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Hi Everyone!!!! This fanfiction is basically, what happenes after Breaking Dawn. So far, it's all in Bella's point of view. I'd really appriciate your feedback, and I hope you all like it.


*(warning)* My writing style is very discriptive! I puts lots of detail, because I really want my readers to have a clear mental picture. If you get bored easily with long drwan out stories, (which I doubt, because that's the way Stephenie writes) then maybe you shouldn't read this. Don't waste your time, and please refrain from harsh comments. Thanks :)


There's so much more to it, I have about 14 chapters all ready written. If everyone is supportive, then I'll post more.


So here it is!!! My Fanfiction Novel: Eternal Daybreak


Enjoy! :D

















Chapter 1

Novel Beginnings



     I was curled up on the huge four-poster canopy bed in me and Edward’s bedroom. The long clouds of sheer fabric, flowing down to the floor from over head, were drawn around the sides of the bed obscuring parts of the room. It was dim in the bedroom; lit by one small lamp on the bedside table that shined a soft, yet warm light, which, allowed me to make out just enough to be able to see everything. Not that I necessarily needed it, since I had excellent vampire vision. It was also very quiet tonight. I could hear the quiet breeze outside, brushing the leaves of the cedars near our cottage.
     The wind was relaxing, calming, with its soft whispers. Small animals and rodents were scurrying about, looking for food or either chasing each other. The moon was beautiful, it’s crescent shape shown brightly through the big glass door of the bedroom.
     Laying here, against a few of the dozen feather pillows on the bed, my legs lying on top of each other, bent and curved to one side, my back facing the sturdy head board, I observed my still surroundings. Everything was so calm, mellow, tranquil. The way it should always be. I looked to my left at my sleeping daughter, lying on her belly with her head turned towards me. Her long curly mane flowing gracefully down her small body. It was passing her hips now, thick and beautiful. The same exact shade of bronze as her father’s. Her skin was an apricot color in the dim lighting, her cheeks the color of red rose petals. Renesmee. My life. My adorable angelic daughter. I sat here and marveled at her, what she is to me and how she has morphed my life into something more astonishing than it ever was. If I thought I had everlasting happiness with Edward, it only doubled, tripled, when we were blessed with Renesmee. She lay here beside me, her warm tender breaths brushed my hand every 3 seconds or so, slumbering peacefully. I lift my hand to gingerly stroke her cheek, then her silky hair. Her skin was so soft, so delicate. I smiled to myself as my touch turned her cheeks a deeper shade of scarlet. I could hear her heartbeat, fluttering like a humming bird's wings. The thumping of her heart was like music to my ears, it kept me sane, at ease.
      I looked over to the small clock on the bedside table beside the glass lamp. 2:34 am. Only a few more hours until Edward came home. He said he'd be back at around 4:30, 5 at the latest. He, Jazz, Em, and Carlisle were out hunting. They left at midnight, hoping to reach Alaska at around 1. The drive from Washington to Alaska lasted about 3, maybe 4 hours. But for my vampire boys, it would only take an hour to run, give or take a few minutes. Emmett and Jasper wanted a different menu for tonight, other than the usual flock of dear, or occasional grizzly bear. And they also just wanted the feel of a fresh hunting vicinity. Some new grounds. Edward and Carlisle reluctantly agreed after a few pushes of encouragement from Esme and I. Edward needed a night out with his brothers. He needed to let loose, have some fun. (I love how I call our hunting habits "fun".) There was no reason to be skeptical about leaving Renesmee and I here alone, we were perfectly fine. With Alice on the look out, and she, Rose, and Esme only a few minutes away, and not to mention Jake who's been keeping patrol not too far from the cottage.
