The Twilight Saga

When Bella has been turned, when Edward is dying,When disease plagues the world and life is full of nothing but distrust even to your closest friends.

Switching the roles of Bella and Edward was an idea i have been thinking on for a long time and i decided to finally write on it! so ENJOY.

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Warning: There is alot of random chats, banner talk, and more between the Chapters, if you don't want to encounter too much i recommend using the links.... (if the links are wrong please message me to correct me) THANKS!! (+)

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHAPTER 1

Chapter 1 

Moving back (BPOV)


Coming back to Carlisle was as much exciting as it was dreadful. When we had grown too 'old'
to still reside in our old town, Carlisle had tried to drag me to Chicago, Illinois but i had refused i wanted to live in Europe for a while, life in the United States always reapeating had made me suffer. I had tried to convince him to come with me but it had been worthless he had still gone to Chicago, now the centre of Chaos, the Heartland of the now a very serious cough. He was, as always, following his calling, like he had when he had saved me, me but not my mom or dad. just me, mom and dad's hearts having already stopped by the time he got to us, just mine had kept going. But now it was frozen as much as his.

He hadn't known when we had separated that his job would turn into caring for this ver weird strain of cough but that didn't matter as i came to reunite with him. He was once again my 'brother', i would be his very educated sister, stuck with him after our parents had been killed in a 'robbery'. Atleast he had spared me the torture of sitting through classes by saying i had had a private tutor, he had by now set up everything for me to move back in with him. But i was certain that going back now was tempting fate as he would be very short tempered because he couldn't be at the hospital 24 hours straight trying to find out the similarities between his sick patients. That would be too bad, but atleast i would actually have him during the day, just my nights would be lonesome, and even then maybe i would go to the hospital and help him, he would be happy to have untireable help, i was sure.

I had returned not because of the war, but because i had missed him, i had left in 1915 before the States had joined the war, and now i was returning, because I missed Carlisle and the on going sameness of life back home.

The new house was just as big as the last one had been. Carlisle offered me to come with him to the hospital so i could meet all his assistants and the nurses. I had refuesed. I wouldn't go to the hospital my first day back with him, not the first day back in the states. He left for the hospital an hour before the sun set, so i decided to grab a jacket, Though i didnt need it, and go for a walk, maybe pick up some books from any store, not that Carlisle hadn't kept all my books from before i left. As i walked in the park i saw HIM. He was with a woman that appeared to be his mother, with her same hair, and a man, i guessed he must have been the father. They were a beautiful family, mother and son with bronze hair. They were having a picnic, and laughing so hard it was almost impossible for me to take my eyes of them.

In the middle of their laughter the older man started to cough, loud and hard. I didn't need to be Carlisle to know he was sick, but apparently his family did. Sad for them for if he didn't have that cough cure soon he wouldn't be around them for long. I walked on, they may have been the happiest humans i had seen in so long, but they were just that, humans, never knowing what was best for them and always making mistakes. I went home after that, sad to see happiness never lasted. i read for the rest of the night, waiting for Carlisle to come back.

"Bella?" Carlisle called softly as he came in.

"I'm over here!" I called from his study.

I looked up as he came in the door. "How was the hospital?"

"Bad, there are more people getting sick, i dont think it's just a cough anymore, i think i may be more." He had gone on talking about the Symtoms and its targets. I listened and discussed what it could be. But life went on... well time did, life, for me atleast, had stopped forty years ago.

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o... sorry. i had a little .. problem. but its up now. :)
Post, please!!!!!!!!!
so sorry. i had technical difficulties... (always)
OK! now time for excuses.... I'm sorry about the false alarm of chapter. I had it finished, but i have no idea what happened my documents got erased. ESA and others were the targets. The other stories didn't suffer much since i have hard copies. (of older versions) But ESA unfortunately lost the last chapter. I have re written it, now. :) so sorry about the wait.

Chapter 24
EVELYN (part 2) (BPOV)

He didn't look up. "Evelyn died the day before May. That's why she wasn't there. May had taken care of her. She and i had been there at Evelyn's Deathbed. She helped with others until the influenza over took her." His voice was ful of grief, the grief i felt. I couldnt tell her of her mother's worry. I couldn't get rid of a promise i could never keep.

