The Twilight Saga

Plot: When the young, shy and clumsy Bella moves to a small town in Italy, she stumbles upon the handsome and mysterious cousins Marco and Damion. But nothing is as it seems, even her own identity is a secret.

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Love....Desire....Passion....Lust! To feel wanted and to feel loved, to feel appreciated and protected. To feel like I belonged somewhere, where I was not judged, not looked down on, but respected. Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind, as I stared into Damion's saddened blue eyes. The hue in his blue eyes, seemed to be dilated, from the sadness and concern, it send cold shivers down my spine.

"Please" he said, his voice was breaking. It tugged at my heart strings. I tried to move, follow his urgent orders, but my feet were stuck to the floor, like I was paralyzed, I could not force my self to move away from him. Nor did I want to.

"No...I can't leave you....Damion please...I beg of you." I cried out,as I gripped onto his arm softly. His strong, toned and tanned arm, my grip was soft against his cool and flawless skin. My nails dag into his skin gently in an elegant way, my hand trembled from fear, from being parted and from not seeing him again. I could not bring that pain on my self or him. It was impossible.

"You have to." he said as his hands cupped my cheeks in his hands softly, I let my self melt into his touch and I closed my eyes, suppressing the tears that wanted to escape from my eyes, but they escaped and spilled over my cheeks and ran down his hands as well "I love you, never forget that." he said as he brushed his plump lips against my own softly, in a tender yet passionate kiss. The minty aftertaste of his lips, lingered on mine as I gripped onto his white t-shirt, trying to pull my self closer to him, in desperation.

"I will come for day! We will be together again." he said, as he pressed his lips to my forehead, as I closed my eyes, feeling frail and fragile. Just as my alarm went off and I woke up from the strange dream, I ran my fingertip over my lip and I sighed softly.

Who was that handsome, stranger? I knew, I never met him before in my life, so why would I dream of someone I do not know? It didn't seem to make any sense to me, unless it wasn't just a dream. But a memory.

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What a difficult situation!  I guess jealousy can really make you nasty!  What else will Bella have to discover about the people around her and about herself?  Can't wait to read more!


Yes, Bella is in a bit of sticky situation now.And getting blamed for the curse when she is trying to help break it. Things are getting bit twisted, and she has a lot to learn yet.

This good so far :) 
I like it 

Thank you :) glad you liked it

Chapter 7

I stared at Marco, as I kept the cloth pressed to his bleeding hand and blinked as his young facade disappeared. “Did you just do that?” I asked looking at him; I thought his power or concentration allowed me to see his younger self too.

“Do what?” he asked confused, it was clear he had no idea I saw him as his younger self. Maybe I was just going crazy.

I shook my head, as if to tell him not to worry about it. As I looked into his eyes and the warmth filled my entire body from us being so close. Another memory flashed into my head, but it was of a different life this time. Which surprised me, like it did not allow me to see how my first past life with Marco worked out, yet.

I walked around the lit up room as my eyes scanned around, I was standing in our family’s tapestry room and I ran my fingertips over the paintings on the green wall. The painting of my family, my heritage and ancestors’ “Isabelle.” I heard my mother calling me from the living room.

“I am coming, mother!” I called back in my chirpy, Spanish accent. Me and my family moved to England, a 4 years ago, when our Spanish town of Valencia was struck down from a civil war. We needed to escape and my father had some good friends here, so this was our salvation, and a chance for a new start.

I walked into the sitting room, to see my parents standing up. “It’s time for you to get married my dear.” My mother spoke.

I let out a sight “But momma...I am not even 16 yet, must we find me a suitor?” I said looking at her.

She touched my cheek softly and she placed a kiss to my forehead softly “Dear, this is for the best. We want you to be happy and safe.” She said, she was scared for my health and safety since and old witch proclaimed an evil prophecy: mors venit cum decore mortem venit cum innupta. qui non diligunt mortem petet.