      Everything was fine the danger was gone. For now. It's been a month and a few weeks since our last threat of danger. The Volturi fled and won't be showing their chalky ashen faces for quite sometime. And when they do decide to come along, we'll be ready. Edward just worries too much. My husband can be such a pessimist sometimes, despite the laughs and snickers from Emmett when he gets in one of his "over protective" stages. But of course he means well, always has. I keep that in mind when it starts to bug me. I smiled to myself again; thinking about all that Edward does for me and Renesmee, his family, our family. Not many, well, not many human women can say that. Maybe not even many vampire women can say that. As far as I know, I'm the only vampire female, who has a biological, half vampire daughter. No one has the happiness I have inside. Sometimes I feel like my heart can start beating, can be warm again with all the love and happiness that I have wrapped up inside me. I sighed softly, and my smile grew wider.
      My reverie parade changed course, and my thoughts wandered off to Charlie. I haven't seen him in a while, since the day after the Volturi left. Edward, Renesmee, Jacob, and I went over his house for the day. I was so happy to see him, happy to be worry-free and focus all of my attention to our family gathering. I was so tired of being stressed out. He, Jacob and Edward were watching a football game in the living room. They were all yelling and screaming, slapping high-fives in the air, and slopping down beers. Men. (Well, excluding Edward of course. He refused, saying he had to drive us home, and didn't want to be the least bit intoxicated. Charlie thought about that and nodded his head in agreement. He clapped him on the back and said, "Good man. Jake you should take after my son-in-law here. You could learn a thing or two." Jacob snorted and said, "Yea, sure".) I was in the kitchen helping Sue with dinner, while Renesmee stood in a chair at the table, licking her fingers from the chocolate icing that she was wiping from a bowl. Every now and then, she would alternate and run into the living room to be tossed into the air by one of the guys, like some football, wanting to join in on the rambunctious activity. Then come skipping back into the kitchen to nibble on more sweets. Nessie loved sweets as much as she loved blood, though I couldn't get her to eat a single green bean. She was so hyper active, she's never going to go to sleep tonight I thought. I sighed, and Sue patted my shoulder. She smiled warmly at me and handed Nessie a slice of an apple from the apple pie she was preparing. "Thank you," I mouthed to her.
     Seth came by also, along with Billy. They too joined in with the rowdy male chaos in front of the flat screen TV. Sue and I shook our heads and giggled quietly at them whenever the team they were rooting for missed a play or fumbled the ball. The "AAWHHH COME ONN"'s and "ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME!?"'s were all too humorous. Us females will never understand it. Except for Nessie of course, who was more than happy to join in as a prop. Occasionally Edward would peek around his shoulder at me, his beautiful half smirk playing around his lips, and wink. He and I both knew he was barely interested in the game. But nonetheless, he was still enjoying himself.
     When it was time to eat, Edward, Renesmee and I made an excuse to leave, saying there wasn't enough food to go around. We would just "eat" later at home. We bid goodbye to everyone, and I went to hug Sue.
     "I hope you're getting enough sleep, with all of dad's snoring." I said jokingly.
     Sue laughed and dad turned scarlet red. I kissed Charlie on the top of his head while he was hugging and kissing Renesmee.
     "Now you come back real soon Nessie. Grandpa misses you, you know."
     "Okay grandpa. Real soon."
She flashed her dazzling smile. I could hear her making her way around to everyone, saying their farewells. I walked to the hallway; Edward was helping me into my cream trench coat. He then slid on his sleek black blazer. Renesmee came skipping around the corner, her purple pea coat and long pigtails bouncing along with her. She jumped into Edward’s arms and he shifted her to his side, holding her with one hand.
     "Bye everyone," I called. "See you dad, Sue. I'll call you guys later."
     "Sure thing Bells, drive safe kids." Charlie called.
     "I-will-bee-awond-later." I heard Jake call out, his mouth clearly filled to over capacity with food. Edward shook his head, and I laughed as we made our way outside to the car. Edward strapped Nessie in with a seat belt into the back seat of the Volvo, while I got into the drivers seat. I started the engine and leaned over to open the passenger door for Edward to get in. It was the end of January, and snow was falling in huge cotton balls. I backed out of the driveway from behind Charlie’s cruiser, while Edward turned on the heat, for Renesmee. I made my way out of town and was speeding down the highway at 75 mph in no time. Edward grabbed my hand. I interlocked our fingers and looked over to him.  He had his head leaned back against the headrest with a smirk on his face. God he was gorgeous.
     "What's so funny?" I asked, curious and in awe at the same time.
