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Her eyes widened as a dagger flew across the field and entered his back. He didn't even flinch in pain. He turned around, flinging his own dagger at one of them. One grabbed for his neck but he was too fast. He grabbed the man and flung him over his shoulder, sending him into the ground with a painful cracking sound as impact was made. She stared, horrified as blood dripped from his back and down his leg. It wasn't possible that he could still be fighting with such force. “Go, Sophie!” His voice growled at her. “Go now!” The pronunciation of his words becoming deeper commands as he flung himself into the abdomen of another one of them. Sophie couldn’t move. She found herself trying to move, trying to run, but her body wouldn’t move. Her brain screamed demands at her legs but they wouldn’t move. Her breath came quicker. She opened her mouth to scream as a man came barreling towards her but a hand clamped down over her lips and nose, blocking all airways.

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Awe! Thanks! I'm going to try and upload tonight, I don't know if I'll be able to, but hopefully I will! =D

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Chapter One; The Boy

She felt a firm hand grip her shoulder and jumped slightly; yanking her ear buds from her ears in one quick motion. She looked up at the person who’s hand was on her shoulder, “It’s your stop Sophie,” said the boy with short, curly brown hair that sat in the back of the bus.

“Oh, I- thanks,” She mumbled, quickly gathering up her belongings and walking up the aisle of the bus and then down its few stairs. She looked up at the woods that faced her; it must’ve rained while she was at school. The grass and leaves seemed brighter green than usual. She heard the slam of the bus doors behind her and then the squeaky engine pulling away.

She sighed lightly and then turned around to cross the road, looking both ways before she did so she wouldn’t get hit by some silent oncoming car. No cars ever really came down that road though; she lived in the middle of nowhere. She bit the piercing on her lip gently, letting the round ring slip in and out of her mouth, behind and in front of her teeth, as she walked home (which wasn’t far because the bus dropped her off right across the street).

She looked around the large front yard for any kind sign that someone was home, but she had no such luck. Seth, her brother, was probably at his new part-time job. Was it Smoothie King? No, maybe he was working at Radio Queen now. She thought silently. Either way, it was some place that had a monarchial title to it.

She shook her head; she never understood why Seth felt the need to work. It wasn’t like their parents weren’t rich enough to buy them anything they wanted, or pay for them to get into college.

She shoved her house key into the big heavy wooden door and pushed it open. It echoed through the house as it clicked shut behind her. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. She noticed an unusual paper hanging on their normally bare fridge. Another sigh escaped her lips as she read over it. Her parents would be working late, again. And there was no telling when Seth would get home.

She was on her own for the night, once again. That was just lovely.

She walked back over to her backpack and pulled out her book before shoving her iPod and keys back into the pocket of her black jacket. She walked out of the house and then locked it back up. When she heard the little click of the lock going into place she turned around, walked across the street, and then straight into the woods. There was a little foot path of worn down grass where she walked every day.

Her reading spot was easy to find. It was under a fruit tree. Sophie loved her reading spot. The fruit were poisonous though. Their odd yellow and purple warped stripes marked them as so. She often wondered what would happen if she just decided to eat one, but she never did, fearing the consequences. She’s heard the myths that surround the tree. Her and her family had just moved to Shadowbrook, just bought the large amount of property that the tree rested on, but she heard the whispers at school.

She had heard the guys and girls snickering and then trying to feed her some bogus story about bazaar things happening after one of the fruits had been there.

She didn’t believe any of it. At least that’s what she told herself. Deep down their stories along with her parent’s warnings kept her from eating one. She sighed up at the tree as she took her seat beneath its branches. What was with the darn thing? Couldn’t people just leave it and its beauty alone? It was just a tree.

She leaned back against the bark and opened her book, and old copy of Romeo and Juliet. The pages were starting to yellow and the binding was cracking, andit was a paperback, which meant the corners had all gone to crap. But none of that mattered to Sophie, the only thing that mattered was the text on the pages inside, sure some of it was water damaged, but that that didn’t mean that you couldn’t read it with relative ease.

It didn’t really matter though, because Sophie could nearly recite the thing by memory she had read it over so many times. It was ridiculous, she should have been sick with it long ago, but for some reason, she wasn’t. It was an addiction she couldn’t kick. She smiled to herself as she opened her book, her eyes resting on the familiar words of the timeless prologue.

“Two household, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene. . .”

She found herself sucked in, it wasn’t until a loud crackle of sticks and twigs interrupted her that she realized how long she had been sitting there. The light of day was beginning to fade, twilight was setting.

She looked up to where the sound had come from, a boy stood before her. He appeared a bit older than her, seventeen or eighteen with short brown hair. He looked very plain and yet somehow very fascinating at the same time. She blinked her eyes and furrowed her brows. His muscled arms tensed under his plain black t-shirt as he saw her sitting there. His dark eyes glared into hers. “What on earth do you think you’re doing? Get away from there!” His angry voice was low and rough as he barked the order at her.

