The Twilight Saga

Plot: When the young, shy and clumsy Bella moves to a small town in Italy, she stumbles upon the handsome and mysterious cousins Marco and Damion. But nothing is as it seems, even her own identity is a secret.

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Love....Desire....Passion....Lust! To feel wanted and to feel loved, to feel appreciated and protected. To feel like I belonged somewhere, where I was not judged, not looked down on, but respected. Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind, as I stared into Damion's saddened blue eyes. The hue in his blue eyes, seemed to be dilated, from the sadness and concern, it send cold shivers down my spine.

"Please" he said, his voice was breaking. It tugged at my heart strings. I tried to move, follow his urgent orders, but my feet were stuck to the floor, like I was paralyzed, I could not force my self to move away from him. Nor did I want to.

"No...I can't leave you....Damion please...I beg of you." I cried out,as I gripped onto his arm softly. His strong, toned and tanned arm, my grip was soft against his cool and flawless skin. My nails dag into his skin gently in an elegant way, my hand trembled from fear, from being parted and from not seeing him again. I could not bring that pain on my self or him. It was impossible.

"You have to." he said as his hands cupped my cheeks in his hands softly, I let my self melt into his touch and I closed my eyes, suppressing the tears that wanted to escape from my eyes, but they escaped and spilled over my cheeks and ran down his hands as well "I love you, never forget that." he said as he brushed his plump lips against my own softly, in a tender yet passionate kiss. The minty aftertaste of his lips, lingered on mine as I gripped onto his white t-shirt, trying to pull my self closer to him, in desperation.

"I will come for day! We will be together again." he said, as he pressed his lips to my forehead, as I closed my eyes, feeling frail and fragile. Just as my alarm went off and I woke up from the strange dream, I ran my fingertip over my lip and I sighed softly.

Who was that handsome, stranger? I knew, I never met him before in my life, so why would I dream of someone I do not know? It didn't seem to make any sense to me, unless it wasn't just a dream. But a memory.

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Glad you liked it :) I will post soon, I promise

and will keep you updated

Thank you :) I am glad, this hooked you from the start :)

I will post soon, as I can

Very exciting beginning with a hint of mystery!
I can't wait to read some more!

I know :) It will have some Mystery along with it, as it goes on :) I am glad it hooked you too :)

I will post soon :)

Chapter 1


I was still sat on my bed, staring into thin air, in shock from that dream. I did not even hear my aunt Nina, come into the room. I was spaced out as my thoughts rushed through my head, as if they might collide with an atom. I snapped out of my day-dream, at the sound of Nina’s voice. “Bella?.....Bella are you okay?” she asked, looking into my eyes. Her eyes digging into my mine, for answers. Her brown hair falling over her eyes slightly, she was very pretty and she was the only parent figure, in my life that I had left.

I rubbed my head slightly “I umm, yeah I am fine.” I said as looked at her again “Just had a strange dream.” I told her truthfully. I did not want to admit that the dream was wonderful, and it made me feel ecstatic even though it was just a dream, and that it confused me. It was still wonderful.

She raised an eyebrow at me, slightly. As if though she wanted to ask me something, but she just let it slide away effortlessly. “Get ready Bells, we need to go soon.” She said, I stared at her confused for a moment or two, until I released, what today was. It was Saturday and me and my aunt were moving to Italy.

How could I forget? I asked my self inside of my head. I stumbled into my own bathroom and I turned on the water tap and splashed my face with cold water. I needed to feel alert and woken up, even though I was not sure if I was looking forward to this move. I always wanted to go and visit Italy, but since my parents died, the move seemed less appealing to me now. Even though they made it clear to Nina and me, if anything happened to them. They wanted us to move there. I had no idea why, I just knew they had the desire to protect me from something....or someone.

I sighed as I looked at my self in the mirror, at my plain, normal face. I brushed my brown hair before I pulled it up into a pony tail, after I got changed into some clean clothes, I grabbed my already packed bag with everything I needed and headed downstairs.

Nina was already in the kitchen over a plate of breakfast, so I joined here. I didn’t speak, nor did she. The morning silence was rather eerie. I didn’t even bother savouring the sweet after taste of pancakes in my mouth. The whole of breakfast was silent, after we finished up, we cleaned away the plates before we took our bags to the car and put it at the back, in the trunk.

I got in the passengers seat and set a book on my lap and was about to open it, when Nina spoke “Bells...I know...”

