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Elizabeth Mccarthy is an 17 year old fire cracker looking for trouble. Shes not your typical human girl,In fact shes not human at all. She has a secret that will change her and our precious Cullen family's Lives forever. Why Is she so special??? Should I write this??


Chapter1 Elizabethpov

Chapter2 Lunapov

Chapter3 Lizzypov

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Haha I will
I like this so far. Please keep me updated! I can't wait to see what happens next. :)
The next chapter will be up before tomorrow when I dont know lol I'm gonna start working on it now though

Chapter3 Lizzy p.o.v

Its story time for everyone isn't that just great...NOT! God why now I really don't feel like getting into my life story but I know I have to. They need to know everything no matter how much I dont want them too. The things in my past should be unspoken but I need Emmett to know this about me he needs to.

"Ok well my name is Elizabeth Mccarthy and I'm Emmett's sister." I begin, I can see Emmett wanting to say something.but I raise my hand to stop him. "Let me finish"

I look at Luna for strength and she places her hand on top of mine.

"My Mothers name was Abby McCarty my fathers is Lucarius Rider. My father is human while my mother was human. They met 5 years after Emmett died, dad found her crying in the woods and comforted her. One year later I was born sadly mom didn't survive my birth and I still blame myself for it. Dad took care of me the best that he could he stopped traveling and built us a house somewhere in Alaska. I don't know how but on my 5th birthday the Volturi found us and demanded that I come with them. My father tried the best that he could to keep me but he was defeated and they took me promising that I would be free my 18'th birthday. Jane was my babysitter and I loved her she was a big sister to me and kept me out of harms way at least until I turned 13. Because of my rapid growing at 13 I had the body of an 18 year old already and Felix noticed. One night I was in my bed sleeping and Jane was on an hunting trip she tried to tell me to come with her but I was too tired and made her go without me. Now I wish I would have gone if I had then maybe I wouldn't be scared all the time. I was sleep when it happened, Felix came into my room and sat on my bed I thought he was there because Jane made him watch me but boy was I wrong. He did things to me that night and no matter how much I screamed no one came to save me no one stopped him. When Jane came back and saw me she new something was wrong and made me tell her. She ended up ripping off one of Felix's arms before she could do more Aro stopped her. When explaining what happened to him he told her that I wasn't special and that I was a pet, and that she had no right to do that. She was ordered to never speak to me again and Felix was to be my master. He came into my room every night and he beat me and he did things to me that I am forever ashamed of. But this one night it was close to my 15th birthday I was sick. I was sick and tired of him so like always he came into my room but he didn't get what he expected. As usual Felix got in my bed but when I rolled around to face him my eyes were red I didn't know how but as my anger with him intensified a fire started at his feet. Within seconds Felix was nothing but ash." I sigh " Aro let me go a week later but somewhere deep inside me believes he'll be back. Anyway I went back with my dad and we traveled together. Thats how I met Luna it was love at first site."

I throw a loving smile at Luna."Yeah Lizzy here was crying to her dad about moving around and I offered to let her stay with me for a couple of years. We were in New Jersey then since Lizzy and I were half breeds we wouldn't have a problem staying in the sun." She finishes

I stop looking at her and stare at the people in the rooms. The woman with a heart shaped face looks as if she could cry so does the little girl that looks like the boy with the penny colored hair.Emmett looks furious and im taken back. Does he really hate me that much? My emotions take over and green tears start t fall. I hear another collective gasp and no doubt its about my tears. If Emmett hates me then I dont want to be here any longer.


I turn and run out the front door ignoring the calls for me to come back. I don't care about anything anymore, I finally meet my brother and he hates me because I'm disgusting, and I honestly don't blame him. I'm used goods and Luna deserves better than me. I find a small meadow and lay down on the grass covered ground. I stare at the moon, I cry again wishing that Jane was here. She would probably tell me everything is ok and hug me.


"Why did you run away?" A mans voice asks,I recognize it as Emmett's but I choose not to look at him.

"You hate me." I say

"No I dont." He lies down next to me "I hate what has happened to you. I hate that I wasn't there to protect you Lizzy. I hate that I wasn't in your life sooner. You shouldn't have went through that no one should have but you did and your here, and for that you are strong."

"You mean it?" I roll over and look at him my eyes wide with hope.

He smiles at me and hugs me to him "I have met anything more."

Content with that answer I lay my head on his chest and fall asleep in Emmett arms.

pore lizzy

i almost cried

pore pore lizzy

awww....that is so perfect... I love it... please keep going... please keep me updated...
I will I plan on actually completing this one




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