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This is the sequel to my story about Renesmee and Jacob, called "Finding Myself". If you haven't read that one first, then you might want to do that. You can find it here:

If you have read it, or you want to read this one without reading my other story first, just go ahead :)
It's about Nessie and Jacob's daughter, Elizabeth (Ellie), and everything is going on about 16 years after the ending of "Finding Myself". Please read and comment :)

"Elizabeth's Story"


As I ran through the rain I couldn't help but to look back at the darkness I had left behind me, the black abyss my life there had ended in. The regret I felt bubbling to the surface made my eyes sting and my chest hurt, and made a voice scream in the back of my head, begging for me to turn around. But it was to late now. There was no going back. All I could do now was run. Run until my body couldn't take any more pain. There was no way for me to live without what I left behind. All I could hope for now was an easy, pain free ending. That was all I could wished for, the tiny string of hope my life was dangling from.

Chapter 1, The Beginning (Ellie's point of view)

I looked up at the school building with a sigh. When I had dreamed of high school as a kid, this wasn't exactly how I had pictured it to be. However, this school had been part of the compromise between my parents and I. Ever since I was very young I had always been surrounded by my family, never left alone for one second. I had been home schooled all the way up until recently, and I had very seldom been around anyone my own age. Of course I knew the reason behind my overprotected childhood. It was something I could never forget, not even if my life stretched on into eternity. Everything was rooted at the start of my life, with the first sharp and vivid memory I ever made. The memory was not pleasant nor good, yet it was where everything began. I still wake up at night, drenched in sweat, seeing the red eyes of the monsters that took me. I remember everything about that day so clearly, even though I was just a baby when it happened. It was the first time I used my gift, the first time I felt guilty about anything, and the first time my entire family risked their lives to save me. So the reason behind me going to this school was clear, and I would have to accept it.

When I told my parents about my dream of going to a normal high school, I had gotten a blank no at first. I tried to persuade them into letting me go by myself, but they had insisted that if I was going to start at a normal high school, they would go there with me. Going to high school was something I wanted to do alone, something I could do to show them that I knew how to take care of myself, and that I wasn't a kid any more. In the end both my mom and dad had agreed to settle for a compromise. I could go to high school without them, if they got to choose the school for me. I though I would have been happy with what ever school they chose for me, pleased as long as I could do something on my own, but that was before I saw what they had picked. They had chosen one of the most secure and guarded private schools in our area, with only a few hundred pupils. The test you had to take to get in was hard and demanding, and the school went through a strict background check before you were accepted. Everything was structured, every day felt almost the same, and every teacher taught the same way. The high school I had been dreaming of had become something I dreaded, but I would take it as long as it meant I could be normal just for a little while.

And with the private school came the school uniform. I didn't really mind that part. Actually, it was the one part I really liked about the school. It allowed me to blend in and be like every one else for a few hours five days a week. Alice on the other hand hated the uniform. She had made a few adjustments to the black skirt and made a few changes to the white blouse, and she had told me that she forced herself to make the best of it. She had bough me new stockings that reached me to above the knee instead of the short, normal ones that everyone else had, and she had made the small bow around my neck a bit more delicate. I didn't understand the meaning behind it, but as long as it made her happy I would let her fix whatever she wanted.

“I'll be here to pick you up as soon as school's over, and just call me if there is anything you need,” my mom said, her voice filled with the normal concern. She drove me to school every day, and picked me up when I was done. “I know mom. I know,” I sighed as I stepped out of her car. She was always so overprotecting, yet I never complained about it. I owed my parents everything. If they hadn't been willing to risk everything to rescue me from the Volturi, god knows how my life had turned out. I waited a second with the door open, tempted to get back in again. “Love you mom,” I said, and smiled. She returned my smile, and I shut the car door. I took another look at the school building, and started walking reluctantly up the hill towards it.

“Hey Ellie!” someone shout from the bottom of the hill. I was standing by the school gates as I turned around to see who it was. My best friend, Allison, was running up the hill towards me, almost smashing into the other students on her way. She had clearly been the one who called out for me. Even though she was my best friend, we had never done anything outside of school. I never really did anything with people my own age. Not that I had never been asked. I had been invited to movies and parties many times, but turned down just as many. I didn't want anyone to get involved in my life any more than they had to. It was to dangerous. I was to dangerous. What if I got to attached to anybody? What would I do when they eventually died, and I would live forever? What if someone's blood became to tempting for me to resist? The vampire part of me had grown stronger as I became older, and even though I was only a quarter of a vampire, the smell of the blood pulsing through the veins of people around me always made my throat burn. At school I could handle it, and it wasn't a big problem, but I feared what I would do if the temptation became to large, or the burning got to intense.