I cut her off before she finished “Know what? That I am not sure if I want to move there?” I said “Then you’re spot on.” I said

Nina looked at me “They just want, what’s best for you.” She told me as she gave my leg a soft squeeze as she done up her own seatbelt “I am sure, we will love it there.” And with that, she started the car and drove away from our driveway.

I looked out of my window and at the house, I grew up in. I set my hand against the cold window and I sighed softly, I muttered to my self under my breath, so only I could hear “Goodbye, I will miss you.”

The journey was rather long, as we didn’t bother taking the plane. We didn’t like the hustle of the luggage’s getting checked, maybe getting lost on the way.  I tried to focus on my book, but my mind kept spinning from my dream.

‘I love you...never forget that’ the honesty and truth, emotion in those words. Made my heart flutter, it twisted my stomach into knots; it felt like I could not breathe. Whoever Damion was, the love felt real, everything about him, the dream, it was all real.

I sighed as I leaned my head against my seat and closed my eyes and slipped into a dreamless state for a few hours, my head bumped against the window slightly, when I leaned against it. After few hours, I felt the car stop and Nina nudging me slightly.

“Bells, wake up....where here.” She told me.

I sat up on my seat and rubbed my eyes, as my vision was bit blurry, but all my other senses seemed to he heightened as soon as I scrolled down my window and the fresh Italian air, hit my face, it was fresh and breezy. I breathed in the scent and looked at the house...well more like mansion that stood right in front of us “Where supposed to live here?” I asked looking at my aunt Nina, before I looked back at the ancient looking mansion.

My aunt looked at the map she had on her lap and the instructions on the letter and she nodded “Yeah, this seems about the right place.” She said looking at me.

I looked at her “I thought we were in Italy, not Transylvania.” I said with a defiant look, as I let my eyes scan the front of the mansion, while my aunt Nina sniffled back a giggle.

“There’s no such thing as Vampires, Bella.” she said patting my back softly “It’s all a myth.” She said as she opened the back of the trunk and got our bags out. We headed to the porch of the house, I looked at the ancient wooden door, it had some ancient carvings at the front, that I could not make out. But the wood smelled like pine and oak. I ran my fingertips along the rustic and ancient carving softly, it felt rough beneath my fingers, but cold and soothing.

I blinked when I felt an odd feeling wash over me;

I giggled as I was running and I span around the ancient door, I heard Damion chuckle as he wrapped his arms around my waist, like a snake and he placed a kiss to the nape of my neck, as he breathed in my scent “Mr. Sneaky.” I teased, the words rolled off my tongue like silk.

He chuckled softly, his chuckle sounded like music to my ears “Mhh, you know I love to sneak up on you.” He said as he gave him his odd look, I found it rather inviting and it seemed to pull me in, as that look was rather sexy.

I looked at him and gave him my defiant pout and smirked at him playfully “I do know.” I said and I smiled as I ran my fingertips down the curves of his cheek bones and down his strong, chiselled jaw line and I leaned up and brushed my lips against his.

His lips greeted me in, their usual warm and minty taste as he pressed me against the wooden door kissing me back, his hands travelled up my waist and into my hair, which he let lose, the brown curls fell to my waist, I could feel his hands brushing against the silkiness off my hair as he pulled me closer with his free hand that was around my waist.

I gasped, as I snapped out of my day dream and I stumbled back, my back hitting the front of Nina’s car, as I gasped for a breath. She looked at me confused and worried and I closed my eyes tightly, trying to not go crazy, right in front of my own aunt.

“Bella? are you getting ill?” Nina asked me, as I felt her hand on my shoulder. I just shook my head, I was getting ill, I was losing my mind. I guess those two things are very different. But what was I supposed to say? That I had a strange dream and now an odd flashback about the same person? Surely she’d think, I was mentally insane and I would end up in a mental house somewhere in the middle of Italy.

Nina just watched me, with worry and she titled her head to the side at me questiongly. I just shook my head. I turned around, as I did not want to look at her worried face, glued with worry and mine spelled out guilt for lying. I was not fine. She knew it.

I looked up at the sky, as my eyes scanned upwards, that’s when I laid my eyes on them both. The one with the brown eyes, caught my attention first, as he was right where I was looking at. He was tall, around 6ft or even maybe taller. His fiery brown eyes, were deep chocolate colour that seemed to see into your soul, even a deluded soul at that. He was rather tanned and he had broad strong shoulders, the way he stood in such a grace and elegance, yet defiance, told me he was in control and he knew this area well. Like it belonged to him. His dark hair was tousled perfectly to match his tanned complexion; his earthy scent hit my nostrils with surprise as I tried to take a breath.

