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So i got a new idea for a story. What if Moon Hunters (vampire hunters) came to Forks. Would it turn into a war or would the vampire hunters and Cullen's ever be friends?? Would Edward and Bella stay together ?? In the story Bella is human and the Cullen's are vampires. Anyway a bunch of stuff happen...tell me if i should continue..

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Edward is a rockstar and Bella goes to one of his concerts, they meet and its instant love for Edward but what will happen when Bella just wants to be Friends??

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Chapter 15:

He looked at me and smiled, and pulled me to him. He wrapped his arms around me and I did the same. I missed him so much but it felt wrong to be in his arms. Like I didn’t belong here, more like I belong in Alex’s arms forever…oh please Bella do you hear yourself? You’ve only known Alex for three days and suddenly you think you’re in love with him the rational voice said in my head. But that was the problem I don’t think I’m in love with him ,I know. And I it’s possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time, but it’s not possible to be with more than one person at a time.
I removed my hands from Edward’s neck and backed away feeling completely guilty and wanting to die right now. Just like I felt the day I kissed Jake before he went to fight Victoria. Except that this was even a stronger feeling.

“What’s wrong love?” Edward asks frowning as I moved away. You have to tell him, the voice inside my head said. Yes, I will tell him but not now, I argued back.

“Nothing, I’m just going to tell Mia that I’m fine. She sensed there was a vampire in the house and she’s waiting to see if I’m ok” I explained going down stairs with Edward behind me.

“Oh that was nice of her” He said smiling, he’s crooked smile that used to drive me crazy. I open the door to find Mia leaning casually by their car with dangerous look on her face and holding a steel while Amelia just looks a little tensed. Once they see I’m fine and it’s just Edward, Amelia relaxes and Mia glares.

“Oh it’s just him” Mia sais still glaring.

“You must be Edward, I’m Amelia nice to meet you” Amelia sais politely while Edward sais “Nice to meet you too” and extends a hand for Amie to shake. She reaches out and pulls it back, but then shakes with Edward. She clears her throat and looks at her cousin. Mia looks back and rolls her eyes.

“Me? No thanks, there’s no way I’m going to shake a suck- I mean his hand” Mia sais to Amie looks at Edward apologetic.

“So umm, Edward, when will we be getting to know you and your family better?” Amie sais and Edward looks confused but then Amie’s thoughts come to him, probably the time when I said you should get to know each other and I sigh. Edward glances at me and back at the girls.

“Umm when’s the best time for you guys?” Edward asks smiling.

“Never” Mia mutters while Amie sais “How about Thursday after school?”

“That sounds good. You can come over to our house” Edward sais. Mia shivers a little and looks at Amelia, who ignores her.

“That’ll be great, we can follow you there” Amelia agrees and Mia sighs.

“Ok well we have to go but will see you tomorrow at school” Amelia sais and they get in the car and go.

“Amelia seems nice” Edward sais to me.

“Yeah, Mia is too but she’s just a little bit uncomfortable with vampires” I say back.

“Yes she’s very protective about you. She cares about you a lot” Edward sais gazing into the distance and I nod and smile.

“I care about her too” I say.

“So maybe we should go tell the others about our plans with the Moon Hunters” Edward sais eyeing me suspiciously.

“Yeah about that; I was going to tell you but we just sort of planned it this weekend” I mutter.

“It’s ok, ready?” he asks and I climb on his back and put my arms around his neck exited that were going to run through the forest to the Cullen’s.

“Ready” I reply and suddenly we’re raising through the forest passing the trees that just look like blurs and imagining how the Cullen’s will react to our little plans for Thursday.


“I cannot believe you just agreed to that with that leech and you actually shook hands with him” I shout at Amelia appalled.

“And I cannot believe you acted like such an immature brat, Mia” she snaps back and I scowl at the radio in the car who is playing she will be loved by Maroon 5.

“I hate that song!” I say out of the blue and turn it off.

“No you don’t and don’t you change the subject here. Why couldn’t you be a little nicer to him?” she says more gently.

“I can’t believe you have to ask that, We’re vampire hunters and they are vampires do the math” I say.

