The Twilight Saga

When Bella has been turned, when Edward is dying,When disease plagues the world and life is full of nothing but distrust even to your closest friends.

Switching the roles of Bella and Edward was an idea i have been thinking on for a long time and i decided to finally write on it! so ENJOY.

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Warning: There is alot of random chats, banner talk, and more between the Chapters, if you don't want to encounter too much i recommend using the links.... (if the links are wrong please message me to correct me) THANKS!! (+)

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHAPTER 1

Chapter 1 

Moving back (BPOV)


Coming back to Carlisle was as much exciting as it was dreadful. When we had grown too 'old'
to still reside in our old town, Carlisle had tried to drag me to Chicago, Illinois but i had refused i wanted to live in Europe for a while, life in the United States always reapeating had made me suffer. I had tried to convince him to come with me but it had been worthless he had still gone to Chicago, now the centre of Chaos, the Heartland of the now a very serious cough. He was, as always, following his calling, like he had when he had saved me, me but not my mom or dad. just me, mom and dad's hearts having already stopped by the time he got to us, just mine had kept going. But now it was frozen as much as his.

He hadn't known when we had separated that his job would turn into caring for this ver weird strain of cough but that didn't matter as i came to reunite with him. He was once again my 'brother', i would be his very educated sister, stuck with him after our parents had been killed in a 'robbery'. Atleast he had spared me the torture of sitting through classes by saying i had had a private tutor, he had by now set up everything for me to move back in with him. But i was certain that going back now was tempting fate as he would be very short tempered because he couldn't be at the hospital 24 hours straight trying to find out the similarities between his sick patients. That would be too bad, but atleast i would actually have him during the day, just my nights would be lonesome, and even then maybe i would go to the hospital and help him, he would be happy to have untireable help, i was sure.

I had returned not because of the war, but because i had missed him, i had left in 1915 before the States had joined the war, and now i was returning, because I missed Carlisle and the on going sameness of life back home.

The new house was just as big as the last one had been. Carlisle offered me to come with him to the hospital so i could meet all his assistants and the nurses. I had refuesed. I wouldn't go to the hospital my first day back with him, not the first day back in the states. He left for the hospital an hour before the sun set, so i decided to grab a jacket, Though i didnt need it, and go for a walk, maybe pick up some books from any store, not that Carlisle hadn't kept all my books from before i left. As i walked in the park i saw HIM. He was with a woman that appeared to be his mother, with her same hair, and a man, i guessed he must have been the father. They were a beautiful family, mother and son with bronze hair. They were having a picnic, and laughing so hard it was almost impossible for me to take my eyes of them.

In the middle of their laughter the older man started to cough, loud and hard. I didn't need to be Carlisle to know he was sick, but apparently his family did. Sad for them for if he didn't have that cough cure soon he wouldn't be around them for long. I walked on, they may have been the happiest humans i had seen in so long, but they were just that, humans, never knowing what was best for them and always making mistakes. I went home after that, sad to see happiness never lasted. i read for the rest of the night, waiting for Carlisle to come back.

"Bella?" Carlisle called softly as he came in.

"I'm over here!" I called from his study.

I looked up as he came in the door. "How was the hospital?"

"Bad, there are more people getting sick, i dont think it's just a cough anymore, i think i may be more." He had gone on talking about the Symtoms and its targets. I listened and discussed what it could be. But life went on... well time did, life, for me atleast, had stopped forty years ago.

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I am so enjoying this story. Plz let me know when you have updated it.
sure will!
hurry hurry ... i realy like please finish!!!!
great chapter!!!
Hurrying hurrying, but its really hard since i have final all this week... but i will get to work now..! :-)
huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurry! :D
this story is soooooooo good
hurrying! thank you..
btw, can you send a messege when you update?
arrggg hurryryyyy... pllzzz???

ily xoxo
Peace XD
LOL... done! next chapter is here!
Hey guys! here's the next chapter (and all its mistakes) and finally it isn't in two parts! (yay!!) read, enjoy, and comment!)

Chapter 10

As my sigh gusted out he let go. I just busied myself getting Mr. Masen ready, thinking as little as i could manage. I didn't know what had happened and i wasn't about to figure out. I wouldn't figure out why he had leaned down, why he had let go so fast if he hadn't been the one in pain. Before i could get to carried away with the thoughts i 'wasn't' going to have Mr. Masen grabbed my attention. "Hello Angel." this caught me by surprise, his eyes seemed lucid enough to know reality from sleep.

"Sir, i think you have the wrong person, I'm Bella." I said, trying to see how off from my inspection of him had been. How much had i missed.

"I know. I heard Lizza. But you are an angel. I will call you Angel." he said, looking to anyones eyes the part of a kindergardener. I half smiled. He was sweet.

"I'm not an angel. I'm just helpful, like your wife." i said, he couldn't dirty the reputation of angels by comparing them to me, i would correct if only one of the wrong thoughts areound here.

"Dear, but aren't normal, are you?" i was more surprised than i showed, but i could just feel that even the surprise i hid he could somehow feel. He smiled a cracked smile. "Dear, you can tell a dying old man. Who would i tell? I'll be lucky to last the night."