     "Glad to see your driving abilities have exceeded." He said, amused. "But you might want to slow down a tad bit. Just... for Nessie's sake. You know I don't mind".
     I nodded and said, "Oh right, of course."
     I looked into the rear view mirror and saw that Renesmee's head was leaning to the side, he mouth was parted and her head rocked and nodded with the motions of the car. Wow, that was quick. Edward and I might have a quiet night. I slowed down to about 60, and looked at him.
     "Good thing we're not in the Guardian," I said quietly, not wanting to wake Nessie. " I wouldn't want to give our poor child head trauma if I was to make a sudden stop or acceleration."
     "That's not likely. I was serious when I said your driving capabilities improved." I smiled in approval.
     I was just glad everyone could stop teasing me now about driving at the speed limit.
    "I can't wait to see you in the Ferrari..." he chuckled. I glared at him, but I couldn't keep the smile hidden from my face. Of course. My after car. I haven't had a chance to drive it yet. We haven't been anywhere that required me to drive a fancy sports car. And most of the driving that I have done, I had Renesmee with me and driving too far above the speed limit was out of the question when she was present in the car. Owell, I wasn't in a rush, I had lots of time to get to that. I looked back at Renesmee again, she was so adorable, and so precious, my little angel. I would never put any unnecessary risks to her life. I slowed down to 50 as I thought about this and changed the subject with Edward. He started to move his thumb in small circles on my hand.
      "Sue seems better. She and Charlie seem happy together."
     "Yea, I've noticed. It's good for her," he said. "Him too for that matter. Better that than living alone."
     "Right. I'm just glad she's happy. Seth seems to be coping with the new adjustment too. Better to live with an older sister than a mom I guess."
     "I agree." Edward mumbled. His eyes were closed.
     There was silence for a few minutes. The snow was starting to fall heavier. The roads were now covered in a thin blanket of snow, but I drove just as steady and consistant as if I were driving down a sun lit street in Los Angeles. I had to admit, becoming a vampire sure did boost my confidence and the way I felt about things from when I was human, my driving skills for one, and also my self-conciseness. I was graceful and beyond stunning, and I was perfectly matched with the most astounding man any girl could hope for. He was ideal, even if he wasn’t human. And I could have him any time I wanted. I looked at Edward to see that his eyes were still closed. I released our inter-twined fingers to stroke his cheek, then down his neck, very swiftly but long enough for him to catch on.
       "Hey…" I said as I did this. "What are you thinking about? You're so quiet."
     He opened his eyes and met my gaze.
     "You" he said softly. His smoldering gold eyes bore into my now light amber ones.
     I smiled sweetly and wished more than ever that at this moment, I were still able to blush. We got to the big house a few minutes later and I pulled in the driveway. Neither Edward nor I felt like greeting anyone. He grabbed Renesmee from the back seat and looked at me one last time before grabbing my hand. He pulled me close and placed his lips ever so gently to mine. Our lips moved in unison for a few seconds before we broke apart. We stared at each other with hazy eyes, and he began to pull me away from the garage. Damn! When will that overwhelming breathtaking charm and mesmerizing gaze of his stop sending me head-over-heals into wild passionate fantasies. I prayed not soon. We ran as I pondered this. The snow was thick but it didn't bother me. Nessie would be in her warm bed soon and Edward and I can retreat to our bedroom, and fulfill a few of the many fantasies that were running through my head...
      ...The same bedroom that I was now sitting in. I had slouched back into my pillows and was staring out of the wide window at the stars. Daydreaming about that day was like reliving the memory. That was the start of many days that followed, days filled with effortless contentment and pure bliss. Renesmee stirred in her sleep and sighed. I looked down at her again and rubbed her back softly. How long was I lost in my memories...? It felt like hours. I sat up and turned to look at the clock and it was now 3:22 am. I still had some time. Geez, being away from Edward this long was odd. We had been spending so much time together these last few weeks. That's why I really wanted him to enjoy himself tonight. One night was fine. I would survive.
