The Twilight Saga

When Bella has been turned, when Edward is dying,When disease plagues the world and life is full of nothing but distrust even to your closest friends.

Switching the roles of Bella and Edward was an idea i have been thinking on for a long time and i decided to finally write on it! so ENJOY.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHAPTER 1

Chapter 1 

Moving back (BPOV)


Coming back to Carlisle was as much exciting as it was dreadful. When we had grown too 'old'
to still reside in our old town, Carlisle had tried to drag me to Chicago, Illinois but i had refused i wanted to live in Europe for a while, life in the United States always reapeating had made me suffer. I had tried to convince him to come with me but it had been worthless he had still gone to Chicago, now the centre of Chaos, the Heartland of the now a very serious cough. He was, as always, following his calling, like he had when he had saved me, me but not my mom or dad. just me, mom and dad's hearts having already stopped by the time he got to us, just mine had kept going. But now it was frozen as much as his.

He hadn't known when we had separated that his job would turn into caring for this ver weird strain of cough but that didn't matter as i came to reunite with him. He was once again my 'brother', i would be his very educated sister, stuck with him after our parents had been killed in a 'robbery'. Atleast he had spared me the torture of sitting through classes by saying i had had a private tutor, he had by now set up everything for me to move back in with him. But i was certain that going back now was tempting fate as he would be very short tempered because he couldn't be at the hospital 24 hours straight trying to find out the similarities between his sick patients. That would be too bad, but atleast i would actually have him during the day, just my nights would be lonesome, and even then maybe i would go to the hospital and help him, he would be happy to have untireable help, i was sure.

I had returned not because of the war, but because i had missed him, i had left in 1915 before the States had joined the war, and now i was returning, because I missed Carlisle and the on going sameness of life back home.

The new house was just as big as the last one had been. Carlisle offered me to come with him to the hospital so i could meet all his assistants and the nurses. I had refuesed. I wouldn't go to the hospital my first day back with him, not the first day back in the states. He left for the hospital an hour before the sun set, so i decided to grab a jacket, Though i didnt need it, and go for a walk, maybe pick up some books from any store, not that Carlisle hadn't kept all my books from before i left. As i walked in the park i saw HIM. He was with a woman that appeared to be his mother, with her same hair, and a man, i guessed he must have been the father. They were a beautiful family, mother and son with bronze hair. They were having a picnic, and laughing so hard it was almost impossible for me to take my eyes of them.

In the middle of their laughter the older man started to cough, loud and hard. I didn't need to be Carlisle to know he was sick, but apparently his family did. Sad for them for if he didn't have that cough cure soon he wouldn't be around them for long. I walked on, they may have been the happiest humans i had seen in so long, but they were just that, humans, never knowing what was best for them and always making mistakes. I went home after that, sad to see happiness never lasted. i read for the rest of the night, waiting for Carlisle to come back.

"Bella?" Carlisle called softly as he came in.

"I'm over here!" I called from his study.

I looked up as he came in the door. "How was the hospital?"

"Bad, there are more people getting sick, i dont think it's just a cough anymore, i think i may be more." He had gone on talking about the Symtoms and its targets. I listened and discussed what it could be. But life went on... well time did, life, for me atleast, had stopped forty years ago.

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Chapter 27

The day had started so beautiful, how had it made a turn for the worst?

I had woken to find MY angel at my side. I had shared the most wonderful moments with her. In the moment when he had called me love. how could it have become this......

I felt my heart ripped out, she had heard, but just walked away. ran away. i ran after her called her mane but and i now gave up. I dropped to my knees, and the rest of my body followed. I laid there. the ground cold but it mattered not, tears rolled freely, but that help in nothing to express my pain. I wanted to yell, to be able to yell and get it all out that way, to be heard everywhere. I wanted... so many things. I wanted to have her here. i wanted to not suffer through this. I wanted... to die. A relaxing feeling came over me when i thought the last part, calmed my tears. That would be the only thing to calm this heart. Peace, eternal peace. No need to stay here anothern minute. i Could go and leave the pain behind, no matter WHERE i went as long as i left this body, this mind.

Carlisle came then, he kneeled beside me but i had no reason to look at him i just laid there, my cheek pressed to the cold.

"Oh no, oh no. She didn't she didn't she couldn't have..." he said out loud, then i heard another voice, farther away, very weak, but still Carlisle's. 'She's stronger than this, but his heart is still beating. i can hear it.' I felt myself being turned around, by now the tears had stopped, and dried. No evidence of crying was on my face. I had my eyes open but i saw nothing, just heard. and felt, though i wished i couldn't feel.

I felt something colder, even than the floor. first it touched my forehead, then both my cheeks. 'Oh, dear.' the same voice farway voice said. 'Oh dear. Fever.' i felt myself being picked up, where was he taking me? why couldn't he just let me die, in peace. then i felt the pillow and blanket. I went to sleep trying to aviod the pain, but that helped nothing. I saw her face everywhere in my dream. Every second i saw it it hurt more, i was slowly being cut into pieces. She smiled, sweetly. and that cut deeper. I felt the remains of my heart being pulled out, even the smallest peices. But i didn't try to change the face, I prefered the pain to not seeing it.

Mom's voices woke me. "what happeded? Carlisle! no!" and then she coughed, 'Edward, not both my Edwards please no, my Edwards, Carlisle.' the last was almost a murmur, a plea. I had opened my eyes slowly. Mom had been in Carlisle's chest before she coughed, but she had looked up to him when she had said the his name, it the far away voice. as soon as she coughed his hand flew to her forehead. I felt more pain as his forehead creased and i heard the faraway voice. 'No, Eliza! no. she can't be sick, she just can't not her. Eliza,' then he disapeared. taking Mom with him. I closed my eyes again. The pain multiplied. I wallowed in the last moments in my memory. Masochistically enjoying the lacerations, the pain, my soul suffered from.

I woke to the same far away voices. I opened my eyes, everything blurred in and out of focus. But i saw mom. Sitting besedes me. And Carslie standing besides. "Carlisle! Why is this happening to me! To my Edwards." She cried into his shoulde.

"shh sh." Carlisle whispered to mom and wrapped his arms around her. "You need to rest too. Please. I need to go see my patiens. it's almost time for me to help. I'll come see you often." He kissed her forhead, My vision blurred and i felt myself dropping into an uneasy sleep, in which i ran and ran but never got anywhere.

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