The Twilight Saga



                                       I sat there, my heart pounding quicker every second.

                                        She stood there, smiling, and I knew it was over.

                                   What killed inside me most was the fact that I hurt him.


                                           My one and only, and I betrayed him.

                             I kept hearing his voice, then I heard the sound of foot-steps.

                                      She looked up, the smile grew wider. It was him.

                                        Jonah stood there, his hands clenched  

                                           Right then and there I heard a voice                                           


                             "No!" It shouted, But then I relized the voice was mine.


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kool:) ur really good. check out my story Moonlight (a Nessie Story)
Loved it so far!!
<3 Thanks, it means so much. Anytime you want, add me, and i'd love to read your story. <3
This Is Amazing !
Can't Wait To

Chapter 1

I had just finished washing the dishes. Except there were of course 5 plates still untouched on the table. Susannah, David and I had just finished dinner, and while David went off to study, Susannah took a nice nap. I looked out the window. We lived in the outskirts of Kemano close to the Mountains. Because of the snow my 'family' found it better to live as far north as possible. None of us were used to the heat. The house was small, figuring we fit 8 people there. There were my three brothers, my guardian Susannah and a group of friends of my brothers. My parents passed away four or five years ago. My father was HaisIa, a native tribe that lived in the area. My mother was from Quebec. They both met in collage, and my mother said that she hadn't met a man as handsome as he was. Soon I noticed them peek from out of the woods. None of them were dressed in proper clothing either.


“You started dinner without us?” Liam asked as they came in the door.


“Well, if you had come earlier…”


“Well we couldn’t!” Chloe snapped.

I was just about to go and smack her in the face, but Marcy interrupted. "Guys come on, stop picking on her." He laughed.

I looked at the kid who was with them, one I hadn't seen before. He looked different and returned the confused glace I had given him. I wondered why they would never let me join, let alone some newbie. Probably because Ian and Mason would complain of how much of an annoyance I was. As Liam and Cleo talked, something caught me off guard. It was for a second I saw a dark shadow of someone in the woods, disappearing only seconds after.

"You okay Nellie?" Marcy asked.

I whipped my head meeting Marcy's worried glance. His dark brown eyes measured up to mine. I could see him trying to take a protective stance closer. I let off a reassured emotion.


Did he know I was lying? Had he seen the figure too? And why did he go from positive and cheery to anxious and worried? I walked away, leaving his watchful eyes. David happened to be sitting on the couch as he caught my signal. We both left everyone's sight and headed off into the woods. It was quiet, and the leaves looked as if it had just rained. Tiny rays of sun peeked through the clouds and trees. Snow covered every inch of the ground.  I would go in the woods as a child, with my brothers. But now it felt more dark, more eerie. I could tell David felt the same. This is where I had seen him, The shadowy figure. There were no signs though, of any human that had been here. I didn't stray off from David, the fear of being lost crowded me. What I couldn't understand was that everything had changed. All my life I had been living a dream, and now I felt like I had woken up to a nightmare. Twigs broke under my feet, and the signs of any life besides us was absent.

"Whats wrong?" David asked.

"I don't know, everything pretty much. It's all going too fast for me."

"Nellie, don't you ever worry about me leaving you aside like Mason and Ian. You're my sister, and I feel a close bond between us. I'll never leave your side Nellie, I'm here anytime you need me."

"Thank you David. I need at least one thing normal in this world. It feels like everything is opposite of what it's supposed to be. I just wish everything would stay the same."

As I finished, I heard something. The bushes rustled. Maybe it was a bear, but it seemed like it was far more worse. David stood in front of me, his arms extended so I couldn't go by.

"What are you doing?!"

"Protecting you. I won't let anything hurt you Nellie, your my flesh and blood."

"David, I can't have anything hurt you either ."

I squeezed his arm. I needed to be close to him now, in this time. A shadowy figure emerged from the darkness, and I recognized it was the same one. But there were more.


"I know Nellie, just stay behind me." He whispered.

I felt stupid now. Just like when I was a little girl, always depending on David one way or another. And now that he was close to dying, I was there hiding behind him like a scared little girl. I could hear voices. Whispers coming from them. All too fast though for me to uncode. More kept coming as the voices got louder. I closed my eyes, fearing to look at them. The blood and adrenaline pumped through me harder. I could feel heat, and every time I heard the voices, it got hotter. I held onto David tighter, still keeping my eyes closed. Some of the voices came clearer, and I could understand only one, 'Come'. I couldn't handle it anymore. Just then I heard running, and different voices. I looked and there was Ian. Before I could see anything else, Marcy picked me up. I felt more comfortable in his arms, his heat keeping me warm. I snuggled closer and fell asleep. But I heard bits and pieces to the finishing conversation.

“Why aren’t you guys wearing anything warm?”


“Why don’t you and your ‘gang’ wear anything warm?”

"Not now David, let her rest. It's been a long day, and there are still more to come."

"That doesn’t make..."

"David, it's hard to explain. I'll tell you later. Just for now let me take care of her, you two are in more danger than ever."

