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Hey guys
So i got a new idea for a story. What if Moon Hunters (vampire hunters) came to Forks. Would it turn into a war or would the vampire hunters and Cullen's ever be friends?? Would Edward and Bella stay together ?? In the story Bella is human and the Cullen's are vampires. Anyway a bunch of stuff happen...tell me if i should continue..

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Hahaha yeah....i've erased and writen it over & over.....sigh couldn't decide...anyway hope u like it!
Hey Muffinz!, (btw l0000ve the new name-much betta- even though i really liked calling u bee i think i like Muffinz betta. Lolz and madd muffinz hahahaha funny and cute. Can you imagine seeing a crazy muffin on the lose?! *screaming of terror!*)
Anyway loved it !! it was really an awesome chappie and OMG ur a soooo mean! You can't just leave me hanging like that! Alex is hurt?! noooooooooo! but i guess i can live till tomorrow..... sigh
Still love yah!,
-Allie- xoxo =D
Hi Allie
Lol thnx yeah i like this name 2 and yea i actually had a dream about muffinz! And some muffinz did go crazy! so yep been there anyway thnx 4 reading!
Love u 2!
Omg plsz posT more soon iht been lyk monthsz since yhu posted.hope alex ok.wonder how eddie gnna react wen bella say iht. Over I'm srry but. I luv alex now est. Keep meh updated
yeah really sorry about not posting for sooo long but i'm back on and i'm updating all my ff and this one's next so hopefully i'll be p;osting really soon!!! so plz just be patient a little longer. I promise i'll update!!! And haha yeah same here! heheh hope Edward isn't jealous.....

thnx 4 the support even though i've let u down lately but like i said i'll be posting soon! if i don't post right away its because i'm also working on a new ff called The Red Swan in the meantime if you wanna read heres the link;

~Paris M.M 0.0~
I'm sorry I just don't like that! bella has feelings for alex!!!
other than that im fine
Haha ok tatz cool. Everyone has there own opininon, it's just an idea we all love Ed & bells together. Hope u keep reading. :P
Notice: Hey guys so I thought I should tell you why I haven’t posted in so long. A while ago I had written the next chapter and was ready to post but then as you may know, the ff all got deleted. I posted chapters from 1 to 4 and later was going to post more but then something horrible happened. My computer got a serious virus and it erased EVERYTHING on my computer including chapter 18! I was so sad and disappointed I didn’t even feel like writing anymore. I was ready to give it up but then you guys started commenting and I got back on track and was able to start it over so yeah you’re the inspiration for this chapter so it’s dedicated to everyone who reads this story. Thnx 4 commenting, your commentz r wat make my day! I don’t know if it’s as good as the others but I hope u like it n plz tell me wat u think.

Chapter 18:
I didn’t even think about what I was doing or the possible consequences, I just acted with my instincts. I got up the table and rushed after Mia and into the car. I thought I heard someone faintly calling my name but I couldn’t even be sure because all of my attention was focused on one thing, Alex. The entire car ride I was just thinking about all the worst possible ways I could find him in so I wouldn’t be too shocked when I saw him. I looked out the window and watched as dozens of trees passed us in a blur. That was the only sign I had of knowing that we were flying down the highway, but after a while I started to get dizzy and looked away. The ride was quite, the only noise audible was the soft purr of the car’s engine. Nobody had mentioned where we were going but I imagined it was a hospital, though I realized once we’d arrived that the building looked like anything but a hospital. The building was painted in all the purple colors you could possibly imagine, like a purple rainbow, with a touch of orange. The windows were beautiful with little symbols carved in of moons and suns and there was no sign indicating what this was supposed to be. Honestly I thought the building looked more like and art gallery. We walked up to the huge doors. Mia touched the doorknobs, but it didn’t look like she was trying to open it.

“Name please” said a robotic voice.

“Hunter Mia Sanders code 6485” Mia replied speaking into a speaker that was located right next to the doors. Hmm weird I hadn’t even noticed that there before. Then Amelia took Mia’s place saying her full name and code.

“Hunter Amelia Anderson code 1396 and visitor Bella Swan” she said into the speaker. Mia tried the doorknobs again and surprisingly they opened with ease. We entered and I saw that inside it did sort of look like a hospital but with more colors.

“This is the Moon Hunter Hospital” Mia told me and I nodded gazing around the place. We head towards the desk we’re a young girl was seated. She looked like a porcelain doll. She’s small and has the most adorable face ever with light baby blue eyes, a cupid mouth, a tiny nose surrounded by lots of blonde wavy hair.

“Hi Mia, Amelia how can I help you today?” she asks in a warm honey voice that sounded like bell chimes, and smiled.

“Hi Annabel we’re here to see Alex” Mia says and grins at the girl.

“Yes of course he came in a little while ago. He’s in room 313 and who’s this?” asks Annabel gazing at me.

“Oh this is Bella, she’s just a close friend” Mia answers her and smiles at me.

“Well hi Bella nice to meet you, you can call me Anna” she says smiling.

“Hi Anna nice to meet you too. Are you a hunter too?” I say and smile back, trying to be patient because all I want is to go look for Alex. But I really am curious if this petite young girl is a vampire hunter.

“Umm yes but I just go when they don’t have anyone else. I’m sort of a substitute are you training to become a hunter too?” Annabel asks me and suddenly Amie and Mia tense. They both look at me and then back at Anna.

“No she’s not. Ok well nice talking to you we have to go see Alex” she says answering for me, her jaw tense as if ready for a battle.

