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Elizabeth Mccarthy is an 17 year old fire cracker looking for trouble. Shes not your typical human girl,In fact shes not human at all. She has a secret that will change her and our precious Cullen family's Lives forever. Why Is she so special??? Should I write this??


Chapter1 Elizabethpov

Chapter2 Lunapov

Chapter3 Lizzypov

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Thanks Dakota

Chapter1 Lizzy p.o.v

Alrighty then you guys are probably wondering who the heck is Elizabeth Mccarthy. Well I'm Elizabeth Maccarthy and im 70 years old - technically im 17- and half Vampire. I live in Alaska now with my Girlfriend Luna Black. My dad is Lucarius Rider hes a full vampire. He likes to travel so I only see him here and there, but its alright. As for My mom she dies when I was born my birth was to much for her.

Anyway right now I'm packing my bag because I'm gonna be visiting a place called forks because apparently thats where my brother stays. He doesn't even know I exist but he will soon....


"Lizzy Boo!" Luna calls, haven't I told her enough times over the past 65 years that I hate that name.

"Dont call me that Luna." I order her. She gasps in fake shock putting her hand over her heart.

"Aww come one Lizzy Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo dont be like that." She grabs my hands and pulls me toward her,Itry to get out of her grasp but its no use i'm forced to endure her hug.


If I didnt love her she'd be trying to reattach her arms right now.  Seriously I have a strict no touching rule only Luna and my dad can,and even then I hate it. The last person that touched me lost a finger and the human better be lucky thats all he lost. If it wasn't for dad he would have lost more.As you can probably tell I have a temper a very bad temper.


"Luna let go of me and lets get in the car." I tell her finally wiggling my way out of her death hug.

"I want to run this time we can always come back and get the car."

"Whatever lets go!"

I grab my bag and walk out the door, I dont bother looking back because I know shes following. I just want to get to forks and fast.


post more soon and keep me updated it sounds interesting!!!
I will

it sounds interesting

keep going

I'll have the next chapter up today


sounds great


Chapter2 Lunap.o.v.

1 2 3 4 I declare a silence war. OH My god why wont she speak to me its been 2 hours and no matter how much I try she wont budge. How long can she go without talking I mean I now shes nervous about meeting her brother and all,but dont neglect me!

"Lizzy oh Liiizzy oh wont you talk to me." I sing."Oh Lizzy oh Lizzy don't you till love me."

I can see her lips curving into a smile but she quickly hides it.I take that as an opportunity to sing even louder.

"Oh Lizzy baby dont you love me and the way I make you fe-e-eel, Oh Lizzy wont you talk to me baby Oh please talk to me."

"ALRIGHT *laugh* just stop singing!" She pleas.

I pull her into a hug and this time she lets me I hold her close afraid that if I let her go she might not be there anymore.We both sink to the grass covered ground and I pull her in my lap.

"Whats wrong babygirl?' I ask

"What if Emmett doesn't like me or he hates the idea of having a sister? What if he does want a sister but he doesn't like my style or where I come from. *GASP* What if he doesn't approve of our relationship oh god if he doesn't want me with you then I can't stay and get to know him." awww my baby

"Baby girl if he doesn't approve of us then its his loss. Now I can see his house from here so I'm gonna take us there ok." She nods.

I close my eyes and think about the house that I saw,In a matter of seconds we're inside.

"We're here." I announce

"Nobodies home.'' She exclaims

"We'll someones gotta come soon."

I look around the room we're in and notice theres a bed...a very large bed. Sensing my mood Lizzy pushes me on the bed.I look at her seductively and gesture for her to come here. She crawls her way up and straddles my lap. I lean upward to kiss her perfect lips and I am rewarded by a surprise gasp from my beloved.Her soft lips open and my tongue sneaks out to play with hers.

"God I love you" She tells m,She then flips us over so im straddling her-

"WHAT THE HELL!" we here someone screech. I fly of of Lizzy falling on my butt in the process,it is a blonde bimbo that is the cause of my pain right now.

"Who are you and why are you in my bed?? EMMETT!" She screams

"You know Emmett!" Lizzy screams and then shes gone. With a sigh I get up and run after her leaving the hot blonde bye herself to figure out what just happened.


Here I am minding my own business listening to Rose yell about strangers in our bed when BAM a petite little this slams into me.

"EMMETT I found you!" She screams.

She then hugs me tighter and bounces happily,who the heck is she. Another chick bolts down the stairs and smiles when she sees me.

"Lizzy we found him." She tells the girl hugging me.

"I'm sorry But I have no idea who you are." I say, Lizzy lets go of me and gives me a "duh" look.

"Of course you dont know me silly boy I wasn't born before you died."

I hear a collective round of gasps coming from all around the house. Edward decides that now is a good time for an explanation and steps toward both girls." What do you mean before he died?"


I like it!!

Write more!


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