“No, no…..there’s something else going on here….Listen Mia that happened 10 years ago and you have to let it go now or at least not hold it against every vampire you see. Besides I don’t think he asked for it” Amelia sais to me and she’s right, I do blame every vampire for my parents death but that’s not the case in this situation.

“I appreciate you trying to help but I’d rather you not and besides that’s not my particular problem with this one” which is true. My problem here is Bella. She shouldn’t be hanging out with vampires.

“I know you think she’s in danger but I think he really loves her. I mean didn’t you notice it in his eyes?” she asks me.

“Speaking of eyes did you notice how he was staring at us? I don’t mean the hungry stare he-he actually looked like he was looking in on our minds do you think maybe…” I say letting the question hang knowing she’ll understand what I’m saying.

“Oh…well I doubt it. Bella didn’t mention anything about that and besides you know those were just stories Grandpa told us when we were kids to scare us” Amelia said dismissing my theory quickly.

“Well I don’t think he would tell her that I mean what would he say ‘hey Bella I’m a vampire who can read minds’? please he’s not stupid” I say.

“Well she knows he’s a vampire, she could have known and not said anything duh” I add.

“Well we will just have to find out on Thursday” Amie sais.

“Oh and speaking of Thursday, we have to tell the others about our little get together with the vampires” I remind her and she groans.

“Yeah it’s Cami I’m worried about” she sais.

“Yeah I can’t wait to see her reaction” I say chuckling and wondering how everyone else is going to take it.

Alice’s BOP

I was working on a new design for Rosalie on the computer when I start to see something. It’s at Bella’s house and two of the Moon Hunters are there, Mia, the short one with red hair and Amelia with the brown hair and kitty face, Edward and Bella are talking with them. They’re talking about getting to know each other better and they’re going to come over to our house on Thursday? And now Edward and Bella are coming here to tell us.

“Alice, Alice what’s wrong? What are you seeing?” Jasper sais shaking me. I snap out of it and blink slowly not believing what I just saw.

“What is it Alice?” Esme sais rubbing my arm.

“I just saw….well Edward will be here soon so maybe he should tell you” I say not wanting to be the one to say it. Let Edward and Bella do it.

“Is it bad?” Emmett asks.

“Well I don’t know what you would think Emmett” I say grinning. Rosalie is sitting on the couch next to Emmett pretending she doesn’t even care. Suddenly I get the sweet scent of Bella and then Edward.

“We’re here” Edward sais coming in with Bella. I smile at Bella.

“Hi Bella” I say.
Edward what just happened I saw, I think to Edward showing him my vision and he nods at me.
I didn’t tell them yet. It’s all yours , I think back and he smiles a little.

“Everyone Bella and I have some news. We agreed to meet the Moon Hunters you know to get to know them better” Edward says and suddenly the house is full of commotion and everyone is talking at the same time.

“Oh That’s wonderful! Are they coming here? What should we cook?” Warm, good hearted Esme is saying while Rosalie glares and said “What?!!!!”. “Well what do they want?” Emmett sais while Jasper says “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea” and Carlisle says “I think we should give it a try, if they’re nice enough to even offer I think it would be rude to refuse, besides that’s probably a big sacrifice for them and we should get to know them” I’m thinking what I and everyone are going to wear for Thursday.

“Everyone please settle down” Edward says and they quiet down except Rosalie.

“When are they coming Edward?” she asks scowling.

“Thursday” He replies.

“Ugh I can’t believe you just agreed to that without even discussing it with us” she sneers back.

“Rosalie please” Carlisle says and we go to the dining room and sit down. Funny last time we sat here to have a family meeting it was about the Moon Hunters.

“I think it’s a good idea to get to know them and everyone will be on their best behavior agreed?” Carlisle says very fatherly.

“Agreed” Everyone says except Rose. She sighs and then mutters “Agreed”
I’m beaming of joy and bouncing up and down clapping my hands together. If the Moon hunters come, that means well have more friends and besides they seem really nice, I just hope this goes well and doesn’t turn into a fight.