“So, have you heard?” Allison said breathlessly as she reached me. Her face was flushed from running, and she smiled like she always did. “Heard what?” I asked her as we walked through the gates. She seemed even more excited today than she usually did, so there had to be something happening. “Really, you haven't heard? We talked about it yesterday, and the day before. Geez, you got to pay attention El.” She looked shocked. I loved my friend to death, but sometimes she was a little to intense. I tried to smile apologetically to her, and put on my cutest face. “Well, the new guy of course. He's starting today! I can't wait to see how he looks like. Hope his hot,” she gushed. She was always looking for the hottest guy around, so of course she would be eager to see this new arrival. She kept going on and on about all the rumors she had heard about him, and her plan to make him fall hopelessly in love with her, if he looked good enough. Even before anyone had seen him, he had a reputation. Maybe this day wouldn't be so boring after all. Maybe someone new and unknown was what this school needed to become a little less dreadful.

The three first periods went like they always did. Fist there was a quiz, then two hours of independent study. I didn't get to much done in those two hours though. Allison kept sending me notes, updating me on the latest rumors flying around. So far she knew that he was eighteen, and he was in the class above us. He had been living all over the world, and his father was a well known photographer. He had been home schooled a lot just like I had, and this was his first time going to high school. His mother had apparently died a long time ago, but Allison didn't know why or when. “Psst, El, Brittany just said she saw someone arrive at a motorcycle, and she'd never seen him before,” Allison said. Her face was lit up, and she was nearly jumping in her seat. I looked at my clock, and saw that it was almost time for lunch. Our independent studies were supervised by Ms. Miller, and she was one of the more layed back teachers. She probably wouldn't mind if we left a few minutes early. “Then let's go Ally,” I whispered back, and looked over my shoulder. Ms. Miller had her head deep down in a thick book, so she wouldn't notice if we left. We got up as carefully as we could, and headed for the door. As we locked the door behind us, we started to run towards the big windows with a view over the gates. If he had arrived at a motorcycle, he would be there somewhere. And as we peeked over the edge of the big windows, I saw him.

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love it
I love your story! its sooo good. could you update me when you add more?
you have to write morrrreeee please!!!!!! i love this story !!!!!!!
Write more please!!!!!! I'm back on the website, and i came back to read your story so come on.
Here it is, finally, the next chapter of my story. I'm terribly sorry it took so long, and that I kept you all waiting. I got a massive writer's block Just after christmas, and everything I wrote turned out wrong. I wanted to be fair to my readers, and didn't want to post something that wasn't my best, so this ended up taking a whole lot longer than I wished. I'm not entierly pleased with this chapter, but I couldn't bring myself to change it, so here it is. I hope you'll like it, and hopefully I won't keep you waiting as long for the next chapter. And now I'll save the rest of my ramblings for the end of the chapter :)

Chapter 22, Meet the parents (Ellie's point of view)

The arm Alvin had casually placed around my shoulder had started to shake slightly as we approached the house. He gave me a small smile as I looked up at him, but the nervousness he felt was shining through clearly. I had told him my family were nice people, right? Even if they were mythical creatures. Well, if they hadn't been my family, I would probably be scared to death by now, and I had been really scared to meet Alvin's dad as well, so his feeling was nothing but understandable.

I stopped him as we reached the door, and he took a deep breath, letting his arm drop from around me. “Hey,” I murmured, and took one of his hands in mine, and placed the other one on his cheek as he turned towards me. “It's nothing to worry about, ok? Just hold onto my hand, and I'll save you if it gets too bad.” I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze , smiling with as much confidence I could. He gave me a half hearted, nervous smile in return, but pulled me closer and held onto my hand tightly.

I opened the door slowly, sticking my head in first, quickly scanning the room. The hall was empty, only partly lit, as calm and homey as always. It looked safe so far. No Alice waiting, throwing herself at you in a forceful hug the minute the door opened. “Ok, I think it's safe,” I whispered to Alvin as I slowly opened the door further. Both of us sneaked in, partly hunched over, and closed the door as lightly as we could, trying to avoid making any sound at all. Maybe if we were quiet enough, I could manage to sneak him up the stairs and avoid Alice completely?

“Why are we acting like thieves in your home, Ellie?” Alvin whispered in my ear as I dragged him, tip toeing, towards the stairs. “Why indeed?” someone said from the opening towards the kitchen before I got a chance to answer. Alice was standing in the doorway, arms crossed across her chest, an almost evil grin on her face. Uh oh. I looked up at Alvin, and found him studying the little pixy that stood there studying him right back. Best to just get the introductions over with, before this got any more awkward. “Alvin, this is my aunt, Alice. Alice, this is my...” I cleared my throat “boyfriend, Alvin.” Yep, definitely awkward.

