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eternal damnation or salvation?what choice will be the good one?

well ok i had this creepy dream a few days ago and i thought it will make a great storie but im not sure.. i dont want to write it if nobody read it. it will be about a girl who lost her parents in a terrible accident and since then she has a bad live. she smokes and drinks alot she spend lots of time in clubs altough she has a golden heart and this is her way to feell numb and not feel the pain anymore. she will live like this until a very bad think will open her eyes. she will have to choose between the salvation of her soul or become a death bride...
so let me know if i should write it or not:)

banner by Rhia( thx honey)

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ok them i will start writing:)i'll let you know when i finishe first chapter:)
yes i read it, only the first book didnt finished it, i liked the name, yes i think i have to change some words:) thx
1 chapter- Twisted ways B

It was so good. only darkness and nothing more . soon my peace and quiet were disturbed by the same voice.
"Catherine! CAt!! came on baby dont do this to me again! D****t Cat open your eyes, now!! you hear me??? open them!'
Ughh cold,cold ,not good. I felt my body draged and some cold drops start pouring at me. And the same annoying voice keept calling me and then it hit me. D**m it, F**k I cant get same peace anymore, this world is so f****d up .Another hit on my face and then i;ve opened my eyes and saw him.
I start swearing thourgh my teeths and start shivering
"It's cold you i***t!" I said loud,
" Its better cold then you death! " this time his voice wasnt sweet anymore but full of venon and disapproval.
"What are you doing here?"
"I only came by to get somethings i forgot and needed!" he said again angry." Now lets get you out, changed and a big mug of cofee."
"I am perfectly able to take care of myself Mark, now it appears that you have bussiness and i am holding you back. and honestly your things are all in the larder. i wasnt expecting you, it;s been after all 3 months, so get your hands of me.!"
He let go of me right away and disappear in the kitchen.
I was so mad, who does he think he is to came in my house , at night, or at leats it was night for me, and wake me up. I didnt need him, he left me like all of them but who needed them?
I start walking from wall to wall until I reached my bedroom and the closed. I dropped the wet close on the floor and put on a big and warm t-shirt and a pair of pants.I tried to collect the clothes and take them back in the bathroom but the whole house was spinning with me. I was going to have a big head-each. I start searching the cigarretes again and I saw it.
"Jeez! what the h**l?" I didnt remenber what happend and then it hit me again. Those mails made me go crazy and I throw with the chair in the pc and now its broken. The photos were down too and the floor was full with glass from the pictures and the diplomas.
Mark walked in the room.
"What happend here?!who did that?"He was more amazed then me.
i looked at him and shook my shoulders
"I just needed a now pc!" I took my cigarretes and headed toward the kitchen.
He was behind me swearing thourh his teets.
"You know Cat I dont what is wrong with you! What happend Kitty-cat?"
At that name i saw red in front of me. Why did he had to do this to me, no one understood me and they all left me, i didnt had anything more in this world,nothing just boos and cigarretes.
"Get out! get the h**l out of my house!" I yelled
Mark lifted the hands in front of him, like he is in the presence of a mad man .
"Calm donw Cat, sorry io didnt mean it!"
"I dont give a damm! now get your things and get out of here , i dont want to see you again. Did I make myself clear?"
"Ok, ok, I will go just promise me that you will drink some cofee!"
"What I do it's not your bussines!"
"You are sure as h**l on this one Cat! it's none of my bussines anymore, you made it this way! "
He went and got his stuff and before he left from my life again he stoped infront of the door.
"Good-bye Catherine I really hope you will not kill yourself and I;m sorry to tell this but they are gone and you cant do nothing about it and it wasnt your fault like you want to believe. Take care of you."
And just like that he was gone once again from my life. But he never understood, It was My fault that they are dead. It was mine and only fault.

please comment and let me know if u like it or not:) oh and sorry for the mistakes
yeah well i thought that this the dark period of her life and she does swear a sorry about it.,it will be over soon:)
me too!:)
thx! hey wil you help me with a banner?
umg ok i will let the qoute on your discusion with banners:) thx alot:)
love ya
kisses and hugs
came on, i wont bite!no-one else want to read it?:(
aww thx Rhia you;r so sweet and nice:)
kisses and hugs
Chapter 2 - The Beginning

With that closed door my heart closed once again. It was silly of me to think that he really got back because he missed me but i could help it. I felt on my knees and start crying again. It was a humiliating tendency that i gained in the last months, it was only humiliating for my only. I used to cry alot when i was alone in my house. I took just one more look at the door and then at the clock. It was 7.30 pm so i decided it was time to stop the crying and go out. I searched for my phone and dialled Rux number, and waited for her to pick up.