     I slid off the bed in one swift movement, sure to not wake Nessie. She needed her rest. I walked out of our room and down the hallway to the cozy living room. A fire was burning quietly; it's flames dancing on the walls and furniture. I walked over to the bookshelf in the corner of the room and found the book I was thinking about. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was old and worn, another keepsake I brought with me from my old bedroom. I walked quickly back to my new shared bedroom, my knee length satin nightgown swishing lightly in the wind of my speed. I cuddled back on the bed and pulled the covers over my legs and the lower half of Nessie's body. I looked at the cover of the book and smiled to myself. (I need to stop thinking so much. If someone were watching me, they would think something was extremely wrong with me from the number of times I smiled and laughed to myself.) I sat my book on my lap, and ran my fingers through my long thick mahogany hair. It was still slightly curly from yesterday, maybe more wavy and flowing than curly.
     Alice, Edward, and I (also Jasper was dragged along) were invited to a wedding. Angela and Ben got married and were kind enough to include us. The ceremony was amazing and Ang and Ben looked really happy together. They married young too, like Edward and I, though I'm sure it wasn't under the same circumstances. No one could compare to Edward and I. We were one of a kind, unique and original in every way and together we created something so special to show our unique love truly is. I looked down at Renesmee again, sighed, then picked up my book and began to read.

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Chapter 4


We ran hand in hand, non-stop all the way to the Ferry dock to reach Alaska. It felt good to be able to extend the muscles in my legs and fly across the snow, it eased my tensions. The wind gushed past me, my hair billowing behind me. I grinned widely as we leaped across rivers and large hills of land. I felt like a bird, soaring across the wintry wonderland beneath me, a harmonious angel gliding elegantly, free, liberal. I laughed---I couldn't hold this in any longer. Edward turned his head towards me, a broad grin on his lips too.
"I'm so glad you've finally began to see yourself clearly."
This is amazing Edward. It's so hard to fully explain how I feel right now. I love it. Of course, without you here, all of this would be significantly pesterous and impassive. I don't even feel so distressed about Renee anymore. I’m slowly gaining assurance.
"That's what I’m here for babe." He said as he squeezed my hand. "You don’t need to fret. Everything is going to be fine. I have faith in you."
I beamed at him as I turned my head back to face forward. I pushed harder, applying more force and sped up. Edward responded immediately and led me farther. We finally reached the Ferry dock after about 20 minutes of running, surprisingly fast.
Edward bought two, two-way tickets and we boarded the boat. There weren't many people aboard, being that it was still about 8 in the morning. We stood at the tail of the Ferry. Watching the remains of Washington's land sail away. Edward was pressed behind me, his arms under mine, clasped onto the rails. I had to pull my hair onto one side and hold it into a twist so that it would lay on my shoulder, and not fly around in the wind, whipping me and him across the face. He just snickered as a few stray stands still tickled against his neck.
An elderly couple stood a few feet from away, watching us intently. I turned to look at them, their peers turned to admiring smiles. Edward turned too, just in time to catch their cherished expressions. I smiled back. I could smell their blood, not as sweet as a younger pair would be, but still appetizing. Their scent still burned my throat nonetheless. I swallowed. I hadn't realized I was this thirsty. It's been almost two weeks since Renesmee and I went hunting with Edward. No wonder why she's been eating so much human food. The woman grinned wider and said over the low rumble of the engine and the crashing waves,
"Una coppia così bella, benedirla voi." She looked from me to Edward and nodded. Then turned back to her husband. They grabbed hands and turned to walk away.
It sounded like Spanish, maybe Italian. I did hear my name, but couldn't understand how they would know that.
"It was Italian. She said we are a beautiful couple and blessed us." Edward murmured in my ear.
I looked up to him and he was wearing his half smirk. I smiled, stoked his cheek and turned to look towards the horizon. My mind began to drift again, as it usually did during dream-like times such as this one. I started to think about Renee again; how she and Phil were doing, him with his baseball career. I had so many questions; there was so much to catch up on. Even though she called frequently, it would be nothing to her coming here. Being face to face. There would be no way around it. Then my thoughts grew querulous again, afflicted by her reactions. What if she's afraid of what she finds out? What if she doesn't accept Nessie, even though that's yet to happen, but-...