He was right, but my instinct was to negate everything, i couldn't let him go. "You're not old." i said stubornly, he was barely forty, that wasnt old. "and you azre going to live alot longer than just tonight, i'll make sure of that." i said.

His smile grew. "It's too late dear," i opened my mouth, but before i could say anything he spoke. "but you didnt answer me."

I swallowed my remark and answered. "No, I'm not normal."

"See." he said so confident, so strongly i thought he may make it, but then he coughed, my eyes were playing tricks on me.

"But that doesn't mean I'm an angel." i said meekly.

"You're close enough." He smiled like a little kid. I decided that this argument wasn't helping him. He was so much like my father, stubborn to the core.

"I need you to do something so i can help your son carry you better." He nodded, solem. i told him i needed him to put most of his weight on the elbow i would be carrying, and to walk slowly, so i could support hime while Edward walked.

"But dear, you'll break, you're so much shorter that us." he said sobberly, but i saw the deep teasing. He acted so normal! and he was so sick, how?

"Don't you trust an almost angel?" I asked. He started to laugh but coughed insteaed.

"Ok, I give in." I smiled at him. "my personal, almost guardian angel." he said. I couldn't hide from myself the twinge of hope, and goodness this brought me.

I helped Mr. Masen sit up on the bed, then Edward came to the bedside and put his father's arm around his shoulder. As soon as he had done this i took Mr. Masen's elbow and took care to carry most of his weight as he walked slowly.

I led them to the ward i prepered. I had looked for the most comfortable chairs i could find, but they were still not enough. We walked into the room and as Edward led his dad around the corner of the bed i let go, we wouldn't all be able to fit. Bad mistake. Immediately Edward tipped to the side, his father's weight pulling him to the side. Moving at the fastest human speed i could manage without giving myself away i reached out and took the elbow again. Waited a minute and let go again when i thought edward was read. thistime he was, and he finished leading Mr. Masen to the bed helping him sit on it. I went around, to help him lay back. As soon as Edward was free he headed for one of the seats. he was tired, i could see in the way his lids drooped, the position in which he had sat. He wouldn't last longer much longer without sleep. Mr. masen yet again distracted me from his son. "Thank you Angel, for helping this helpless man."

"My pleasure, but you're not as helpless as you seem." I said trough still lips as i nodded. Edward couldn't have seen me respond, or evern have heard, but Mr. Masen had, his lips moved a fraction of an inch, in a small smile as he fell asleep.

When i turened to Edward he was reclining back in his chair, eyes closed, a small frown on his lips, could have been asleep except for his irregular heart beat. I knew this wouldn't last, that he would fall asleep anyminute and endup waking up with sore muscles. I may not have been doctor material but i had studied the past forty years.

I wlaked to the corner at the foot of the bed closest to him, and spoke as i lightly sat on the edge, i don't think i even made a dent on the blanket."You know, you should go home and sleep. These chairs are more comfortable, but nothing compares to a bed."

He looked at me, at the shadows under my eyes, "And you look tired, maybe you should do the same." Darn it!!! i knew I should have gone hunting two days ago, after Calrisle came back from hunting himself. I smiled at the reality he couldn;t understand, and decided to blow off his close inspection. I heard the foosteps outside and Carlisle's quiet chatter then. He heard Edwards remark, i was sure.

"I'm used to it." i said, looking hurridly for a more human excuse, than "i should have gone hunting a few days ago, but i missed my date.' and did the firts thing that came into my mind. "Late nights." and winked to him as an add on. He laughed, i guess i must have done a good job and not blown my cover, because he wasn't running and screaming. That's when Carlisle enetered the room, with Eliza in his arms, her head relaxed against his shoulder. how could she be so comfortable with a vampire? How could her son, too, be so neutral to our skin temperature? Edwards remark and laughter brought me out of my reverie.

"Maybe mom should be the one going home!" He laughed. Well both needed it. Alot.

"You both should go," carlisle said slowly. I was about to stick my toungue out at Edward very immaturely, when Carlisle added the last part. "and you Bella," he surprised me, What? i knew that after he hear what Edward hed siad he would make me go huting, but i didn't think he would send me home early. "Bella why don't you take them to our house? it's closer to the hospital than theirs, and we have more than enough space. That way you'll rest too." I almost expected this, but I couldn't go home so early, I looked at Carlisle trying to convince him to change his mind with my look, didn't he realize he needed my help here? More than i needed to hunt? "You have great shadows under your eyes, I don't think shadows are in fashion." He laughed at his joke, reminding me of Paris and hunting at the same time. Why? Oh, why? Same old excuse!! after a second of lament, i was resighned, i did need to go hunt. If I was to be more helpful, i would need to hunt.

Eliza helped to clear my mind completely of my troubles when she tried to say, "First time he is wise in fashion, listen to him, he may be clueless but even he knows that." but jumbling it so much that i could barely desipher it. I laughed with Calisle and Edward. It looked like The Masens would be staying with us.

Sorry for the wait, (i have finals!!! Fun! *sarcasm*) but hopefully i'll have one up later today or tomorrow. (yay! can't wait to see what happens next! lol, yea, not even i know what will happen, now.)


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