Authors note: Hey guys i have to apologize because it took so long to post but i didn't go to school today just so i could post this chapter for you. Sorry if there are any mistakes i was kindoff in a hurry haha well i hope you liked it , comment and chapter 16 will be up sooner. Thank You 4 reading!!! :D
Hey bee,
Omygod finally you posted !!!!!!!!! yay!!
First it was awsome !!!!
Second i loved it
Third keep going !!!
and fourth i need more so don't keep us waiting so long 4 chapt 16 k!!!!!!!!! ps i don't think i could take it!!!!!.....
Love , Hugs & xxxx's
-Allie- :D
Btw: Happy early Valentine's day !...i know its a while but i wanted to be the first to say it 2 u i???
*New Reader*
Love ur fanfic!!!!! So much drama!
Please update me!
Sure thing kourtney! thnx 4 reading !!

~Doom g!rl~ x_X
Chapter 16:

We got home, Amie parked in front of the house and we got out and walked into the house ready to face everyone else. Dimitri should be ok with it though, he thought it was a splendid idea a couple of days ago. I’m hoping Camile isn’t home so we just have to tell Alex and Dimitri and let them deal with her later, but of course the forces of nature aren’t at my side-or we wouldn’t even be in this mess-and she’s sitting in the living room reading that stupid Mastering Your Hebi Ken book. She merely glances up at us and mutters “Hey”.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t expect much of a greeting from you, since obviously reading is so hard for you it takes all of your concentration” I say which earns me an exasperated look and a sigh from Amelia.

“Sorry let me try this ‘hey guys how’d it go since I haven’t seen you in like 20 minutes. How was your drive? How’s everything?’ oh wait that’s right I couldn’t care less” she says never looking up from the book.

“Well you should because we’ve got news” I announce just as Alex and Dimitri come in from the back yard looking sweetie and tired.

“Unless it involves you moving out I don’t care” is her witty response.

“Which is code for I couldn’t love you more” I say pleasantly.

“Will you two stop it? We do have important news and you all have to listen because it involves ALL of us” Amelia finally breaks in annoyed.

“What is it?” Dimitri asks.

“When we went to take Bella home, Edward was there and we sort of arranged to meet each other, you know us and them” Amelia sais quickly.

“What do you mean ‘sort off’?” Camile scowls.

“Like we’re sort of going to visit them on Thursday after school” I cut in and Camile closes her book and everyone starts talking at the same time.

“Why do we have to meet them?” Alex asks bewildered.

“I thought Bella was joking” Dmitri adds.

“There’s no point in arguing, were all going” Amelia shouts.
Camile starts laughing.

“Everyone shut up” I say, and they do.

“Well have fun at vampire crypt” Camile says snickering.

“Your coming too” I tell her and she gets up from her chair and walks up to me.

“Who’s going to make me?” she growls.

“Maybe I will” I growl back and bare my teeth.

“Girls calm down. We’re all going want too or not” Dimitri says coming between us. And I back off, just because Dimitri says it.

“You can’t make me” Camile shouts.
“No but think of it this way, we were sent here because of them but since they don’t hunt humans our mission was pointless, but don’t you think we should get to know them at least? See if they’ve committed other crimes maybe” Dimitri says and Camile nods angrily.

“ok fine but only because it’s part of the mission. But I’m only going if I can take all my weapons” she says.

“Even though I think it isn’t going to be, necessary fine you can take them” Dimitri says. Well obviously there’s no way I would go there without them.

“I’m not going” Alex suddenly says. Wow, I didn’t even remember he was here. He always talks a lot but he’s hardly said anything since this discussion started.

“You have too, we’re all going” Amelia says.

“You don’t need me. It won’t make a difference if I go or not” he says his voice filled with determination and his eyes filled with sadness. He turns away and runs to his room. Something’s definitely wrong with Alex.

“Wow, that’s odd behavior, even for Alex” says Camile.

“Yeah he’s been acting strange ever since we got here” Amelia mutters.

“I’ll go talk to him” I head upstairs to Alex’s room and the door’s closed.

“Alex? …Alex open the door it’s me” I say knocking but all I hear is something smashing against the door and Alex yelling “Go Away!”

