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Hey guys
So i got a new idea for a story. What if Moon Hunters (vampire hunters) came to Forks. Would it turn into a war or would the vampire hunters and Cullen's ever be friends?? Would Edward and Bella stay together ?? In the story Bella is human and the Cullen's are vampires. Anyway a bunch of stuff happen...tell me if i should continue..

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Chapter 1:

I was sitting at lunch with Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett while eating a slice of pizza and watching them make believe they eat. Emmett was making a bet against Jasper, Rosalie and Alice we’re talking about a new design Alice was planning for Rose and Edward was staring at me. I tuned back into reality.
“You’re on” Jazz said to Emmett.
“It sounds awesome!” Rose was saying to Alice.
“Yeah I was…” Alice started to say when she got that blank look on her face when she was seeing a vision.
“Alice what is it?” Jazz was asking Alice.
“They’re coming” she said still having that blank look on her face. Edward tensed next to me.
“Who’s coming?” Jazz asked her.
“They’re coming here” she repeated.
“Who…” Jasper was about to ask again when the bell rang and Edward shot him a menacing look.
“Come on let’s get to class” Edward said. We got up and headed to Biology. I planned to ask him what Alice saw. He had to tell me.
We settled in our seats when Mr. Banner entered the class room.
“Ok class settle down” he said. I quickly ripped a piece of paper from my notebook and started scribbling my note to Edward.

~What happened? What did Alice see? Tell me everything.~
I passed the note to Edward. He sighed and began writing.

It’s nothing you need to worry about Bella. Everything is going to be alright.

He gave me back the note. I read it and frowned.
~‘Everything is going to be alright’, What’s going on? Is it the Volturri? Edward please tell me.~

I gave him back the note and hoped he would tell me this time. He sighed again and began writing. I lost hope because he wrote it too quickly.

No it’s not them.
I read the note and began mine.

~So what’s going on then?~
As I wrote the note Mr. Banner passed by and I hide the note. Then I passed it to Edward. He read and passed me the note back.

I’ll tell you when we get home.

~Do you promise?~


Maybe not right now, but Edward would explain later. The bell rang and class ended, I must have tuned out cause I had no idea what the class was about. Edward and I walked to his car in silence. Of course Rose and Emmett had taken their car with Alice and Jasper so I couldn’t ask her now. Alice caught up to us in the parking lot.
“Edward meat us at home” she said.
“Ok let me take Bella home first” he said. I couldn’t believe he wanted to take me home.
“No bring Bella. She should know too, she’s part of the family” she said. Thank you Alice!
“Ok. Fine” he said obviously not too happy about it. Alice walked away to the others and left. Edward opened the door for me and we left to his house.

*Here is chapter 1, let me know if I should continue and chapter 2 will be more interesting. Thnx for reading*
love it, keep me updated!
yay glad u like it !!! chapter 2 will be up in a lil while !!!!! ;)
Keep writing I want to know how Bella reacts
ok thnx guys i will post chapter 2 soon !!!!! thnx 4 reading :D
Hey Bee,
I really really love it !! its amazing and i want more !! like now !!
I cant wait to meet the Moon Hunters !!!
Keep me updated !!!!
xoxo Allie =P
Ok thanks for reading and i will post chapter 2 tomorrow !!!!!!!! i hope u guys like it !!
i love it!..keep on going
thnx cinthia i will !!!! :D
Chapter 2:

The ride was quiet and short due to Edward’s driving. We walked in and they were all sitting in the dining room which of course wasn’t really used for its reason of eating, it was more of a family meetings room. Carlisle sat at the head of the table with Esme to his right and Edward to his left, I was next to Edward and Alice was next to me. At the other end of the table Jasper sat with Rosalie next to him and next to Rose was Emmett.

“ok so we are all here to discuss Alice’s vision today” Carlisle said.

“Well can the rest of us know what the vision was first” Rosalie said a little annoyed.

“Yes Rosalie I was getting to that part” Carlisle said and continued. “Why don’t we let Alice tell us” he said to Alice.

“I saw the Moon Hunters, five of them, three girls and two guys. They were sent here.” she said. Everyone tensed and I heard someone gasp.

“When are they coming?” Jasper asked.

“They might be arriving tomorrow or in two days. I’m not sure exactly” she replied.

“That’s not much time. Well what do they want?” Emmett asked.

“I’m not sure. I think they’re coming to check on us” Alice said a little annoyed.

“We haven’t done anything wrong! We don’t even hunt humans! In fact I think were the safest vampires around” Rosalie said mad and I flinched.

“I know” Alice said.

“Umm excuse me what’s a Moon Hunter?” I asked since it looked like no one was going to explain.

“Well we don’t know if that’s the reason they’re coming” Edward said as if I hadn’t said anything.

“Why else would they be coming?” Alice said.

“Excuse me would anyone care to explain what a Moon Hunter is?” I asked again a little annoyed.Everyone looked at me as if they had forgotten I was here.