Alice's grin grew as she straightened her back and started walking towards us, her designer heals clicking loudly against the marble flooring. Alvin's hand tightened slightly around my own. I understood him too well. Alice could be a frightening little creature, especially with that smile on her face.

She stopped right in front of us, shifting her gaze from me to Alvin, and then back again. I didn't dare say anything, neither did Alvin, and Alice just kept looking at us. The awkwardness grew, which made Alice grin more. I had no idea what to say, what to tell Alvin, or what was required of me in this kind of a situation. What were you suppose to do the first time you brought your boyfriend home to meet the parents and family for the first time, especially as unexpectedly as now?

“Hello Alvin, it's a pleasure to finally meet you,” Alice said, and held her hand out for a handshake. She shot me a glance as the word finally left her mouth, winking without really winking, and then quickly looked back at Alvin again. I groaned inwardly. She really did want to embarrass me as much as she could, didn't she? “Nice to meet you too, Alice,” Alvin answered her, and shook her hand firmly. The nervousness in his voice was only barely noticeable. Alice's grin grew a bit more, if that was possible, and she turned around and started walking towards the doorway she'd just come from. “Hurry up, lovebirds. The rest are dying to meet you Alvin,” she called after us as she disappeared into the hallway that lead to the living room. I looked up at Alvin as he smiled down at me, nodded once, and we followed after Alice.

The living room was far less crowded than I had dreaded and expected. Esme stood by the window, gazing absentmindedly at the starry sky, my parents sat in the couch watching TV, and Bella was sitting in one of the comfy armchairs with her nose buried in one of Carlisle's old books. It didn't even look like they were expecting us to walk in there, because as soon as Alice cleared her throat, and we stopped right behind her, everyone looked up. Esme's smile grew into her usual warm, caring one, and her face grew lighter as she saw us. My mom and dad both looked shocked, the show they'd previously watched completely forgotten. Had Alice kept one of her visions a secret from all of them, since she clearly knew something had happened during the day, and from the look on all of their faces, they clearly didn't.

No one said anything as we stood there. I could feel Alvin's grasp around my fingers tighten slightly as his gaze wandered around the room, taking in my family as they studied him. The awkwardness as they gawked at us further only grew as I struggled to find the right words and sentences to introduce Alvin, my only lifeline and big love, to my family, and just the thought of having to explain today's events made me slightly dizzy, so say the least.

Esme was the first one to break the silence, and approach us. She looked at me first, understanding and comfort shining in her eyes, before she looked at Alvin. She smiled warmly at him before she took his hand in both of hers. “You must be Alvin. I'm Esme, Ellie's great grandmother. It's so wonderful to finally meet you,” she said. Alvin's hand flinched slightly as he came in contact with Esme's cold skin, but he quickly recovered, and answered her smile with his own, bright one. “Nice to meet you, and thanks for having me over on such short notice,” he said awkwardly, before shifting his gaze swiftly to me again. “Oh, don't worry about it sweetheart. I just wish Alice wouldn't have kept this a secret from us all day,” Esme answered, and shot a stern look in Alice's direction. She just giggled, and found her spot in the armchair next to Bella's. They exchanged a look, all to knowing and secretive, before Bella looked up at Alvin and smiled before she continued reading. I could almost feel the relief rushing through Alvin's veins as Bella's eyes didn't linger on him as everyone else's did.

It was then I finally found my voice again, and stepped forward to try and ease some of the embarrassment I'd put Alvin through. “Um, mom, dad. This is Alvin. Alvin, this is my mom Renesme, and my dad Jacob,” I said, and looked at my parents. They still looked shocked, but my dad had somewhat changed his look into that alpha-look he had sometimes when taking care of wolf pack business. Uh oh. That look never lead to anything good. I looked at him, my eyes pleading for him to be kind, and not scare my boyfriend away, and he seemed to take the hint as his eyes grew a bit warmer again, and a small smile appeared on his face. “So, you're the one who's kept my little girl away all day?” he said then, and stood from the couch. Alvin swallowed as my dad approached us, and I tried to move so that I stood even closer to him. “Dad, don't be like that,” I whispered, and looked at him with what I hoped would be my most persuading look. He smiled at me, winked, and held his hand out towards Alvin. “I'm sorry for keeping her away for too long, Sir,” Alvin answered him as his back straightened, and he shook my dad's hand firmly. I felt so sorry for him. My dad was doing all of this all on purpose, and the fact that he knew that I knew made it even more fun for him.

Luckily, he couldn't keep that mask up for too long, and he quickly melted back into the Jacob I knew as my dad. “Please drop the Sir-thing, Alvin. Makes me feel so old,” he said, and laughed. “Ok,” Alvin answered, looking like he didn't know where to look or what to do with himself. I couldn't help but to feel guilty and sorry for him again. Meeting your girlfriend's family for the first time couldn't be anything less than terrifying, and throwing the fact that they all were werewolves, vampires or something in between into the mix did not make things easier for him.