I pulled my gaze away from him, but my eyes landed straight on another handsome stranger. He was shirtless and I could not tell if he was sweating or just got out of a swimming pool or a lake, as water droplets travelled down his perfectly flawless and toned skin and muscles, that caused the hairs at the back of my neck to stand up. His body was perfectly sculpted, he had the right amount of Sauvé and he seemed seductive almost. His blue eyes screamed at me, they were bright and big, as he started right back at me, in what seemed like shock and awe. I felt my knees staring to grow weaker and weaker, as I stood there, staring at perfection.

I swore, in that moment, I forgot how to breathe or even move a muscle. As my eyes scanned between both of them, the tall handsome man with the brown eyes, just watched us, no expression on his face. Whereas, the one with the blue eyes, that seemed to captivate me, kept staring right at me.

‘I love you......’

‘I will come for you....’

‘We will be together, again....’

‘You know, I love to sneak up on you.’

My mind and body was overwhelmed with memories and thoughts, which caused me to breath harder, as I fought for my breath. I felt faint and I blacked out. I didn’t even remember hitting the ground as I passed out.

When I woke up, I found my self on the couch inside the mansion. The couch was old but clean, very soft. My vision was bit hazy and my head hurt a bit, I rubbed it as I winced and noticed 3 people watching me worried. My aunt Nina, the handsome boy with the blue eyes and an old man, that frankly scared me, as he looked freakishly thin, pale and had dark eyes. I swore, he could have been an exact match of Dracula.

He had a long, scar down the side of his right face, I could not make it out-It seemed like a lighting bolt or something like that.

“Don’t worry, I won’t harm you.” He said, giving me a warm smile, but unleashing rotting teeth. The old, friendly and raspy voice was a total contradiction to the way he looked. But my aunt Nina, watched him as if he was the most handsome man, on the planet. That just confused me, as I raised my eyebrow at her.

I felt weak and shaky. I could feel everyone watching me, including the other handsome boy, who kept by the doorway, leaning against the pale white wall.

“Maybe you should go and rest, Bella.” My aunt Nina told me.

“I will take her upstairs.” The boy with the blue eyes said as he scooped me up into his strong arms, easily with barely any effort-like I was a piece of feather or something.

The Dracula looking man nodded “Thank you Damion, I will bring her something up later, to help calm her nerves.” He said, before Damion carried me upstairs.

The minty fresh scent attacked my body, as I was so close to him. “Da...Damion.” I just muttered to my self, letting my eyes linger on his face.

He looked down at me, the hue in his eyes lighting up, when I muttered the name to my self. “Please remember.” He said softly, as he placed me down on the soft bed, before I could do or say anything. He was once again, gone.

I closed my eyes, wondering what was going on and I sighed softly. Before I could take in the surroundings of my own, new room. Dracula, as I referred to him, walked inside the room, with a tray and on that tray, was a big mug of tea.

It smelled like herbs, the warming scent made me feel sleepy. “Here you go, it’s Herbal tea.” He said as he handed me the cup.

“Thank you.” I said softly, nodding as I then sipped the herb like heaven, the warm tea, flowed down my throat, soothing away the stress and fatigue. When the cup was empty, my head fell back against the soft pillows and I fell into a deep sleep. It felt like I was falling into a dark, dreamless abyss.

Oh lol :) bless.

I very much enjoyed this first chapter. I don't follow vampier diaries so Damion is not a character I know but I'm sure that isn't a problem as you have described him well.

Not sure where they were coming from to get to Italy it is all a bit of a mystery :-)

Damion is not from the Vampire Dairies lol, I used Ian Somerhalder as the face claim for Damion, since I find him rather sexy and mysterious and he is a perfect fit for my character :)

They came from New England, but they are both British. They just lived in New England, since Bella was a child

Very mysterious!  I wonder what is the significance of the bits and pieces that she is starting to remember.  When and where did they meet before, what separated them then, and what draws them together now?

Can't wait to read more!


I know :) you will have to wait and see what their back story is, but there is always something that draws them together no matter in which life time they are in, and that is fate.

Aha!  Clue:  "ïn which life time"!

lol yes clue :)


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