“Why?” I ask him through the door feeling like a mom dealing with her teenage son’s angst and problems.

“Because I don’t want to talk to anyone” he shouts back.

“Not even me? Well you’re gonna have to come out sometime and when you do I’ll be here waiting. I’m not going anywhere until you open the door” I shout back. There’s a long pause of silence and then the door opens.

“Ok it’s open now what do you want?” he asks his voice full of hostility but his eyes red rimmed as if he were crying, but I refuse to mention it knowing he’ll throw me out. Alex ,who never cries or shows weakness.

“Is this because we’re going to visit them?” I ask and he shrugs but then it hits me, Bella.

“Does this have anything to do with Bella?” I ask and he looks away. Aha.

“Ok but I still don’t get it. Why are you upset? You’ve never been like this over a girl-“ I say until he cuts me off.

“You don’t understand, that’s the problem she’s not just a girl. I think she’s….she’s my….i can’t even say it” He says still not looking at me.

“What? Tell me” I say softly.

“This might sound crazy but….I think she’s my soulmate” he says and looks at me to wait for my reaction.

“Oh…you think so?” I say and he sighs.

“Yes I mean ever since I saw her I felt whole and complete, like all this time something’s been missing… and then when I kissed her it just felt …I don’t know, right and every time I’m without her my heart acks. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and when I touch her…” he trailed off and shook his head. “And I hate myself for it” he adds bitterly.

“Why? I mean if she really is your soulmate then she should feel that way too I mean look, faith probably made us come here just so you could meet isn’t that how this works?” I ask and he laughs a little.

“Maybe but it just feels like I don’t have a choice, like I’ll never love anyone but her” he says and I almost laugh. Play boy Alex who’s dated more girls than my age and has never been serious about any of them.

“Well I don’t know if you’re right or not-but if it makes you happy then you don’t have to come with us. We’re not going to make you do anything you’re not comfortable with but I should say that I think you should come”

“Why? So I can watch-“ he says but I interrupt.

“No, so you can get to know Edward and the vampires and- wait did you tell Bella about the soulmate thing?”

“No, of course not. I don’t even think it’s true, but if it is then she’ll have to realize it too” says Alex.

“Who knows maybe she already has and she just doesn’t know how to tell the sucker”

“Maybe” he shrugs.

“And that’s why I think you should come”

“Ok” he says.

“So your coming?” I ask knowing his ‘ok’ could mean anything.

“I don’t know yet”

“Ok well I’ll leave you alone now, but my door is open in case you wanna talk some more k?” I say and he nods and smiles.

“Hey Mia” Alex sais as I’m leaving his room and I pause and look back.


“Thanks” he says and before my jaw can drop to the floor like an idiot, I smile and go. Omygod, Alex just said Thanks. That’s something you don’t hear everyday.

Authors note: Thnx 4 reading guys and hope u liked it !!! plz comment, i like 2 know wat u think and btw this chapter was 4 pages on word.
OMG!!!!!! Loved it!!!!
Please let Edward and Bella stay together cuz if Alex and Bella get together then the other vamp hunters won't have any reason to not try to kill the Cullens!!!!! I CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Please post more!
Thank u !! glad u liked it!
And its a g00d enough reason'll have 2 wait and see wat happens....but i think i have come up with a good enough solution...... (]=
Awesome!!!! i'm working on chapter 17 now and hopefully itll be up soon but i'm not sure when....:D
Hey hey I'm a new reader and I love it!!
Omg Alex and Bella so cute!
He's totaly in love with her!!
I hope they get together!!!
Sorry Edward but she is in love with him too
plz dont make bella go with alex it will kill edward
Haha.....idk.....u'll have 2 wait and c.....and thnx 4 commenting and reading ! ! ! ;)
Hey, D00m g!rl *cough* Bee *cough*
You changed ur name?! Why?! i liked calling u Bee !!! ]'= anyway....
Wow Totally totally loved it !! More asap!!!!! And Bela & Alex should b 2gether and Edward should just move on
anyway keep it up and change ur name back 2 Bumble Bee!

L)v3 Allie,,,,,,xoxoxo (=


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