Since the town’s old accused witch made this prophecy, my mother wanted me to get married as soon as possible, before death took me.

My own father looked at me “I have chosen a suitor for you dear, he is young, charming, handsome and eligible for you to marry.” He said looking at me, I looked at my own father, knowing my suitor would be over 24 at least. Girls like me, had to marry young, bare children soon after marriage, be a wife, mother, follow husbands others. The way society ran over many years now . “I have known him for many years now, he is a lovely young man Isabelle, a man that any woman should dream of marrying, he will come to dinner tonight.”

I nodded a bit, being part of a noble family had it’s price sometimes “I will dress my best for him papa and be sweet.” I said, knowing I had no choice.

“I know, you’re not happy about this my dear.” My mother said “But this is for the best.” She said placing a soft kiss to my forehead “He can save you from this curse, and take you back to Italy, give you  a better life, than any plain English noble man or Prince could give you here.” She said looking into my eyes. I looked into her eyes, knowing they held truth and honesty in them.

I nodded “I know, momma. I just....feel like my life is being torn from me.” I said truthfully and looked down at the wooden floor. I heard my parents sigh, from sadness, they knew I was right.

“I know sweetie, but we married young too. And we are happy, we had you. You have given us joy and life. I am sure you will understand, once your first child comes.” My father said placing a kiss to my hair “I will get the maids, to prepare you.” He said before he walked off to call my 3 maids Lucy,  Annabella and Rosa.

I waited for my 3 maids to come into the sitting room, and I then walked with them up the marble stairs we had in our noble castle and to my chamber, on the top floor. “I heard he is rather handsome.” Lucy chimed.

“He’s charming and for being 25 year old, he is a skilled warrior too.” Annabella said.

“And dreamy for being Italian.” Rosa said more to herself than me. I sighed softly. Maybe one of my maids would be better suited for whoever my suitor was, they were more his age, than I was.

Lucy looked at me, seeing my expression “Smile, Lady Isabelle, Sadness is not meant for those with beautiful faces such as yours.” She said as she ran a hand through my brown hair, that had a slightly golden ting. She grabbed my brush from the desk and she started to brush my long hair, that fell to below my waist, it was silky and smooth.

Annabella and Rosa started to pick out my dress, of course the dresses in England had corsets, that were so tight, it was hard for me to breathe.

“I know Lucy...It’s just...nevermind.” I said shaking my head. I did not want to bother my maids, with the troubles of marriage and suitors. It was not my place to bother them with such things. After Lucy finished brushing my hair, she pinned my hair to the side, in a lovely and beautiful style. Annabella and Rosa helped me get into the dress they picked out, it was a night dress, with the colours of midnight and stary sky. I gasped as the corset was bit tight “I think, women in England learned not to breathe.” I said to myself as it was tight.

Rosa fluffed the under coating off the dress before I slipped on the shoes to match the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror, the dress was sparkly, as the top fabric of the dark evening dress was slivery, like the stars in the sky.

Rosa smiled softly “You look wonderful, Miss Isabelle.” She spoke in her soft English accent.

I gave her a soft nod “Thank you so much Rosa, Annabella and Lucy for your help, you may go now.” I said dismissing them. After they walked out from my chamber, I bit my lip and walked downstairs trying to breathe, it was bit difficult for me to, even though I was used to corsets, but this one was bit tighter than usual, it had to be broken into.

When I walked into the sitting room, I heard laughter and a young man, who had his back to me.  When he turned around, I was breathless, partially because of the corset that stopped me from breathing too well at the moment and more because of his insane handsome features, the bright brown eyes full of soul and life. The way his longer brown hair was perfectly tussled and made his prominent facial features stand out, against his tanned complexion. It was like, I was staring into his brown eyes, for the millionth time...yet we never met. This odd feeling washed over me, the warmth was too strong, it pulled me in.

