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Hey guys! This is Renesmee Cullen's story from birth to the rest of her life, hope you enjoy! (:

Chapter 1-The birth of a hybrid.


I heard momma's voice, I loved her voice. I've been in here for a couple months now, but I knew it was almost time for me to come out. I would sometimes try to move myself a little, in either a way to be more comfortable, or to cause her less pain. But I usually ended up causing her pain by accidentally breaking one of her ribs.

I had decided to try to move a little, in an attempt to make myself a bit more comfortable, but that's when I heard it; the loud crack of her spine. Then, all of the sudden, I couldn't breathe. I heard the sound of someone, my daddy, yelling something like, "The placenta detached!" Then I heard momma scream; I had hurt her. I felt so horrible.. I held my breath; which was pretty easy for a few seconds, then I heard momma stop screaming and moving all together.. and then something was scratching the top of my little home, I could see a very bright light coming from above me, and then I felt my daddy's hands around me, lifting me out of my mother.

"Renesmee.." He whispered in amazement as I opened my eyes to see him. He had a sort of bronzish hair, with bright golden eyes. His arms and face had blood on them; Momma's blood.

That's when I heard momma speak, "Re..Nes..Mee..Give her.. To.. Me.." She whispered with the few breaths she had. Then daddy handed me to her, and she gently wrapped her very weak arms around me. I could see her blood covered face, her face was very pale and drained of blood.

She smiled frailely(sp?) at me and I smiled back, and then that smell hit me. The smell of lavender and some other flowers I had not yet heard of, most of that scent coming from momma's throat. I couldn't help it; I leaned down and bit her, not getting a chance to suck any blood from her.

Daddy pulled me away instantly and said in a stern, and slightly loving voice, "No, Renesmee." I frowned and then I heard my mother's heard beat stop.

Daddy handed me to another woman with long, wavy blonde hair. I could hear Daddy and some other man talking angrily and trying to get Momma's heart beating again. Then I heard her heart starting to beat as this woman carried me into another room; a bathroom with a shower/bath tub. I could hear Momma's heart still not beating, and I wanted to go back and hug her.

I squirmed a little in her arms to be back with Momma, but she wouldn't let go.

"No, Renesmee. Your mother is going to be okay." She said quietly. "I'm Rosalie, your aunt, your father's sister."

She smiled at me. I smiled back and looked at her questioningly. "Oh, sweetheart, I'm giving you a bath. You don't want to be all bloody, do you?" She said in a cooing voice. She was treating me like a baby, and I didn't like it. But, I went along with it for the time. She ran the bath water, and washed me clean. She also washed my shoulder-length hair with an apple-scented shampoo. She rinsed me off and dried me off, dressing me in a very vintage/floral dress.

She smiled and asked me, "Is that better?" I nodded and thought of a way to speak to her. I didn't feel like talking aloud, so I pressed a palm to her cheek, letting my thoughts say "Yes.. Can I see my Momma now?" She stared at me, shocked at what I just did.

I could feel momma's heart beat going faster by the second, like a hummingbird's.

Aunt Rosalie then smiled and said quietly, "You're very special, aren't you, Renesmee?" I nodded and smiled, blushing a little. She then brushed through my already half-dry ringlets of bronze hair while she let me watch in a vanity mirror.

I had the same hair as my Daddy, and the eyes of my Momma. I smiled at myself, watching Rosalie brush my hair, it felt great. I had to show Momma all this later with my 'gift.' Eventually aunt Rosalie carried me into the living room with a small blanket wrapped around me, and gave me a little metal bottle, knowing I could possibly break a plastic one, filled with blood.

And then someone came downstairs. He was tan, had short black hair, dark brown eyes, and they were filled with what seemed to be hate. Rosalie was tring to make me laugh, but it wasn't working very well. I had my heard fixed on this boy.. Why did he hate me? What did I do? Then this look changed. His eyes widened, and he just stood there for a few seconds. Staring at me. Into my soul, almost.

He went to take a step towards me, that's when Rosalie quickly turned and glared at him, protectively wrapping her arms around me. "What do you want, mutt?" She said rudely to that boy. "I.. I think I.." Was all he said before he bolted out the door. I pressed my palm to aunt Rosalie's cheek, asking her what was wrong with that man? She just told me she would explain to me later. I just let it rest at that moment, but I wasn't leting this rest completely. I had finished the now empty metal bottle that was sitting on the coffee table in front of us.

I looked at Rosalie and pressed my palm back to her cheek, asking why I could smell so many different scents? Such as lavender, dasies, frecias, roses, sun, cinnamon, sugar, honey, something woodsy, and vanilla.

