The Twilight Saga

Hi, guys!

This is my ff about Leah Clearwater. It took me a long time before I've decided to publish my thoughts on this site. I'll starting with posting probably for a couple of days.

Now, I bringing you a poem written by me. :)

It's not the singing tip, but tip just for to chant.

I'll post my prologue next week.

Right now, I just asking you to read it when you get some time and of course to leave a comment.

Note: I gave my story this title because it fits just perfect with Leah's destiny-she's the only known female wolf since ever. Evening primrose (in English Four o'clock plant) is a specific flower because it opens its bright petals only by night and on that way draws bugs closer to this "nature night light". Evening primrose was popular in England four centuries ago, known as great medicine for diffrent kinds of diseases. People were believing evening primore has magic property to urge beasts and monsters from itself and if you picked one in dawn and put it on your threshold you will have luck and be protected.

 Enjoy,  Katja




Walking in
By this abandoned end
Around me the desert
of roads and mud ruins

With thoughts
I do not know where I am
This solitude
afraid me

Because I'm
a modern man, built of steel
Reason and Science
Mine are

Here's the buzz of street lights
I need a break
And there is so much job
so much concern

Last look
On a sad ending
I throw
And when there
Roadside grown
The evening primrose

 I saw

in the end of the day
With the exhaust pipes
of cars

With it’s bright petals
Lighting swarm for night butterflies

From the poor cracks
Its world
Bathed in the sun


But only a gentle

Whiff of darkness,

paperback flight wings

Should to back it to life


In this dark night

standing upright

Ready to give it's medicine

To anyone who

Drop again


From the monstruous beasts

Defend us

Or luck selfless gives

While theliving flame

therein extinguished


Suddenly I get a feeling:

It does not need to be




This morning I

in my garden stopped

Small plant

Recently planted

mindst of blooming paradise

View sought


Imperceptible, inconspicuous

With its beauty

Finally sleeping lullaby will donate -

When darkness falls



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Tnx Dajana!
Thank you very much! :D
I wasn't sure will someone like it. There're many allegorical stuff,'s not like, a boy comes to a girl and say that he finds her his perfect mate.
Tnx! Your comment is a great honor to me. :) (I know you write a novel of your own which will possibly be published, so I appreciate you opinion. )
I'm a fan already ; they aren't too many stories that give you a good grasp of Leah's thoughts. So, i'm interested in reading more (:
Tnx ,Tika! Now I've got oportunity to say to you: "That mean a lot!" :)
awesome. let me kno when add more!!!!!

~Tink Noel~
Thank you, Tink Noel! Same thing in case you do that with Angel's Tears!
This is amazing!


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