The Twilight Saga

When Bella has been turned, when Edward is dying,When disease plagues the world and life is full of nothing but distrust even to your closest friends.

Switching the roles of Bella and Edward was an idea i have been thinking on for a long time and i decided to finally write on it! so ENJOY.

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Warning: There is alot of random chats, banner talk, and more between the Chapters, if you don't want to encounter too much i recommend using the links.... (if the links are wrong please message me to correct me) THANKS!! (+)

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHAPTER 1

Chapter 1 

Moving back (BPOV)


Coming back to Carlisle was as much exciting as it was dreadful. When we had grown too 'old'
to still reside in our old town, Carlisle had tried to drag me to Chicago, Illinois but i had refused i wanted to live in Europe for a while, life in the United States always reapeating had made me suffer. I had tried to convince him to come with me but it had been worthless he had still gone to Chicago, now the centre of Chaos, the Heartland of the now a very serious cough. He was, as always, following his calling, like he had when he had saved me, me but not my mom or dad. just me, mom and dad's hearts having already stopped by the time he got to us, just mine had kept going. But now it was frozen as much as his.

He hadn't known when we had separated that his job would turn into caring for this ver weird strain of cough but that didn't matter as i came to reunite with him. He was once again my 'brother', i would be his very educated sister, stuck with him after our parents had been killed in a 'robbery'. Atleast he had spared me the torture of sitting through classes by saying i had had a private tutor, he had by now set up everything for me to move back in with him. But i was certain that going back now was tempting fate as he would be very short tempered because he couldn't be at the hospital 24 hours straight trying to find out the similarities between his sick patients. That would be too bad, but atleast i would actually have him during the day, just my nights would be lonesome, and even then maybe i would go to the hospital and help him, he would be happy to have untireable help, i was sure.

I had returned not because of the war, but because i had missed him, i had left in 1915 before the States had joined the war, and now i was returning, because I missed Carlisle and the on going sameness of life back home.

The new house was just as big as the last one had been. Carlisle offered me to come with him to the hospital so i could meet all his assistants and the nurses. I had refuesed. I wouldn't go to the hospital my first day back with him, not the first day back in the states. He left for the hospital an hour before the sun set, so i decided to grab a jacket, Though i didnt need it, and go for a walk, maybe pick up some books from any store, not that Carlisle hadn't kept all my books from before i left. As i walked in the park i saw HIM. He was with a woman that appeared to be his mother, with her same hair, and a man, i guessed he must have been the father. They were a beautiful family, mother and son with bronze hair. They were having a picnic, and laughing so hard it was almost impossible for me to take my eyes of them.

In the middle of their laughter the older man started to cough, loud and hard. I didn't need to be Carlisle to know he was sick, but apparently his family did. Sad for them for if he didn't have that cough cure soon he wouldn't be around them for long. I walked on, they may have been the happiest humans i had seen in so long, but they were just that, humans, never knowing what was best for them and always making mistakes. I went home after that, sad to see happiness never lasted. i read for the rest of the night, waiting for Carlisle to come back.

"Bella?" Carlisle called softly as he came in.

"I'm over here!" I called from his study.

I looked up as he came in the door. "How was the hospital?"

"Bad, there are more people getting sick, i dont think it's just a cough anymore, i think i may be more." He had gone on talking about the Symtoms and its targets. I listened and discussed what it could be. But life went on... well time did, life, for me atleast, had stopped forty years ago.

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i love it i love it i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please please keep going!!!! its soo good and he needs to kiss her already!!!!!!

WRITE AT VAMPIRE SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
writing as fast as i can (wouldhave been done if i hadn't fallen asleep)
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K! more!!! LOTS more!
this is a really good read, can't wait to see what happens next
OK!!! the wait was worth it! i have the next five Chapters here! LOL sorry i wanted to post all of them together!

