The Twilight Saga

Everything was perfect for the cullens, expescialy Bella, but one day she finds a necklaces puts it on and finds out it was a witches. She has to endure it and find her way back to her old life, but can she do it. In this event, the volturi arrive, and they think they can help, but will they be able to?

The photo above is by leesa, the man in the left corner is duke the evil warlock dude if u r wondering.

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Chapter 1-Moving on-Part 1

Everything seemed like it was going to fast. First of all Renesmee was 16, and she will always be 16. Edward and me were vampires and we would always be vampires, it wasn't like i didn't like being a vampire. I loved being one. I was sitting on the couch in our little cottage, waiting for Renesmee. She was getting ready for school. Jacob insisted on her coming to the same school he went too, and me and Edward agreed that yes she could.Then i heard someone behind me.

"I'm ready, mom." Renesmee said as she walked over to me. Her hair was a redish-Brown just like her fathers, her eyes were the same color as mine, but the one thing she had of both of us was her personality.

"Is jacob waiting for me?" She asked, i moved the hair out of my eyes and looked up at her. She was smiling, looking very happy and young as ever.

"Yes, honey he's over at your Aunts and Uncles house." I then got up and started running with her back to the house. I was never good at running when, i was human, but now i am a pro at it.

"Wheres dad?" Renesmee asked as we got to where jacob was waiting for us in front of the cullen house.

"Hes hunting. Your father told me to tell you that he loved you." I gave her a hug, Jake came over by us.

"Hi-ya Bella." His smile always made my day, Jacob came up next to Renesmee and put his arm around her waist.

"Hi Jacob. Take good care of her." i said and waved them goodbye, as they both left in Jacobs car.I trusted Jacob, and i new he stilled Loved Renesmee because of the imprinted. I then walked in the cullens house, Alice appeared next to me in 1 second.

"Bella, Have you seen Edward? I've been looking for him." Alices eye were starring deeply at me.

"Hes hunting. Edward should be back soon." I told her. She sighed and rubbed the side of her cheek, looking scared then ever.

"Ok. Tell me when he gets back please." She said and was gone in a flash. I wonder what that was all about. I really didn't know what to do, i wasn't thirsty, or hungary for anything, i was just bored.
So i watched tv for about a half an hour, when someone said my name.

"Bella?" I turned around to see Edward.


"Hi. I missed you." I got up and kissed his lips. Edward didn't stop me, his kiss was more excitment, then anything. Finaly he stoped it like always.

"I missed you too." He said after breathing heavily. "Did Renesmee leave already?"

"Yes, Yes she did, Jacob took her." I wondering what she was doing right now.

"Well look what i found in the forest." Edward put his hand in his pocket pulling out a Golden Moon.


"Its for you, i don't know whos it is. So i want you to have it." His hands moved around to the back of my neck, placing it so it would dangle on my chest.

"Edward its beautiful." I said as i looked in the mirror where the neckless was.

Chapter 1-Moving on-Part 2

Eventully the day went on it was night time. Renesmee got dropped off by jacob and she sat on the couched and started watching tv. Edward and I walked over , by her when he said.....

"Jacob asked you out!" Edward yelled, one of his hands went to his face, looking frustrated. I rushed over to Renesmee's side.

"He asked you out?" i asked her.

"I wasn't gonna tell you yet. But dad read my mind." She looked at Edward with angry face.

"Sorry." He answered quickly.

"Its ok." Renesmee said, she got up and went over by the fireplace. she didn't look at both of us.


"So heres what happened. After school Jake took me in his car, then he asked me out, I didn't know what to say, so i told him id give him an answer tomorrow." She then turned around and smiled at us a little.

"Well its ok with me if you go out with him." I said to her, I really didn't care if she did or didn't go out with Jake, becuase he's my best friend and i trusted him.

"Dad what about you." She asked, Edward come over to sit next to me. I heard him sigh ask he looked at me.

"Ok you can." I knew edward was unsure about the answer, but i also knew he probably didn't want to hurt Renesmee's feelings.

"Thank you daddy!" She shouted with joy. Then she hoped up and gave us both a hug. "I'm gonna go see Jake now." The next thing i knew she was out the door.

"I knew that was gonna happen soon." Edward said with a little laugh.

"How?" I asked him, when giving him a hug.

"Jacobs thoughts." He said and got up lifting me into his arms.

"What are you doing?" I said, but he already started to run. The next thing i new we were sitting at some beach that didn't look formaillar. The moon was shining high. When me and Edward sat in the sand i stared at the moon, automatically i got a flash that went through my bodie. I sat up.

"Bella, whats wrong?" He asked and put his hand on my face.

"Nothing." I whispered, "Nothing." So we both laid back down, and cuddled. So i decided to stare at the moon again, and i got a differernt reaction, this time i got a shock through my heart that came from the neckless. I put my hand there, while Edward stared up at me again.


