The Twilight Saga

thanks for everyone who made theis!
the story is about when emmett and nessie are home alone for 1 week. what will happen?
chap 1nessies pov
we where having a family meeting. my family and jacob. "listen nessie and emmett we have to go somewhere so you guys have to stay here." alice said "what? with emmett? mom dad?" "sorry sweetie." mom said. "jake is going to?" he looked sad."yeah with my pack and sams pack. im sorry nessie i begged for you to come but you cant." "its ok." i murmered. "were leaving at 6 am. and emmett when we cme back we would love to see the house in one piece." alice said. "oh so your saying ill destroy it?"he said. "yup, definatly, sadly yes." everyone said. "so me and nessie have to be bored?" "no you dont have to be bored but dont be stupid." edward said. "emmett if i come back and see that nessie doesnt look the way she is right now i swear..." jake said. "dont worry mutt i got it all under control." he said. he had a smug smile. this wasnt gonna be good. "emmett!" edward yelled. "dont think about it." "ok ok... when are you leaving again?" edward glared at him.
1 hour later
they were packing and getting everything ready. jake went to get his pack ready. i was gonna be bored. home. alone. with emmett! i cant believe they came to this conclusion. i shook my head. "sorry sweetie we didnt want to but we have no choice!" my dad said. "i could have just stayed with grandpa!" "ya but we need you here to take care of him!" "so im the babysitter?" "uh ya." wow. i didnt want to sleep i wanted to be with jake and my family. they were gonna be gone for 1 week. great! then at 6 i had to say goodbye. it was hard. then it was jakes turn. i bursted crying. i kissed him on the cheek. he lightned up a little. "be careful." he said. "you to." then he left. then emmett came in, wearing a vampire costume and in a dracule voice said."finally their gone muhahaha." i was gawking at him. "better not do anything stupid emmett!" "i wont promise. its in my blood." i laughed. this was gona be a long week.

chap 2 emmetts pov
i was soo bored. i was hanging upside down on the couch. no one telling me what to do for a week. sweet! i then said "hey nessie want to go to the walmart?" "sure." so we got into my jeep. i turned the volume all the way. the song was dont trust me by 30h!3. i sang every lyric. people were staring as we parked. i thought lets have some fun. i turned my volume down! "hey havent you guys ever heard someone sing before?" i yelled. nessie was blushing. "shut up emmett." "shes not taken anyone want her?" i said. a group of guys raised their hand. "me me noo me." then they started fighting. then one moron punched the idiot. nice. "emmett why did you say that?" "cause im emmett silly." she rolled her eyes."look at the holagens." she laughed. we went inside walmart. "are you hungry?" "no thanks." then she smiled.
nessies pov
i had an idea. ill get sugar and dump them into his animal blood. "excuse me." i said. "ill be by the toys." i started walking to the candy counter. i saw sugar sticks. i got one pack. payback, i smiled to myself. i went by emmett. he was riding a bike yelling weeeeeeeeeee. guess what? it was a dora bike. oh no. he crashed into a stack of clothes. underwear and bras. he took a braw and wore it. and he took a underwear and he wore that too. he started walking around the store. he found a wig. a purple wig. he put that on. "am i perrty or what?" he was posing. i was dieing of laughter. then a kid walked by. "are you gay?" he asked. "what? of course not silly." he said in a sweet voice. "now get out of here kid." the kid said " im not afraid of you. your not scary." oh no emmett will take that the wrong way. "emmett he didnt mean it." is said. he was glaring at him.
emmetts pov
who was he to tell me i wasnt scary? what if im not."listen kid go or ill scare you sooo much that you...." before he could finish his mom came. "sorry." then she said to him inhis ear "havent i told you not to talk to guys who wear bras, underwears and wigs?" "emmett get those things off now!" he wiggled his eyebrows. i have an idea.....

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ahahah i really love this
comedy rules!!!!
emmet is always making me laugh
plz post more soon=D
HAHA. That was funny. I really loved it. Emmett is halarious.
I Love it write more plz
thx guys. i hope youll enjoy the other chapters. i have sooo much good ideas! ill post more soon!
chap 3 emmetts pov
i went to the rollerblading section and got a pair for me and nessie. she didnt look to happy. "put them on. come on lets have fun. being protected all of the time. over protected fools." "alright fine." she said. "good girl." we then raced to the tv section. it showed a girl trying to pick between 2 guys. she picked the wrong one. "oh no she di-dnt. you could do soo much better then that girlfriend." nessie was laughing so hard i thought she went into hysterics. then we went into the make up section. i found a red lip stick. i put it on. i found eyeshadow and mascara. we both put them on. we looked hideaus. thats good! ( {nessie looks like the on on the left emmett the right}. then we went and found pretty dresses. ( emmetts outfit nessies outfit we then went to the photo taking center. we then started posing while they took pictures. "pose it sister." i said. the camera ran out of memory. so he went to get more. "come on sister, my grandma can walk faster then that." he finally returned and took more. then we payed to get the pictures printed. "um emmett can we not show them to anyone please? maybe like jake?" "awww someone got feelings?" "um ya." she looked emberresed. "sure.......well put them in his mail!" "emmett!" "ok sorry. grumpy." then we got dressed and wiped off the make up. the manager kicked us out. "you need better workers." he yelled. "oh no if orgot something ill be right back." nessie said while she ran into the store. when she came back she had a bag. "what do you have in their?" "um nothing can we go home now?" i nodded. when we went home she said shell go hunt. i got so bored i went into jaspers room to look around. i saw a credit card. oh yes. i took it. "emmett um i got you a animal!" i ran down the stairs. "thanks." i said then i saw it was a deer. "really nessie? really?" "what you want me to wrestle a bear?" "ill show you." so then i went to drink my prey. nessie just smiled......

chap 4nessies pov
i was planning my revenge on him so i went to hunt. without jake its no fun. i then saw a deer. i went after it. i killed it then i started putting the sugar in it. he will enjoy this. i giggled to myself. then i went home. "emmett um i got you a animal!" emmett came running down the stairs. "thanks." he said. i tried not to laugh. when he saw the deer he stopped. "really nessie? really?" "what you want me to wrestle a bear?" "ill show you." he said. great. he went to drink his prey. i just smiled. "mmmm it tastes has different flavors to it.........ek that part didnt taste good.....its soo sweet." he then finished it. "hey nessie want to ride bikes, fight the volturi, burn the house, cut your hair?" he said this really fast. he was highper. he better not burn the house or cut my hair. "hehe." he said i couldnt stand it i bursted out laughing. he then ran off. i then went back inside. it was 9 pm then10, 11, 12, 1,2. he still didnt returned. i just drifted off to sleep....
i woke up. i heard noises coming from the backyard. it was 8 am. i have been worried. where could he have been? when i went outside i saw the volturi.......

enjoy! i hope you like it!
more more more more more more more more more more more pleas
oomg what did emmet do?
i love the outfits haha=D
great chapters!
im scared for emmet and nessie haha
post more soon this rocks!!!
ooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO EMMETT!!!!!!!!! LOL!!
I love it! please post more!!!!
i love it keep me updated please
it was hilarious
this is great.... cant wait for more... uh oh the volturi!!!!
thats cool
OME! Now I am scared. Poor Nessie.


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