-Hey stranger!! How are things?
-Hey Rux! so I was just wondering ur u up fro tonight?

that question was followed by a scream

-Sure yeah!! you know you dont have to ask! Oh and i know this new great place that just opened and its amazing and i got us in
-Did u flirt with the bodyguard again? i asked raising an eyebrown
-Umh i can say that too!!
- You B***h. i start laughing.. Pick me up at 10.
-Ok babe, just be ready..and wait until we get there to get yourself drink, ok?
-Sure i can do that. i hanged the phone and got up

I wasnt going to pitty myself anymore or cry,i have chosen this dark path.
I went and took a shower and after that get dressed. Before i got out on the door I took one look at me in the mirror.
I was looking hot. i always considered me a beautiful girl but not amazing. I hade some big blue eyes and the skin of a porcelain doll, my hair had the colour of wood. it was so cool , in the sun it was so light and in the night it look just like abanos. I loved my ahir the most. Now he was curly and i had a blue mini dress that was making my eyes look more powerful. The make up did a preety job too.
I simply took my purse and got out.


When you got there, we didnt had to wait , As always the bodyguars was a very nest friends of Rux. I start smiling when I saw the look on his face.
Once we got in everything was the same. I got to the bar and ordererd the drink. I stood , looking at the whole grow until me drinks were done. That was the moment I saw him.
At the other part of the club there was a tall man, looking at me. He had a very dark hair and samo dark eyes too. He was all dressed in Black and he was gazing my way. He was the most misterious and beautifull man I have ever saw in my entire life and I couldnt take my eyes of him. He start smiling and he looked even more banned and untouchable. If it wasnt for the bartender I was going to look at him all night like an Idiot.

-Hey!! drinks are ready!

I took them and headed toward rux and our table. As always two admirators were there . I put on my favourite smile (wich was imposiible for boys or men not to love ) and seat down. Trough the whole conversation I was searching the crown after him. I could fell his eyes on me still but i couldnt see him. I have seen him one more time in that night and that was whne i got off the club.
He was on the other side of the road gazing at me again. i was staring so much that the one guy that was with us had to shake me a little to get my attention.

-Hey!! Are you coming or what?
-umh!! What? sorry guys i had to go. I looked back and he was gone.
- Come on Katie! dont do this to me.! Rux started to complained.
-I am sorry Rux! im not in the mood for this.See ya!

I turned my back on them and start walking home. I was a little nervous because i could still fell his gaze on me but i didnt ant to turn to see if he really was there. I started walking faster until i got home. After i locked the door i felt a little safer. I didnt knew what broth his up but i could explaine myself either. I saw the drinks and for the first time in a long period i was felling like drinking so instead I took avery hot shower.
Thanks to my crisis the other night now i had no pc and i didnt had many things to do. I feed Nala and then get in the bed with her in my arms.

-Dont worry my little Love you are only gone watch tv and then sleep. Isnt this a good plan?
I asked her. sure she couldnt answer me back, but I felt the need on talking to some on to keep my mind busy and not think about the "Dark Man"


She got herself more comfortable in my arms and while i stich the lights off , I turned the tv on the news. As always only bad things happends in life and the good ones are hard to find.
I tryed to looke for something more fun to watch and I fell asleep with the tv on.

in that night I dreamed A pair of dark eyes watching me.

Sorry guys for the mistakes i and thx for reading it, i know its not many but i have to get it out or i will dremaed it everynight:)
come on plase read it!!pretty please!! and comment, pretty please!!
thx rhia. a sweetheart as always:)
well its most based on my dreams and yes that sucks:))


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