Chapter 2


I had woken up more startled then ever. For one, I wasn't in Marcy's arms anymore. Instead I was at home, Susannah fast asleep by my side. The house was empty, and I guessed the boys were out. I had had the weirdest dream ever. There were figures, and Marcy, David, Ian and the others were there too. But I had finally realized that it wasn't a dream. David walked in just as I got up.


"You sleep well?" He asked.


I shaked my head in agreement. Something was different about him now. For one his hair was cut much shorter then it usually was, and he looked more buff. I looked at the clock to find out that I had been sleeping for pretty much the whole day.


"So, now that i'm up, do you wanna go see a movie or something?" I asked.


"Yeah, see Nellie. Ian and Mason have been thinking that you should hang out with people more your age, and also maybe females."




"Nellie, you need to live life. You can't spend it all here."


"Fine! I'm leaving. And you can forget about me EVER wanting to be around you anymore!" I stormed out the door to my dad’s jeep and drove into town.


The whole ride I felt disgusted. For one my brother had been through almost everything with me. And I shot him down. I ride was long, and it seemed to get more darker as I drove down the roads. I stopped at a junky corner store downtown and walked inside. The man at the teller looked around 30 with a scruffy black beard. As I walked down the aisle, I ran into a stock market boy. We both fell to the floor with a bang.


"Jonah! What was that noise? You didn't knock down any glass did ya?" The teller asked.


"No sir, I just ran into someone." He softly whispered.


"I'm really sorry. I should have been looking where I was going." I interrupted.


"No problem, it's my fault really."


"Jonah, let me help you with that."


He seemed really shocked that I was able to catch his name, and I picked up the broom that laid beside him on the floor. I handed him the broom as he got up and made my way out of the store.


"Wait!" He called.


I quickly turned as he ran up and grabbed onto my hand. Suddenly it felt like a spark. His warm smile made me feel queasy. I kept starring at him, not sure whether to leave or stay.


"What's your name?"




"Nellie, do you wanna maybe go to a camp fire at my friends place tomarrow. I can cover my shift quick so we can spend the afternoon together. I'll even pick you up."


"Thanks, i'd love to. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing anything. So If you want you can pick me up at 4:00? I on the outskirts of town."


"Sure, 4:00 is great. Would you mind if I dropped you off so I can get used to the ride?"


"Yeah. But my car is out front. Do you wanna drive it?"


" wouldn't mind would you?"


"Not at all. We better get going soon. My parents are going to freak if i'm not home by 8:00."


He smiled once more, and it took me a few minutes to start walking again. The sky had gotten darker quick, and soon we were driving on a long path with deep forests on either end. The moon's white glow was the only thing that gave us light, and soon the clouds took over. Jonah was a good driver. He had his eyes on the road, and maybe once to sneak a glance at me. He wasn't speeding either. In fact he went a little slower than the limit. I tried my best not to bug him, but once in a while i'd ask him a question or two. He turned out to be an orphan, who was living with his aunt and uncle. He never got back to school and spent most of his life working. I felt sorry for him, but didn't say anything. Suddenly the jeep shook, and came to a complete stop.


"What happened to the jeep?" I asked.


"I don't know. We got plenty of gas. Let me go check outside."


I followed him outside. There weren't any signs of civilization. Jonah checked under the car, and a look of confusion wept across his face.


"What is it?"


"It seems that someone had cut this tube and let all the radiator fluid out. See? there is a trail all the way from here to town."


"But that's impossible. The car was working fine earlier, and no one has ever been around it besides me and my family."


"Well, whoever did it, because of them we gotta walk from here."


"Which way do we go?"


"I'm guessing this way." He said.


I grabbed my bag from the front seat and caught up with him. Now the clouds covered all the night sky, and the rolling sounds of thunder came arise. I kept checking behind us. The yellow jeep growing smaller and smaller each second till it was gone. Jonah held onto my hand the whole time, which made me less nervous. I knew my parents were going to be horrified when they knew how late I was. Suddenly rain poured down making the land around us soaked.




"Yeah, what is it?"


"That man. Do you see him, way in the distance. He's been fallowing us the whole time. I've been watching."


"I don't see anything Nellie. Look, only trees."


"Jonah, believe me. He was there." I realized I only sounded like an annoying little kid.


"Nellie. I trust you. But maybe you’re a little light headed. I mean anyone in this weather would be sick in an instant."


"I'm not sick Jonah! I saw someone fallowing us."


"Here I can risk you getting a disease." He said wrapping me in his warm jacket.


I took the jacket with no fuss and kept myself close to him. I probably was losing it. Suddenly I saw something. A man or something. And he was walking toward us.


"Hey! You! Hello! Over Here!" I called out.




"Look, someone who can help us." I smiled.


"Hey, you over there, Hello!" He yelled.


The man seemed to be getting closer, but he was going fast, faster than a human. And he didn't look like he was moving. I could see delicate smoke whisping off of him. Suddenly I couldn't believe my eyes. Right then and there the man turned into dark whisps of wind and shot into the air.


"You saw that too right? I'm not going crazy am I?" I asked


"Nellie. I saw that. But maybe we should get some cover."


"I'm not going into the woods, what if there are more of those freaks in there."


"Nellie, if we stay out in the rain too long we'll get hypothermia."


I decided to listen to him, and we strayed off the road and into the dry forest. I snuck a peek as we left, but the man was gone.


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