Floor plan for the second floor of Carlisle's and Bella's home. ( I know, I know. badly made,but helps understand the setup. ) (-:... Enjoy! this is the longest post, It gets Xausting to write so much! :-)

Chapter 16

Mom was in the living room when we got out of the study. "Are we ready to go?" She asked with a twinkle in her eye. She was getting payback for me teasing her. I was certain now, I didnt want mom as an enemy.

Bella's house was beyond words. The U shaped driveway led the way up to a white, two story house, Collums ran up and supported a balcony that came of the second floor. Beautifully fit for her. Bella led the way up the stairs, and without hestiastion pulled a box hidden in the flowers. I figured out what its was when she pulled out a key from it and replaced the box. She trusted us that much?

We walked through a small hallway, perpendicular to a set of stairs. She walked up the stairs and left us in the living room. Mom sat complacidly in an eddshell colored love seat that had cream roses stitched into it. I stayed by the foot of the stairs, looking after her.

"She is pretty, is she not?" Mom said from her seat. I prepared to turn to look at her in confusion but as I turned my face flushed with color. She smiled as she leafed through pages of a book. Even without saying anything i had just admitted what she wanted to hear. She was a mastermind in disguise. Not fair.

"I always have loved Wuthering Heights, haven't you dear?" I nodded again... and examined what she said. Sure enough she had the book in her hand. The same book Bella had had in the park. How could the book beat her home? I walked to mom's side and sat besides her on the seat. As i looked closely at the book, I noticed the binding, this one was more taken care of, less beaten, than it had been in the park. Double Copies, i guessed immidiately and smiled to myself, of course.

"You know, i never have been to Carlisle's home before, It's nice." She was certainly enjoying being here. "I wonder what other things she reads," Mom said distractedly as she turned the page again. There she went again, make me think, make me wonder.

I looked at mom closely, she didn't seem as sleepy as she had in the hospital, or even at the house. I loved mother but her secretiveness scared me alot of times. Not that i had the time to think about it since that's when Bella waked down the stairs, my attention focused back to who it was suposed to be with.

She smiled widely as she saw the book in mom's hand. "The rooms are ready! I see you found one of my copies. I leave them everywhere. They drive Carlisle mad."

Mom smiled widely. "Yeah, it was on the table, and i just couldn't resist."

Bella chuckled lightly as Mom yawned loudly. FAKE! "Would you like to go up now?" Bella asked, worry evident in her voice. Mom nodded, Bella walked to up to mom, as she was about to help mom up mom spoke.

"but first, Edward would you mind getting my things from the car?"

"Yes, sure mom." I stood and walked into the small entrance hallway.

As i reached the door I heard mom ask silently, "Bella can you go with him? I dont trust that klutz with my purse, i think i can find the rooms if you give me quick directions." Master mind mother. Bella laughed softly, i stopped to wait for her as she told mom how to get to her room, and shortly Bella was walking into the halway.

"Thank you for putting up with us for the night, morning"

"Anything, I don't mind. It'll actually be nice to have company in the house that isn't half asleep during the day." she smiled. She was always smiling. "Carlisle is just annoying during the day lately, and he needs so much sleep, you wouldn't belive me if i told you."

My heart fluttered. I was so happy to make her life better, and that she didn't resent us for invading her space.

I followed her with mom and my things, while she carried mom's purse. When we got in the house she led the way to the stairs. "I think you'll like your room." As we walked up the stairs i looked out the window, trees surrounded the house. The stairs ended in a small room sized hallway. She didn't hesitate when we reached the top, she just walked and knocked on the door infront of the stairs. "Eliza? did you find the room okay?" She called. so this was the MM's room. ("MM=master mind," I made a not to myself to remember so it didn't take so much time to think it, when mom was being secretive next time.)

"Yes dear, come in." I opened the door and she followed.

"We have your things mom. Where do you want them?" I didn't want to provoke her sneeky side anymore, she was just too terrible to have as an enemy.