Edward wrapped one arm around my torso forcefully and placed his cheek against my neck.
"Bella," he moaned. "Please..."
Fine. I thought, and withdrew my shield. He's had too much of it already.
"Wouldn't want you to get too spoiled with that anyway. You've had too much as it is."
When he didn't respond. I lifted my head to check his expression. He looked like a little kid who was just told to go sit in the corner. I laughed and kissed his cheek. Just as I was about to give him another one, he bent his head down in time to catch it on the lips. I giggled again and turned to gape at the mountains of sea gushing from beneath the Ferry, the pillars must be rotating powerfully.
"Later?" he asked, almost begging.
How could I resist this angelic plead? His satiny voice was so sensual. Here I go with this dizzy sensation. Was it normal for vampires to have butterflies in their stomachs?
I just nodded my head and continued to admire the water.
We arrived at the dock of Alaska about 25 minutes later. The few passengers that were aboard were leaving the boat, walking along the dock to catch a cab or board the tour bus. I looked for the elderly couple again. I couldn't see them walking away anywhere. I turned around and saw them standing against the railings on the edge of the Ferry, the man's arm grasped around the woman’s frail shoulders. I waved and the woman smiled warmly in response. Edward looked over his shoulder and followed my gaze. then the woman grinned at him too. He nodded back, took hold of my hand and headed east on the little beach. We walked down about a mile until clear of sight, then turned into the thin grouping of trees. Edward began to run. I followed suit, letting him lead, until he gained a faster speed. We didn't run far, or long. Maybe about another mile, headed into the small mountains. It was colder here, and I could see the vapors of my soft breath puffing out in little clouds in front of my face as we ran along. About another 10-mintues, Edward began to slow down. The trees began to thicken in formation, and I could smell the crispness of the pine needles, growing stronger as we ran deeper into the woods. Soon enough we were climbing higher in elevation. I could feel the gravity intensify, as we got higher up the mountain. Edward slowed more and more until we were finally walking at a brisk pace. A breeze swept pass me, bringing with it the fierce scent of blood. I inhaled deeply, trying to decipher what animal it was. Hmm... a feline?
"Mountain lion?" I asked him.
He nodded in response. "I thought I'd let you see for yourself how delicious they are.”
Another stronger gush of wind, the smell of the lion burned my throat more. My throat was beginning to ache as I lowered into a slow crouch. The wind was coming from the north so I sprinted in that direction, trailing the scent. I spotted the creature in less than 3 seconds, due to my speed. I thought for a moment on how to attack, deciding to pounce from behind. The lion was alone, sauntering aimlessly between the trees. I hesitated, then sprang towards it. We collided, and this time without any hesitation, snapped its neck swiftly. A clean break. Mouth watering, I immediately sunk my teeth deep into it's neck, sucking desperately, the sweet blood pulsed through my veins. Mmm... Edward was right. I've never had mountain lion before. I must add this to my list of favorites. I drained the lion in about 2 minutes, then sought to find another, perhaps a smaller one. When I drank to my fill, I traced Edward's scent back, leading a few yards away from where I left him.
He was perched against a boulder in a small clearing that opened up to a magnificent view of the beach below. The treetops were sprinkled with snowflakes, and the water was a bright clear blue. It was a beautiful sight. I sprinted to his side. He pulled me to stand in front of him and wrapped his arms from behind me.
"Satisfied?" He murmured in my ear.
"Exceptionally." I said, a smile in my voice. "You were right. Those mountain lions were delicious. I might want to come back for more occasionally."
He kissed me on the neck and then on my collarbone before lifting his head back up to peer at the scenery before us. Farther away, maybe about a mile or so across the trees were huge cliffs roaring up towards the heavens. One of the tallest ones reminded me of the cliff in the Lion King. They were beautiful, large mountains of earth, dotted with the green of trees and shrubbery. Down below, about 500 feet or so, were fierce crashing waves. I could see sharp rocks plunging out of the waters. They looked like sharp razors, the teeth of a massive sea monster, waiting for a victim to fall from the cliff. I shuddered at the thought of being at that great height, looking down at that frightening sight. Well, at least I knew where to come the next time Edward left my life. I wondered how painful it would be; how much damage it would cause to a vampire. I pushed those feral thoughts to the back of my mind and tore my gaze from the cliff. Edward would kill
me if he caught me thinking like that. Good thing I closed my shield when I did.