"She didn't remember when she was agonizing that her daughter had died before." Carlisle kept on.

I closed my eyes. Poor May. His hand patted my shoulder softly.

"Aren't we making Brunch?" Carlisle asked. Trying to distract me.

I opened my eyes. "i guess we are." i looked around. "do you remember how to?" I asked, just a bit overwhelmed. I sat at the table and put my head in my hands. I thought back to when i was human. Remembered making breafast with Renee, after Charlie had left for the station.

"I remember!" I jumped up catching carlisle watching the ingredient on the table with a look of confusion before he jumped too.

"Oh! that's good. I was wondering if we were going to end up poisening them." I had to giggle at his enthusiasm.

We spent half an hour making breakfast, for two reasons, one because we were both rusty in making it, and second because he burnt everything the first time.

As we were setting up the table i heard movement upstairs. Eliza had woken up. I quickly grabbed two plates and made them look like they had been used. As she walked in the kitchen I walked to the sink and placed the plates in.

"Good morning!" she said as she edged in the kitchen.

Carlisle turned. "Good morning Eliza." he said calmly, expecting anything.

Nervously she rubbed down her dress. I could see the persperation on them. She was nercous. "How's E-Edward?" She asked slowly, but her voice still shook.

"He's... well, no changes from last night when you left." His smile was tentive.

Eliza closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and nodded to herself. I wondered what he had told her in the hospital. Carlisle got up from the table and put his hands on the tops of her arms. "C'mon you have to have breakfast. As soon as you're done you can go see him." He led her easily to the table. "and the good thing is!" he paused.

"Very melodramatic." I whispered low for only his ears. I could see his shoulders shake with laughter.

"The good things is! That you're just in time, Bella has made her world famous breakfast." He was so enthusiastic. He smiled as Eliza sat. "Enjoy! I'm tired and need my sleep. I'll see you in a few hours." walked away from the table as he said so.

"What!" She sounded panicked. "Aren't you e-eating with us?" She asked asked, her hand involuntarily reached for him.

He smiled gently. "I already ate dear, don't worry Bella doesn't bite..." "much" he added halfheartedly under his breath. I giggled with his as he laughed sadly. Then he yawned so wide even i almost believed it. But i could see the regret in his eyes. He didn't want to leave. But i couldnt risk him exposing us, not like this.

"Go. Get!" i said in a playful mother tone, but let the seriousness show just a little. "before i have to drag you up when you fall asleep on the floor."

"but... but... i don't... don't want to go anymore." he whined like a little kid, pouting like a four year old, even through the teasing we both could tell the seriousness of the situation. He really wanted to stay but he had to go. I giggled and turned stern. I squinted my eyes at him half playful half serious and put my hands on my waist. He turned around and 'sulked' off laughing. i giggled more, of both humor and relief. Besides he would love to listen in on the conversations in the house. Eliza stared after him. Her hand clenching and unclenching. She looked down.

I walked over to her as i saw the tears come. "It's okay." Was all i could say, not 'it'll be okay', I couldn't tell her her husband would get better. I couldn't give her false hopes. She cried. Probably noticing the lack of those words, the words she probably needed to hear, but i couldn't say. She she stopped i pulled away. There were tear tracks down her cheeks. I wiped them with the napkin. "You need to eat." i said as i got up and placed a plate infront of her, and sat infront of her. "okay? and then we can abandon Carlisle here and go." I smiled, hoping to comfort her instead of frighten. But i had failed. Her facial expression changed swiftly. I felt my smile freeze where it was.

"How old are you?" she asked abruptly.

"Seventeen." I answered just as quickly.

"You act older." She smiled. I almost sighed in relief.

"Mom always used to say that." Not a lie. "now you have to eat." I felt like i was repeating myself.

I looked at the table, but she didn't start eating instead she walked to the sink.

"Dear, do you happen to have a bucket?" She asked, more calmly than she had been all morning.

