The Twilight Saga

Plot: When the young, shy and clumsy Bella moves to a small town in Italy, she stumbles upon the handsome and mysterious cousins Marco and Damion. But nothing is as it seems, even her own identity is a secret.

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Love....Desire....Passion....Lust! To feel wanted and to feel loved, to feel appreciated and protected. To feel like I belonged somewhere, where I was not judged, not looked down on, but respected. Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind, as I stared into Damion's saddened blue eyes. The hue in his blue eyes, seemed to be dilated, from the sadness and concern, it send cold shivers down my spine.

"Please" he said, his voice was breaking. It tugged at my heart strings. I tried to move, follow his urgent orders, but my feet were stuck to the floor, like I was paralyzed, I could not force my self to move away from him. Nor did I want to.

"No...I can't leave you....Damion please...I beg of you." I cried out,as I gripped onto his arm softly. His strong, toned and tanned arm, my grip was soft against his cool and flawless skin. My nails dag into his skin gently in an elegant way, my hand trembled from fear, from being parted and from not seeing him again. I could not bring that pain on my self or him. It was impossible.

"You have to." he said as his hands cupped my cheeks in his hands softly, I let my self melt into his touch and I closed my eyes, suppressing the tears that wanted to escape from my eyes, but they escaped and spilled over my cheeks and ran down his hands as well "I love you, never forget that." he said as he brushed his plump lips against my own softly, in a tender yet passionate kiss. The minty aftertaste of his lips, lingered on mine as I gripped onto his white t-shirt, trying to pull my self closer to him, in desperation.

"I will come for day! We will be together again." he said, as he pressed his lips to my forehead, as I closed my eyes, feeling frail and fragile. Just as my alarm went off and I woke up from the strange dream, I ran my fingertip over my lip and I sighed softly.

Who was that handsome, stranger? I knew, I never met him before in my life, so why would I dream of someone I do not know? It didn't seem to make any sense to me, unless it wasn't just a dream. But a memory.

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Chapter 2


I had no idea how long, I was asleep. But when I woke up, the sun was shining brightly into my eyes, that felt slightly weak by the Italian sun, my whole body was covered in sweat. I blinked, feeling rather numb.

I blinked, trying to remember what happened before I feel into a deep sleep. I had this odd feeling, I was supposed to remember something...or someone, but each time I tried to search, for what it was. It came up blank. All I remembered was passing out outside the house, then drinking some herbal tea, before I went to sleep.

It took me, a moment or two, to notice my aunt was standing in my room. “You better get ready for school, Bells.” She told

“School? But it’s Sunday.” I said, I was not sure if she would even approve of me being schooled on a weekend. She was against week-end school. But new place? New start? Was this her idea? I thought to my self.

“’s Thursday, you been sleeping for 3 weeks.” She told me, looking at me worried. “You were ill.” She told me, she touched my warm forehead, the look in her eyes, told me that she thought I had a fever, but I was only so warm, because of being so curled up under the covers for so long.

“3 weeks?” I said to my self, looking at her. “I feel better now, I promise.” I told her.

She nodded, after a while “Alright, Mr. De Vitis, will take you too school, I have to get running. I got to find a job.” She said, placing a kiss to my forehead softly, before she left my room and downstairs.

I managed to pull my self weakly from my bed, my legs wobbly; it took them a moment or two to function properly. I wondered if Mr. De Vitis was the scary looking man, that I still remembered from Saturday, 3 weeks ago.

When I got to my own bathroom, I turned on the water and let it sprinkle over me, when I was undressed; I closed my eyes as the water trickled down my body, washing away the tiredness, dirt and sweat. I washed my hair, with the wild flower shampoo, the exotic scent, soothed my nostrils, with it’s luscious and delicious sweet and alluring smell, it made me feel calm.  I never thought, a morning shower could be so soothing, but then again. I never slept so long before. But in the back of my mind, I knew I was not ill. There was something odd going on.

When I finished in the shower, and got dried off and dressed. I dried my hair leaving it slightly damp and brushed through it, before I grabbed my bag, to find it full of books, I needed. I guessed, my aunt put them in my bag, while I was sleeping.