“Take the elevator to floor 3 and just head straight down till the end of the hall” calls Anna as we head towards the elevator. Mia presses the button and the elevator door opens, we enter and it closes. We finally get to floor 3 and the doors open again revealing a very long hall which we followed to the end and then entered the last room, 313. I wonder why Mia and Amie were so tense when Anna mentioned if I was training too. I decided I’d ask her later about that. We all entered the room, I holding my breath not sure of what I’d see. Would I be able to handle if I saw Alex really bad? When I finally saw him I let go of my breath because he looked fine. I silently thanked the heavens. He was sitting up in bed and looking as beautiful as ever. The only thing different that I noticed was that his skin was paler than before and his eyes looked tired. There were some wires hooked up to his arm, other than that everything looked ok. We had all gone inside but I could tell that the first thing he saw was me, he smiled wide like a child on Christmas and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Bella” he said and turned the smile into my favorite smirk.

“Yeah hi to you too bro” Mia said in a fake- offended voice because he had only really noticed me.

“Oh hey guys what’s up?” he asks casually as if he has no idea why we’re here. Then he adds “I thought you were supposed to be in school”.

“What’s up? We’re here to see you! What happened to you anyway?” Amelia says with a worried expression.

“Oh please don’t worry I’m fine, actually better than fine but they won’t let me go” he says.

“You’ve only been here a couple of hours” replies Mia with a smirk of her own.

“Yeah well I’m already sick of this place” he replies sighing and we laugh.

“Are the other here?” Amie says probably anxious to make sure her brother’s ok.
“Yeah I think they went down to the caf. It gets pretty boring up here after a while” he responds.

“Ok well we’re gonna go talk to the others, we’ll be back in a little while k Bells?” Mia tells me but before I can reply they’re already out the door, probably to give us some alone time. I walk over to stand right next to him and gaze at him lovingly, he gazes back with the same expression.

“You came” he says simply and I smile.

“How couldn’t I? I was so worried when I heard you where here. How’re you feeling?” I ask him. He runs his hands through my hair gently and then settles on my check. His hand feels surprisingly cold, but still nice and so I lay mine on top of his.

“Really I feel fine, I shouldn’t even be here” he says and ironically winces obviously in pain.

“Are you sure?” I ask and he knows I want to know exactly what happened.

“Yeah it’s just my arm. It stings a little, stupid blood sucker bite me. The worst is that I’ll have that stupid mark forever” he groans and I notice for the first time the mark the vampire left behind when his teeth sunk into Alex’s flesh. And I shouldn’t be surprised when I see that it looks exactly like mine, but I am. And it’s also exactly where mine is.

“Yeah this is what it’ll look like with time. Don’t worry it’s barely noticeable” I say and pull up my long sleeve up reveling the half moon mark James left behind. He gasps when he sees it and I instinctively pull my sleeve back down. But then he reaches for my sleeve and pulls it back up, he touches it lightly.

“How-How’d you get that? You’re not a vampire”

“No but I would have been if Edward hadn’t saved me by sucking the venom out” I tell him honestly and shudder thinking of that awfully painful day. I pull my sleeve back down and gaze out the window trying to erase the memory. I look back at Alex and our eyes meet and for a moment it’s like we’re the only ones on the planet. We slowly lean in to each other and our lips meet. His lips feel cold but still amazing on mine. The kiss is wild and intense and I know I should break away because I’m still with Edward but I can’t and just kisses him back. His tongue traces my bottom lip and I open up to him feeling his cool breath in a rush. My hands place themselves around his neck like they have a life of their own and his settle on my waist pulling me closer to him until there’s not even space for a piece of paper to fit between. We kiss for about 3 more seconds and then pull away from each other. Alex is smiling but I can’t smile back because I just realized I did it again I kissed him again and I couldn’t stop myself. It was like my body had a life of its own, but worst of all I didn’t want to stop either.

“Well that’s definitely going to help with my recovery” he says trying to lighten up the mood.

“I sure hope so” That would be a great excuse for why I kissed him. He opens his mouth as if to say something, pauses and sighs.

“What’s wrong Alex?” I say suddenly tense with worry.

“I have to tell you something but I’m not sure how you’re gonna take it” he says and I nod encouragingly.

“Tell me” I say.

“Well I don’t know if you knew but we Moon Hunters have a little bit of vampire blood in our system, that’s what makes us stronger and faster than average humans” he says.

“Yes I know, Mia told me. But you don’t drink blood” I say it as a fact.

“No but when a vampire bites one of us they have to extract the venom out quickly before it spread and goes into our blood system and mixes with the rest of the vampire blood because if not…” he leaves the sentence hanging.

“Yes?” I urge him on. He looks at the floor unable to look at me when he says “We turn into full vampires”. I don’t know why he’s telling me this but I decided to just wait quietly for him to finish what he’s saying and see if it all makes sence.

After a while he finally meets my eyes-his looking grave- and says “Bella I’m turning into a vampire”.

“What? Are you sure? Because the transformation really hurts. I think you would notice if you where” I tell him trying to erase that possibility out of my head but it suddenly makes sense why he felt so cold.

“It does hurt but not as much as it would a human because of the vampire blood I already have in my system. And it only takes 2 days for it to be complete” he tells me.

“Can’t they do anything? Suck it out or something?” I say nervously.

“No it’s already spread far too much and too deep. Only you, the doctor and Dimitri and Camile know. Though they probably told Mia and Amie by now even though I told them not to say anything” he said.

“Don’t worry everything’s going to work out” I told him not really sure of my own words. I hugged him tight and noticed my eyes were wet.

“I don’t know about that because this might be the last time I see you” he said and I broke into tears. Alex wrapped his arms around me as I cried.
i love it keep writting and i will be reading hurry and post more soon b4 i go crazy.jk : )
hahaha ok i will lol :P
thnx !! i will!
omg more please!!!


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