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What happens when Embry imprints on Jacobs Daughter? 





I awoke with a flash.  I couldn’t believe I dreamed about the day my relationship with Jake started.  Looking back on it made me smile, even though my belly is the size of Emmett’s ego.  Yes you heard me right. I Renesmee Carlie Cullen-Black (has of a couple weeks ago) was in the same place my mother was. Except I had two nudgers, instead of one. I glanced over at my dad just in time to see his eyes roll.

I got pregnant in high school. Dad almost killed Jacob, and with no Seth around (he went to college) it got close.  When I found out I freaked and if it weren’t for Emmett (jokingly) saying he would dress up has a cheerleader to cheer me on, I wouldn’t have gone though. I peeked over at Emmett, he may have been joking but, Jake made him really do it.

Sitting on the hospital bed Grandpa had brought home was no fun.  He put me on bed rest bout two days ago, and it sucked.  All Emmett wanted to watch was sports, Alice raved over project runway, all I wanted was some Simpsons or NCIS!

Dad snorted in the corner, got up and swiftly stole the remote from Emmett. That when I felt the kick. Everything went blurry.


Jakes POV

Renesmee’s scream ripped though the air. Like that I was up stairs helping.  Carlisle had a scalpel in had when suddenly it moved out of his and to a different part of of her stomach. I looked at Renesmee.  She was mouthing words I had heard her say a million times.

‘Them before me’ Then she blacked out. I paniced.

“The boy wants his sister out first. Neither can breathe” Edwards’s voice sounded strained. All I could do was look.

Carlisle continued to try to move the scalpel. Emmett grabbed the spare Scalpel and cut quickly to remove my daughter. Somthing no one saw coming. Carlisle Moved so Fast I couldn’t see what was happening. 

Edward had Renesmee stable. I stood up to help Carlisle finish. 


Baby1 POV

Suddenly there was light and a pair of cold hands where holding be. Then I was placed on something warm and soft. I had my eyes shut but I could still see how bright it would be if I opened them.  I was being cleaned off I believe. I couldn’t be sure without opening my eyes.  The person holding me ,starting humming a familiar tune.  Esme.  Mommy used to show me her thoughts about my family. This was one of her favorite songs.

Once I realized what had happened, I started to movie around trying to find my brother.

“Wow there” Yep it was Esme all right. I wonder what happened to, him where is he.

“He’s fine. Calm down” this voice was followed by a chuckle.  Possibly, the mind reader. “Grandpa” he corrected.  I blinked twice. But it was still too bright.  I was moved out of the water and was being put in clothes.  Then stuck inside something warm.

“A blanket” the voice corrected again. Well then.I thought. Next I was placed in hard arms.  I smiled, I don’t know why but I did. “Jake, your daughter is already cocky like you” my smile went away. “I didn’t mean it has a bad thing”.

The brightness dulled a little and I was able to open my eyes.  At first all I saw was ceiling them a new pair of arms were holding me. They were a lot warmer.   My feet hit something. And my panic  went away. I had kicked him enough times to know who he was.

“No kicking” this voice I knew. It was Jacob aka Dad. He smiled what mommy calls his Jacob smile. I smiled back and yawned. He bounced me softly intill I feel asleep.



When I woke up my stomach moved, and hurt.

“ Growled” Grandpa was going to get annoying fast.  I took a breath with my mouth. It hurt, more liked burned. I started breathing fast and looking around. Then a face was blocking my view. He looked scary but in an instant I was calm. He picked me up and without breathing walked me over to a brown eyed woman with curly hair. He placed me in her arms and I knew who she was.

“Hi baby, don’t panic it’s not your real name”.  I reached up to her face to try something I had only done to my brother. I showed her the man and then the burn in my throat. At first she gasped. Then spoke “That was your uncle Jasper “.

I liked his name.  Mom and Dad were whispering about something. Then a bottle was stuck into my mouth. About 20 min. later I was done and the burn in my thought was gone. I asked her in my way what my name was.


“ Your name is…..”

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love your story

sorry about your laptop :(

post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get my laptop on friday. Posting friday night
Because of heat been without internet (on friends phone) SO SORRY
Post more soon love it keep me updated please!!!!!!


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