I set the bag over my shoulder and I walked downstairs and to what I believed was the kitchen. The food was on the table and just when I was about to sit down, a deep voice came from behind me “You must be Bella...I am Aloysius De Vitis.” I turned around, expecting the Dracula looking like man, but my jaw dropped wide open, with awe and surprise, when I saw a rather handsome, tall and tanned man in his early 30’s. I blinked stunned for a moment “I am the care taker here.” He said as he held out his hand.

I clasped my hand around his, and warmth flowed through me, as I shook his hand softly “It’s lovely to meet you sir.” I said, finally finding my voice.

He smiled softly “You can take breakfast with you.” He told me “We have to get going, the boys are already at school.” He told me.

I got up as I grabbed the French toast and set it in a bag and grabbed an apple from the counter bowl and I walked outside with him “What boys?” I looked at him confused, but for some reason. I felt like I already met the ‘boys’. Or at least one of them, the name was at the tip of my brain, but I could not utter the word.

Aloysius looked at me “My son and his cousin.” He told me “Damion and Marco.” He said, he saw my puzzled expression, with a hint of hope in my eyes, but that hope was snatched away in a few mere seconds as the confusion took over again. “Damion took you inside the house on Saturday, after you blacked out.” He told me

I blinked “Umm...I don’t remember.” I said and shook my head as we got in his big car. It was comfortable and big. I leaned against the leather seat and done up my seat belt, as he started the car. I noticed a faint scar on his right wrist...a star bolt or was it a lightning bolt. It resembled the scar, that the Dracula man, on his face.

I shook my head “Where is the....old care-taker?” I asked, stopping my self from saying freaky Dracula man.  Aloysius looked at me in silence, for a few minutes before he spoke again.

“There is no old care taker here Bella. I am the only care taker.” He told me looking at me. “You must have imagined him, you had a fever.” He told me.

I looked at him, I was not sure if I should believe that story or not, but I went along with it. “I must have.” I said and bit into the apple, it was sweet and the sweet, juice flowed down my throat, in a almost tender way. I looked at him after a moment or so “Not to sound rude or anything, but why me and my aunt live in the same house as you, your son and your nephew?” I asked looking at him.

He just chuckled softly “We don’t. me and the boys live in the boarding house across the street, but the two houses are joined together.” He said and he smiled “For protection purposes.” He told me “I just keep an eye on the house you and your aunt moved into.” He told me.

I nodded, understanding his meaning. The hidden meaning behind his words, that were not spoken. The same reason, why my parents send me and my aunt here. Protection. But, from what? I still could figure that out, surely there must be a good reason, why the house are joined together. It made me wonder how strong of a protection the houses provided, or if they could just do alone without a fortress or if there was something shielding it, because 2 houses could not be enough, could they?

I caught him staring at me, as I was silent and I bit into my apple again, as I looked out of the window and I scrolled it down when he came to a stop, there stood an old, ancient building in front of me, it almost like the Parthenon in America. The museum, but more older, more beautiful. I personally never been in American on my own, apart from the school trip, me and Nina moved from New England, even though we were both British. This was my new school. Well more like an academy, if you wanted to be more specific.

“I am, so not going to fit in.” I mumbled to my self as I pulled the window up again. Aloysius just chuckled softly as he placed his hand on my knee softly, and a jolt of electricity ran through my body, causing me to shiver slightly, but not in a way that was noticeable.

“You will, don’t worry.” He told me smiling “I will pick you up, after school.” He said looking at me “Have a nice day.” He told me, as I got from the car with my bag and lunch and I gave him a soft nod, before I thanked him and I walked towards the entrance.

I finished my apple and there the rest of it into the bin and I washed my hands in the fountain outside the entrance before I walked inside and all eyes fell on me, I felt the hairs on my skin prickle up in anticipation and self defence, I hated being in the centre of attention. I looked down at my class schedule to see what lesson I had first, it would start in 20 minutes.

That gave me 20 minutes to look around a little bit and find my locker. I followed the instructions on the paper, I held in my mind and I found my locker, with a lovely view of a lake that was in the schools ground.  I looked at my locker, it was made out of wood, it was beautifully carved and shaped. I ran my fingertips against the amber and pine wood and held the latch and tried to open it, but it would not budge.

