The Twilight Saga

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Her eyes widened as a dagger flew across the field and entered his back. He didn't even flinch in pain. He turned around, flinging his own dagger at one of them. One grabbed for his neck but he was too fast. He grabbed the man and flung him over his shoulder, sending him into the ground with a painful cracking sound as impact was made. She stared, horrified as blood dripped from his back and down his leg. It wasn't possible that he could still be fighting with such force. “Go, Sophie!” His voice growled at her. “Go now!” The pronunciation of his words becoming deeper commands as he flung himself into the abdomen of another one of them. Sophie couldn’t move. She found herself trying to move, trying to run, but her body wouldn’t move. Her brain screamed demands at her legs but they wouldn’t move. Her breath came quicker. She opened her mouth to scream as a man came barreling towards her but a hand clamped down over her lips and nose, blocking all airways.

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OMG! This sounds Amazing. OMG! Please Updated soon. Like Sooon..

Haha! Yay, I will! Thanks for reading Edith! =D 

I love stories that immediately absorbs me when I'm reading and this just did that!!

That was just brilliant Claire!!


I'm glad you liked it girlie!!!

Thanks so much! =D





No better words to describe.




Exciting beginning!

Thanks guys! I'll do my best to update soon! Thanks for reading! =D

keep us updated ok

Okie dokie! Thanks for reading!

sounds intresting :) keep me posted

Thanks! Will do girly!


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