I felt a vibration on my left. It broke me out of my brooding, and I glanced at the horizon. The sky was brightening to a sheer color of pink and orange. It looked like the sun was trying to peek through the clouds. Edward's pocket continued to buzz. He must have been deep in thought too, until he finally unwrapped one arm from under mine around my belly, and pulled his phone from his pocket. It vibrated for a fourth time, and when he looked to see who it was, it stopped.
"Carlisle. I'd better call him back."
Then there was a ring from the same pocket. I turned my head towards it, slightly confused, as he pulled out my phone, which I completely forgot he had, and pressed the SEND button.
"Carlisle?" He answered.
"Edward?" Carlisle asked hesitantly. "Are you with Bella?"
"Yes. We're here."
"Oh... Okay, well, a heads up. Charlie called and said that Renee was able to catch an earlier flight. She should arrive at the airport at around noon now, instead of 3."
Edward sighed softly. "Alright. That's fine. Bella and I will make our way back, and then go to get her."
Carlisle hesitated, "This isn't going to be a set back for you?"
"No not at all," Edward said confidently. "Bella and I think it's best that we try the same approach we did with Charlie. Let Renee make her own assumptions. Try to keep the complete fatal truth from her."
"Hmm... Okay... That seems reasonable. I guess it is best to keep her incoherent." Carlisle mused. "I guess that could work out. I just had the impression that Bella was ranting over her finding out, or maybe even fearing that she would break down and tell Renee the truth."
Edward chuckled softly. "Trust me, Bella doesn't have anything to worry about. She has more will power than she is aware of."
I beamed quietly, feeling those butterflies again.
"Besides," Edward went on. "I have a really good feeling about this Carlisle. I really don't think Renee would think too suspiciously of us. She seems to be willing to accept Bella’s explanation, despite any condition that she may be in."
"Yes, your right," Carlisle said thoughtfully. "I'm sure we can hold up the charades for a few days. We just have to remind everyone to be cautious of what's said. We wouldn't want to give the Volturi a petty reason to return to us."
"Right, of course. I'll instill that to Bella." Edward said and tightened his hold around my waist.
Carlisle sighed. "Okay then. It's set. So you and Bella will retrieve them then?"
"Yes, we wouldn't want to prolong Renee's anticipation to see Bella any longer than needed."
"Alright then. So I'll see you guys soon."
"Sure. We'll be home shortly."
Carlisle hung up, and Edward pressed the END button. He placed his phone back into his pocket, and handed mine to me.
"No, my pockets are too tight." I said shaking my head. "And I didn't bring a purse."
He then put my phone into the pocket with his, and grabbed my waist, turning me to face him. I place my hands on his knees. His strong hands slid over my velvety skin of my lower back, caressing it there, as his liquid eyes bore into mine. My eyes were now a bright amber. Not quite the livid frightening red that they were 5 months ago. Maybe my strict animal diet, and persevering self-control, led to the early darkening color of my eyes. It wasn't the first time when things about me were out of the ordinary. Now my color was just slightly brighter than Edward's, and the rest of the family. They were a warm yellow-orange, golder around the edges of the iris. I loved them.
Our gaze remained locked together for a few moments. We didn't speak, but communicated silently through our eyes, "The passage ways to our souls," as Edward once put it.
You sure about this?
He raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Yes Bella, you'll do find." He said quietly.
I raised my left hand, and ran my fingers though his tousled bronze hair. It felt like running my fingers across silk and water. He pulled my hand down and kissed it gingerly. He paused and looked at my wedding ring. Running his fingers down the slender one that held the ring. The diamonds glistened daintily in the soft light reflected by the sky.
He looked at me from under his thick lashes.
"Are you ready? The Ferry should be departing soon." He asked gently.
I took a deep breath and exhaled quietly. His half smile curled around his lips as my sweet breath brushed across his face.
As ready as I'll ever be. I linked my fingers into his. I couldn't do this without you Edward.