The handsome man watched me, with a expression that was unreadable, like he knew me or something. I blinked and tried to pull my eyes away from his, but it was impossible. My father looked between us as he smiled softly and he chuckled softly “Marco, this is my daughter Isabelle Alcantara.” He said and he looked at me “This is Marco Mastrostefano.” I titled my head at the name slightly, it sounded somewhat familiar. But his last name was widely popular in Italy as well as the name Marco. So I guessed, that’s why I knew the name from somewhere.

I smiled kindly over at Marco, my eyes still gazing into his as I held out my hand softly as I curtsied to him “Pleasure to meet you, sir.” I said, in a soft voice. I knew he was too young be called a sir, but it was our traditional to call our suitors sir, until we were told otherwise.

Marco kissed the top of my hand, which send sparks to ran through my entire body, it almost send me buckling down to my knees. “Please, Call me Marco, Isabelle.” He said in his soft, and strong Italian accent. The way my rolled off his tongue, just made me heart leap.  “Your father was right, when he said your beauty was exquisite.”

I felt my cheeks burn at his words and my eyes drifted to the floor from embarrassment, as no one ever gave me such a compliment. He lifted my chin up softly, so I was looking into his eyes “You’re too beautiful to look down.” He said, as his thumb softly brushed against my cheek bone.

“I..I am sorry.” I said and I bit my lip nervously. But he seemed to find that adorable about me, as his brown eyes were lit up, they looked like two shiny pools of chocolate mud. My mother had a smile on her face, she looked like she wanted to say something, but my father pulled her away leaving me and Marco some time alone.

“Why are you sorry?” he said, his eyes gazing into mine.

“I...I am not really sure.” I said my breath was shaky from being so nervous. I swallowed as he seemed to be standing closer to me, now than a few seconds ago.

He looked down at me, with worry and concern. “Is it because of me?” he said, he looked deeply into my eyes.

I shook my head slightly “It’s me..I am just nervous. About this whole thing. My parents are doing this to keep me safe from a prophecy.” I said as I sighed softly.

Marco looked at me “Do you believe in it?” he said.

I sighed and looked down, before looking up at him again “I am not sure what to believe.” I said truthfully. I looked into his eyes and I looked down once again, not sure if I could look into his eyes again, and not feel guilty for being 15 and him being 25 and being forced into this marriage, by my parents for wanting to save me, no matter how sweet and charming he was.

He sighed softly and he kissed my head softly, as a gesture of his worry and concern “I will do my best to protect you, as my wife and the one I will wove to love, forever and always.”

I let my eyes drift up to his face “Don’t you think, you deserve better than me?” I said and I bit my lip, ashamed of the words that slipped from my lips, but I could not help but feel, like I was not worthy of his love. Before he could answer, the memory began to slip from my own mind and I blinked when I found myself still staring at Marco.

He looked at me “Bella? Did you remember something?” he asked me, he looked worried as I have not spoken in a while, since the memory seemed to take control and hold of me, so I was not able to move or speak.

I nodded a bit “Yes.” I said and took a shaky breath “My parents wanted me to marry you, to save me from some prophecy.” I said. I swallowed as I saw his eyes grow sadder. The sad look in his eyes told me, that either our marriage did not go down well, or something bad happened to me soon after...but then again, something bad seemed to happen to me, all 8 past lives, I just had to find out, what was the trigger or the bad event that kept separating us over and over again.

Marco looked at me worried while I started to wrap his injured hand with the bandage “Are you okay?”

I nodded slightly “Just peachy.” I said and sighed softly. I looked at him once I finished wrapping his hand up “Just be careful, so you don’t injure your hand again.” I said, changing the subject.

But he carried on about it “Are you sure? Do you want to talk about it?” he said looking at me.

I sighed “What is there to talk about? We fell in love and kept being separated by something or someone.” I said and looked away from him, not able to stand the warmth and the sparks any longer, than I had to.

Marco pulled me into his arms softly “Bella, it matters.” He said softly, his eyes digging into my flesh. I did not have to look up, to know how concerned he was. “How do you feel about this?” he said softly.

