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OMIGOOSH I found this document I once had posted here like... a thousand years ago [yep, I'm that old because Im a vampire] and I anm soo happy im reposting it! It feels like going to the past and posting this when I was eleven!

It actually got to chapter 35 the first time, but I doubt it will get that far nowadays since I am working on another project on


Chapter 1

(This story takes place when Edward leaves Bella in new moon, all the characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, but I will ad one or two)

Bella's POV

Silence. That is how I call pain. You feel all your body weak and motionless, your vision gets blurry, your voice starts to disappear, your skin begins to be dry and cold, and your heart goes slow, and every beat has no end, its like a buzzing, deep and melancholic sound.
I can't remember his voice very well, every time I try to remember it my mind blocks, and only one phrase comes back...
"I don't love you anymore..."
There were days when the wind was so cold, that my body froze in bed as I just listened to it outside the window.
There were days when the sun was so cruel, that all the tears turn to dust and I just knew my eyes were drying up, forever...
I finished crying in the instant that he left, and I can't remember when or where or how, and I banished every memory him and I had ever made.
But when he whispers like this, and I need him like that, it's so hard to believe, but it's all coming back to me.
Every memory, every scream, every kiss, every hug, every "I love you", were all locked up in the deepest corner of my mind, and now, they are all coming back.
I looked at my watch, eleven past ten p.m., I sat on the old chair in front of the desk which has my computer; I turned it on and waited... and waited.
It finally turned on and suddenly a little box in the right side of the screen was advertising me that I had 4 new messages.
I opened them all, they were all from Renee... wait... WHAT!?
I first opened Renee's 3 e-mails:
My dearest Bella,
You haven't been writing me since last October, is everything okay? Phil and I are going to Chicago, his team is playing against the Chicago team.. the... well I can't remember the name...
How is life there in the little Forks?
Answer soon,
Love, mom.

The next one was sent three hours later:
Why aren't you answering me?
And the last one was sent twenty minutes later after the second message.
I'm sorry, I sometimes get so worried, I forget you are a teenager, well, an adult now, go and have fun, I'll be on tomorrow, mail me!
I love you,

I wrote a quick answer:
Mom, I'm fine (this was a complete lie) Life here is... boring, you know.
I'm glad you and Phil are going on a new trip, have a great time.

Then, when I was about to open my fourth and last email Charlie called me.
"Would you come here for a second please?"
"Sure I'm coming!"
I ran down stairs, he was watching a basketball match, as always.
"I'm here dad” I asked trying to get my breath back, I think I left it in my trip thought the stairs...
"Bella, tomorrow I will be gone fishing, I would like you to..."
"Dad, you know I hate fishing..."I interrupted him
"No, I know, I didn't want to ask you to come"
"Oh" I whispered
"I would like you to make me a favor while I'm gone, please keep it as a secret..."
He turned his face to the TV, and didn't look at me until I answered:
"Sure, what is it?"
"Please Bella, I know you are a grown up, and you know what you do, but since that monster left you, you seem to be depressed..."
"Well yeah, I have been a bit concerned about some stuff"
"I want you to go out with Mike Newton this Saturday, while I'm gone"
"Well, he is a nice guy..."he seemed nervous now
"Dad, I love Edward, and that won't ever change” His face showed suffering at the remembering of that name.
"I know, but he left you all alone in the forest, and he - his voice became angry- didn't even say goodbye, he may be cheating on you, who knows?"
"Dad..."I begun
"Would you just do it? For me? Maybe he is you type of guy and..."
He looked at me hopefully, but that hope banished when he saw my expression, I was horrified
"Maybe..."I agreed, but I was lying, because I knew I couldn’t do that to Edward, even if he left me, I still loved him passionately.
"Thank you Bells" And he just kept watching his match.
I, then, remembered the email.
I ran upstairs, sat in front of the computer and I clicked on the link where said:
Edward Cullen 13/1 2:14 a.m.
My eyes opened just like plates when I saw it...


Thanks for reading!! Okay, I know I can be an annoying cliffhanger but hey! I love twisty stories, i hope you do too

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Oh Im such an evil person... :P Thanks for reading sweetie :)
Wait to read next chater.. THAT is being cliffhung by me.
awsome post more soon
thanks! I wil!
your freaking cliffhangers!! grrrr!!!
Yes I am. But just tell me... how would I keep you guys reading if I weren't?
:P thanks fore reading lovely :)
Cool I loved it. Write more soon and please keep me updated. If you are interested
The beginning of a new life
Sure I will, thanks for reading mine :)
keep going i beg of u
What r u doing stopping like THAT??? I love it, especially the beginning when you're describing your pain..such a vivid picture!

*not asking u nicely* FINISH THIS xoxo
haha I will, I will. Thanks a lot!
Your comments [everybody's] make me want to keep going! :D


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