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Eternal Night by Fierce Fanpire

(Ebony POV) Preface- They Came


They surrounded us. Six dark cloaks with gleaming red eyes and fierce snarls on their lips slowly advanced forward. Mother shoved Onyx and me behind her, and we both felt half of her vampire strength and powers flow into us. When a dark cloak let down his hood to reveal a pale white face framed by long, black hair, she spoke.
"They had nothing to do with this, and I accept full responsibility for the mess I've made. Please, spare them," she begged.
"Aro, you know the rules. No matter how much you favor a certain 'gift', she must die," a near twin of the man who is supposed to be Aro whispered roughly.
"Quite right, Marcus," he replied with a voice full of pity. "Come forth, Ebony." He was speaking directly to me.
I cautiously crept up to him, and he smiled down at me and took my hand. His eyes became unfocused and vague, and when he was through he said with wonder," It appears Jade is right, dear brothers. Let her death be quick, Felix and Demetri."
That's when they sprang toward her, and when she just said, "I love you, Onyx and Ebony. Never forget that", I knew she was content with dying. I closed my eyes, but I had already seen her blank expression in the fire. The sweet scent of a vampire burning filled the air, and it was over.
"I'm terribly sorry for the loss, but she knew the rules and broke them anyway," Caius said with a cold voice. "We hope you understand." They retreated into the smokey mist, and when we couldn't hear their footsteps anymore, Onyx and I streaked over to the remains that were our mother. I love you echoed over and over in my head, and I knew she was gone forever.

We were alone.



(Eb POV) 1. Going Home

It's been a couple of months since her death, but mother's last words still swirled around my head while we got on the plane. Onyx tugged me to my seat, and I heard her mumble about going to the bathroom before the jet took off. It'll be fine. You'll be fine, she sent telepathically.
During the flight, some weird guy just continually kept trying to have a conversation with me. I turned my back and switched my iPod on, but he still didn't get the  message. Luckily, the flight was only an hour or two of his constant chatter. The plane landed--Hallelujah!! I snatched Onyx's hand up and sprinted out of sight.
"What was wrong with that guy?" Onyx complained.
"Do you want me to answer that?" I replied, raising an eyebrow. She giggled and shook her head; silence hung between us until we saw a chauffeur holding a sign saying EBONY AND ONYX WHITELOCK.

We walked to him, and he spoke with a slight French accent, "Hello, my name is Pierre. Your father, Robert, sent me since he is unavailable. Please come with me." The stretch limo was tricked out, with a fully-stocked fridge and two plasma screens to match. The ride home was filled with oohs... and ahhss.... from both of us as we discovered the gifts Dad left us.
Rain poured down in the small town of Forks, and it was worse when we pulled up to the gate of the mansion. The bars of the gate were rusted and cryptic-looking. Opening his car door, Pierre got out and ran with alacrity to open the gates and get out of the rain. He put the car in park at the front steps, announcing, "Here we are. The key is in the plant by the step." And with that he cruised down the mile-long driveway.
"THIS IS SO COOL!!" Onyx exclaimed.
"TOTALLY!" I screamed back.

It had a god-only-knows inch Plasma with a whole wall of movies by it. There was an Xbox 360 and a Wii, with tons of games. A sofa had its back to a window and recliners to its left and right. A few simple wall lights lit the room, and a door next to the TV led into the dining room and kitchen. A dazzling chandelier hung high above the long oak dining table, and when I flipped the switch sparkles were everywhere. I couldn't help but notice the pictures of our childhoods were hung throughout the house, and I sighed, remembering when it was that easy.
"Onyx?" I worriedly shouted. She wasn't in the room anymore.
Turning around, I spotted Onyx fly up the stairs and nearly throw herself into a blue-and-green room. Sometimes I wondered when she was either going to give up being a Goth or start acting like one. I watched her for a second in the hallway and gave her a small smile before heading down to my own room.
Black and silver--literally silver, not gray-- were the dominant colors of my room, with white and black bedsheets and dressers. Silver and white stars hung from the ceiling, shining in the moonlight. I took out my contacts, flopped into bed, and wished Mother a good night, begging my mind for a dreamless sleep and a fresh start Monday.

Here are the characters, what I think they should look like.

Onyx Olivia Lunela Whitelock

Age: 16, Sophomore in high school



















Ebony Gabriella Rose Whitelock

Age: 17, Junior in high school






















The Cullens (if you're on this website as a member, I won't explain the character names)


Chelsea Turner (but with brown hair and green eyes; I'm getting someone to fix it.)

Christian Kelzern


The Volturi


Sasha (in human form)


Sasha (in wolf form)

Onyx (in wolf form)

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awesome keep me posted!
I am sooooooooooooo sorry people. My mind is scattered-brained, so before anyone else reads these, I'm going to edit the preface. Sorry for any confusion. BTW, I will, of course, keep u updated.
Seems good,keep writing please
Looks good. I like it
Nice!!! I like it keep it up u got me wantin more.
I love it! its amazing!!!!
this is really good
I love it! Please keep going, and keep me updated!