“I...I am not sure. I guess, I am trying to get used to it all, still.” I told him, pulling my gaze up, looking at him.

Marco nodded as he let me go “That’s understandable, take all the time you need.” He said before he walked off. I closed my eyes and sighed closing the first aid kit box and set it down on a table, before I went to my room to clear my head.

I looked at the box that was under my bed and I set it on my bed after I dusted it off and I pulled out my hair pin to try and open it up, it worked. I thought fast on my feet for not having a key to the box. Once I opened it up, there were lots of parchments inside, they looked like letters, photos, sketches and other things.

One parchment stood out to me, in this moment in particular. It looked like a song, I started to read what was written on it:

There are no guarantees when you love someone
That they’ll always be the only one
Love is never that particular
And just because you love each other forever
Doesn’t always mean you should be together
Love never tells you how to live your life

But, love never dies
True love, never dies

The paradox is that we’ve always had
What would make me happy would make you sad
And if you were sad, then I wouldn’t be happy
And we’ve talked it around and around again
And you know I’m always gonna be your friend
Cause I love ya and that will never change

Cause, love never dies
True love, never dies

Even when you know that it’s goodbye
Even when we know that it’s goodbye
Even when you know that it’s goodbye
Love never dies

Even when you know that it’s goodbye (2X)
When it’s goodbye, love never dies

Nothing can change, if you don’t let it go
It takes courage and love to really know
And when the time has come to let it change
And we’ve talked it around and around again
And you know, I’m always gonna be your friend
Cause, I love ya and love never dies

Love never dies
True love never dies

Even when you know that it’s goodbye (3x)
Love never dies

Even when you know that it’s goodbye (2x)
Oh! Oh! It’s goodbye
Love never dies

Nah! Hah!
Nah! Hah! Yeah!
This love will never die

Nothing to feel (4x)

Even when you know that it’s goodbye (2x)
Oh! Goodbye
Love never dies

Love never dies (5x) 

There are 2 versions of this song: This is the version from Killing Bono by Joe Echo (The Longer Version/matching the lyrics posted for this chapter):


Shorter version from the same film by Ben Barnes(Slightly altered version):

What is going on?  What mysterious force seems to want to keep them apart?  Why can she only remember parts of her previous lives, and what is the meaning of the song lyrics at the end of the chapter?  So many questions!  Can't wait to find the answers!

Interesting questions :) something wants to keep them apart and you will find out what that is later. She can only remember bits for now, as there is something she has not done yet, in order for her to remember, the rest of the 2 visions she had  of her and Marco she had so far.

If she completes her task later on, which you fill find out what it is eventually, she will see her other past lives in full. 

And the song was written by Marco to Bella, it's saying that even though she loves Damion, he will still love her, and that their love can never die, even though Bella keeps dying, but their love will live on.

Such a sad, sad song!

How will she know what to do if she doesn't remember?

Yeah, it is a sad song.

Hopefully Marco or someone will help her, remember.

OMG!!! this is amazing!!! love the whole idea!!!

can't wait for more!!!

I am glad you like this :) I will try and post more soon

Chapter 8


As I read the lyrics to the song on the parchment, I blinked back a few tears that were forming in my eyes. The lyrics of the song were so beautiful...emotional. It tugged at my heart strings, I wondered if Marco wrote this.

I sighed softly as I then looked at what else was in the box. I ruffled through the parchments and I found a small box at the bottom. I pulled it out and opened it up to reveal the locket...the one I gave to Marco when we first met. It was perfectly intact and preserved.

I blinked, in shock. I ran my fingers over the locket softly and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, Marco was in my room and I bit my lip. He smiled softly “May I?” he asked nodding to the locket.

I gave him a soft nod as he took the box softly and he then put the locket around my neck, it was a perfect fit. Sitting there around my neck, where it belonged. “How am I supposed to remember the rest?” I asked him and sighed.

Marco, looked amused by my words and he chuckled softly.