She smiled knowingly. "at the foot of the bed dear. Bella can you come to me and hand me the purse? i have somethings i need to get out of it now." Bella smiled. and carried the purse to mom's bed, where she had already comfortably laid down in her clothes. I heard whiperings. Then nothing. Great! no both my parents whispered to her and i had no idea what they said. Bella noded and walked back to me.

"C'mon, let's go show you you're room." she said as she took my hand and pulled me out the room. As i closed the door i heard mom getting up.

We walked down the hallway.

Chapter 17

I went to Fix the rooms up. I needed to get sheets out, and blankets incase they got cold. As i blured through fixing I thought back to what had happened in Edward's house. It had confused me so much how he seemed not to mind, not to even notice, the temperature difference betwwen us. Then the piano. It had been so... breath taking. Not that i could loose my breath. And then surprise, he could play. When he asked if i wanted to hear him play, i said please. And almost slipped. Almost said i hadn't heard since i was in Paris. Almost said that the last time i had been so close to a piano was when dad would take me into town with him. I couldn't tell him those things.

When he played i worried, he didn't look up at me until the end of the first piece, and then he didn't breathe, when he took a broken breath i knew i was the one making him unable to breathe, His human insticts, he was unconciously afraid of me. I hoped that by telling him he was one of the best players i had ever heard would make him conciously more comfortable, never mind that he would always be uncomfortable around me no matter how much i tried. I had only heard someone play better once, but he was a professional, and he hadn't played by memory, he had had the music infront of him. When i told him, his smile was scared, it hadn't worked. That made me remember what i was more prominantly, biting deeper. I didn't expect him to answer me right when i asked what was wrong, it wasn't like i really needed an answer, but his answer surprised me. I asked for another piece, and he kissed my finger tips. I could still feel the tingling on them. So weird for a human to bring feeling to the dead. i was about to get up, trying not to make him uncomfortable while he played, but he held me in place. So i stayed.

The order of the pieces, the pieces themselves, surprised me, i knew what they meant to me. Winter. That was me. Cold, unforgiving, unchanging. And summer. Him, full of life, movement, change. The difference was obvious.They were both the most beautifully played i had heard, but that didn't distract me from the diferences. Life and Death. Warmth and Cold. He was playing this because i reminded him of winter, i knew this. He did notice my temperature, our differences. Summer, to him, probaly was another person. A live one. Why did this make so sad?

I asked him why he picked them, and he had trouble breathing again. His heart was going almost twice it's regular rate. It was me, again. Scared. I smiled and let the subject drop. I asked him to show me how to play. He did. I faked my inability to play. I couldn't bare to let him see that i could play. Not as well as him, but that i could, and then i heard Eliza coming, Eliza who had always been in the background of my attention, packing and unpacking things. I couldn't face those questions, Where had i learned, who taught me, i wouldn't face them. I didnt want to lie anymore to the purest beings i had met. But maybe i had faked a little too well. He had been about to laugh when Eliza seeing him chasitised him. I had almost burst out laughing then. When he started to laugh i decided it was appropiate and laughed along. Then when Eliza left...

Chapter 18

I had finished fixing the rooms and i couldn't linger much now. I had to go downstairs. "I wonder what other things she reads," I heard Eliza say, and the a page turn. I knew the sound by memory. My Wuthering Heights book. The one i kept ing the living room. I walked down the stairs. Sure enough Eliza had my book in her hand. "The rooms are ready! I see you found one of my copies. I leave them everywhere. They drive Carlisle mad."

She smiled widely. "Yeah, it was on the table, and i just couldn't resist."

I laughed lightly when Eliza gave the widest yawn i had seen in ages. "Would you like to go up now?" When was the last time she had slept? I walked to her, with the full intent to greab her elbow and help her upstairs, not wanting her to be overpowered by sleep and fall down the stairs. But she talked before i could help her up.

"but first, Edward would you mind getting my things from the car?"