She said softly, "That's what we all smell like. The lavender is me. Dasies is your grandma Esme. Frecias and roses is your mother. Sun and cinnamon is your daddy. Sugar is your aunt Alice. Honey is your uncle Jasper. Vanilla is your uncle Emmett, and that woodsy scent was Jacob, the mutt."

I lightly patted my hand against her cheek, asking her why she called Jacob a mutt. She explained to me that Jacob was a shapeshifter, or 'werewolf' as some would say. And that he smelled horrible to her. I found it a little funny that he smelled fine to me but bad to her.
Then I thought to her, asking her what imprinting was. She sighed and explained that to me too.

Imprinting was apparently 'love at first site' but only stronger. That the person would be anything for their imprintee. A best friend, a brother, a lover. Then I thought, does this Jacob feel this for me? She nodded and said yes. I stared at her. Why? She also answered that. "Well, Renesmee, I guess he just can't help it. You're just adorable!" she said with a smile on her face, changing the subject completely.

I let it slide this time. Then a man who looked very tough, and smelled of vanilla walked in; it must be my uncle Emmett, I thought. Aunt Rosalie, or "Rose" as I was going to call her now, said "Yes, that's Emmett, honey." I smiled and nodded towards him, waving my little hand a little. He waved back and smiled. "I take it this is little Renesmee?" He asked. He seemed very nice, and I guess he was my uncle. I can't wait to meet the rest of my family. Emmett picked me up and swung me around in a circle, "You're just the cutest little thing, aren't you?" He said with a light chuckle. I blushed and placed my palm to his cheek, 'I guess so. Thank you, Uncle Emmett.' "Hm, and with a nice gift, too?" He said with a smile, as he sat me on the couch next to Rosalie, and gave her a tiny peck on the cheek when someone else walked in.

This one was another pale woman, but she was very little and tiny. She was holding another man's hand, he had curly blonde hair, and he looked like he was in pain. They, together, smelled like honey and sugar. I pressed my palm against Rose's cheek again, 'Alice and Jasper?' I asked her. She nodded and said, "Yes honey, that's your Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. You two wanna come over and say hello to your new niece?" Aunt Alice giggled; it sounded like someone jingled tiny bells.

She held Uncle Jasper's hand and said quietly to Aunt Rose, "I don't know.. Jasper.." She looked at him and he smiled, saying, "It's okay, love." Aunt Alice walked over to me and picked me up, hugging me tight. I hugged her back, placing a palm on her cheek, thinking to her, "You're very pretty, Auntie Alice!" I thought to her and she giggled. "Why thank you, Little Love!" She smiled and kissed my cheek.
She turned to Uncle Jasper and asked him, "Are you alright to hold her, Jazz?" He nodded and she handed him to me. I pressed a palm to his cheek, noticing his bite-shaped scars, and asked, "How'd you get those scars, Uncle Jasper?" He chuckled and said, "Another story for another day, Renesmee." I smiled and nodded, saying 'Ok' with my little gift.

Then two more people walked in; How many people did I have in this family? The man had light blonde hair, and looked like a model. Who in this family didn't? The woman had long black/dark brown hair, and everyone had golden eyes. Rosalie smiled and nodded,

"Before you ask, Renesmee, These are your grandparents. Esme and Carlisle." I smiled and waved at them.

Esme asked, "Don't you speak, sweetheart?" She chuckled. I smiled and nodded, Rosalie told her to come over and let me show her.

Rosalie stood up and Esme, with Carlisle, both came and sat on each side of me. I sat between them both and pressed a palm on one of each of their cheeks, saying to both of them, 'This is how I prefer to speak.. Is that alright with you?' They both nodded at the same time. Grandpa Carlisle said, "Hm.. Renesmee, you appear to have a lovely little gift there." With my palm still on his cheek, I said, 'Thank you, Grandpa.' Then I looked around the room; no Momma or Daddy in here. I suddenly grew worried, until a wave of calm washed over me. I knew it was from Jasper, somehow. Because he was smiling at me, and nodded as a 'you're welcome' to me.

I nodded back, and pressed my palm to Grandma Esme's cheek, asking her were Momma and Daddy were.. and then asking about this 'Jacob'. Grandma Esme explained to me how Momma was being changed into a vampire. I nodded a couple times as she told me why, then I suddenly felt horrible as I realized I almost killed my own mother. I refused to cry, I am not going to be weak, I thought to myself..

Then Grandma Esme explained how Jacob needed some time, and he would be back in a little. Then, as if on cue, Jacob walked in. It all happened within just a few seconds. Rosalie had tried to jump at Jacob, but Uncle Emmett held her back easily. "Now, Rose. No being violent in front of Renesmee.. Why did you do that?" He asked her, almost in shock. Aunt Rosalie took a few seconds to calm down, with Uncle Jasper's help, of course.

