep it upp!!!!! but omg i feel so bad for lizzy
Love it keep me udpated. Can you just leave a commett on my page for my updates? Thanks

TO MY READERS THAT STILL READ MY FANFICS...........I am sorry I heavent been on and that I haven't been updating but that will change just give me like a month to get myself together and I will continue with this story and with some of my others..


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