"Yes, sure mom." Edward said, the perfect son, as he stood and walked into the entrance.

I reached downt to Eliza but before i could even grab her arm she started to whisper. "Bella can you go with him? I dont trust that klutz with my purse, i think i can find the rooms if you give me quick directions." I was going to give Elisa the room the opened to the balcony, besides mine, but it was harder to find. I made rash rearangements and gave her the room close to the stairs. and gave her directions to it. When i walked into the hallway i saw Edward waiting for me.

He didn't speak until we had gotten the bags out of the car."Thank you for putting up with us for the night, morning"

"Anything, I don't mind. It'll actually be nice to have company in the house that isn't half asleep during the day." Ah... Sweet payback. I added more to it. HE was going to pay for the know-it-all attitude he had given me in the hospital. "Carlisle is just annoying during the day lately, and he needs so much sleep, you wouldn't belive me if i told you." And actually the last part was right. He wouldn't believe me if i told him how much sleep we needed. His heart sped up for a bit, and i wondered what it was he was thinking. He grabbed The bags, while i took her purse. I wondered what she had in there to ask me to get it. I hurried into the house taking him to Eliza's room. I walked to her door, knocked, and asked, "Eliza? did you find the room okay?"

"Yes dear, Come in." Edward didn't hesitate, he opened the door and led the way in.

"We have your things mom. Where do you want them?" Edward said, again the perfect tone he had been downstairs.

She smiled. she had already laid down. I would bet she was tired. "at the foot of the bed dear. Bella can you come to me and hand me the purse? i have somethings i need to get out of it now." I had to smile, she was so motherly, i hadn't seen such a motherly person since Renee, my hairbrained mother. I walked to her.

"Bella could you please take him to his room and make sure he falls asleep. He will stay in here if you don't drag him out by the hair." I saw she was about to laugh, i felt like i was too. I nodded, turned and walked to Edward.

"C'mon, let's go show you you're room." I grabbed his hand, so warm in mine. Eliza got up as Edward closed the door, and walked to the bathroom.

I led him to the room i had initially intended for Eliza.

Chapter 19

(epov) We walked to the room that was for me. She pointed out her room, the 'library' which she told me held many copies of her favorite books but many more things that belonged to Carlisle. Then Carlisle's room was the one infront of mine. I carried the bag i had packed for myself on the hand that didn't hold her's. When we got to my room she let got of my hand and opened the door. "This is your room." Her voice rising, filling the room with music. I smiled walked over to her to hold the door.

"after you Ms. Cullen." She smiled and walked in. When i walked in i was surprised. IT was big. The windows weren't windows but ceiling high doors that opened to the balcony i had seen from the outside. I walked over to one of the doors and looked out. wow. I turned back to her, as i was turning i saw the fire place. wow. I looked at her.

"Ok, the restroom is there, sorry but its a bathroom per two rooms, Eliza was lucky and got a bath to herself." she smiled apologetically and pointed to the door besides the fire place. "And make yourself at home." she turned but only to keep turning back to face me, "Oh! and your mom says for you to sleep." She said, I could almost hear the giggle i knew she was holding back. With that she turned again and went through the door she had pointed out as the restroom door.

(bpov) I took him to the room and left him there as i went back to my room, to Edward's home. I sat on the floor near the window, reviewing my recent memory.

When Eliza left i couldn't get myself to depart from the piano. I wanted to linger in the memories of Charlie and me in the town, Playing in the smaller concentration of my mind, blurry in the weak human sight, but there. When Edward looked at me i knew it was time to depart from the memories for now.

When i thanked him I couldn't help the thought that maybe next time i WOULD play better, and that i could. He Seized the hand i had place on my lap and held it in both od his as he told me i would play better. He belived it so feverently that i couldn't help But smile at the irony. I would play better but not than him.