“Don’t do this to up.” I muttered to my self, as I pressed bit harder causing the door to swing open, but I lost my balance and fell backwards, but before I could hit the ground, I felt someone catch me.

Strong, warm yet delicate arms around my waist, the warmth and tenderness caused my skin to tingle and I looked up to see a very tall, handsome and well dressed guy, around my age...maybe 4 years older then me. He resembled Aloysius, so I gathered this was Damion...his son. His beauty, grace and tenderness was beyond inhuman, he was the most handsome man I ever laid my eyes on, he watched me with an enigmatic expression, I could not fathom and put my fingertip on. It was like he expected me to do something or say something...that would give him a clue, I knew him, needed him.

I could not shake of that odd feeling, like he knew something about me, that I did not know. But that look in his eyes, was gone in a flash when could tell, I had no idea who he was, since we never met...well not that I could remember anyways. “You must be Bella.” he spoke, his voice so silky, yet prominent, his accent send tingles down my skin.

I blinked and nodded “You must be Damion.” I said, surprised at my self, how softly and tenderly the name slipped from my own lips, like silk. “Thank you for catching me.” I said, I could not tear my eyes away from his own.

He smiled softly, a very charming and bright smile, that reached his eyes. Causing his eyes to sparkle a bright blue, but as the smile reached his eyes, I noticed, a small scar on the right side of his face, a lighting bolt.

I blinked, almost tempted to touch the tip of his scar, to feel feel the texture, the shape, but looked away from him before I stepped back, as I had my balance back. He just watched me, his eyebrows were creased with worry as he watched me. “You should be careful, with the lockers.” He told me, before the air kissed my flesh as he jogged off. Leaving the after-taste of mint behind.

I sighed softly as I rubbed my face with the palms of my hands, trying to forget about the scars, about the mystery of it all, the Dracula man. But all of these thoughts were still at the back of my mind, for the rest of the day, that dragged my so slowly, it felt like I could die from the heat. By the end of the school day, I had 3 weeks worth of work to catch up on and my arms ached from carrying so many books.

How am I ever going to learn all this? I asked my self inside of my head.

You already know all of this, Bella. You just need to find the key to your questions. Another voice said in my head, but it was almost so dormant, it sounded like gibberish to me, so I could not figure out, what it said.

When I got into Aloysius car, I was surprised to see that neither Damion or Marco, who I have not yet met, were not there. I looked at him confused “No Damion or Marco?” I asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

“They are already home.” He told me as he pulled out from the car park when I done up my seatbelt. I just furrowed my eyebrows together, this was odd. I didn’t see Damion leaving his class, I shook my head. I must have missed him, since there were many students around.

“How was your first day?” he asked me as he drove.

I sighed “Hectic, I don’t know, how I am going to learn all of this.” I said nodding to the heap of books sitting on my lap.

Aloysius chuckled “You’re a smart girl, you’ll figure it out.” He told me, smiling at me that charming smile, that reminded me of Damions’. Yeah, those two were definitely related.  “And if you need some extra help, I am sure Marco or Damion, might be glad to help you out.” He said, as he paid attention to the road once, more. But to me, it seemed he could drive, with closed eyes and not get in a car wreck.

I gave him a small nod and was silent the rest of the way back home, when we got to the front, I slipped from the car holding my books and walked inside once he opened the door, I gave him a nod and went to my room and laid my books down on my desk, before I went to the bathroom and cooled my self down with some cold water.

I tried to get cracking with some of the homework before Dinner, but I struggled over the ancient History and Latin, even though it seemed easy to me, but it was like there was something blocking me from knowing....a mental or physical barrier and the fact, I felt like there was another presence in my room.

But any time, I looked around-there was no one there, just a hint of musk and earthy scents. I sighed and set the books aside, when it was time for Dinner, I was silent over Dinner, it was just me, Damion and Aloysius. I had no idea where Marco was, maybe he ate already and I was more curious when I would meet him.