He kissed me on the forehead, then rose slowly, pulling me by the hand away from the bolder. Then, before we reached the trees, I tugged against him, urging him to stop. He turned his head towards me.
"What is it Bella?" He asked confused.
I closed my mind again, just in case I couldn't control my thoughts and looked over my shoulder at the magnificent cliff.
"Can we come back? Soon? I wanted to climb those mountains." I said pointing towards the cliffs.
His eyes raked over my face, realizing my mind was blank again, and tried to find the reason for my asking through my facial expressions.
He hesitated, then answered, "Yes, we can come back. Whenever the time is right."
I smiled and glanced back over to the cliffs. I could feel his curious glares on the back of my head.
"Okay..." I said quietly, more so to myself. "Alright let's go, I miss Nessie."
He hesitated but began to tow me towards the trees once again. I shoved those thoughts back again. Fighting them down and locking them with a padlock and key. Edward was the only one who would be able to unlock those horrifying ideas, he was the one who held the key. Without him, there would be no reason to exist. Renesmee was my life and existence, and Edward was my soul. I tightened my grip, and let him pull be along silently.
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I definitely will! thanks for reading!!
By the time we got back to the mansion, the sun had definitely began to peek through the clouds. Small rays of sunlight shown down in patches over the grassy meadow as we walked up the stairs to the porch. I inhaled deeply before approaching the front door, tasting the crisp sweet air and letting it fill my lungs. Before I opened the door I could hear someone playing the piano. It was the mellow sounds of chopsticks. I turned around to Edward and asked,
"Rose is playing again?" She hasn't played the piano since our wedding.
She's been so wrapped up with Emmett; they returned from another honeymoon a few days ago. I guess that's why she's been in such a good mood. I know the feeling.
"Not quite..." Said Edward, and he reached in front of me to swing the door open.
Rosalie and Renesmee were seated at the piano. I could see Renesmee's thin fingers moving steadily across the keys, playing the graceful melody. She and Rose looked up at me as I walked into a clearer view. Nessie beamed at my delighted expression. She finished slowly, the notes singing in the air, sending pleasant vibrations down my spine, then asked cheerfully,
"Do you like it mommy? Aunt Rose just taught me."
Edward brushed his fingers over mine and walked away to find the others. I walked over to her and lifted her from the bench. She snuggled her head beneath my hair, into the hallow of my neck.
"I love it." I said, hugging her tightly. "It was beautiful Nessie."
Rose stood up and placed her hand on my back. I shifted Nessie to hold her with one hand on my hip, and hugged Rose with the other hand.
"She's been begging me to teach her for a few days now." Rose said, smiling at Nessie. "She already knows a few songs so far."
"Really," I said in a teasing voice. "What other ones?" I asked looking down at Renesmee.
She raised her hand and placed it lightly against my cheek. Her wide chocolate eyes glimmering beneath her thick set of long eyelashes. Such a beautiful baby, my baby.
I can't tell you. Daddy said to keep it a secret. We're going to surprise you.
I frowned slightly and poked my lip out. She giggled at this, and tried to push my lower lip back in, then continued.
Don't be upset mom. You'll really like it, I promise.
A small smile curled around my mouth and I placed my lips gently to her forehead and slowly pulled away.
"Ok," I whispered.
Alice then came gliding towards us from the kitchen. She smiled at us and grabbed my and Rose's hand, leading us back into the kitchen.
Esme was standing beside Carlisle near the counter. The back glass door was opened, and I could hear Edward and Jasper laughing at something. I could also hear loud crashes and the smashing and splintering of wood. Emmett must be wrestling with trees again.
"Bella, would you and Nessie like to join us? Alice and I were going to go grocery shopping for Renee and Phil, then hunt together afterwards. You can come too Rosalie," Esme said, turning to Rose.
"Okay, sure. That's fine with me." Rosalie said.
"Well, I just went hunting with Edward and I'm pretty full."
"Oh alright," Esme said with a warm smile. "Well the boys were going to go pick out some furniture for Edward's old bedroom. A few small dressers and a bed."
"What happened to Edward's bed? It was practically brand new..." I asked baffled.