“Moon Hunters are half human, half angel people who dedicate themselves to protecting humans from demons and bad creatures. You could also say they’re like vampire hunters or something like it” Jasper finally explained.

“They are supposed to be a myth” Alice added. Oh yes like my life wasn’t about myths. Surprise, Surprise.

“Or extinct” Emmett said who was the only one who looked relaxed.

“Oh” was all I said. Edward tightened his arm around me.

“I had a vision they were coming here, five of them” Alice repeated for me now that I knew what they were.

“Are they stronger than vampires?” I asked.

“Hell no” Emmett answered.

“No. But they are stronger than humans and they have weapons” Alice said.

“What kind of weapons?” I asked not sure if I wanted the answer.

“Weapons that specialize in killing or hurting demons and stuff” Alice said.

“Demons?” I asked, again not sure if I wanted the answer.

“Another word for vampires ,Bella, demons. Soulless creatures” Edward said.

“You have souls” I contradicted.

“Nobody knows for sure” Jasper said.

“And bad creatures?” I asked.

“You know like werewolf’s” Alice said as if it was nothing.

“Werewolf’s protect humans from vampires” I said worried thinking of Jake and the wolf pack.

“Yeah but not according to them, but they’re supposed to be a myth, the Moon Hunters I mean” Alice added.

“Like vampires and werewolf’s?” I asked. Werewolf’s and vampires didn’t seem to be a myth anymore.

“Um yeah but I guess they might not be a myth either” Alice said.

“Moon Hunters are supposed to keep demons in order” Jasper said.

“Oh” I simply replied.

“So what would they want with us. We haven’t broken any rules” Rosalie said.

“Guess we’ll have to find out when they get here” Emmett said.

“Yes we will just have to wait” Carlisle agreed and with that the meeting was pretty much over.

“Should someone warn Jake and the pack?” I asked. Everyone stared at me.

“No not yet. We don’t know what they want yet” Edward said.

“Do we even know they’re scent?” Rosalie asked.

“I don’t believe so but we have Edward and Alice to know who they are” Carlisle said.

“True” Rosalie said.

“I’ve heard it’s like pine tree and orange” Jasper said.

“What do we do now?” Emmett asked.

“We wait and be prepared” Alice said and continued “Well at least we know Bella is not in danger”

“What makes you say that Alice?” Emmett asked.

“They’re supposed to protect humans from us. So I doubt they would hurt a human Emmett” she said in her obvious voice.

“Oh right” Emmett replied. Alice and Rosalie got up and went to the computer to work on their new fashion proyect, Emmett and Jasper went to watch T.V and Edward took me home. Charlie would be home soon and I had to make dinner.
We got home and thankfully Charlie wasn’t home yet. Edward opened my door and I got out. He kissed me and like always I got carried away, I locked my arms around his neck, but then too soon he broke away unlocking my arms from his neck. That was his reaction when he most wanted to keep going. I sighed.

“Will I see you tonight?” I asked.

“Yes. If you want me to come” he replied.

“I always want you” I said.

“Charlie will be here soon” he said. We said goodbye and I watched him leave. I quickly took out the left over lasagna and heated it up and made some salad. I heard the door open and Charlie came in.

“Bella?” he called. Who else.

“In the kitchen” I said.

“Mmm smells good” he said. I set two pieces of lasagna on the plates and some salad and sat down to eat.

“How was school?” he asked.

“Good” I tried to hide the panic in my voice.

“How was work?” I asked.

“Slow” he said. I finished and put my plate in the sink in a hurry to get up to my room.

“In a hurry” he asked.

“Umm yeah I’m tired” I said and went upstairs. Edward wouldn’t be here for a while so I did some homework to pass the time. After I was done with my homework I brushed my teeth and put my pajamas on.
I didn’t know if I should be worried about this. What would these Moon Hunters want with the Cullen’s. Did this mean we had to get away from here. I would have to go with them. I was not staying away from Edward, I couldn’t. I heard the window open and gasped. Suddenly I felt cool arms around me. Edward.

“I’m sorry did I frighten you?” he said.

“No I’m fine” I lied quickly.

“So should I be worried about this Moon Hunter thing?” I asked.

“No Bella. Don’t worry we don’t even know what they want” he said.

“Will we have to go away for a while?” I asked still worried.

“No don’t worry. See this is why I didn’t want to tell you about this now. You’re probably worrying over nothing. I don’t want you to be worried” he whispered.

“I’d rather know even if I am worried than not know at all” I contradicted trying to calm down.

“I know” he said. I yawned involuntarily.

“Sleep my love, dream happy dreams, everything is going to be fine” he said and started humming my lullaby. I snuggled closer and closed my eyes falling asleep.

*Hope you guys liked it. Chapter 3 is on its way! and don't forget 2 comment! ;D*
i liked it!'s interesting..keep me updated!pleasee!("
hahaha sure will !!! thnx 4 reading :D


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