Also, a question:will the Cullen's be in this story?
Possibly. Possibly not. MHWUA HA HA!
I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER, but I'm putting up a chapter in an hour or so.
(Eb POV) 2. Magic Time

Cold hands gripped my shoulders, and I cried out in pain. My mother stood off to the side, on her knees with her head in two sparkling hands and a vampire kneeling in front of her, smiling evilly. I heard her shriek out, "EBONY!" Her face stared at me from the fire, eyes glazed over and cloudy, disapproval clearly on her face.
The kneeling vampire rose, and told me to join them. I shook my head, and he sighed, "What a waste." His cold hands wrapped around my throat....

"EBONY, WAKE UP!" Onyx ordered, shaking me awake. I felt my face, damp with tears, and saw that my eyes were red and puffy.
"It'll be okay, trust me," she cooed over and over. She took me into her arms and rocked slowly back and forth until the sun rose.
"Thanks," I croaked, my voice still thick with sleep.
"Sausage and oatmeal?" she inquired, knowing what else would calm me down. I nodded, and she stood and strode to the door.
"Onyx?" I called. She turned, and I said quickly, "Thanks. Really." I was truly grateful. She gave me a small, knowing smile and disappeared down the stairs.

When I came downstairs, two pairs of car keys with bows tied to them were on the table. The card said:

Ebony and Onyx,
Hope these help on the first day of school tomorrow. I won't be able to come home until next Saturday, so enjoy your BRAND NEW CARS.


That's so thoughtful of him, I mused to myself.
"He just wants us to have a great first day," Onyx defended. "Don't complain; it means he also trusts us."
Stupid mind reader, I thought loudly. She just chuckled while she moved the keys and put breakfast on the table.
"When are we going to practice our skills again?" she wondered while making coffee.
"How about...after breakfast," I told her. It was word vomit.
"Yay, yay, YAY!" she sang, doing a little touchdown dance. I rolled my eyes and dug in.
"You know, you learned your cooking skills from me," I teased. She stuck out her tongue, and I laughed.
"I did not!" she said in mock outrage. "You're almost as bad as Dad!" Both of us shuddered as we remembered the attempted Christmas dinner Dad tried to prepare. We busted out laughing, and it died down to a comfortable silence while we finished breakfast.

Slipping on my hiking boots, I called out, "ARE YOU READY? WE'RE JUST GOING HIKING!"
"I'm putting on my sneakers!" she hollered back from upstairs.
She might as well have taken a shower, I thought sarcastically.
"Heard that!" she warned. I snorted in amusement. "Ready!" she said as she clumped down the stairs.
"Let's ROLL OUT!" I said like a drill sargent, causing her to give a loud chuckle. "What are you laughing at, missy?" I asked, trying to sound tough but failing miserably.
"Nothing," she answered, looking innocent. I saw through the sweet face to the mischief lurking in the eyes. Shaking my head, I directed her to the back door and the surrounding woods.
"First things first. Do we have a compass, map, and shoestring for markers?" I sounded like I was auditioning for a Survival film.
"Yes, yes, and yes," she replied.
"Let's go, then," I told while putting the first marker on a branch.
The walk was mostly quiet, except for the chirp of birds and the cruch of twigs on the ground. I left little bows on branches here and there while we hiked, and Onyx marked our path on a map. There was a light at the end of the path, and as we stepped through, I noticed how peaceful it was. One oak tree stood in the middle of the meadow, and wildflowers surrounded just the tree. The rest of the grass was a bright, vibrant green.
"Beautiful," I whispered.
"Calm," Onyx said just as quietly.
We put our packs on branches, so they'd be out of the way, and faced each other. She shimmered and turned into a werecat, then a wolf, and finally into me. I raised my eyebrows, and she snickered before turning back into herself.
"I thought you might be impressed," she laughed. "I've been working on humans for a month now."
Tell you the truth? I'm a little creeped out, I thought to her.
Why? she sent back.
You just turned into me! How could I not be creeped out? I loudly thought.
She vanished, and I thought she went to the other side of the field until I turned around and bumped into her.
"Geez, give me a heart-attack, why don't you?" I retorted angrily.
"Enough chitchat," she snapped. "Practice your powers."
I focused all my strength on pushing out my shield onto her and finally saw her energy underneath it. Being a physical and mental shield is the coolest thing that could happen. That's probably why Aro wanted me.
I raised my hand, pointed at a log in the trees, and threw it across the meadow. I then brought it to my face and crushed into pieces. Telekinesis is a great power, too.
My final power required my sister. She transported to my pack and brought out a long, shiny machete. Her eyes darted to mine, and I gave my nod of approval. Onyx clenched her teeth and sliced a long gash down her arm. It started pouring out blood, and I panicked.
"You can, and you will," she said stubbornly, wincing in pain.
"Fine," I mumbled," but I'm cutting you next." I took her arm and put my palm over her bloody gash. Joy flooded into me, and I went into a blissful high while healing her.
It closed without leaving a scar, and she said proudly, "I told you so. All you have to do is believe."
"Thanks, Tinkerbell," I teased, and she stuck out her tongue at me.
"Come on. Let's go home," I announced. We raced to the tree and grabbed our packs. Before we left, I carved our names in the ground to claim territory. I turned away from the lovely meadow and continued on down the trail to our home.
Love it


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