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Chapter 1. Escaping Dwelling Days and Scathing Nights

A tear fell silently on my shirt combining with the many other wet blotches. I composed myself quickly, I knew Brandon would be home soon. My legs were shaky as I attempted to stand up. The validation that I held Brandon’s child — our child — in my womb still laid on the floor blinking mockingly at me, positive. I stifled a sob and wiped away my tears and hoped that the temporary wet imprints they left behind would fade soon. One thing was very clear, I had to leave.

My eyes paced the bedroom quickly, I gathered all that I could in one suitcase and hid it safely underneath the bed. With the creak of the door and wooden floor Brandon was home. I scrubbed my face once more and washed it with water hoping that would get rid of any tears.

I went slowly down the stairs to greet what had become my worst nightmare. Brandon was staggering besotted towards the couch.

“ W- Where’s my dinner?!” He inquired. Being that he was drunk probably should of took away some of the fury from his voice that made me scourge, but it was all the same.

“ I- I’m sorry. I must have forgot.” I muttered, my voice shaky, weak, and cracking.

He grunted, “ Make it now Bella!” he yelled.

I did as told, not because I wanted to because I knew this would be the last time I would have to withstand this. The last time I’d be bruised or treated like some.. maid.

After I’d finish making some spaghetti for Brandon I set in on the table that was by the television.

He took one bite and threw the plate to the floor.

“ That’s absolutely disgusting,” He spat, “ Clean it up.” He ordered.

I bit my quivering bottom lip and cleaned up the mess.

It’ll all be over soon, I thought but, with another thought I knew I’d be having a child that was also his.

Brandon didn’t care about me and he wouldn’t care about his baby. Leaving would be the best thing, for both of us.

After cleaning up the mess of Brandon I glanced at him soundlessly asleep. He wasn’t the man I fell in love with. He changed. I fought to give him chances to change back, to be the Brandon I loved but, it never happened. He forced me to do this.

I’d gathered my belongings from underneath the bed and silently crept out the house. I was in my car, the engine roared to life and I quickly looked back threw the window to see if the noise had disrupted Brandon’s slumber, it didn’t.

Now that I’d come so far I had to think about what I’d do, where I’d go, but I knew my questions were already answered.


After calling the nearest airport here in New York City — JFK — I got a last minute flight to Seattle.
The moment I’d been dreading seem to come to quickly. I needed to call Charlie. What could I say? I didn’t want to tell him the truth, but I didn’t want lie — I couldn’t lie, literally.

I also knew that being at Charlie’s wasn’t the safest place if Brandon decided to come looking for me. If he did, the truth would come out then, so this seem like a now, later, or never situation. I pick never and if that wasn’t an option, later.

I’d reached the airport and gotten out of my truck. I’ll miss my truck it was my one memory of home I’d had over the years.

I was in the safe compartment of the plane. I sighed. Relieved that I would no longer have to live each day of fear. Somehow I knew deep down I still would but, I didn’t let that get to me know I just relaxed myself for once...

I’d woken up to the flight attendant’s voice.

“ Ladies and Gentleman we have landed.”

I looked outside, the drastic change in weather was startling. I knew it would only be worst once I reached Forks.

Once I was off the plan and awaiting a taxi I’d called for I dialed Charlie’s number. He picked up oh to quickly.

“ Bells?” Charlie’s voice greeted me and it was a comforting remembrance of home.
“ Yeah, Ch- Dad its me.” I said, my voice sounded normal, sad nor happy.

“ Nice to hear from you in a year or so.” Charlie said his voice saddened.

“ I know and I’m sorry about that.” I said remorsefully.

“ Hm..” was all he replied.

“ Dad.. I’m in Seattle.”

“ What? Your visiting?” Charlie inquired.

“ Not exactly... I’m moving here, alone.” I said emphasizing on ‘alone’ so he’d no that meant no...

“ Oh...” He said in acknowledgment, “ Well I’ll pick you up from the airport.” Charlie said.

I loved that Charlie didn’t hover me and asked me continuos questions like I knew Renee, my mother, would.

“ No need. I called a cab. I’m going to the nearest apartment, then I’ll stop by if you haven’t gone to work yet.”

“ Bella. I won’t go to work if you’re coming. I haven’t seen you in over a year I’m sure they’ll understand. Besides, I’m Chief.” Charlie said.

“ Well o-okay. I’ll be there soon.”

After getting into the cab I was driven to the nearest apartment closest to Forks, which meant close to Charlie. I handed a twenty dollar bill to the driver.

“ Here’s your change miss.” He said quickly as I began exiting the cab.

I smiled, “ Keep it. I’m going to need a ride somewhere else.”

His eyes widened, “ Thanks!”

“ Not a problem. Just please, wait here.”

I entered the building.

“ Hello.” a voice greeted me.
I followed my gaze to where the voice had came from until I’d reached a woman who looked in her mid 40's. Her hair reached her neck, it was brown with hints of gray which added on a few more years to what I’d thought she was. Her eyes were dark-brown and her skin was the color of honey.

“ Hi, I’m Bella Swan.”

“ I’m Lucy. I’m the landlord.”

“ Oh. Well, Lucy I was wondering if there’s an available rooms I could possibly live in.”

“ Of course. You have to make a security deposit, first month’s rent, and last month’s rent...”

“ Oh...” I said, knowing it would take me a little while to do that.

“ You look like a fine young girl. How’s about you get settled in and we can handled all that business later.” She said with a smile that make her skin wrinkle.

Lucy led me to my room unlocking the doors and then handing the keys to me.

“ This is yours now.” She said and left down the hall.

“ Thanks!” I yelled to Lucy but, once I looked she was gone.

I got settled as Lucy said. Maybe things could be alright after all.

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i love it. please keep me updated. i canrt wait to read more
Ok, I will read it. send me the updates as you write it
I will.
I might be making another account though just for my fanfiction updates and such to do with it.
Love it keep me updated
Deanna, this is great!!! You have my heart breaking for Bella already! I cannot wait to see her go through all the emotions that are gonna happen with leaving an abusive relationship, getting to know her mom and dad again and being pregnant, you go girl! So proud of you!!!
~Stalker Fan/Beta Extraordinaire!~
Omg I love this!! Plz post more and...
Keep me updated??
hey this is really good, you should keep writig
Thanks so much Wendy, emmet fan, and I LOVE EDWARD!

The support and forgiveness i've been shown by my friends here on TTS really helped me to continue on my writing.
Thanks Tami!

Chapter 2 will be posted soon! I must let you wait... hehe
great start, cant wait to read more:)


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