The Twilight Saga

These are pieces of Fan Fiction I have written... When I've completed the editting process, I'll post a PDF file as well.

Eclipse EPOV

New Moon - Edward Decides to Leave EPOV

First Kiss EPOV

Actors Hooked on Fan Fiction - RPOV (NOW COMPLETE)

Cullens go to Hogwarts EPOV (NOW COMPLETE)

Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks (sequel to Cullens go to Hogwarts)

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Twi-Crack Addict

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Do you plan on working on Eclipse Chapter 12 (Time) and the Chapters after 22?
Ch 23 is up and I'm editing Ch 24... I was planning to go back to earlier chapters when I got caught up in the current storyline... Assuming things go well, I will likely go back and do earlier chapters... Thanks for the encouragement!
Thanks so much! I had been following your fanfics (I LOVED Chapters 8 & 20), but I missed Chapters 21 & 22. I am ecstatic that you posted the links, and I have more to read. :-)

If you're taking requests - or suggestions - I'd love to see the first few chapters of Eclipse from EPOV as well (when Bella's doing her college applications and tries to convince Edward to let her see Jacob and when Jacob shows up at the school on his motorcycle after Bella & Edward's trip to Jacksonville).

Please continue to post links to your future works - whatever they may be. I look forward to reading them.
Thanks for your comments. I am glad you liked the chapters... I would like to return to the earlier chapters once I'm done the current storyline.

Ch 23 is now up and Ch 24 will be coming soon...
I am glad to read that you are going to follow this current storyline - possible unitl the end, when Bella FINALLY decides to wear the engagement ring and tell charlie? Sometimes I wonder about what was going on in Stephanie's mind.....why on earth would a girl like Bella, who loved Edward so much NOT want to wear his mother's wedding ring? AAHHH!!!

Please keep going, and if you find yourself with un-limited time, I agree with the other suggested chapters the others have asked about. You are great!
i completely agree
please do the next chapter soon Edwards pain is killing my,especially when its so unneeded!
Hi - I am always checking to see what is next from you, and I wonder if you will be posting chapter 27 from eclipse? Please? You are THAT good!
Yes, I am working on it... I am about half done right now. I expect I will have it up this weekend, if all goes well.
First draft is done - will be typing and editing tonight... should be up on Saturday.
where are chapters 1-7?
They are still in my head... I started out just doing a few chapters I wanted, and then ended up finishing to the end of the book. I haven't gone back yet and done the beginning...
do you have any chapter of Twilight from Edward point of view?


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