The Twilight Saga

Plot: When the young, shy and clumsy Bella moves to a small town in Italy, she stumbles upon the handsome and mysterious cousins Marco and Damion. But nothing is as it seems, even her own identity is a secret.

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Love....Desire....Passion....Lust! To feel wanted and to feel loved, to feel appreciated and protected. To feel like I belonged somewhere, where I was not judged, not looked down on, but respected. Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind, as I stared into Damion's saddened blue eyes. The hue in his blue eyes, seemed to be dilated, from the sadness and concern, it send cold shivers down my spine.

"Please" he said, his voice was breaking. It tugged at my heart strings. I tried to move, follow his urgent orders, but my feet were stuck to the floor, like I was paralyzed, I could not force my self to move away from him. Nor did I want to.

"No...I can't leave you....Damion please...I beg of you." I cried out,as I gripped onto his arm softly. His strong, toned and tanned arm, my grip was soft against his cool and flawless skin. My nails dag into his skin gently in an elegant way, my hand trembled from fear, from being parted and from not seeing him again. I could not bring that pain on my self or him. It was impossible.

"You have to." he said as his hands cupped my cheeks in his hands softly, I let my self melt into his touch and I closed my eyes, suppressing the tears that wanted to escape from my eyes, but they escaped and spilled over my cheeks and ran down his hands as well "I love you, never forget that." he said as he brushed his plump lips against my own softly, in a tender yet passionate kiss. The minty aftertaste of his lips, lingered on mine as I gripped onto his white t-shirt, trying to pull my self closer to him, in desperation.

"I will come for day! We will be together again." he said, as he pressed his lips to my forehead, as I closed my eyes, feeling frail and fragile. Just as my alarm went off and I woke up from the strange dream, I ran my fingertip over my lip and I sighed softly.

Who was that handsome, stranger? I knew, I never met him before in my life, so why would I dream of someone I do not know? It didn't seem to make any sense to me, unless it wasn't just a dream. But a memory.

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This story is so much fun.

What is the man that she can see but others can't, he can't be human.

And why has she got suppressed memories?

Very well written too!!

Best wishes


The man is a mystery it self, only Bella, Damion and her aunt saw him the first time, now Bella sees him. But he is not human, who he is, will be revealed later :)

That is a tricky question, which I will try and answer in the story as it goes along, as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone :)

Thank you :) I am glad you like this story

Chapter 4


I sighed as he was gone once again, and why was me finding my destiny so important? But if it could help save Damion, then I should do that. I sighed as I walked over to my bed, but as I walked, the floor boards let out an odd squeaky sound, like there was something beneath the carpet. I leaned down and pulled back the soft carpet back to see a trap door, with a latch. I grabbed the metal latch about to open it, when there was a knock on the door.

“Bella?” It was my aunt Nina.

I quickly set the latch down and set the carpet over it again “Come in.” I said when I sat on my bed and looked at my aunt when she walked into my room.

She looked at me smiling “You okay Bells?” she said “How was first day of School?” she said as she leaned against the door as she set down a candle with a candle holder on my desk, since the rooms got colder at night.

I nodded “I am alright.” I said “It was okay, I just got tons of work for the 3 weeks I missed out.” I said looking at her.

Nina nodded softly “Well, you got a day off tomorrow.” She said and she smiled “So, that’ll give you some time to study.” She said and she placed a soft kiss to my forehead “You know, Marco is really sweet.” She said looking at me.

I looked at her a bit surprised, since my encounter with Marco, was far from sweet. Damion was the sweet one “Is he?” I said, trying to act, like I didn’t see him.

She nodded “Yes, you two might be a perfect match.” She said kissing my cheek before she turned on her heel and she went to back to her own room. I ran a hand through my hair, since when was Marco the sweet one? And me and him a perfect match? I shook my head and I slipped from bed again and grabbed the candle holder with the candle.

I pulled back the carpet again and opened up the wooden door, to see wooden stairs leading me down into a tunnel. I took a deep breath “Come on, Bells. Don’t be a chicken now.” I told myself and I walked down the wooden stairs, they were a bit squeaky, so I did my best to walk as silently as I could down them.

The stairs carried on for around like 5 minutes, some bits were missing so I had to be careful and half way through, they were spiral stairs. I had to hold onto the wall with my other hand and I stopped when I came to the end, I found myself in a candle lit room, full of paintings and other things. It was rather beautiful, the room felt very warm, the warmth emanated all over the room, like radiation and it prickled my skin softly.