We were both guided towards one of the couches then,and my dad asked a question about what kind of car Alvin drove, and they both launched themselves into a long discussion about motors and brands, with too many words I didn't know. I just sat there, listening in awe as the awkwardness slowly drifted away, and Alvin seemed to find a natural place with my family. Now, after getting over the first introductions, Alvin and my dad seemed to have a lot in common, and Alvin even let go of my hand and his eyes stopped seeking mine for comfort as they both got excited about some new car that was expected to be revealed in just a few days. My eyes met my moms then, and she was herself again, with a motherly smile that wanted answers, but would wait until we were both alone so that I could tell her the entire story.

As the minutes turned into hours, Alvin and my dad decided that it was only right that he got introduced to the cars of the family, and with an encouraging and approving smile from me, Alvin followed my dad eagerly toward the garage. As the living room was left with just us girls, I moved to sit next to my mom, and she automatically wrapped an arm around my shoulder and shared her blanket with me. “I'm glad you're yourself again,” she murmured simply as she hugged me, and no other words were needed as we fell back to who we were before any of this happened, and before the lies, betrayals and pain I'd afflicted had torn us apart. I started showing her some of what had happened through my images, for once finding the right ones in ease and without difficulties. She just sat there listening to my thoughts, nodding and smiling at times as my story evolved.

As my story came to an end, mom didn't say anything. She just hugged me, and fixed one of my unruly curls, and turned her attention back to the TV, and it was all I needed. I didn't need her to explain, or answer or say anything at all. The understanding smile she'd given me was enough, and now I knew that I wouldn't need to hide anything from her ever again, and that she would always be there to listen to me when I needed it.

We both stayed quiet for a while then, before the one question that had buzzed annoyingly in the back of my head appeared again. “Where are the rest?” I asked, and looked around the room. Esme had again found her position by the window, her expression far more concerned that I'd noticed earlier. Bella still read her book, and Alice had picked up a glossy magazine, but they both looked as though their minds were somewhere else. A small chill went down my spine as none of them provided me with an answer, and I turned to my mom again. She just smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes enough to be convincing.

“They had to rush to Texas. There were some troubles with a few vampires creating newborns without giving them proper guidance, so we felt it was best to go down there and take care of the matter ourselves,” she said, her eyes watching the TV, but not really following the image as she spoke. My eyes widened in horror and my fists closed around the blanket around my legs. “What!?” I yelled, and looked around the room again trying not to panic. Ever since we'd killed the Volturie, or I'd killed them, I knew the task of keeping our world at peace would be left to us, but this was the first time there had actually been a situation where we were needed. “Shh, calm down Ellie. I've already seen the outcome of this, and they won't get hurt, I promise. They'll be back here tomorrow, and everything will be ok,” Alice said reassuringly, but she couldn't quite hide the worry in her eyes. “But we can't help but to worry about out men, you know?” she said with a small smile, and continued reading her magazine.

I wasn't able to stay completely calm, but I knew that there was no way around this, and that Alice was very seldom wrong about these kind of things. And just in that moment, my dad and Alvin came back from the garage, and his presence was enough to make me forget about the worrying for a little bit. “You've picked a good one,” my dad said as he found his spot next to my mom on the couch again, and I blushed and looked down at my hands in response. “It was really nice meeting you all, but I think I need to get going now,” Alvin said as he stood by the couch, and I took that as my cue to stand up from the couch and help him find his way out.

As we were back in the hall, just the two of us again, he turned to face me. He let his hand brush along my jaw gently, brushing my hair out of my face, and smiled a smile full of love that was meant only for me. “Thank you for meeting my family,” I murmured, and leaned into the palm he rested against my cheek. “Don't think about it Ellie, I had a great time. And you have a lot of awesome cars, by the way,” he said, his voice confident and all Alvin, making me laugh a bit. We just looked at each other then, having a silent goodbye before he kissed me lightly, hugged me, and walked out the door.

The house felt strangely empty as he was gone, even when that was how I'd always know it, but even with that hollow, odd feeling of loss in my stomach I was able to go to bed that evening without worrying too much. My family would all be back where they belonged tomorrow, and the loss I felt would disappear all together as soon as I had Alvin's hand in mine again. For the first time in a very long time, I felt complete.


I'm a bit sad to say this, but this will be one of the last chapters of this story. The natural end is close, and the plot I planned for these two characters are almost over. I think there will be two or three more chapters, and that will be the end. I'll try to write fast this time, and not keep you waiting for as long again.

Thank you so much for reading, and (not so)patiently waiting for me when I had problems finishing this chapter. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.
I like the chapter.! Worth the wait.


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