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CHAPTER 1 - The Best Friend CHAPTER 2 - Broken Routines

There I was a fallen piece of a jigsaw puzzle, once dreaming to be picked by a fallen angel and be put on the proper place.
I wanted to be special.
I wanted the feeling of being taken care of.
I wanted to be needed by someone to complete his world.

There he is the fallen angel from the kingdom of gods and goddesses, picking me up, lifting me from the deepest part of hell, making me feel loved and letting me be the one to complete his world.

By the light of his halo, a jigsaw puzzle that was once left behind now became the wings of the fallen angel destined to be her guardian, her frame or maybe her… better half.

I may not know yet, but soon I will realize what he really is to me. Does he love me too? Does he need me too? Am I just a friend and he is my best friend? Where will this friendship lead to? Are we meant to be? Or is it just my fantasy?

I don’t know the answers yet… but soon… I will.

Chapter One – The Best Friend

It’s dismissal time, 4:30 P.M. on a cloudy Monday afternoon. Students along the corridors are noisily chatting, running, singing, walking excitedly together, group-by-group, partner-by-partner, hand-in-hand, outside their respective classrooms.

In our class, the highest section of seniors, my classmates vanish one by one.

I am still sitting on my chair when a group of freshmen girls passed by, I watch them through the window.

“That Algebra quiz sucks!” I hear the girl with a black ribbon on her head say.
“Yeah, it’s a disaster!” the other girl with a soprano voice agrees.
“The third problem is very easy. My answer there is (x-1). What about yours?” the girl wearing eyeglasses asks.
The other two girls glance at each other and give the third girl a get-over-it look.

As they disappear, I can see the black-ribbon-head girl looking at me.
I tried to smile at her friendly, but it was too late to do it.

I am about to stand when a pair of black leather shoes stood right next to me.
I look up and realize it is Eric. Of course, who else?

“Hi,” he says with a wild grin, showing all of his white teeth.
“Hello,” is all I can say.
“Daydreaming moments again?”
“Huh? Err… not really. I was just, uhm, thinking?” I say, not really knowing what I am saying.
“May I know what’s playing on your mind?” he asks with his familiar worried face.
“It’s nothing really. Oh, by the way. I saw your… err…little admirer,” I say trying to change the subject.
“Who? There are many of them!” he is laughing while saying it.
I manage to smile though deep inside me I can hear my self moaning.

“There, at last, your very first smile of the day!” his tone celebrating.
“Is it? Well, uhm, thanks!” I’m hoping not to open the daydreaming topic again.

I pick my bag and hang it over my shoulder.

“No, thank YOU!” he says gratefully as he marks a stress at the last word.
I stared at him confusingly. He seems to mean it. I try to remember anything I did for him that needed to be acknowledged. But I searched nothing.

He didn’t smile through his lips, but I can see it in his eyes.
“Thank me? For what?” I hear myself say, avoiding his eyes now.
“For completing my day!” he says with a smile, not showing his teeth.

I am speechless.

I’ve known Eric as the “funny guy”. He can still manage to make people smile even though they are suffering from the most unbearable pain. I remember last month when he managed to make one of our classmates, his friend, laugh after crying the whole afternoon because he was rejected by the girl he had courted for 3 years. He made that guy forget about the pain by playing video games with him the whole night.

He is still waiting for me to react.
“Let’s go?” I say, smiling.
“Uhmm… ok,” he picks his bag and walks beside me.

We are walking together along the corridor. He is telling me stories about how he and his friends had spent the weekends together on his house. I smile crookedly whenever he glances at me.

As we walk, images of what happened last night flashes back at my mind. I can still hear my parents shouting at each other. I can feel the pain of my sister. I can hear my mother’s cry. I can’t see anything…nothing but darkness.

“Sam, are you okay?” he was already in front of me. I didn’t even noticed how he had put his hands above my shoulders.
I accidentally looked at his eyes. I can see anxiety through his brown eyes and it made me feel that he wants to hear whatever it is that bothers me.

As I look away from his gaze, tears run down my face.
Before I knew, he was already wiping them.

It was already 8:00 p.m. when I arrived home.
We had spent all the afternoon at our favorite convenient store, MiniStop.
He listened patiently to my stories, comforted me whenever my sobs burst out of me.

As I take off my shoes, I finally felt relief inside me.
Whatever it is that made my heart heavy last night and the whole day, it is lighter now.

Krring… krring…

The phone is ringing as I am changing my clothes from my school uniform to my house clothes.

I hurried to pick the phone up.

“Hi Buknoy,” it’s Eric.

He came up with that nickname when we were discussing about our favorite Korean TV Drama last week, “Which Star Are You From?”
Buknoy is the name of the pet goat of the female lead character in the story.
I complained when he said that he is the male lead character in the story, because the actor there is so handsome compared to him (well, that’s what I told him, the truth is, he is the most handsome man for me). Then, I volunteered myself to be the leading lady. But to take his revenge, he called me “Buknoy”, the goat.

“Oh, hi Sakuragi,” I smile at myself.

I can imagine him smiling on the other line.

“I’m just checking if you feel better now,” he says with a concerned tone.
“Yes, of course. Thanks so much!”
“Good! I’ll just eat dinner, you too. I’ll call again later,”
Before I could answer, the line went dead.

Eric is indeed a savior, a comforter and a friend.
My very best friend.
Well, he is actually everybody’s best friend. He always wants to make everybody happy, which makes him the best friend of all. That technically means I’m not the only one he spends all the afternoon with to be a shoulder to lean on.
I’m not the only one who needs him.
But he’s the only one I need.

And that’s my very last thought that night, after we talked on the phone, as I close my eyes to sleep.

i am so sorry if it's short.. soon the next chapter will be posted and announced thanks for reading!!


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