The Twilight Saga

Alice and Jasper adopt a girl...a teenage human. They want her to stay human also. This girl, Ashton, has grown very close to Emmett. Instead of an uncle, he is more of a big brother. He is very protective. Alice and Jasper finally let this girl start going to school. Almost automatically, she falls for the schools bad boy. He street fights every week, and he is obviously not a good choice. But Ashton does not mind.  

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****ASHTON'S POV****

I took in a deep breath then I hugged all of my "family" members good bye, which seemed the hardest on Emmett. It is weird....that my parents went to school just four years ago, but they stopped because they wanted me to have a normal life. It seems sort of crazy. 

Kaleb's car was waiting in the driveway already, with all of my friends in it. The friends that I had met in town, before I even knew they went to the same school as me. It feels odd that Mason, Ally, Kaleb, and Leah are my friends. Because they are all gorgeous, and then there is just average me. 

I got into Kaleb's truck waving goodbye to my family. I let out a sigh as Kaleb started to drive away. 

Ally smiles, "Scared?"

I shake my head, "Not at all, I don't even have to worry about not having any friends, because I already have you guys," I smile. 

They all laugh and then Mason says, "What makes you think you're our friend?" he ask. 

My smile falls then he says, "Kidding, Jesus Ashton, you are so gullible."

I just shrug, knowing that is true. I grab my iphone 5 out of my pocket and check for from Emmett of course.

Don't let anybody mess with you or else....well you know what I will just take care of that ;)

I roll my eyes at Emmett, he is crazy. 

Leah smiles, "So, are Ally and I still coming over after school?" she ask.

I smile, "Yes, of course."

Mason rolls his eyes, "Oh yes, the fun hangout in which we are not invited to, thanks Ash."

I roll my eyes as I say, "Okay, one Emmett would NEVER let a boy in the house that he barely knows, you know that. Also, don't you and Kaleb go and watch those street fights on Monday and Friday nights anyways?" I ask.

Mason smiles, "Oh yeah, we do, don't we?" he winked at me, and then turned back around. 

Kaleb pulled into the parking lot. Luckily, I have every single class with Leah, I only have 3 with Ally, one with Kaleb, and four with Mason. 

I breathed, I heard the bell ring, everybody wished me good luck, then I headed to my first class with Leah. I wanted to sit with her, but it was too far into the school year for that, so in biology, here I sit in the very back, with my partner that I sit by still unknown. 

Just as the bell is about to ring, and very hot boy comes in and sits down beside me, giving me a really weird look. Probably, why am I sitting here, is what he is thinking. 

I try to make an attempt as I say, 'Hi, I'm Ashton...and you are?" I ask, in a very sweet and innocent voice.

He looks up, "Carson." He says without any attempt to keep the conversation.

I just roll my eyes and mumble okay under my breath as I turn away from him a little bit.

Authors note:

Hey, so I know this is short, I kind of just wanted to start it to see if people liked, I PROMISE that is will get better as the story gets better!!!!!!!

Could be interesting to see what happens if Emmet does not approve!

Lol, thank you. :) I have big plans. 

This will continue, thanks for viewing! sorry ive dissapeared, my computer broke:(


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