Chapter 1-Moving on-Part 3

My heart was hurting, telling me to do something?

"Bella, Bella whats wrong." Edward said grabbing my face with both of his hands. Then i had a urrg to attach him. It was telling me to kill him and run.

"NO!" I said and got up and ran. I would never hurt my Edward. I was still faster than him, i could hear his footsteps behind me, starting to go away. "WHATS WRONG WITH ME!?" I shouted while running, i kepted on getting shocks and something telling me to kill everyone. I looked down noticing my neckless glowing, why was it glowing? Was this the thing that was controlling me? It might have been.

So i stoped running, trying to rip the neckless off, but it wouldn't come off. I tried bitting it, ripping it, and off my head, but it wouldn't come off! I even tried to find where the hook was where it connected. It was no where. Then the neckless then stoped glowing and became calm. The clouds where blocking the moon, maybe that was why.

"Bella?" It was Edward, he slowly came over to like he was scared.

"Edward." I said and ran over to give him a hug. "Something went wrong with me."

"Why." He whispered.

"This stupided neckless, i saw it glowing when i ran, but then when the clouds blocked the moon, i was calm." I wanted to cry but i couldn't. "Now i can't get this off!" i said whiling trying again to rip it apart.

"Let me try." Edward said and he started pulling and yanking at it, then he used his teeth like i did but couldn't get it. "We need to get this to carlisle."

We raced back home quickly, right away Edward told carlisle everything. The rest of the cullen family surround us including Renesmees worried face. Everyone of the cullen family tried to take it off but no of succeded."Its no use." I whispered quietly.

"Bella have faith." Edward reassured me and kissed my forehead. Carlisle was pacing back and fourth, then turned to look at us.

"So let me get this straight, Edward you found this neckless it the forest while you were hunting, put it on Bella then when she saw the moon she went crazy and started running. Then you Bella saw it glowing, and when the clouds blocked the moon, you were fine." Carlisle said, looking a little weird.

"Yes." I told him.

"I don't have a clue, whats happening." He said, "..But if you let me have a night to think i might have a conclussion."

Chapter 2-Part 1-Part 2-Part 3

Chapter 3-Part 1-Part 2

Chapter 4 and 5
Chapter 6 and 7-part 1

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u could use the pics i have on my story if u want
wait no i want bella cullen ones and edward cullen jacob and renesmee
i love it
sure srry i didn't reply early my computer shut down on me
whoop whoop
oresome brianna
write more
can't wait 2 read it
omg plz write more and keep me updated!
i was trying to make it a lil funny. So i'm glad i made you laugh.
keep on going Brianna.interesting story.great story plot.!
Chapter 2-Mysterys-Part 1

Finaly the sun rose. Edward and I where waiting, downstairs on the couch. All i could think about was this stupid neckless. What was it that made me have angry problems?
I heard Carlisle sigh and, me and Edward quickly turned to looked at him.
"I know what the neckless is." He ruffled his hand through his hair. "I...I think its a.....Witch. I went where Edward told me he went hunting, and a sent that smelled so good to me i just wanted it."
"Why do Witches smell good to us?" i asked.
"Well....becuase if we follow them, they could kill us. There jaws and teeth are stronger than any of us here." Edwards teeth grinned together, when Carlisle said that.
"What is this neckless gonna do to her?" Edward said through his teeth.
"I don't know, the only thing i have is that she could become a vampire witch becuase of this thing." Carlisle said, while pointing at the neckless. I knew i would start crying if i ws human, but i couldn't so i put my head in my hands.
"Why," I whispered. "Why me?"
"Bella this isn't your fault, its mine. Don't hurt yourself because of this." He kissed my lips quickly, then looked back at Carlisle. "Lets go back where i found this neckless. Theres probably more."
We all got up and started to run. Edward was holding my hand and squeezing every once often. Carlisle was the first to stop running.
"It was right here. Where you found it right?" Carlisle asked.
"Yes." Edward answered, Carlisle then started to kick the leaves and pushe the bushes around. He jumped in the air and fell through the ground. "Carlisle!" Me and Edward shouted.
"I'm fine, but i think i found what other stuff we were looking for." He answered.
Me and Edward both jumped in the tiny hole where Carlisle fell through. I looked around the place, it had table, cabnet full of liquid stuff, and a big huge round bowl. This must of been the witches home. All of us looked around. It was all dusty, cob-weby, and old. I walked over to a picture of a girl. The picture was brown and black, and tan, so i new it was old. The girls hair was tired back in, and she had a hat on. Her dress was big and puffy, and she had a neckless on. I starred hard at it.
"Edward!" I shouted, he was next ot me in a second. "Look." I said and pointed to the red neckless that the ladie was wearing.
"It looks just like yours." He said.
more,more please..
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l don't know how 2 describe it
um mysterious
l love it
omg l love it
it rocks
friggin fantastic
can't wait 4 more


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