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Chapter 1- pov- Jacob Black

It has been about six and a half years since I first saw Renesmee's beautiful face. I sometimes still laugh at the memories of me wanting to kill her- how naïve I used to be. She would always wonder what I was thinking but I was too embarrassed to tell her. "Jake?" called a voice I would recognize- and answer to- even if I was dead. "Nessie," I moaned. "Opps… did I wake you?" Even though it was pitch black, I could still see the worry in her eyes. "No baby, I'll always have time for you, so what's up?" "Ummm, I had a nightmare." She mumbled almost silently, except she knew that I could hear. "Oh, come here." I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her gently to my side. "Thanks Jake." She said almost incoherently. "No problem honey, now go to sleep." I kissed her on her forehead and said "Love you, Nessie." "Love you Jake."

Chapter 2- pov- Renesmee Cullen

Jacob planted a kiss on my forehead and followed with a "Love you Nessie." This was normal between me and Jacob so I responded with a "Love you Jake. And we drifted into sleep. ~~*~~ In my dream me and Jacob were walking through the forest, I don’t know where, except I could've sworn I've been here before. I wasn't paying enough attention and ran into a cloaked figure- the cloak was pitch black. The figure turned around- though I already knew who it was- to reveal pale white skin and bright crimson eyes- Aro. I opened my eyes and closed my dry mouth, apparently I have been screaming. I turned and grabbed where Jacobs hand should be but there was nothing there- strange- Jacob never left me without telling me first. Then his warm muscular arms were wrapped tight around and his mouth was at my ear, "You okay baby?' His breath ticked my skin. Oh, how I loved it when he called me baby. "Yeah I guess, what happened?" "I'm not really sure, I was sleeping, heard a thump, then suddenly you were on the floor screaming. Jacob got nervous with the lack of noise so he had to break the silence, "Do you want to see Carlisle?" and there goes Jacob's over- protectiveness again. "No I'm okay." "Okay, honey," he said as his figures stroked mindlessly up and down my back. I shivered as his breath touched my face. What were these strange feelings I was suddenly feeling for my best friend. I do not want to feel this way about Jake; I do not want to lose him.
I heard teeth grinding- dad's teeth- and Emmett's silent, booming laughter come from downstairs.

Please comment! I hope you like it! Please read my other fanfics: Midnight Mist, and How to beat boredom! Cullen Style! Thank you much! :] ~Peace, Love, Twilight


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~~~Hey, y'all. I have something to say. I'm sorry if you gave up reading this fanfiction, or think that it's bad because I take to long to post. You like it but you don't like that I take to long to write it so you won't bother reading it anymore. But you shouldn't judge it by how long it takes. You don't know my schedule and you don't know the problems in my life, and how busy I am. So please give me a break on how long it takes me to write my chapters. So if you would rather me just stop writing all together. Because that's what I am getting. You'd rather me stop than take as long as I do. So please don't take you anger on the time i spend out on my stories, that isn't really fair. Because like I said before you don't know what goes on in my life. thank you. ~Kelly Lautner

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I Love it!!!
Write More!!!
love it
thank you both! :)
thank you! :)
Chapter 3- pov- Renesmee Cullen
Jacob was gone checking things out with his pack in la Push and I was lying in my bed alone. Ever since Jacob's dad died, Jacob has been living here- Esme renovated the house to fit an extra bedroom- and has hardly left me alone.
I heard a knock on my door and my parents were on my bed with me in between them.
"Honey is there anything you want to tell us anything?" my mom said.
"Not really except," I put my hand to her forehead I wanted to show them my dream and I knew my father would listen.
"Yeah, what do you think it means?"
My daddy answered me this time, "It's probably nothing, do you want me to ask Carlisle?"
"Anything else honey?" why was mom being so noisy today? I turned to look at my dad; he smiled at my little thought.
"Nope, except I am kind of hungry."
"You want to go hunting?"
"No I think I'm going to wait for Jacob."
"Okay well if there is anything you want to talk to us about don't hesitate, you know that right sweetie?"
"Of course mom I love you, you too daddy."
"Love you baby."
"Love you sweetheart." My dad said as my mom gently rubbed my back.
'Yeah, here comes Jake," I said and I ran through the hallway as fast as I could. I tackled Jake and sat on his stomach as soon as he hit the floor and told him, "Get up Jake, we're gonna go hunting!"
"Well I would, if I could," he glared at where I rested on his stomach mockingly.
"Oh, right!"
I got off him and ran out the door.

Chapter 4- pov- Renesmee Cullen
I kept running and then stopped at the river. Jake gave me his wolfy grin, followed by a questioning look. I pressed my palm to his head and showed him us swimming across the river. Jacob disappeared and was back a minute later in his human form.
His hair was not in its ponytail since he just changed back from his wolf form. God I loved his hair, almost as much as his body. His tight abs and muscular arms. Which led me to his face, he had the prettiest russet skin, and the most beautiful deep brown eyes, and his lips… his lips. How many times have I dreamt of his lips on mine?
He jumped into the water with me in a close second. However, before he broke the surface I swam deeper into the river. Unlike my parents, I could not hold my breath indefinitely; my record was eight minutes. As soon as Jake hit the surface, he was calling my name, so this was my only chance to act before my parents come to ruin all my fun.
I swam up to the surface silently but before he could notice me, I tackled him. I grabbed his arms and pulled him deeper into the water.
When we reached the surface again he said, "Ness? What was that all about?"
I like the way it starts off
keep writing please
thanks! :)
How old is nessie here and how old does she look like?
she's six and a half years old, that's the first sentence in the first chapter, and she looks like she's 16. :]
yes... it did... and he saw her when she was first born... so that means it's been six and a half years since she was born... so she is six and a half years old... which means she looks like she's 16 years old.
and besides it's my fanfic... I should know how old she is.
hey this story is good a different twist on things but Its all about jake and nessie so thats good


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