I excused my self early from Dinner, as I needed some fresh air. I walked into the big garden using the back doors, from the kitchen and I looked around, the garden was big, it even had a maze. It was filled with many exotic and beautifully coloured flowers; it was mesmerizing, even picturesque-from an old painting or some kind of fantasy book.

As I walked around, looking around the maze, that was cut into the shape of a sea wave, I span around when I heard footsteps near me-I was not alone. I bit my lip and my eyes scanned around, wondering who was here.

When I turned around, I gasped as I bumped into someone, his hand flew over my mouth, suppressing my gasp, his brown eyes were wide, he had a smirk on his face and it send cold shivers down my spine “You have no idea, what you got your self into. Isabella.” He spoke, in his Italian accent, I tried to look for a scar on his face, or wrist, but he was clean unlike Damion and his father. I assumed this was Marco, his earthy/musk scent was too overwhelming for me to handle and I tried to push his hand away, so I could breath some fresh air.

It felt like my blood was boiling “Don’t fight me.” He said, his eyes looking into mine. His eyes dangerous, yet alluring. I looked at him and relaxed under his touch, so he slipped his hand down from my lips.

I gasped for fresh air. “What do you want, Marco?” I said looking into his brown eyes.

He looked at me surprised, that I caught on, to who he was. “Well, I guess it was not that hard for you to guess who, I am?” he said, breathing into my ear, his breath caused my skin to tingle, but that tingle was slightly less pleasant, than the tingle that Damion send through my body. “And I think you know, what I want.” He said, looking into my eyes again. “You will need to figure it out, your self.” He said, before he winked at me in a daring way and he walked off, leaving me glued to my spot. I stared after him, my mind spinning from the strange encounters I had today. It felt like I knew nothing anymore...apart from one thing. I needed Damion.

Something strange is going on!  I wonder what they want from her...

Yeah there are few odd things going on

Wait and see what they want from her

This is really odd, she sleeps for three weeks and wakes up and it is Ok for her to go to school? You'd think she should have been in hospital or somewhere.

Why are they acting so oddly towards her? Why would her aunt have left her with these people - maybe it is fine other wise would her aunt be more concerned for her.

So what is Marco and what is damion and what is Bella?

So many questions.

Lots of fun.

Best wishes


She was fine when she woke up, it's not like hospital would have done anything for her anyways because of what she is. Which you will find out later, as well as what the boys are.

They act oddly because of the past and they don't want to give her any clues about it. Her aunt is at work and she knows that when needed they can protect Bella, even if they act oddly.

Can't wait for more

I will try and post more soon

It's so so so intriguing! I can't imagine what's happening and what's gonna happen. 


Thank you :) I am glad you like it.

Yeah there is lot of mystery in this story

Chapter 3


I sighed, as I looked around, still standing in the same very spot, I stood for the last few minutes..or was it hours? I had no idea, I was lost in my thoughts and the wind prickled my skin, sending a cold sensation over my body, making me feel fragile.

I closed my eyes and I sighed. Come on Bells, you need to get moving. You can’t stay in this maze forever.

I knew it was true, but a part of me felt fixated in this maze, for some odd reason. It was like I felt lost, but also like I knew my way around here. Odd. I sighed and I forced my legs to work against my will, to try and find my way out of there. As I walked, I let my fingers feel the textures and contours of the maze hedges, some were rougher than other, some were softer than silk and some were prickly. But one was the same as another, each one was unique and special.

As I walked, I got lost. I knew I been in this spot before, it all looked similar to me, but then again it was a maze. I sighed as I looked around and I jumped screaming when I felt two hands on my waist and I closed my eyes tightly...scared to see if it was Marco again.

“’” a voice, I knew too well said as I felt two hands cupping my face gently “It’s me, Damion.” his voice was gentle and soothing, I finally opened my eyes, gazing into his blue eyes, filled with worry and hope.

I took a shaky breath “You scared me.” I said, I tried to move closer to him, like I felt a magnet was pulling me closer to him, but something was restricting took me a moment to feel that something was prickling my ankle. I looked down to see my right leg, was tangled up in a bundle of bush thrones from vanes.

“Did you think I was Marco?” Damion asked me softly, as he kneeled down and his soft hands started to untangle the vanes from around my ankle, his hands working softly, yet efficiently and it was only a matter of seconds before he freed me from them.