I set the candle holder on the table that was there, I then walked over to the covered paintings and pulled off the dusty clothes that were covering them.  I looked at the 8 paintings in front of me. I looked at them closely.

In 4 of them, it looked like Marco was standing beside a very pretty, tanned and long browned haired girl. I looked closer to make out the features, the girl was me. My eyes widened and my breath caught in my throat as I blew on the paintings a bit to reveal the dates of when they were painted.

Marco and Isobel Mastrostefano (1012)

Marco and Isabelle Mastrostefano (1256)

Marcos and Isabella Mastrostefano (1450)

Marcos and Elisheva Mastrostefano (1600)

I swallowed and blinked in shock, then I looked at the other 4 paintings where it was Damien, and still me. I looked at the dates.

Damion and Isabella De. Vitis (1650)

Damion and Elizabeth De. Vitis (1750)

Damion and Isabella De. Vitis (1860)

Damion and Isabella De Vitis (1900) All of the paintings looked like they were painted from a weeding, but each one in a different location; including Spain, Greece and Italia. In the one painted in 1600, it looked like I was more of slave, rather than of a noble or royal bloodline. Yet, Damion and Marco looked like royalty in all of the paintings, but in some they looked older and some younger than they were in the previous ones and obviously older than me, in all of them.

I felt my whole body tremble as I looked at the paintings. I had 8 past lives? This was so confusing. I blinked and in 5 of them, I had different first names, I knew one of them was Hebrew. I looked around and decided to see what else I could find in this room. I opened up the old drawings in one of the desk and stumbled upon some sketches from 1600’s.

There were 6, it looked like they went in chronological order, I looked at the dates it started from 1615 to 1620.

I looked at the first sketch; it was of Marco, his handsome, fresh face. That seemed to lure and seduce you in, his brown eyes were bright and full of life.

The second one, showed him in his handsome facade yet, there was a scar on the right side of his face. The similar one that Damion had, the first time I noticed him up close.

I looked at the third one, the scar stretched along Marco’s face on his whole side and his expression was dull and his hair and eyes seemed lifeless and dull.

On the 4th one, the scar started to spread to the other side of his face and he looked he was almost decaying away. I swallowed, terrified of what was coming next on the last one. My hands trembled as I picked up the last sketch from the table and looked at it.

The last sketch of Marco showed him, in a shocking way, scars all over his face, with the lightning bolt mark on the Dracula man had. It took me a second to realize, that the Dracula man was Marco. These were sketches of him. I felt my heart stop beating for a few seconds; it felt like my world was spinning. I had no idea, what was going on and I closed my eyes as I set the sketch back down again.

I turned around and bumped right into someone....Marco. I gasped as I stumbled back from him slightly but his frail...old...fragile arms caught me “M..Marco?” I said looking at him.

He sighed as he looked at me, the scars over his face creasing as he had a sad look in his eyes. I could almost see the brown in his dark eyes, almost. “So, you figured it out?” he said and he sighed.

I looked at him “I...I saw the paintings and the sketches.” I said and looked at him, his sad expression tugged at my heartstrings. I reached out and touched his scared cheek softly and looked into his eyes. The scars felt rough against my skin, it prickled slightly. “How come I can see you?”  I said, confused.

“I allow you to see me.” He said as he leaned his head against my softly, his breathing was soft and warm. “Not many people can see me.” He said and I felt his lips brush against my hair, trying to comfort me.

“Does...does my aunt see you? Like this?” I said, trying not to stumble over my words. Trying not to sound mean, about his looks. My voice was shaky and I bit my lip, to stop myself from trembling too.

He shakes his head as he touched my cheeks “No, she sees me, how I used to look like. Before the curse.” He said looking down at me, his eyes holding nothing by truth, honesty and love. I closed my eyes and I sighed, he was cursed, now the same thing was happening to Damion.

“Aww how very touching.” A voice said behind me, while someone clapped loudly, with mockery. I turned my head, to see the man who looked like Marco, standing there in front of me. Well the young, handsome version of Marco.

“What did you do to Marco and Damion?” I hissed looking at him.

He laughed softly “Ah, you are too innocent and stupid, my dear.” He said as he stroked my cheek but I shoved his hand away from my cheek. “I don’t blame you, for loving both of them.” He said and he smirked as he looked at me. “And I can’t blame either Marco or Damion, falling in love with you either. Young, beautiful, innocent, sweet.” He said, it sounded like he was mocking me. He had a smirk on his face.