“I am serious.” I said and shook my head at him slightly.

He stopped chuckling “Sorry Bells, but we been over this before, at least once or twice before, so it’s amusing to hear the same words being asked again.” he said and he looked at her “I am sure it will come to you.” He said looking into my eyes “Or take a guess.” He said as his eyes watched mine.

I bit my lip, trying to think of what it could be. My eyes never leaving his, as I was hoping for some clues, or hints in his expression, but nothing. He would not budge an inch, it was clear I had to find out on my own. I was silent for about half an hour, watching him while trying to figure it out.

Then it hit me. Would I have to see the past for myself? “I have to go back to the past?” I asked, but it came out more of a statement than a question.

Marco looked at me and he nodded “Not only that, you have to relive it as well.”

My jaw dropped open in shock as I looked at him “ want me to relive it?” I said “Going to the past I can cope with....but reliving it...that’s another entire story altogether.” I said, it freaked me out and scared me. To relive my many deaths....I shook my head “Isn’t there any other way?”

Marco looked at me and he sighed “I wish there was, the first 2 times, you could just watch it or just be told, but this time is different.” he said as he touched my cheek softly “I will be there with you, so I’ll relive it with you, in my past self. I know it might feel like you’d be dead for years, but you will flash into your new body in the past, in a few moments after each life, the first 2 will pick up from where your visions left of. But time here will move as well.” He said as he saw my bewildered expression.

“What am I supposed to tell my aunt Nina? She’s freak out, if she knew I would be going to the past and be gone for whoever knows how long.” I said and sighed, knowing if I wanted to find a cure to break the curse, I would have to do this.

Marco looked at me nodding “Don’t worry, We will come up with something. Since School will be off for a few weeks now, I can take you to Paris or somewhere, and then we can just go from there.” He said looking at me.

I thought about it “I guess that could work.” I said, at the moment when my aunt walked in to my room to check on me.

“What will work?” she said and I quickly leaned against the box hiding it behind my back. She raised an eyebrow at me then looked at Marco “What is going on with you two? You’re both acting very odd today.” She said.

I looked at Marco and he looked at my aunt “Nothing is going on.” He said

“ been talking in code this morning..goodness knows about what. What is going on?” she said, in a demanding voice.

I looked at Marco and my aunt. God. How could I say this to her. I looked at Marco “She needs to know.” I told him.

Marco looked at me “You sure, you’re ready for her to know?” he asked me. I just gave a slight nod, even though, I wished I had more time before she would be asking questions about all of this, I knew I had to tell her now, or else it would either be too late, or she would be even more suspicious so she would go snooping around herself.

I bit my lip before I took a deep breath, as I looked at my aunt “I....well...” I was not sure where to begin.

Marco gave my hand a soft squeeze as he looked at my aunt “Bella, has had 8 past lives.” He said. She stared at him in shock

“ do you know that?” was all she asked, as if she knew, but by the shock on her face, it was clear she had no idea.

“I was married to Marco in 4 of them and to Damion in the other 4.” I said and I bit my lip slightly “It’s a long, confusing story...I don’t even know..” before I could finish she cut me off.

“That explains your strange reaction, when we arrived here.” She said looking at me “I thought you were just ill, or not feeling but...” she shakes her head and she looked at Marco “So, how come alive again?” she asked, but I sensed she was edging towards a different question.

“She has an eternal soul, causing her to be re-born.” He simply said. “Bella, can only remember few bits of her past lives, but in order to know all of what happened to her, all 8 times, she has to relive the past.” He told her.

Nina looked at us “Are you crazy”? she said “I am not sending my niece to the past.”  She said, she sound more worried and freaked out, than I was feeling inside.

Marco sighed “There is no other way, I’ll be there with her.” He said looking at my aunt “If she wants to break the curse, than she has to go back.”

“Curse...what curse?” she said looking at us confused. “And speaking of past lives, how many times have you and Damion been re-born?” she said, looking at him.