We stayed like that for a minute before i saw the change in his eyes. He was about to do something rash, i just knew it. And i couldn't help the feeling the overcame me. I had been so decided. As he leaned forward i was ready, I wouldn't be overcome by blood lust. When he was less than half a foot from me his mother called. She had been close to the study door, i knew. Now i knew what she had been doing. Payback for his teasing, like i was getting payback from Carlisle outside. I let a giggle escape from my lips and fill my room. She was a genius.

When we had gone into the living room she had a twinkle in her eye. The perfect mom. for the perfect son. The perfect family. Then my thought's went back to Mr. Masen in the hospital. The perfect family about to be broken to pieces. I felt the inescapable sob as it bubbled over my lips. I pulled my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. Couldn't happiness get a break for once?

Chapter 20

I was in the Restroom, Preparing to go to bed, when i heard it. The same heart wrenching sound i had heard in the hospital by dad beside. I knocked on the door that led to Bella's door but nothing. No answer, just more sobbing. I opened the door slowly, and peeked in. She was sitting by one of the doors like in my room. Her knees pulled up to her chest. I didn't wait to see more, i hurried to her side, kneeled and wraped my arms tightly around her. She smelled absolutely amazing as always. She was surprised, but hugged me back. For the second time since i had met her she sobbed into my chest. This time it took her longer to calm down. Why was My angel crying? What was the vile thing that cause her such pain?

I held her long after she had stopped sobing. She was cold, But i could handle an inferno for her if i had to, I could handle a blizzard in shorts. "Are you better?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded agaisnt my shirt and mumble something that sounded like 'much'. i pulled back, examined her face. She looked perfect as always. I put my index finger under her chin and lifted her face to look at me. "What was wrong?" She didn't say anything. Another sob escaped her lips. and then they started again. I pulled her back into my embrace. worrying. Rubbing her arms, her back. Trying to sooth her. this time when she stopped she looked up at me and smiled. her arms were wrapped loosely around my waist.

"Thank you." She whispered. and it hit me like a rock, a concentrated version of her smell. I leaned in smelling it. when i noticed how close to her lips i was My face flushed deep red, i hid my face into her shoulder, immature yes, but i rathered being immature than being seen blushing. She moved back, this is the end of my haven, i thought. I would remeber this forever. But she didn't lean far back, just enough to see my face. She smiled as she leaned her head back, and brought her lips to mine. I didnt need more of an Invitation. I leaned down. When my lips touched hers i felt the electric shock run through my veins. I felt her smile as i kissed her. Her lips were smooth as glass, and cold as anything else about her, but i didnt care. Her arms moved to my neck. Mine tightened around her waist. That's when we lost all balance. She fell back and i forward. I caught myself before i could crush her, She still ended under me. She smiled sheepishly, Lying on the rug comfortably. "Guess you aren't the only klutz." She giggled. So much better, i thought complacidly to myself.

"No I guess I'm not." I teased as i leaned down to her, my lips yearning for hers again. When my lips touched hers i felt the same burning shock. She brought her arms back to my neck, and held on to me prolonging the kiss. Her lips moved slowly against mine. I smiled, i was kissing the most perfect creature on this Earth. I sighed and pulled back. She needed to sleep and so did i. She sat up as i got up. I put my hand out to help her up. She took it and stood, she somehow knew i needed to sleep.

"I'll see you in the morning." she whispered at the door back to the restroom. I couldn't help myself, i leaned down and claimed another kiss, just a slight peck from her heavenly lips but enough to get me through the night. She when i stood straight again. I reached out and toughed her cheek.

"Sleep well." Her smile grew.

"Dream with the angels." Oh! was i going to dream with the angels, but just one, the one that stood infront of me. I opened the door and walked away from her. I closed the door after looking one more time at her. She was in all my dreams that night, though i couldn't remeber them clearly, i remembered her.

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WOW! just went over it and i found ALOT of mistakes, sad, i thought i hadn't made so many this time
i love it .... i cant wait to see where u take this too


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