“Okay first of all, just because they both love me, doesn’t mean you have to punish them both.” I said, my voice shaking. This was not fair, punishing them, because of them both loving me. It was unjust. “And who are you and how long do you think you can keep up this facade and fool Damion, my aunt and Damion’s own father.” I said, my eyes burning with anger.

He just laughed, his laugh was evil and shrill “Please, they all think that Marco turned bitter and into a jerk, since he lost you to his own cousin.” He said and he looked at me “And as far who, I should know that, by now too. Unless you have not gotten that far yet.” He said as he looked at me, his eyes sending a cold sensation down my skin.

I looked at him, taking in his appearance, trying to see past his charade and facade, but he would not let it slip. Not give me an inch of a clue. He just smirked at me “Mhh, when you figure it out, give me a shout out.” He said about to leave, but I hissed at him.

“I will save Damion and Marco.” I said, raising my voice, it seemed to stop him.

For a moment, he looked like he was scared of the fact, I would break the curse that fell on Marco and was falling on Damion, but then he just laughed “You can only save One. You save one, one dies.” He said and he smirked, horror crossed my eyes as they widened.

“What do you mean, I can only save one?” I almost yelled, as I was shaking. But Marco’s arms around my waist, seemed to calm me down. His arms were warm around my waist. He rubbed my sides softly, in soothing circles.

He just smirked at me “Look at Marco, isn’t he hideous?” he laughed “You can either save the hideous monster right behind you, or the young...charming and dashing Damion. Only one of them, is your soulmate.” He said and he smirked.

I frowned, when he called Marco that. “Marco is not hideous.” I said, those words slightly surprised me, because my first reaction 3 weeks ago, said differently.

He just laughed as he smirked at me “Remember, you can only save one.” He said and with that he went puff into the thin air.

I sighed as I closed my eyes and tried to suppress the tears in my eyes. I felt Marco touch my cheeks softly, with his hands, they were rough like his cheeks “Are you okay?” he asked, his voice filled with worry.

I looked into his, tears shining in my eyes “How can I be? I just found out, I am supposedly in love with you and your cousin Damion and I can only save one of you.” I said shaking my head and hid my face in his chest, letting the tears roll down my cheeks.

I felt Marco’s old arms tighten around my waist slightly “We will, find a way around this. I promise.” He said as he placed a soft, calming kiss to my brown hair. As I inhaled his earthy scent, that seemed to calm me down, like a soft, romantic lullaby. 

So sad!  Who put the curse on both of them and who will she choose?  I hope she will find a way to save both of them and find the one who will make her happy!

You will discover who the man who cursed Both Damion and Marco is soon. But I can say that he is someone that Bella used to know in her past and was jealous when she fell for Marco.

It is sad :( and yeah, she has a rather interesting quest and somewhat impossible task in front of her.

So much going on, it's great.

Who could this third man be? Someone else from her past but who.

It looks like she must be rebourne, in some cases there is as little as 50 years between her marrages. Or maybe she use to live forever and just split up with one then the other in turn - but that seems less likely.

And now she only get to save one of her former husbands.

I'm surprised that Marco and Damion appear to get on with each other given they are both fighting to be saved by Bella. Or are they both fighting to save Bella?

So many questions.

Great Fun and very nicely written.

Are you putting it on

Best wishes



Thank you Chris, :)

Yeah some much is going on. The man is someone from Bella's past, as I said to Seugnet, he was jealous when Marco and Bella first got together, so he put a curse on him and now put a curse on Damion too. That will find be found out soon though.

Yes, she was rebourn many times, this is her 9th life sort to speak., but yes, later on there is the pattern of 50 years, She did not live that long in those times, even though the boys are not human, they lived since before she and Marco first met.

Yes, or she can save them both. Who knows, maybe the man who cursed them both is lying, you will have to wait and see, as more twists are coming.

Well, you will wait and see how in the past they reacted to each other :) but they are cousins, family, so It's not possible to stay mad at each other for long, despite the fact Bella loves them both.

Yes and more might come up, lol :) I am glad you like this story and are sticking with it.

I am not sure, I might put it up on there.

Thank you :)

Summer Love

Your writing style is marvelous and this story is simply fab!! Keep it up. :)

~ Cygnus 

Thank you so much :) it means a lot to me, that you complimented on my writing :)

I love your writing its so good. And you so detailed. its like a movies playing inside my head. GOd I love this!!! :D

Aww thank you :) I like the detail in this. It adds to the beauty and mystery/love to the story :) That's way beyond my intention of the story :) I meant for it to be a story that people enjoy, but your compliment means so much to me :) it being like a movie lol :) thank you.

I am glad you like it :)

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