Marco looked at her “The curse that fell upon me and Damion.” He said, not giving more details and he looked at her “we never had past lives; we both have been alive for many centuries now.” He said, her eyes widened in horror and he sighed “I am an Angel.” He told her “And Damion is a Demi-God.” I looked at him stunned, I had no idea, Demi-Gods even existed, but Marco being an Angel, I guess that explained his tenderness and his kindness and how protective he was.

My aunt looked between us and she blinked “Angel...Demi-God...eternal soul...past lives..curse.”s he muttered to herself. “Is that what you were talking about?” she asked and I gave a slight nod.

“Time here will move as well, as well as the time in the past, but the time difference will be very different. I was thinking about taking Bella to Paris, but you sort of caught us at a bad time and started to ask what was going on, so now you know.” Marco said.

Nina looked at us again “Well...fine...I guess, if you need to go there...than go.” She said before she left the room, not even shutting the door behind her.

I leaned against my pillows and sighed. “She will be okay, eventually.” Marco said and I just hoped, she would be. I hoped, she would understand what pain I went through, and what fear and more emotions that were spiralling inside of me. I sat up and looked at Marco again as I ran a hand through my hair.

“Why must this be so hard?” I asked looking at him.

Marco sighed softly “Nothing is ever that simply Bella.” He told me and placed a soft kiss to my forehead, trying to make me feel better and I closed my eyes as I just sighed and I gave him a slight nod. “Especially, when it comes to your past life.” He said and he tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.

I nodded “I guess so.” I said and looked at him. I knew my aunt would want me to have my studies with me, but then again. I would be in the past so, that would be no use taking that with me. Marco rubbed my arm softly, before he left and he left me to pack, some clothes and things for our trip.

It took me about an hour to pack, when I was done. I met Marco downstairs with my bag and he smiled softly “You’re ready?” he said and I nodded.

My aunt looked at me and Marco “Take care of her.” And she hugged me tightly giving me a soft squeeze “Try and stay safe Bella.” She said and she placed a soft kiss to my forehead.

Marco nodded and he smiled softly “I will do my best, as always.” He said.

I looked at my aunt and I knew that would be a rather odd challenge, since danger was always after me, in my past lives, or so it seemed like that. But she did not need to know that. I nodded and I kissed her cheek back softly, before me and Marco walked out of the house and into the fresh Italian air.

After we loaded our bags in his car, he drove to the airport. It was rather silent drive, as I was thinking about what would greet me in my past and what things I would find out and learn about my self. I bit my lip and chewed on it slightly. I could feel Marco gazing over at me, every few moments to make sure I was fine.

I was not sure, if I was fine, or not. I knew, many feelings were rushing through my body and mind, in this moment in time. I was not sure if I was more worried, about what was too come, or reliving my own death. 8 times.

Marco reached out, giving my hand a soft squeeze and I closed my eyes softly and squeezed his hand back softly and bit my lip.

3 hours later: We arrived in France and after we re-claimed our bags. Marco drove us a little French Villa, it was pure white outside and beautiful. It was elegant and inside it was spacious but lovely. True French style and it felt welcoming.

Marco smiled softly, seeing the smile slowly creep onto my face, as I looked around before my eyes landing on his and I gave him a soft smile back. “So how does this work?” I asked looking at him.

“We have to open up a portal, and then we get sucked in our past selves and it goes from there.” He said and I nodded.

“I will change.” I said, as I felt bit sweaty from the 3 hour ride. He nodded and he let me go to the bathroom to clean myself up and change into something more comfortable for our journey. After I changed into a clean t-shirt and shorts, I pulled my hair up into a bun before I found him in a room for two.

He took my hand in his and he closed his eyes as he was in deep concentration and it was like wind appeared in the room, even though there were no windows open, the air was bitter cold as it prickled my skin and I closed my eyes as the wind picked up, when I opened them again, a black hole was in the room. It was the portal. Me and Marco took one step forward together...into the dark void..into the past.


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