I nodded a bit “Yes.”I said and I bit my lip, I looked at him as he stood up again, his face inches away from mine, breathing softly. His minty, fresh breath kissed my skin, and almost made it impossible to think....let alone talk “Thank you.” I breathed out softly.

I saw his eyes flaring, slightly at the mention of his cousin. I reached out and touched his cool cheek softly, my hand slightly feeling, the marking below his eye. It was slightly rough, like he had a cut on his cheek. Damion sighed as he closed his eyes and he pressed his forehead to mine, it was like neither of us were thinking, in this moment.

I sighed softly and closed my eyes, somehow this felt right. I stroked his cheek softly and I felt him wince as he backed away looking away from me. I let my hand drop to my side “Damion.” I said softly, with worry and concern, but the way I said his name, so effortlessly, it came out with such, care and tenderness. That it even surprised me.

I saw Damion trembling as he dropped to his knees right in front of me, his blue eyes were pained and he could not even look at me properly “Please remember...Bella...please.” he said, his voice begging me.

I kneeled down beside him and I cupped his face in my hands softly, he struggled to look into my eyes and he let out a groan in pain, I had no idea what was going on with Damion, but it was scaring me, something was wrong, not right. “Damion...” I breathed out his name softly, yet again. My concern always betraying me for love.

A spark of hope ignited in his eyes as he looked into mine, but it faded away with my next sentence: “What do you need me to remember?” I said “Damion please...tell me.” I begged him, needing to know, what I had to remember, why was it so important?

He closed his eyes as he leaned against my touch “I can’t...tell you...Please...just remember.” He said, his voice fading away, as I felt the scar to the side of his eye expanding over one half of his face, it caused my skin to burn. I gasped as I pulled my hand away.

“Please...Bella.” those were the last words, Damion uttered before he blacked out and he laid there, helpless on the grass. In that moment, I felt like my whole world was spinning around, on its axis and I began to fall.



I woke up screaming, on my bed, covered in sweat. I sat up on my bed and I looked at what I was wearing...the outfit I wore to school. I knew, it was not just a dream, but reality. I looked around and I gasped falling onto the wooden floor, when I saw the Dracula man in my room. “You’re back?” I said in shock, my knees trembling.

“I never left.” He said as he looked at me, something about his eye and the expression on his face, told me. I knew him, before the night we arrived.

I closed my eyes shaking my head “ can’t be here. Mr De. Vitis said you don’t exist.” I said looking at him. “How can you be here? If you’re not real?” I said, I closed my eyes thinking, it was just a dream, or a nightmare I needed to wake up from, but when I opened my eyes again, he was still there, with a kindly smile on his face.

“I am real, Bella.” he said, he walked closer to me, his hand touching my arm softly “I am real, as long as you want me to be. Just because someone can’t see me, and you can. Doesn’t mean - I don’t exist.” He said, his touch was cold, but somewhat comforting.

I looked at him “Who else can see you?” I asked curious, as I vaguely remember, that I thought my aunt saw him too.

“Your aunt Nina and Damion can see me too.” He breathed, his breath kissing my skin. It was cold and it caused my skin to tingle, in a strange sensation, but that did not scare me or draw me away. It made me feel safe and comforted. “You need to remember, Damion’s life is in danger Bella.” he said, he looked serious and that seriousness scared me.

“I don’t know, what I am supposed to remember.” I said, tears starting to prickle my eyes. I was scared of losing Damion, I had no idea how and when I got back into my own room, I knew I had to stay with him outside, take what ever was coming at me. But something or someone would not let me. Now I was losing felt like I lost him before...this time, it felt more real, more painful.

“You must...find your destiny.” He said softly, touching my cheek, ever so softly, as I closed my eyes tightly before he was gone once again.

So mysterious... It must be very frustrating for her to be on the edge of remembering but not quite being able to make the connection.  More clues please!


Yes. this is the most mysterious story I have ever done :) and there are some twists and turns on their ways, as the mystery aura stays around.

It is hard for Bella, as she saw with Damion, her voice betrays her, she's on the edge, but cannot remember something fully.


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