She signed, "Jacob imprinted on Renesmee."

Jacob sighed, also, and explained what he meant. "It's not something I can control, you guys. It's not my fault. It's destiny, I guess." He awkwardly explained. Then he took his time explaining about a boy named Quil, and how he had imprinted on a 2 year old named Claire. I nodded, listening, too, to the story. He explained about how he would be a best friend, like a brother, even, someday, a lover, if that's what I wanted. I understood this.. mostly. I blushed a few times. Then Grandma Esme said to Jacob, "Jacob, why don't you come sit next to Renesmee?" She got up and held Carlisle's hand, sitting on another couch in the room..

They had 2 couches and 2 chairs. Me and Jacob now in one, Grandma and Grandpa sitting in the other, which also had Emmett and Rosalie. Alice and Jasper sat in one chair, Alice on her lover's lap. As Jacob came and sat beside me,

I jumped on his lap, sitting on him, and pressing a palm to his cheek, asking him "Are you my new friend? Why did you seem so hateful earlier? What happened to my Momma?" he cut my thoughts off early, saying, "Yes, I'm your new best friend, I'll explain that later, and your mother is just fine, Nessie." Everyone stopped and stared at him. Rosalie asked angrily, "What in the hell did you just call my niece, mutt?" I almost laughed. 'Nessie?' I thought to myself. Jacob chuckled nervously and said to Aunt Rose, "Just a nickname, Blondie." Don't they like eachother? I thougnt to myself. Jacob chuckled, "We just like to mess around, Nessie." I guess he calls me Nessie, now. And then I could feel my throat start to burn slightly, Jasper apparently felt that, because he got me a cup this time, of blood. I took a sip of is and licked my lips, smiling.

Jacob chuckled and I smiled. Uncle Emmett turned on the TV saying he was going to watch a football game. I decided I'd watch it with him. "Such a lazy day." he said, laughing. I rolled my eyes. A lazy day when I child is born and her mother almost dies? Alright. I found that kind of funny. I finished my cup of blood, then placed a palm to Jacob's cheek, yawning, asking him if he could hold me.

He smiled a little, and held me in his arms, like a baby would be held. I couldn't complain, though. Eventually I drifted to sleep, I felt him move my hand to his throat, so he could see my dreams. I remember dreaming of what it would be like to see momma again. If she would look differently, if she would have golden eyes, if she would be more pale, have the same face or not. Then I wondered why I couldn't see her. I missed her. It had felt like just a few minutes, but then I woke up, it was dark out. Not morning-dark, like night-time dark. I know I slep't longer than just all night.. But now I was in Aunt Rosalie's arms. I wondered where Jacob was when I noticed he was sitting on the couch with Uncle Emmett watching some kind of show.

Wow.. I must've been tired.. Then I noticed my hair was down to a little longer than my shoulders. It had been brushed again while I was asleep.
I pressed my palm to Aunt Rosalie's cheek, asking her how long I've been asleep. "Oh, about 27 hours, Renesmee.." She said with a chuckle. "You were tired after what happened, huh?" She asked.

I nodded and smiled a little, sitting up and sitting on Aunt Rose's lap. She started to run her fingers through my hair, and it felt nice. I wanted Grandma Esme to hold me for a change, I missed her, too. Rosalie heard my thought and said quietly, "Esme." she chuckled and handed me to her. I hugged Grandma Esme tight, smiling.

Pressing my palm to her cheek, I asked, "When can I see Momma?" She answered, "In about a day, little love." I smiled and nodded, thinking to her, "Ok.. I love you, Grandma." She smiled happily and said softly, "Love you too, sweetheart."

I asked her in my special way if me and Jacob could play some game or something, because I said I was bored, and it would occupy my time of missing Momma. She nodded and sat me beside Jacob, I pressed my palm to Jacob's cheek, I asked him if he had any games to play or anything.
He smiled and said, "We could go outside, Ness. If you'd like. I could teach you to climb trees, or something." I shook my head and thought, 'No outside. Something inside, so I stay near Momma and Daddy.'

He nodded and asked me if he could read a book to me. I smiled and nodded. He carried me over to a book-shelf in the living room, and picked out two books, Jane Eyre and Romeo and Juliet. As he sat down with the books and me, he asked me which book would be first. I pointed to Jane Eyre, and he smiled, opened the book, and started reading.

I sat there and listened to every detail, understanding almost every single word.