“Excuse me?” She asked; the crease between her brow deepening as she looked up at him incredulously. His feet stomped into the ground as he walked closer to her, big rough hands grabbing her wrists and pulling her to her feet. Her book fell from her lap, tumbling down to the ground and hitting ground hard. She nearly felt physical pain for it. She watched in horror as the most worn place on the spine ripped. “Hey!” She yelled and jerked her wrists from his grip.

“’Hey’ what? You don’t need to be here.” He said, not really even paying attention to her anymore, he seemed more focused on the tree now. Did he think that she had hurt it?

“I have more right to be here than you do.” She said stubbornly, eyeing her book that was not between the tree and the boy.

“Uh-huh sure you do kid, now go home. You shouldn’t be out here.”

Kid? He was so not that much older than her. She felt her temper rising. “I think you’re the one that shouldn’t be out here, my parents own the property you’re on and they could have you arrested for trespassing.” She said, her voice gaining a harsh edge.

He turned to look at her, she saw a quick flicker of curiosity in his eyes but it was gone as soon as she had seen it.

“Look, you just need to leave okay?” He said, his own voice’s edge nearing the sharpness of a blade.

She crossed her arms and looked at him for a second. Who was he? Why was he on their property? Why did he want her to leave? And most importantly, why was he being so darn rude? “Fine,” She said, noticing the sky steadily growing darker, she didn’t want to be stuck out here with him in the dark. “Give me my book back and I’ll leave.”

He looked confused again at first but then bent down swooped the book up roughly in his hand. She watched as he examined the cover and torn binding, she suddenly felt self-conscious for her book. She held her hand out expectantly.

He handed her the book, she watched his head give a slight shake as he handed it to her. He probably thought R&J was silly. That slight shake of his head and his rudeness made Sophie’s opinion of him shoot through the floor.

She heard herself make an ugly half grunt half sigh noise as she walked away from him and her favorite reading spot. She walked through the woods roughly, stopping to glance back at him when she knew he wouldn’t be able to see her, he was still standing under the tree, inspecting it. She shook her head and walked the rest of the way back to her house.

Maybe he’d eat a piece of fruit and die, she thought bitterly but then immediately felt guilty. It would be her fault if he died after eating the fruit. She should have told him. She turned around only to realize that it was now much too dark to go back. She sighed and walked into the house, hoping that he wouldn’t eat a piece of fruit.

How could she live with herself if he did?

She sighed and walked into the house after unlocking the front door again. Her parents and Seth weren’t home yet. Great.

She fixed herself some left-overs for dinner and then sat at the table. She grabbed up her laptop and set it there with her as she sat down. She needed to buy a new copy of R&J. This one wasn’t going to hold up much longer.

She quickly found a copy that suited her needs on Amazon and stuck it in her shopping cart. She would get her mom to buy it later.

After finishing her dinner she sat her plate in the sink and then went upstairs. She winced when she saw herself in the mirror. Her dark eye makeup had smeared a bit, leaving a dark trail across the side of her face.

She quickly grabbed her makeup remover wipes and wiped away the gobs of eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. Her skin was red after wiping the makeup off, she was usually gentler, but she hadn’t exactly had a fantastic last bit of the day. She wanted nothing more than to crawl under the sheets of her bed. Once the black mess was removed from her face completely she felt herself let out another sigh as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She preferred it with the makeup than without. Her light blonde hair fell in long waves down her back. She shook her head at the reflection and then pulled the thickness of her hair back into a bun.

It was late by the time she heard anyone come in. She was almost asleep, warm and comfy in her bed. She contemplated getting up but then heard giggles and realized that it was Seth who was home, and he had brought his girlfriend with him. She closed her eyes tightly, willing herself to fall asleep; she didn’t want to up for yet another one of Seth’s fights with his girlfriend.


Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry that it's taken so long to update!

I'm writing shorter chapters for this story than my other one, so maybe I'll be able to update it faster. =)

Sorry for the wait. =/

-Claire Bear.

Yay! I'm the first one. OMG this sounds soo great.

Awww. shoot why would her parents buy a land at some place that is no where. Anways. Aww that sad that she feels lonely. Seth? Girlfriend. No Good.

Hmmm.. What? A fruit that could kill you. Rumors? I"m loving it. This really sounds cool Almost like Adam & Eve fruit.

Who was that boy? Hmm.. I'm more intresting now. Cant wait to read some more.

We'll have to find out who that boy is huh? =P

Thanks for reading Edith! I always love hearing from you. ^______^

Wow I totally forgot about this until you send me the update lol.

I love this :) I wonder if it was the same boy that she met on the bus stop or what hehe :)

I like it

Haha, well she already knew the boy who woke her up on the bus. So it's a different boy, but nice prediction! Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it!!!

oh lol now that's emmbarasing.

Nice Job Claire!


Thanks Nikki!

I'm glad youre hooked! xD

Claire, it is a good story. Keep writing. Is the beginning on Fan Fiction? Annette


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