I looked up at her as she smiled down at me. I nodded slowly. "Could you fetch it for me?" I got up quickly and brought it to her. She quickly filled it up to almost the rim and placed it on the floor. Ah the benefits of having running water. I finally decided to ask what it was for.

"Waking Edward." She said simply. I smiled, Renee used to threatened Charlie the same way when she wanted him awake in the evenings, early mornings make a person go to sleep early. "If i don't make him wake up now he'll sleep until it's dark." I laughed.

"Tell you what, I'll get him, since i already ate, and you eat." I smiled sweetly.

"Yes dear, that sounds good." I turned around but she grabbed me by the elbow. "Don't forget." She pointed at the bucket.

I smiled as i leaned down to get it, and walked away. "she gave me a pale water." I said. I heard the chuckles i was expecting from the other side of the house.

"That's what it sounded like." He said said with a chuckle. "Are you going to used it?"

"If i have to. She wants him awake now."

"I have a better method, if you like sleeping beauty." He chuckled insanely from his room. I shook my head, glad Eliza's hearing wasn't as acute as ours.

"I may try that." I giggled once as i opened Edward's door. I walked to the edge of his bed and sat the bucket by my foot as i sat. "Edward? Wake up."

Nothing. Just a sigh. Man, boys sigh alot in their dreams. I took one of his hands and put my other hand on his cheek. "Edward, wake up." I whispered in his ear, hoping the cold would do my job for me.

His eyes opened slowly. Then shot open as he saw me. "Good morning!" I said happily.

He smiled drowsily. "Good morning. What time is it?"

"About noon, but if you don'twake up soon i will be forced to use that." I pointed at my foot. As soon as he saw the bucket he woke completely. I giggled.

"She uses it alot I'm guessing." I asked curiously.

He chuckled. "She threateneds, but only has used it three times. The first time i didn't listen, so i got it. Then once i accidently went to sleep late because of reading. I didn't wake up when she told me to, so she... attacked." He smiled sheepishly. "It was in the middle of winter. I learned my lesson after that." I laughed with him.

"Well, if you dont want her to come up with another bucket i suggest you get dressed and be downstairs for breakfast." I said as i was about to stand and walk out the room. But he grabbed my hand as i turned my head away from him. I turned back. He sat up slowly and i couldn't help it. I leaned in. I felt his lips mold over mine. I slowly returned the kiss. "You better hurry or Eliza will run up those stairs and throw another bucket of water over you both." I heard Carlisle say, i listened down, sure enough her foot was tapping as her nails hit the the wooden table. I pulled away. I saw the disapointment on Edward's face. I placed my index finger on his lips. "Your mom will come looking for you and find you still in bed. Not only will she ask for your head but mine as well." I said playfully. I heard Carlisle chuckle, i was probably right. Edward took my hand way from his lips and kissed me one more time.

He pulled away after a few short seconds, and smiled. "A goodbye kiss. Until i see you downstairs." He whispered and let go of me. I smiled as i walked out of the room.

"It seems the sleeping beauty tactics do work." Carlisle chuckled from his room. I knew if were still human i would have blushed beet red.

"It seems." said back.

I walked into the kitchen. "How did it go?" She asked.

"He woke up." she looked inside the bucket. "And without the use of our weapon." i said as i giggled. "But when he saw it his eyes opened wider." I kept giggling. She laughed.

I sat in the chair besides her as i set the bucket near the leg of the table. "Eaten much?" i asked.

"Not really, i was worried he'd attack you after the bucket of water." She said with a smile. I giggled.

"Well don't worry now. He'll be downstairs in a few minutes, and the good thing will be that he hasn't attacked anyone." Her smile was happy as she put the first bite of her breakfast in her mouth.

OK! hope you liked it! please comment!
i just love this story it i so good... write more soon i need more of
:) more soon... (hopefully:)
omg your story is so good
pls write more soon
OMG!!! FUNNY!!!! LOL!!!!


Sleeping Beauty woke up though... LOL... YOU SHOULD HAVE DUMPED THE WATER ON HIS HEAD AFTER THAT!!! LOL!!!

And Carlisle was acting like a kid... WOOHOO!!! GO CARLISLE!!!
lol... =)
OMG I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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