Eventually, after about an hour and a half, Jacob and I finished the first book. Without hesitation, he picked up the next book and started reading. I understood every part of the book. I never knew someone could love someone enough to die for them.. Then I remembered Momma, and how she almost died for me.

Jacob had finished the book by now, and I had been looking down, no longer back-and-forth between him and Romeo & Juliet. This book was officially my favorite.
I leaned on Jacob's shoulder after I looked at the clock: 10:23 pm.

Then I remembered, Momma would be here soon! I smiled wide, and realized that if I slept, I would wake up and be perfectly awake to see her! I closed my eyes and layed in Jacob's arms again, slowly drifting to sleep.

--Okay guys! Sorry this chapter's so long xD I kinda thought I should make long chapters.. Helpful criticism would be wonderful^-^--

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Loving it! Please write more :)
thanks ^^ will do:]
thanks :D
love it. please update soon :)
chapter 2 is up ^^

Chapter 2- Seeing Momma


       I woke up still laying on Jacob, him still being asleep and snoring loudly, and seeing the sunlight streaming through the windows. I looked at the clock; 9:25 am. I could no longer hear Momma's heartbeat coming from upstairs, and I couldn't smell that mix of sun and honey anymore. I patted Jacob on the cheek and he opened hit eyes, sitting up. I asked him with my gift, 'Where's Momma and Daddy?' He told me that Daddy had taken Momma hunting, and that I could see them in about 30 minutes. I smiled happily and nodded. Just then Aunt Alice walked in the living room holding a small khaki colored dress.

"Come on, Renesmee! Don't you want to look pretty for your mom and dad?" She asked with a giggle. I nodded and she came over, picked me up, and carried me into her room. She sat me on her bed and asked me if I could change my clothes myself, which I answered with another nod and a smile. She walked out of her room, closing the door. I carefully changed into the dress. I honestly didn't like dresses too much, but I didn't really care what I wore, I just had my mind fixed on the thought of the fact I could see Momma soon. I heard Aunt Alice knock on the door, asking me if I was alright. Since she was outside of the room, I quietly said "Yes, Aunt Alice." and opened the door. She picked me up and carried me back into the living room, where everyone in the family - including Jacob - was. She handed me to Rosalie, who un-willingly sat next to Jacob. That's when I heard a new voice; I knew it was my Momma.

"So.. who does she look like more?" She asked. Daddy answered, "It's an even spilt."

I smiled happily and watched as Jacob walked out and started saying something about how he was a 'test' for my mother. I just kept watching the door very intently waiting for to come in. She walked in, wearing a light blue, sort of frilly dress, that was ripped on both sides. Everyone was standing now, Me in Aunt Rosalie's arms, with Jacob beside us, as close to me as he could get. Everyone's eyes were fixed on Momma. She and I stared at eachother, Daddy held her arms back. I knew that she was a vampire, and she would be attracted to my blood, Daddy had one hand on her shoulder as she walked close to me, everyone staring at me and her, and watching to make sure she wouldn't hurt me. I know she won't hurt me, I don't see the big deal. Aunt Rosalie carefully placed me in my mother's arms. As she wrapped her arms around me lightly, Rosalie still had one hand on my shoulder. Suddenly I heard the air catch in my mother's throat, and I was quickly ripped from her arms as Daddy wrapped his arms tightly around her, restraining her from me. She was just standing there, not breathing, trying not to inhale again. She slowly started breathing through her nose again, and I whimpered loudly, I wanted Momma. Everyone was around me in a second, reassuring me, kissing my forehead; everyone but Momma. I patted my hand to Rosalie's cheek, 'Let me see her. Please.' I basically begged her. I heard Momma whisper to Daddy, "It's okay, Edward. I'm alright. Can I hold her now?" He nodded as she walked to me, I was not in Jacob's armd. And as she held me, Jacob still had his arms around me, too. He was watching me intently, but I was more focused on Momma's expression, which appeared to be angry, angry at Jacob. She glared at him as he glared back.
"Why are you... You. Didn't." Momma said angrily. "Rose, take Renesmee." Aunt Rosalie came and I was back in her arms. I was staring at Momma, wondering why she was so angry with Jacob, was it because he imprinted on me? That's what I thought it was. He backed down the stairs, arguing, "I can't control it, It's not my fault." I heard her growl something like, "How could you imprint on my daughter?" Now they were outside, and I watched from the window of the house. I heard Jacob say, "It's okay, Bella. Nessie likes me too." Then Momma basically screamed at Jacob, "You nicknamed my daughter after the loch ness monster?!" And with that she lunged at him.



--Sorry this chapter's a bit non-descriptive, and I may have gotten some parts wrong, but here it is!:]--

it's really good.
love it
loving it!  can't wait to read more.


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