Esme looked over to Rose, then down with a smirk on her face. Carlisle seemed to be trying to stifle a laugh, and Rose shifted her weight uncomfortably.
Esme's gaze locked back to mine, and said amused, "Well, Rose and Emmett... had a certain, calamity. Their bed is no longer... accessible, so they took Edward's since it was still in good condition."
Carlisle's snicker escaped his mouth, and I heard more roaring laughter from outside. Edward and Jasper must have been listening in. Rose cleared her throat loudly, and said,
"Yea well... I want a new one. Renee and Phil can use Edward's bed." She said hurriedly.
"Okay Rosie, that's fine" Said Esme, trying to wipe the amusement from voice.
I shook my head, and laughed quietly. How many beds have Rose and Emmett gone through? I was afraid to know the answer. I started rocking Nessie side to side, my arms secured under her bottom.
"Okay then," Rose said slightly irritated, "Lets get going. It's almost 10:00."
"Yes, we should be on our way before noon arrives. Will you be alright here alone Bella?" Asked Carlisle walking over to place his hand on my shoulder.
"-No," Edward said stiffly, walking through the door with Jasper, and Emmett casually following him.
I ticked my tongue against the roof of my mouth, and exhaled, looking at him slightly annoyed.
"Babe, I'll be fine," I groaned. "Maybe I'll go visit Charlie for a while, give him the phone numbers just in case Renee calls again."
He stood against the counter with his arms folded across his chest, his eyes examining my face, while he deliberated his decision.
"Alright, I guess for an hour or so. Take Renesmee with you." He said steadily.
"Okay. You can pick me up from there and then we can head to the airport to pick them up." I said.
"Alright, girls, lets go. We don't have much time." Esme chimed.
She walked over to Nessie and I, and kissed us both on the cheek.
"See you later sweetie," she said to Nessie.
"Okay..." said Renesmee softyl.
Alice and Jasper hugged and kissed each other goodbye, as did Rose and Emmett. Carlisle wrapped his arms around Esme and kissed her forehead softly. They all then turned to leave the through the back door towards the garage. Edward came over to grab my hand and led me out behind them. Esme, Alice and Rose climbed into Rose's M3 and drove off. Emmett jumped into his monster truck, followed by Carlisle who climbed into the passenger seat, and Jasper in the back. Edward led me to the Gaurdian, opening the driver's seat for me.
I glared at him, and he smirked at my expression while holding the door---he seemed to think this was very funny. I set Nessie down to the ground and crossed my arms tightly against my chest, pulling my lips into a hard line.
"The Volvo's engine needs to be checked, love. Rose hasn't had a chance to look at it." He said pulling the keys out of his right pocket and handed them to me. When I didn't move, he smiled and said,
"I bought a car seat." His voice rised in notation, trying to be enthusiastic and soften my piercing glare.
It worked, of course and my hard line loosened, turning into stubborn smile. I gripped the keys, planning to snatch them away, but Edward's grasp only tightened and pulled the keys, with me attached, towards him. I was trying to force my growing grin back into a line. He raised his hand and squeezed my cheeks until my lips were pursed, then pressed his against mine. He loosened his hold on my face and slid his hands to the nape of my neck through my hair, pulling my head closer.
There goes those stupid butterflies again. Renesmee started to yank on Edward's arm and patted his waist.
"Daddy!!" She giggled.
He released my hair and the keys and walked around to open the back door behind the drivers seat. While he buckled Nessie in, I reluctantly sat down into the front seat and turned the key in the ignition. He closed the back door, then closed mine. He bent down towards the window, as I pushed the button to roll it down. He reached into his left pocket and pulled out my phone and handed it to me. I took it and dropped it to the passenger seat, and turned my head over to look at him. I gave him a tender kiss, and pulled away. He straightened up and leaned over to kiss Renesmee.
"Tell Charlie I said hello." He said, and walked around the back of the car to Emmett's jeep.
Emmett started the engine as Edward walked over, and it rumbled like the fierce growl of a bear. He pulled out next, swerving around the house and flooring the gas petal. I sighed, pulled the gearshift into drive, eased my foot on the gas, and drove out of the garage too.


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